Friday, May 16, 2014


Hello everyone
Sorry for not making a post last night, but, I have so much going on as of late.  My oldest daughter thinks that because she is now 18 and graduated high school, she can do whatever she wants.  She may think so, but since she is still living with us, she is going to have to go by our rules or else find her somewhere else to live.  I hate to be that way, but, that is how it was for me when I graduated  high school and still lived with my parents.  She has had a history in the past of lying to us and it's still hard for me to trust her.  I just don't like some of the things she does or the places she goes or the people who she hangs out with.  She is going to get herself into some trouble if she don't straighten up.  All I can say is if she gets caught and goes to jail, she is going to have to stay in jail cause we don't have the money to bail her out.  I guess I sound like a bad mother huh?  She needs to be saving her money cause in the fall she is going to be going off to college over in the middle of the state, which is about a 3 hour drive from us.  I know the only reason she is going there is so she can get out of the house with us and she thinks she will be able to do what she wants there.  Sorry for the rant, but, I just have to get it off my chest cause I don't really have anyone to talk to. 

Hubby is still working 12-hour shifts from 7:00p.m. to 7:00a.m CST everyday and sometimes 6 days a week.  He was supposed to have gone in tonight at 7:00p.m., but his boss called him before he ever got up.  Hubby didn't call him back until he got up and took his shower.  He now has to go in at 3:00a.m. in the morning and work to 11:00a.m.   After that, he won't be able to go back to work until 11:00p.m. Sunday night.  He has to have a 34-hour re-start according to DOT rules.  He is still a truck driver, but he works at a place down the road about 7 miles and he is now a yard spotter.  He puts trailers into a dock at a factory and pulls them out when they are loaded.  They have been short handed since the last of January and he has been working 12-hour shifts ever since then.  They recently hired another guy and he has been out for a couple of week because he hurt is hand while he was off on the weekend.  They hired another driver and he is supposed to start this coming Monday on 2nd shift.  The older guy is supposed to be back Monday too and hopefully things will get back to normal and hubby will go to working 8 hours again.  He is still going to be on 3rd shift for a while and that will be from 11:00p.m. to 7:00a.m.  Hubby is going to have to be off for a month in July.  He is going to be having hernia surgery on June 30, and he will have to be off work for at least 4 weeks to heal completely before he can go back to work and be released from the doctor.  He has been saving up some money from all the overtime so we will have some money to pay bills and be able to live during the month of July while he is off from work. 

Youngest daughter is in the 10th grade this year and she hates school literally.  She used to love school and I have no idea what got into her.  She has the attitude of "I don't care about school".  She will be in the 11th grade next year.  She is pretty smart.  I have told her if she plays her cards right, she could get enough scholarships when she graduated to pay for or nearly all of her college.  I sure hope she takes head and listens to me. 

It has been a rainy week here and has been much cooler.  The lows the last couple of nights have been down into the low 40's.  I think this morning broke a record for it being the coolest on this date.  I have had my heat back on some this week too. 

I have been doing a lot of cooking this week and yesterday I made "Cowboy Breakfast Sandwiches".  I got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond.  They are so good.  There is a lot of preparation in cooking them, but they are so worth it in the end.  I love watching her show on Food Network and have printed out a lot of her recipes and tried them.  I'll have to see if I can find a way to post some of them on here.  She has given me a lot of inspiration to cook more.  I just wish I had my own house with a lot more room in a kitchen.  Hubby has bought me a lot of new stuff recently that were early Mother's Day gifts for me to use while I cook.  My dream is to have my own Food Network Kitchen per say one day.  Hey, one can dream can't they?  LOL. 

Guess I will go for now.  Gonna go do some visiting.  If y'all know of any good blogs for me to visit, please let me know.  I would really appreciate it.   Not sure if I will get to post over the weekend as that is when I go grocery shopping, laundry, and cooking, so, I will see you back on Monday.  Until then, take care and have a wonderful weekend. 

Karen H.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hello again Blogging world. 

Burr!!!!  It has been a rainy week so far and today it has been down right cold. I had to turn my heat on last night and I heard it come on early this morning sometime.  It has been in the low 50's, which is very unusual for this time of year.  They are calling it "BLACKBERRY WINTER".   Supposed to get down into the 40's tonight.  One thing about Arkansas weather is if you don't like what we have one day, stick around cause it will change the next day.  LOL.

I cooked a good supper tonight.  I tried another one of Ree Drummon the Pioneer Woman's Recipe called "BOWTIE CHICKEN ALFREDO".  Oh my, was it ever so good.  I wish I was able to post a picture on here.  I took it from my phone.  Oh well, it was good.  I love watching her on Food Network.  She has really inspired me to cook and try new recipes from her blog.  I have tried several of them and they are all so good.  I would love to meet her in person one day. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day this past Sunday.  We went with my parents to eat at Western Sizzlin' in Jonesboro, AR, and ate from their buffet.  It was so good.  I took some pictures while we were there.   Those are on my phone too and I can't post them on here either.  Darn it.

Well, guess I will go for now.  I'm finishing up a cup of coffee and I need to fold some clothes that are on the couch.  Then it will be time for me to lay down and rest.  

Take care and GOD Bless you all. 

Karen H.   

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TUESDAY-MAY 13, 2014

Hello again everyone.   My post from yesterday seemed to work and so I am so glad of that.  I did notice a lot of my former blogs that I have visited won't let me in to visit anymore.  There must have been a lot of changes since the last time I have blogged.  If anyone knows of some good blogs that I could visit, please send them my way. 

The weather has been mostly rainy here today.  In fact, we have been under a Flash Flood Watch till tomorrow night.  We had some heavy rain to come thru yesterday and last night as well as this morning.  More is moving in tonight and for tomorrow too.   Looks like we are going to be having a Blackberry Winter the next couple of days here too.  The highs are only going to be in the low 60's and then down into the 40's at night.  May have to turn the heat back on.  LOL. 

Our oldest daughter finally graduated High School this past Friday night, May, 9.  Don't seem like she should of been graduating.  I'm gonna try to see if it will let me post a few pictures from the graduation. 

These are just a few that we took with my camera.  I took some more with my phone, but don't know how to get them on here yet. 

Anywho, this may be a short post, but I am also cooking supper.  So, I will try to visit here shortly.  Hope everyone has a great evening. 

Karen H.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Hello everyone.  I am just testing this to see if it actually will let me post or not.  I am wanting to get back into blogging, but, with a different twist to speak.  I am really into cooking and I am wanting to post and share recipes.  My inspiration is Ree Drummon the Pioneer Woman.  I have been printing off some of her recipes and cooking them here at home.  They have all been really good.  There was a couple the girls weren't too fond of tho. 

Our oldest daughter graduated from High School this past Friday night-May 9.  It's hard to believe she is old enough to graduate.  Our youngest daughter is now in the 10th grade and will be going into the 11th grade this coming August when school starts back up.   The school is having to make up some snow days from this past winter and the last day of school is now June 6.  The Seniors who graduated didn't have to make up these days, but our youngest one does.  She ain't too happy about it either. 

So, I'm going to see if this posts now and if it does, I will make another post tomorrow. 

Who all else is still blogging these days? 


Sunday, September 30, 2012


Good Sunday evening everyone.  Today is the last day of September and it has been a cloudy and cool day.  It started raining late this afternoon.  They are saying the high tomorrow will only be in the 50's with a North Wind of 15-20mph and more rain.  I say just bring it.  I'm so ready for it.  So, until next year, so long September.

Well, yesterday was my Dad's 83rd Birthday.  We all went down there and ate lunch with him and Momma around 12:30p.m. He was wanting some grilled hamburgers because he said it had been a while since he had had some, so he grilled some burgers, hot dogs, and even cooked some french fries on his grill.  My Mom had fixed a Tenderloin in the oven and had a Bean Salad and other fixing to go along with the meal.  It was good.  I didn't eat any of the Pork Tenderloin as I'm not too crazy about it.  But hubby said it was good.  He had a Coconut Cake as a Birthday Cake.  We had a wonderful afternoon and enjoyed sitting around visiting and looking at old pictures and just talking.  I'm going to try and post a few pictures on here. 

After we got home from their house, me and hubby layed down and took a nap and we both didn't wake up until around 7:00p.m.  LOL.  I guess after getting our bellies full, we needed a good nap.  At that time, it was Supper time, so we went up here to the local Mexican Restaurant, La Cascada, and ate Supper.    By this time, we are completely stuffed.  We came home and hubby fixed a pot of Coffee and we both drank some Coffee.  We went to bed around 10:00p.m, but since we had had that nap earlier, we had trouble going to sleep.  I finally dozed off around 2:00a.m. and woke up about 7:15a.m. this morning.  I got up and started a pot of Coffee and took me a shower.  Hubby wasn't feeling too well, so him and the girls stayed here and I went to Church.  Heard a wonderful message.  When I got home from Church, the girls were gone to my Sister's to eat with her, so hubby was still in bed.  I decided to lay down, but once again, I never could go to sleep.  I finally got back up and started another pot of Coffee.  I should have started a load of laundry and washed some dishes at this point, but I just wasn't in the mood.  I ended up going back to Church tonight at 5:00p.m. and heard another wonderful message.  After Church was over with, one of the ladies said let's load up in the Church Bus and go to Jonesboro to eat.  So, lo and behold, there was only 9 of us at Church tonight.  We loaded up and went and ate at Ryan's in Joneboro.  It was so nice to be around fellow Church member and enjoy the fellowship with them.  Even tho I am not a member of that Church yet, they have made me feel like a part of them and like I belong.  I love that in a Church. 

When I got home from eating, the girls had already taken their showers, which I had sent them a text, telling them to, I started a load of laundry and washed up the dirty dishes.  I just put the clothes in the dryer and am waiting on them to get done so they can be folded up. 

This coming week is going to be another busy week for me and the girls.  Tuesday night is the Maroon and Gray Game and of course, Wednesday night is Church night and then Thursday is what they call the "MISS MESS PAGEANT"(that is where the Boys Basketball Teams dress up like girls in pageant dresses and are judged).  They do charge admission and the money helps out one of the clubs there at School.  I have 2 Nephews that will be in it this year.  I've never been to one, but the girls have and everyone says it is hillarious.  I'm looking forward to going this time.  If I don't forget, I will take my camera and take some pictures.  Friday night the girls are going to spend the night with my Parents.  On Saturday is my hometown of Lepanto's Annual Terrapin Derby Celebration.  My Dad is the Grand Marshall of the Parade this year and both of the girls and Mom will be riding in the Parade with him.  I will be taking my camera to that and take pictures.  It all ends later that night with a Street Dance and my hubby's Cousin's Band will be playing at the Street Dance this year.  So, I will try to check in when I can and maybe make a post once this week, but just remember, it's a busy week around here. 

Take care everyone and may GOD Bless you and yours.


Karen H.



Friday, September 28, 2012


Good evening bloggers.  It's another Friday night here in Northeast Arkansas and it's just me and my girls.  I picked them up from School this afternoon and we went by Sonic and got us a Route 44 Drink.  We do this every afternoon after school, since the Route 44's are half price.  Can't beat a deal like that.  We went to our local grocery store after that so I could find something to fix for supper.  I was going to do something quick and easy from the frozen foods, but ended up buying things to actually cook.  I'll explain later on.

It has been another rainy day here.  I'm still waiting on the cooler temperatures to arrive.  It's still humid out there to me.  I been doing some work here in the house and I have been sweating even with the Air-Conditioner on.  LOL.  I'm hoping tomorrow when I wake it, the cooler temperatures will be here. 

I started taking my Z-pack tonight that my doctor prescribed for me yesterday.  I had to take 2 tonight and then I will only have 1 to take the next 4 days.  Hubby gave me some money to go and get my cough medicine today because I didn't have any money on me yesterday.  I will take a dose of that tonight before I go to bed. 

For supper tonight, I fixed homemade Steak Fajita's.  I have fixed them once before and decided to do it again tonight.  Our youngest daughter helped me out by cutting up the peppers and onions to go in them.  I had cut up the Sirloin Steaks, most of them anyway, and she done 3 of them for me.  That sure is a job, but so worth it in the end.  I had also bought a box of Velveeta Queso Blanco Cheese(white cheese) and the youngest daughter cut it up for me and made the cheese dip to go with chips.  So, Steak Fajita's and chip and dip ain't too bad for a Friday night.  Even tho I had packed hubby a cooker with some sandwiches and chips and cakes, I sent him a text and told him what I was cooking and asked him if he wanted me to bring him some.  Of course, he said yes.  So, after I had them all done, I packed him up some and me and the girls took him some to eat to his work.  His work is only about 8 miles down the road.  After we got back, I heated everything back up and me and the girls ate.  I am still stuffed.  Then, I washed up dishes and folded up some clothes and washed another load and it is in the dryer now.  I even bought some Blue Bunny Ice Cream that was on sale to eat.  I think we are all still stuffed from Supper tho.  Don't worry, it will get eaten, maybe not tonight, but it's in the freezer for us to eat when we get ready for it. 

After we got home from the store this afternoon, the internet,  cable, and phone was all out.  I called them and they said it was out all over town and the technicians had been dispatched and was working on it.  It all just came back on about 45 minutes ago.  I was beginning to think I wasn't going to be able to make a post, but I was able to. 

We have a busy day tomorrow.  It is my Dad's 83rd Birthday.  We are going down there and have lunch with him and my Mom.  He told Mom he was wanting some grilled Hamburgers because it had been a while since he had had some, so, I guess he is going to grill some.  Mom is going to have some other things to go with them.  I plan on taking my regular camera with me, so I can be able to download them to my computer and hopefully share them maybe on Sunday night. 

Guess I will go and visit the only few that visit me and then lay down for a spell.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.


Karen H.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hello everyone.  I didn't drop off the face of the earth again.  LOL.  It's just been a busy, stressful, and hectic week for me.  Since we live in a housing authority apartment, they have to be inspected from time to time.  This month just happen to be the ANNUAL Inspection.  That meant that everthing had to be in top notch order.  Me and hubby still had some boxes stacked up in our room that needed to be gone thru and something done with the stuff in them, so Sunday afternoon, we did that.  Oh my, was that a job.  I am able to do so much myself.  So, Monday and Tuesday I did a little bit each day.  Tuesday night, I had swept and hubby said he would mop when he got in from work that night.  I tell ya, that sweeping about got the best of me and I have been paying for it ever since then.  The lady came Wednesday afternoon around 1:00p.m. and inspected our apartment and I just hope everything was in good shape.  Before we moved in here, they had come in and redone the whole apartment.  They put in new tile, a new gas cook stove, and a new refrigerator.  They also redone the walls and had repainted them.  Also, new blinds was put up.  So, since it was still in pretty good condition, I'm hoping we past it.  The whole housing authority apartments got inspected.  Some got done on the 19th and I chose ours to be on the 26th.  Also, for the first 6 months you live here, they do a monthly inspection.  We had our first one in August and this month also counted as one.  That is 2 down and 4 more to go before we are done with the monthly inspections.  After the 6 months, it will be just a yearly inspection.  Now, don't think I keep a dirty house.  I do keep it clean and the girls help out alot, but with all my health conditions, I can only do so much.  It has had me stressed out so bad all week tho.  It was to the point of me having some chest pains and all that stuff.  Okay, enough of the whining about the inspection.  It's done and over with now.

We had some Thunderstorms this morning.  Wasn't nothing severe, which I am glad of that, but got some more much needed rain.  Also got another round later this afternoon.  Another cool down is coming for the weekend.  It has been so warm and humid again this week.  That didn't help with my congestive heart failure one bit.  I'll just be glad when it decides to stay one way.  However, I did see a video from The Weather Channel this morning where it was showing a 3-month forecast for temperatures and wouldn't you know it, it has us being warmer than normal.  I sure hope that changes.  We need a good cold Winter to kill all the bugs, especially the mosquito's.  We had a mild Winter this past year.  I don't mind Snow, but just no Ice. 

The girls had cheer practice yesterday afternoon after School.  After I picked them up from that, we came home and had some leftovers from Tuesday night.  I had fixed a bowl of Tuna Fish and fried some potted meat and eggs toghether and there just happen to be enough for leftovers last night.  I was so tired and in so much pain that I didn't feel like going to Church last night.    They got out of school today at 2:15p.m. because it was parent-teacher conference day.  Me and my youngest daughter went up there this evening and both of the girls are doing pretty good so far.  This is only half way into the first 9 weeks, so, they still have time to do even better. 

I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon at 3:30p.m. here with my regular doctor.  I told her about the chest pains I had been having and how I have been feeling.  She listened to me breathe and said I had some congestion.  So, she gave me a Z-pack antibiotic to take and some cough medicine.  I won't be able to get the cough medicine until tomorrow.  They are also going to be setting me up for a CT-Scan on my left Kidney.  Last year when I had a back set from my hysterectomy and was having to go to the wound doctor every week, they had sent me for one then.  Well, it came back with something on my left kidney.  My gynocologist was wanting to send me to a Urologist for further testing.  But, going to the wound doctor every week, that ran all of my doctor's visit out for the physical year on Medicaid.  So, I wasn't able to go.  I think that since my Gynocologist said the tumors in me when I had my hysterectomy was pre-cancerous, was taking precautions.  So, I'll have to wait until they get me set up for the CT-scan to have that check.  My regular doctor also said something about me may have to have a stress test on my heart.  I sure hope not because I had one a few years back and it was horrible.  I'm afraid if I do one now, I may kill over or have a heart attack or another stroke.  I just hope she don't end up sending me to have one. 

Since it was kind of late when I fixed supper tonight, I just fried some bologna and we had fried bologna and cheese sandwiches with some chips.  It was almost 6:00p.m. before I was able to start doing that. 

Guess I will go for now and do a little visiting before I have to wash up some dishes.  The girls are getting their showers and have both been working on a Book Report that is due tomorrow.  Just makes me mad when they want to wait till the last minute to do something.  LOL.   Everyone have a great evening and may GOD Bless you and yours.


Karen H.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Good Monday evening all.  Not much goin on around here today.  Woke up this mornin' and it was chilly.  It was right at 50 degrees when I got up.  It only got up to about 75 today.  Tomorrow the humidity and temperatures creep up again and going to be up to near 90 degrees the next few days.  Sure wish they would make up their mind. 

Girls didn't have any cheer practice after school today.  They were glad of that.  I guess last week really wore them out.

Like my header say's, not much goin on around here today.  There were 2 wrecks today.  One this morning East of Caraway(where we used to live).  A truck and a car hit head on.  The truck caught fire, but the driver escaped with no injuries.  However, the lady driving the other vehicle, died instantly.  She had her 2 or 3 year old in there with her and it had to be airlifted to a hospital.  I heard one story that he died and another story he is haning on.  Then, after school this afternoon, just east of the Lake City Bridge there was a 3-vehicle accident.  Thankfully there were no injuries from this one.  One vehicle rear-ended another vehicle and that vehicle rear-ended another one causing a chain reaction.  Wasn't a good day to be out on the highways seemed like. 

Me and the girls had left-over Pizza and some Cheese Sticks for supper tonight.  I washed dishes and the girls got their showers and I am now doing another load of laundry. 

My body is sore from all the walking around at the fair on Saturday night and all the moving around yesterday cleaning.  I didn't sleep good at all.  Guess I was too tired and my body was hurting to sleep.

Anywho, everyone take care and have a great evening.  May GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Karen H.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hello again everyone.  Whew, Whew, and Whew!!!!  What a busy, busy day it has been around here.  Hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday. 

Woke up this afternoon to a very nice day out.  The cool front came thru sometime through the night and dropped temperatures again.  I didn't get up till noon time thirty(which is 12:30p.m.) LOL.  Had a late night last night as we had taken the girls to the Northeast Arkansas District Fair.  It was the last night and was armband night.  They moved it to a new location this year and it is in a bigger area, but the parking wasn't that good at all.  Cars were everywhere.  With me being disabled and having handicapped parking tags, we were able to get a good parking spot up by the building you had to go into.  We went in and after we paid regular admission to get in the fair, which was $5, we went on outside.  The girls had to buy an armband out on the midway and we gave them some spending money.  I have never seen that many people at this fair before.  They must have come out of the wood work somewhere.  LOL.  The girls took off and me and hubby walked around for a spell and then got us something to eat and seen some of his family there.  We went to the bandstand and got to see Gene Watson in concert.  He is a country music legend and I think he started in 1975.  I remember hearing is name growing up, but don't ever remember listening to him.  Some of you may have heard of him.  He had a couple of number one songs.  One of them was Paper Rosie and another one 14 Karat something or another.  LOL.  But, it was a pretty good concert tho.  After it was over, we walked around for a spell and decided we had better gather up all the girls and head home.  We knew trying to get out of there would be a booger, but luckily, we got out within 15 minutes probably.  We got on the main highway to head home and oh my, cars were parked on both sides of the main highway.  Just unreal.  I think before next year, they need to do something about the parking.  I'm surprised no one got hurt or killed with parking the way it was.  Anywho, we made it home safe and sound.  Youngest daughter and her friend had stayed and her friend's parents were going to bring them to our home.  They said when they got home that it took them over an hour or longer to just get out.  There was even a fight and a wreck with no injuries. 

Today as I stated above, I slept in again till 12:30p.m. and then got up and had a cup of Coffee.  Since we moved here to Lake City, which we are living in a government house, we are having an annual inspection this Wednesday at 1:00p.m.  I knew since hubby would be home today that we had to get our bedroom cleaned out.  Yes, we still had some boxes piled up.  We went thru some boxes and thru some more stuff out to the dumpter.  Here where we live, we don't have individual trash cans.  We have a big dumpster out back for everyone living in the Housing Authority to put their trash in.  But, it took all afternoon to do that and we finally got it looking lots better.  One sure never knows how much stuff they have until they go to moving.  We still have alot of boxes, most Christmas stuff, out in our storage building in the back.  Hubby said it is pretty much full.  LOL.  Then, I had to fix some supper.  Had hubby to go up to our local grocery store and get a couple of pizza's and he came back with 2 HUGE pizza's.  LOL.  I ended up cooking both of them and there is nearly a whole pizza left for me and the girls to eat for supper tomorrow night.    I also done dishes and am doing some laundry as well.  My legs and feet hurt so bad it ain't even funny.  Oh well, I hope the worst is done and over with now.  I still have to sweep and mop before Wednesday.  I will sweep and hubby will mop when he comes in from work on Tuesday night.  The girls worked on their rooms this afternoon also and helped take out trash and boxes to the shed.  I don't think I will be needing to be rocked to sleep tonight.  LOL.  I may be too tired to even go to sleep.  We will see. 

I did take some pictures of the concert last night, but hubby has to find some cord that goes to our cell phone so I can download them on to my computer.  Hopefully he will find it soon.  I just took a very small bag with me last night and my other camera wouldn't fit in there.  I had to take my meds with me so I could take them when I ate me something. 

Guess I will go now and do a bit of visiting.  Hope you have a great evening and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Love & Hugs,

Karen H.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Good Saturday afternoon everyone.  Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.  My day is just beginning as we slept in today.  Love the days that I don't have to set an alarm.  LOL. 

It's a nice day today.  It's 80 degrees here right now and very low humidity.  Another cool front is coming thru sometime tonight and bringing cooler temperatures again.  High in the 70's and in the 40's for a few mornings.  We got some rain yesterday morning.  The weather guys didn't see it coming but they did put a 20% chance of showers in the forecast.  It done some pretty good lightening and some heavy rain yesterday morning, but cleared out by late yesterday afternoon.  Also, it was on the windy side. 

The girls had their Maroon and Gray game at School yesterday.  I didn't go to it.  I could have went, but I went back to bed after I took them to school and didn't get up till around noon.  Hubby was still here, so i just stayed here and had coffee with him and I had to pack him his cooler of food to take to work with him.  There is going to be another Maroon and Gray game for the public on October 2, and I will go to that one since it is at night. 

The girls went to a football game in Lepanto last night with their Aunt.  Hubby was at work and I was here all alone.  Kind of had myself a pity party.  LOL.  Finally around 9:00p.m., I went up to our local Mexican Restaurant and got me a large order of Chip and Dip.  I came home and munched my lonliness away.  I hate being here by myself and no one to talk to and me not having anything or anywhere to go.  Oh well, I survived the night.  Girls got home around 10:30p.m. and hubby around 11:00p.m.  By that time, I was tired and ready to hit the hay. 

Today is the last day of the Northeast Arkansas District Fair and we are going to take the girls to eat.  It's Armband Day.  Me and hubby won't be getting any armbands, but the girls will.  We don't do rides anymore.  Just too old for stuff like that.  Besides, with me having alot of health problems, I sure don't need to risk me getting hurt or causing me to end up in the hospital.  The girls will roam around with their friends and me and hubby will just do whatever.  LOL.  The girls will have to check in with us from time to time tho.  They are excited.  They are going to take a friend with them, so I'm sure they will have a wonderful time. 

Well, guess I will go do a bit of visiting and then I have to go and get myself ready for the fair.  Hope everyone has a great day and wonderful weekend.  Not sure if I will blog tomorrow because we have alot of things that need to be done around the house here.  So, if I don't, I will blog again on Monday night.

Love & Hugs,

Karen H.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hello again all.  It's been a unnormal day around here.  Hubby came home from work last night and said he had to go back in at 11:00a.m. this morning and work a 12 hour shift.  He gets off at 11:00p.m. and usually gets home around 11:15p.m.  He don't go to bed when he gets home.  He usually sits up about an hour or so to unwind.  He came to bed around 12:30a.m. and it was bout 2:30a.m. before the both of us went to sleep.  He drinks alot of Coffee at work and when he gets home, he has to go get it all out before going to sleep.  LOL.  Then, I get up at 6:00a.m to get the girls breakfast ready and get them up at 6:15a.m.  I stay up and take them to School.  I normally come home and eat me a bowl of cereal and take some of my meds and lay back down till about noon or so.  I did lay back down this morning, but I had to set the alarm for hubby to get up at 9:30a.m. so he could get up and get a shower and leave for work around 10:30a.m. this morning.  When he got up, I told him to wake me up when he got out of the shower and I would fix and pack his lunch to take to work with him.  I sure didn't want to get back up, but I did.  After he left, I went back to bed and then at 12:30p.m., our oldest daughter sends me a text and wakes me up.  I had my alarm set for 1:30p.m so I could get up and get around and run some errands before going to the School.  Oh well, needless to say, I got on up and had me some coffee.

Since they were having cheer practice again after School, I had to run to the store and get them 2-2 liter's of soda's a piece for them to take to the Maroon and Gray Game tomorrow.  Since we have a Sonic over here, we are spoiled to their "HAPPY HOUR".  So, I go get us all one each and take it to the School.  When School let out, they came to the vehicle and got the soda's and put their backpacks in the vehicle and I came back home.  They only practiced an hour today.  So, hopefully they will all be ready to cheer on the REBELS at the Maroon and Gray game tomorrow afternoon. 

Youngest daughter called me around 4:30p.m. to come get them and I went and picked them up and we came home and I heated up the Chili that I had made last night.  Also, before picking them up, I had started a load of laundry and had it in the dryer.  So, after Supper, I did dishes and folded up the clothes.  Needless to say, I am one tired Momma tonight.  I hope I don't have to be rocked to sleep tonight.  LOL.  I so look forward to Saturday's so I don't have to set an alarm. 

This week the Northeast Arkansas District Fair has been going on.  We are planning on taking the girls to it this coming Saturday.  It's Armband Day.  Oh, I won't be riding any rides, but the girls will for sure.  Last year we took them and got them an armband and me and hubby went to a concert there at the fair and seen Earl Thomas Conley.  The girls had a friend with them and they roamed about the rides and all.  They did check in with us from time to time.  We will do the same again this year.   This Saturday night, Gene Watson is going to be in Concert.  I have no idea who he is.  Guess me and hubby will sit and watch him maybe. 

Well, guess I will go for now and do a little visiting.  Hope everyone has a great evening and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Love & Hugs,

Karen H.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Good Wednesday Evening All.  Hope everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday.  I have.  Seems like I have been on the go again today, but that's okay tho.  At least I'm staying busy.

I woke up to a nice 48 degrees here this morning.  It felt so good outside.  It only got up to like 75 or 76 today, so, all in all, it was a nice fallish day.  I'm ready for it. 

They have started picking cotton some around here.  Even the smell of that makes it seem like Fall.  The corn has done been harvested.  I guess after the cotton, they will cut the beans. 

Once again, the girls had cheer practice after school.  They have it again tomorrow after school as well.  I guess since they will be cheering at the Maroon and Gray Game at school Friday, they wan't them to be all ready.  There will also be a Maroon and Gray game for the public on October 2.  They will have to cheer at that one also.  Then, probably a couple of weeks later, Basketball will be kicking in full force.  That is when things will really get busy around here.  Going here, going there to all the games to watch my girls cheer on their Rebels.  Yes, we are called Riverside Rebels. 

Tonight for supper I fixed homemade Chili with beans.  It had a little kick to it as the packages of seasoning was a bit more spicier than what I normally buy.  Hey, these packages were only $.69 cents a package, so I got them.  The ones I usually buy were like $1.59.  But I guess next time, I will go ahead and get what I normally buy.  Oh well, it was still good tho.  Even had some corn chips, hot dogs, and shredded cheese to add to the Chili.  Yum, Yum!!!!  Even made enough for hubby to take to work tomorrow night and me and the girls to have some for our supper as well.  It will taste even better tomorrow night with it sitting in the fridge over night. 

Me and the girls went to Church tonight.  Since moving over here to Lake City, we have been going to Bowman Baptist Church.  It's just about 5 or so minutes from where we live.  It's a small Church, but the people are very friendly and has made us feel like a part of them.  The adults started studying the book of Ecclesiastes on Wednesday night, which is being taught by the Pastor.  I am really enjoying it. 

As you may have noticed, I figured out how to post a picture on here.  The picture is of the girls on the first day of school on August 19,2012.  Now that I hopefully have that figured out, I will see what I can figure out next.  LOL. 

Guess I will go for now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Love & Hugs,

Karen H.


These are my beautiful girls on the first day of School this year.  To the left is the youngest one who is in the 9th grade, and on the right is our oldest and she is now in the 11th grade.  Just thought I would share this and I am just playing around to figure out how to upload pictures on here once again.  I will make a new post this evening. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Good Evening again everyone.  Hope everyone has had a good day.  Mine has been okay, but nothing to write home about.  Just another ordinary day. 

Woke up this morning and the wind was blowing outside and the temperatures started dropping a few degrees.  It was on the chilly side, but I'm not complaining at all.  Been waiting on the kind of weather for a long time.  It only got up in the mid-70's here today and is supposed to get down to 48 tonight.  I can handle that.  I just hope it stays this way.  I can tell the days are getting shorter also, as the Sun is starting to set sooner. 

The girls had cheer practice once again this afternoon after School till 5:30p.m.  I went and got them and came home and fixed the last Little Ceasar Pizza that was in the freezer.  They sold these back in June and they came in, in July and this was our last one we had ordered from them.  It was one of their fundraiser's that the cheerleaders do to raise money to help them on the cost of their supplies.  Anyway, we help them both out when we can.  I know they are going to be selling some T-shirts soon and I will have to buy me some of them.  LOL.  Oh well, gotta do what we gotta do to support our girls.

I'm still figuring all this out and not sure if I even will figure it out.  So, if anyone can give me some tips or help me in any way, it will be greatly appreciated. 

Not much really going on around here except the cooler temperatures, so I guess this will be a short post.  Hope everyone has a great evening and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Love & Hugs,

Karen H.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Good Evening All.  Hope everyone has had a wonderful day today.  It's been a rainy day here in Northeast Arkansas.  We have a cool down coming and supposed to in the 40's either tonight or tomorrow night.  High's are gonna be in the low 70's.  Not gonna hear me complain one bit, especially after the hot Summer we have had.  I love the cooler weather. 

The girls had cheer practice after School today.  They are going to have it again tomorrow and again on Wednesday after School as well.  They have a Maroon and Gray Game this Friday at School.  It's more or less a practice game where they play each other and the girls will be cheering at that.  I won't get to go to that one because it is only for the School.  There will be another one on October 2, for the public to attend and I will be going to that one.  Busy, busy, times are ahead. 

For Supper tonight, I baked some Chicken Strips and also baked some Sweet Potato's.  I added, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon to mine.  Oh my, they were so good. 

I guess not many people are blogging anymore?  If you know of someone that is blogging and that I may be interested in, please let me know or send them my way.  I would really appreciate it. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Love and Hugs,

Karen H.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well, hello out there everyone.  Thought I would try to blog once again.  I see they have made some changes.  Gonna take me a while to figure this all out.  Hope everyone has been doing good.  I know it's been a couple of years since I made a post, but, I do have some of you on Facebook.  I had a friend of mine on Facebook to tell me I should start a blog and I told him I already had one.  He said he enjoyed reading my post's.  Not sure if I can share my blog on Facebook or not, so bare with me as I get used to all this again. 

Alot has changed and happened since I last posted.  Back in September of 2011, I became sick with a cold and could hardly breathe, so hubby ended up taking me to the Emergency Room.  After doing some blood work and some other tests, they admitted me to the Hospital.  While I was in there, I had to have a blood transfusion.  Come to find out, they sent a Gynocologist in to see me and talk to me and we discussed me needing to have a hysterectomy.  He said I was loosing too much blood during my monthly cycle and since I had had a blood transfusion in 2009, that that wasn't good for me to be having those blood transfusions.  I was in the hospital a couple of days and was released.  I went back to the Gynocologist's Office later and set up a time to have my surgery.  I had my surgery on October 27, 2011.  While in surgery, they had to do an emergency appendectomy.  I had pre-cancerous tumors growing all over my appendix.  He said that if he hadn't of taken it out, I would have ended back up in the hospital within a couple of weeks.  So, I had 2 surgeries in one.  Before I left the hospital, he done another blood test on me to make sure he had gotten all of the cancer.  I went back to him a week later and PRAISE GOD, there was no more cancer.  My blood level had gone down.  Than about a week later, on a Saturday afternoon, I had gone to the bathroom and noticed some leakage on my underwear from where my incision was and I was in some pain.  So, hubby decides to take me back to the Emergency Room and once again, they admitted me.  I was in the hospital this time for 3 days.  They called my Gynocologist in and he had to open me back up in one spot because there was a blood clot and infection. He done it in my hospital room.  It was painful and he even had them to bring me some pain medicine afterwards.  The next day, he has a Wound Specialist to come in and look at me.  With me being a diabetic and being overweight, I had to go to a wound clinic for 3 months, once a week.  I even had a home health nurse that would come to my house several times a week and change it for me.  Hubby learned how to do it also, and that help cut down on my home health nurse coming so much during a week.  About a month before I completely healed up, they had me wearing a wound vac.  Oh my gosh, I hated that thing more than anything.  I had to sleep with it.  It went everywhere I went.  It got me so down in the dumps it wasn't even funny.  About a couple of weeks before I was healed completely up, I told my home health nurse I wasn't going to wear it anymore.  It just hindered me from doing anything.  So, she came one day and packed it up and had UPS to come get it.  We used another kind of packing for one last try and finally the last of February 2011, I completely got healed up.  I was so glad.  Today, I am doing much better, but I still have good days and bad days.  I try still not to lift anything very heavy because I am still tender in that area. 

Another change we have made is that we have moved.  We used to live in Caraway, but on June 30, 2012, we moved to Lake City, AR.  It's about 12-15 miles from Caraway.  Both of the girls had tried out for Cheerleading again at the end of the School year last year and they both made it.  Now, we have one on the Jr. High Cheer Team and one on the Sr. High Cheer Team.  Their cheer camps and practices were over here in Lake City, so with gas prices the way they are, it was just much more economical to move over here.  Besides, they both are in School over here as well.  Also, hubby works 8 miles down the road.  He is saving alot on gas by living over here too.  The girls don't have to get up as early as they once did to catch the bus over here.  All, in all, it was the best thing to do.  There is so much more over here too.  We have a Sonic, Dollar General Store, Subway/Chester's, a Mexican Restaurant, and a nice Grocery Store. 

The girls are growing up way too fast.  The oldest is in the 11th grade this year, and the youngest is in the 9th grade.  Where has the time gone.  School has started off with me being busy with the girls and their activities and it's going to get even busier once Basketball Season starts up next month.  But, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

So, if anyone has any suggestions on helping me out with this new blogging, I would greatly appreciate it very much. 

Hope you have had a great weekend and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Good Sunday morning again everyone. Hope everyone has had a good week. It is currently 50 degrees here this morning and some Fog. The last 2 mornings have been very foggy and we have been under Dense Fog Advisories of the mornings. It is windy outside and it makes that 50 degrees feel a little more chilly. This week we are supposed to be getting some more much needed rain and a strong cold front is to come thru on Wednesday with the possibility of some flurries. Yes, I said flurries. The high on Thanksgiving Day is only supposed to be like 40 degrees and the lows going down into the 20's. We never know what to expect with the weather here in Arkansas. LOL.

Well, we only had 2 Basketball games to go to this past week. They were on Thursday and Friday nights. We have 2 this week that I know of and they are on Monday and Tuesday nights. In my opinion, which doesn't count for nothing, they shouldn't even schedule any games during a Holiday Break. But that is just me tho. Both of the girls only have to go to School on Monday. They both get a "FREE" day on Tuesday because they done good on their Benchmark Tests back in the Spring. Then the whole School lets out for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday. They are both happy that they only have to go one day this week and I am to in a way. Neither one likes to get up early and now I won't have to listen to them whine or anything. LOL. I will still have to get up early on Monday and Tuesday to get hubby up so he can go to work those days.

Our Thanksgiving plans have changed. We have decided to go ahead and go to my Parents house for Thanksgiving. My Mom kept on and was wanting us to come down there, so we decided to go ahead and go eat Thanksgiving Dinner with them. I will be making my Dressing and Potato Salad to take down there and my Mom is going to do the rest. My Sister won't be there to eat with us, but I think she will be there to have Supper with my Mom and Dad. After we get done there, we will come home and start on rearranging the living room and cleaning it up real good and then put up our Christmas Tree. That has been a tradition with us ever since me and hubby has been married and I guess we will continue to keep that tradition.

I am really dreading this year for Christmas. As Patricia Neal once said in the Walton's originial show, "THE HOMECOMING", there won't be any Santa Claus around here this year. If it wasn't for the girls, I wouldn't even bother about putting up a Christmas Tree at all. When there is no money, Christmas just really stresses me out. Hubby said earlier this week that for Christmas this year we are just going to stay home and not got to anyone's house. If relatives have gifts for the girls, they can just bring them to our house and give them to us. We will just sit at home and I will do some cooking for us and I guess we can watch Christmas shows. Hubby has recently found out that he isn't a full-time hand after all. The guy that hired him has told him he was and he even got his Uniforms, but the Computer says he is only Seasonal. So, I guess he could get laid off at any time. That just put much more stress on me with the other stress that I have going on that I still don't want to talk about right now. All I can do is just ask that everyone keep praying for me and my Family. Also, to top it all off, I just found out that the girls, ARKIDS isn't paying for anything. I have no clue as to what is going on with that. I am going to have to call tomorrow and find out what is going on. When I got their cards, I called and they told me it had been in effect since May of this year. The thing is I hadn't even applied for it until August. I just feel like my whole world is falling apart sometimes. Now, no insurance for the girls, no presents under the tree for the girls this year, hubby isn't full-time, how much more worse can it get? It just makes me really mad at the System because we are beeing honest about things when applying for help and there are others who lie and get alot more help than we can get. To be honest, it just makes me want to turn those people in. I know, I am a bad person and have a bad temper, but I have always been taught that HONESTY is the best Policy. Evidently, my honesty ain't worth a crap. Well, let me quit rammbling on with all my problems.

I forgot to tell about our little Family time we had last Saturdy night when I made my post last Sunday. We got the Fire Pit all fixed up and just the 4 of us had a Weiner Roast and me and hubby even roasted some Polish Sausage and then we even roasted Marshmellows and had some S'mores. It was a chilly night and we sat under the carport with our little fire and just had some good quality Family time.

Guess I will go for now and start visiting. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and a "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" on Thursday. If you are traveling, I pray safe travels for you and yours. Take care everyone and may GOD continue to Bless each and everyone of you.

Love and hugs,

Karen H.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Good Sunday Morning again everyone. Hope everyone has had a wonderful week. It is currently 40 degrees here right now. We had another cold front to come thru early yesterday morning and it brought some more much needed rain around here. It also brought some more much cooler temperatures. When I first woke up this morning, it was 33 degrees. We had a pretty big frost out as well. I will be glad when the weather decides to be either cold or warm. Earlier this past week, it had warmed back up and I had to run the A/C during the afternoon, but at night and the early mornings had to use the heaters. It was nice to wake up to the rain yesterday morning and see some water puddles outside.

Sorry about my post last week. Some how or another, it didn't let me finish it. Oh well, at least I did have a post tho. LOL.

First of all, I would like to ask for some prayers for my Family. At this time, I do not want to go into any details, but it's an uspoken Prayer Request for right now. Maybe in time, I will discuss it.

This past week has been a busy, busy week around here. I was on the go with the girls all week. They had basketball games to cheer at on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights. Luckily, we didn't have to travel very far. The first two nights games were over at the Lake City Gym. The last two nights were here at our Gym. There are more games scheduled for this week and even an Invitational Tournament at Bay. Not sure which games they will be cheering at, but I sure hope we don't have very many. I don't mind driving, especially at night, to some local games nearby, but when they are far off, I just don't drive by myself and won't be able to go to the games then. It gets very expensive when you have to drive out of town to games several nights a week and plus paying to get into the games. At least the girls do get in free since they are cheerleaders. At most places, it cost's adults, $4 each to get into a game. I generally try to make sure that we eat something before we do go to a game and we all try to take us all a bottle of water to drink at the game as well. The concession stand food is expensive also. Oh well, let me quit griping, because there is nothing I can do about it. All we can do is just take one day at a time.

Next week is "THANKSGIVING". Do any of you have any big plans? We have decided to just have Thanksgiving here at our house with just the 4 of us this year. I'm going to cook a small Turkey. I will fix some Dressing as well. I know I will fix a big bowl of my Potato Salad. Not sure what else I will fix, but hubby says just to keep it simple. I think we may get us a couple of frozen pies for our dessert. I'm not a big baker myself, so the frozen pies will be just fine with me. Also that weekend is when we usually put up our Christmas Tree and decorate for Christmas. We all have a big chore ahead of us before we do put up the tree. I usually like to rearrange my living room and get it all cleaned up real good before we do put our tree up. The girls have to get their rooms cleaned up as well. They both have a small 4 foot tree that they put up in their rooms. We bought a White Christmas Tree a few years ago and year before last our youngest daughter chose the colors to decorate it in. Last year our oldest daughter chose the colors and this year will be my year to choose the colors to decorate it in. Last year, it was blus and silver and was really pretty. We have all kinds of different colored lights and decorations. I'm not sure what color I want to use this year. Either way, I'm sure it will turn out pretty tho. Hubby and the girls usually put the lights on together and then the girls decorate the tree. I just sit on my butt and sort thru the decorations and hand them to them. LOL. We used to decorate on the outside big time, but we don't do that anymore. One thing, we just can't afford to buy all those decorations to use on the outside. We just use what we have and make the best of it with what we do have. This has been a tradition of us putting up our tree on Thanksgiving weekend ever since me and hubby got married.

Well, guess I will go for now and start my visiting. Hope everyone has a wonderful and Blessed week. May GOD Bless each and everyone of you as well.

Love and hugs,

Karen H.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Burrrr!!!! I think someone has left the Freezer Door Open around here. Good Sunday Morning everyone. I hope that everyone remembered to set their Clocks back an hour before going to bed last night. It is another cold day here in the South. We finally got some Rain last week. One day the Rain was a chilly rain as well. If the temperatures had been down near freezing, it might have been something else that fell. After the rain, we had a cold front to come thru and it's been cold since. I've had my Central heat going as well as my pad heater in the hall. The last couple of nights we have been under a freeze warning. It was 30 degrees here when I got up earlier. I think this weeks weather is going to be another one of those roller coaster rides. It starts out chilly and then warms back up into the 70's. Only in Arkansas. LOL.

I apologize for not posting last Sunday, but I was just so tired and felt bad and had some chores to do. Seems like a Woman's work is never done huh? I know mine isn't. Just wish the cleaning lady would show up like she is supposed to. LOL.

The last couple of weeks has had us going to some Basketball games to watch the girls cheer. This week is going to be busy as well. They have games on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights to cheer at. It's a good thing they are all home games. They done really good on their "THRILLER" Dance they did a couple fo weeks ago. I'm hoping they will go it again soon so other people will be able to see it. Since Basketball is in full swing now, they are not going to Gym Classes on Tuesdays anymore. But still with all the games, they are staying busy and keeping us on the go some as well.

Well now that Halloween is finally over, it's time to think about Thanksgiving. I'm not sure yet what we will be doing. I may just fix dinner here at the house for me and hubby and the girls. I think it would be nice for a change for the 4 of us just to have a Thanksgiving meal by ourselves. Do you have any big plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday? We usually put our Christmas Tree up Thanksgiving weekend as well. I'm so not looking forward to Christmas this year. Not even sure if the girls will be able to have a good Christmas or not. They do understand tho that times are really hard on us, but maybe we will be able to get them a little something. Last Christmas we went all out and got them their own Laptop and a new Cell Phone for Christmas along with some other little things. But last years finances were in much better shape than this year will be. I guess as long as we are all healthy, have a roof over our heads, and food on the table, that will be a good Christmas. Even tho I like Christmas, it just really stresses me out and makes me not to want to even put a tree up sometimes. If it wasn't for the girls, I wouldn't even put one up. And since they have gotten older and quit believing in Santa Claus, it has taken alot of the fun out of it for me as well.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Good Sunday Morning everyone. I'm having my first cup of Coffee right now and would like it if you would join me. If you don't like Coffee, well, I have some Water or a Diet Caffeine Free Soda. It is 70 degrees here right now and it's on the windy side out this morning. They are calling for a 50% chance of Rain for today, but they gave that percentage one day this past week and we didn't even get a drop here. I'm seriously beginning to think that they don't make Rain for us here in Northeast Arkansas anymore. It's been so long since we have seen any Rain here. It has rained everywhere but here. By us having a very hot and dry Summer, I'm just guessing we are going to have a very bad Winter. I'll take the Snow, but just no Ice like we had here last year in 2009. I don't think I could go thru something like that again. Luckily, my Parents had a generator and we stayed with them during that time. The girls were out of School here for 11 days because there was no power. I seen on the local news the other night where a town in Southeast Missouri is still recovering from that Ice Storm. We don't have a generator ourselves, but if it should happen again, we will be able to cook and have some heat. My cooktop is gas and we now have a Pad Heater in the hall that is also gas. We have 2 coolers that if we have to, we could put things in it and stick it outside so it wouldn't go bad. The only thing is, I wouldn't have my Coffee Maker. That wouldn't be a good thing. LOL. I have got to have my Coffee of the mornings. Oh well, all we can do is just hope and pray for the best and that we don't have another major Ice Storm like last year.

Last Saturday night, a good friend, and a former Elementary Principal of the girls, got killed in a car wreck up around Lake City. I forgot to mention it in my last Sunday's post. I guess I was still in a state of shock myself. From the way I understood, him and his wife were on their way to a Church function up in Jonesoboro and he crossed the center lane and hit another car head on. I've had several people to tell me that he may have had a heart attack and he died instantly and his wife was hurt and at first they didn't know if she would make it or not, but she did. She had something wrong with one of her legs or foot and one of her hands and had to have surgery. They had air-lifted her to the Med in Memphis, Tn. One of the other passengers in the other vehicle had to be air-lifted the Le Bonhuers and was in serious condition. I think the others had some minor injuries and everyone is doing okay now. They had Mr. Case's Funeral on Thursday of this week at his Church in Jonesboro and brought him back to Caraway to bury him. Me and our oldest daughter and one of her friends went out to the Cemetary to the service out there. It was a sad and somber day here in Caraway that day. They had dismissed School here at noon that day so everyone that wanted to go to the Funeral could go. He had been with the School for 30 years. Even after he retired he was still a P.E. Teacher for the elementary kids. Both him and his wife we wonderful people and very good Christians. They both had a strong faith in GOD. He will be dearly missed for sure, but at least HEAVEN has a new ANGEL there now. R.I. P. Mr. Case.

Other than that above, this week has been fairly quiet and slow I guess you could say. Both girls had their regular Gym in Jonesboro in Tuesday and then our oldest daughter worked at her job on Wednesday after School. Like I said above, they had gotten out of School at noon on Thursday and they didn't have their regular Cheerleading practice either. There was no School on Friday due to the Teachers having their In-Service. So, the girls got to sleep late. Our youngest had gone to one of her friends house on Thursday afternoon and spent the night there. Friday evening they had their first Basketball game to cheer at at Armorel, AR. That is a suburb of Blytheville, AR. They both looked really good in their new Cheerleading Uniforms. I didn't take any pictures, but will the next time. This coming Tuesday evening(26th), they are going to do their Michael Jackson dance to "THRILLER". Both Jr. and Sr. High Cheerleaders will all do it together. They have to have some ripped up clothes. Our youngest daughter already has hers, but our oldest will have to get hers done by then. On Saturday morning, I had to get the girls up early again. They were both going with the Choir from School for "All-Region's Try-Outs". I have no idea if they made it or not because hubby had to go pick them up early because our oldest daughter had to come back and pack for an over night stay with the Youth from our Church for a Youth Rally. She left around 12:30p.m. yesterday and is supposed to be back around noon today. Our youngest daughter went to her friends house and went on a Hay Ride with her friends Church last night. She said they had a good time. Me and hubby went to Jonesboro yesterday evening to buy some groceries and it was around 7:30p.m. when we got back home last night. Since we couldn't afford to go out to eat, I got a couple of frozen pizza's and heated them up for us when we got back home. It actually felt good buying groceries and not having to worry about hubby telling me we can't get this or that. LOL. I even bought some name brand things and I haven't been able to do that in a very long time. Hubby even got a Safety Bonus at work this past week for not having any accidents for 3 months and it was a $50 gift card from Wal-Mart. He used that to buy our Toilet Paper and Paper Towels and Paper Plates and Garbage Bags that we have to have. When we got home, I had a job of putting all the groceries up. I even had to re-arrange things in my freezer to make room for some of the things. That has been my week. This coming week the girls have 2 games in Lake City. So I guess, Basketball Season has officially started for our School and they will be doing alot of cheering. Basketball Season usually goes thru February.

Well, guess I will go for now and start visiting some of my favorite blogs. Take care my friends and I hope you have a wonderful week. May GOD continue to BLESS each and everyone of you.

Love and hugs,

Karen H.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Good Sunday Morning everyone. I am up early this morning and right now I am the only one up and am having my first cup of Coffee. It is 47 degrees here right now and is supposed to warm up later on in the day to the mid 80's. This past week I have been having to turn my Pad Heater on of the mornings and running it till about Noon and then turning the Air-Conditioner on until just before bedtime. LOL. I guess it's just that time of the year where we have to use both of them.

Well this past week has been a pretty much quiet week around here. The girls had their regular Gym and Cheerleading practices on Tuesday and Thursday and our oldest went Wednesday after School to try out for the Bowling Team at School. Still haven't heard if she made it or not. Yesterday, we went over to hubby's Brother's house for a Family Cookout and to celebrate 2 Birthdays. We were celebrating his wife's Birthday and their daughter's Birthday. Had alot of good food and Birthday Cake and Ice Cream. We all enjoyed visiting with Family and even some real good friends that are just like Family. I didn't take my Camera to take any pictures because I just wasn't in a mood to take any pictures and since I don't remember how to upload them up on here, I just said the heck with it. LOL.

The girls do have their first Basketball Game this coming Friday night to start Cheering at. It will be out of town, but that's okay, at least it's on a Friday night. They finally got their new Cheer Uniforms in this past week and they are real pretty and look good on both of them. They are supposed to do a dance on the 26th to Michael Jackson's, "THRILLER". They have been working on that and I seen some of it this past Thursday when I went to pick them up from Cheerleading Practice. Both of the Jr. and Sr. High Cheerleaders will be doing it together and it looked really good. I'm excited for them and can't wait to see them actually do it. They have to wear some ripped and torn clothes just for the dance tho. I will be taking pictures of that and will have them posted on my Facebook, so those of you who are on my Facebook, be sure to watch for the pictures sometime after the 26th.

Yesterday when we were going to hubby's Brother's house for the Family cookout, we stopped by the Post Office to check the Mail. Well lo and behold, I had a letter saying that we had been approved for Food Stamps. "THANK YOU" Lord for yet another answered prayer. I was a little disappointed in the amount we will be getting tho, but I guess every little bit will help out. What really gets me is that some people will lie about the things they have to turn in and get alot more Food Stamps each month and then you have people like me who are honest and tell the truth and don't really get as much as those other people who lie do. Oh well, at least I am "THANKFUL" to be getting some tho. It has been so bad on us that we haven't been able to buy groceries ourselves. It takes everything that hubby makes just to pay the bills and put gas in 2 vehicles to last 2 weeks. After that, there is nothing really left. I just hope and pray that he will be able to find a better paying job someday soon and will get paid every week. I would try to find a job, but if I did that, it would put an end on me trying to get my Disability. Still haven't heard anything on that. The last thing I heard was something about a hearing and it could take up to a year just for the hearing. I have one of the best Attorney's working on it and I'm sure he knows what he is doing, but it just seems like it is taking forever.

Oh well, sorry for all the complaining and griping this morning, but i guess I haven't had enough Coffee yet. LOL. I keep remember the saying that, "All Good Things Comes to Those Who Wait".

Well, guess I will go for now and start doing my visits to your blogs. Hope everyone has a great Sunday and a good week. May GOD BLESS each and everyone of you.

Love and Hugs,

Karen H.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I would just like to wish all of my Canadian Friends a very "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" today. Enjoy the time with Family and Friends and be "THANKFUL" for everything. We all have so much to be "THANKFUL" for. I tried to post a picture here, but it seems I have forgotten how to or either that, they have changed the way you do things here on the Blogs. Anyway, "HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING" to all my wonderful Friends up in Canada. May GOD BLESS each and everyone of you.

Lots of Love and Hugs,

Karen H.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Good Sunday Morning everyone. I would like to apologize for not posting last Sunday, but the Saturday before, I was busy, busy, busy. My hometown of Lepanto, had their 80th Annual Terrapin Derby that is always held the first Saturday in October and then my Graduating Class of 1980 had their 30-Year Class Reunion that night and then that Sunday I had to go to my Mother-In-Law's for a double Birthday Dinner for my hubby and his Sister. Needless to say, I had been pretty much on the go since that Friday.

It is 53 degrees here this morning. Our weather has been jumping back and forth from warm to cool. Last week we had a strong cold front to come thru and the high temperatures were only in the 60's and we had lows in the 40's. I even lit the pilot light on my Pad Burner in the hall so we could use it just in case. Well, we had to use it in the mornings when I got up. It was on the chilly side. Now this past week it has warmed back up again. It started out with me using the heater of the mornings and then turning the A/C back on in the afternoons. Finally the latter part of this week, I have just been leaving the A/C on all the time. Sure wish it would make up it's mind if it wants to stay warm or stay cool. LOL. I think we have another cool down coming later this week with high's only in the 70's. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather where you live.

I took both girls to see a Children's Pediatrician this past Thursday. Since they had their ARKids, I needed to find them a Primary Care Physician and get them established with one. One of my Sister-In-Law's had suggested one out in Jonesboro and we were able to see him this past Thursday. Both of the girls really liked him and said he was "cool". LOL. I was very impressed with him as well. He checked them both out very well and both are in good health and in the right percentile in their height and weight. He did give them some Claritan for allergies. So much of that seems to be going around in this area right now. He even suggested them getting a shot for spinal menangitis and they both got one to protect them. He said he would like to see them both again in 6 months unless something comes up before then. After we left the Doctor's office we had to go by Wal-Mart to the Pharmacy to get their meds filled and had to wait there about 45 minutes. By the time they got done we were all hungry so Ashley, our oldest daughter suggested we go to Taco Bell to eat. She and Alyssa had said they have been hearing on a Radion Station they listen to where they had some cheap things to eat, so we went to Taco Bell. All 3 of us ate for $7 and some change. Of course Ashley paid for it all. That was so nice of her to do that and I'm so proud of her for doing such a nice thing. We left there and came back home and they got all of their School stuff and I took them back to School around 1:00p.m. All 3 of us enjoyed our time together even tho it was going to the Doctor. I guess it was some much needed Mother and daughters time.

Last Saturday, my hometown had their 80th Annual Terrapin Derby. What is that you say? LOL. Well, they have been doing this for 80 years now. They have vendors set up and down Main Street and they even have a Parade that comes down Main Street at 2:00p.m. I took alot of pictures of the Parade. I won't try to post them all because there were over 100 pictures of just the Parade. Yes, I took a picture of everything in the Parade. After the Parade beginning at 4:00p.m. they block off a side street off of Main Street for alot of Turtles to Race. They have 3 winners. Each year, girls of all ages will run for Terrapin Derby Queen and will sell tickets on the Turtles. The girl who sells the most tickets wins the Terrapin Derby Queen. They usually have a Jr. Queen and a Sr. Queen. Believe it or not, in 1973, I won the Jr. Terrapin Derby Queen myself. Then at 7:00p.m they have a Street Dance. We normally go to the Street Dance ourselves, but this year, my Graduating Class of 1980 had our 30-Year Class Reunion. So, me and my hubby went to that and the girls spend the night with my Mother-In-Law. I had the best time at my Class Reunion. It was the most fun that I had had in a very long time and was some very much needed fun time for me as well. I think we had about 18 out of 35 that showed up for the Reunion. A few of them I had not even seen since Graduation. It was about 12:30a.m. when me and hubby got home that Sunday morning and let's just say I had a little too much fun, but not that bad tho. I had said previously that I had been on the go since that Friday, but it was that Thursday because that Thursday night, I had went down to Lepanto and helped decorate for our Reunion with a couple of other girls that I graduated with. I didn't go to my 10-Year Class Reunion, but I am so glad that I went to this Reunion and now I'm ready for the next one. LOL. Now, I'm going to try to upload some pictures, but if I can't, for all of those that are on my Facebook, you can go to my Pictures on there and look at all the pictures.

That Sunday at 1:00p.m. we had to go to my Mother-In-Law's for a Double Birthday Lunch. That Sunday(3rd) was my Sister-In-Law's Birthday and then on Tuesday(5th) was my hubby's Birthday. So, my Mother-In-Law decided to have a Birthday Lunch for the both of them. All of her kids were there with their kids and I tooks pictures of that as well. We all had a great afternoon of eating and visiting and taking pictures. This was the first time that all of her kids had been together in a very long time. She has 5 kids(2 boys and 3 girls) and also she has 8 grandkids(5 boys and 3 girls) as well.

Well, it was taking too long to upload the pictures in a Video, so you can go to my Facebook Page and look under Photos and the Album's name is 80th Annual Terrapin Derby and 30-Year Class Reunion for those pictures and then for the Birthday pictures it's under the Album name of David and Sue's Birthday Dinner. Sorry it was taking so long but there were lots of pictures on that Saturday.

I guess that is about all that has been going on with me for the last week or so. Guess I will go for now and start visiting some of my favorite blogs. Hope everyone has a great week and may GOD BLESS each and everyone of you.

Love and hugs,

Karen H.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

One heck of a Week and an Answered Prayer

Good Sunday morning everyone. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week. It is currently 60 degrees here and the wind is blowing. Today there is a chance of rain and it's supposed to be a cloudy and gloomy day after a strong cold front came thru. I'm loving this kind of weather. The high today is only supposed to be in the 60's and in the 70's some this coming week with lows in the 50's. May have to light a fire. LOL.

It has been a bad week for us around here. Our oldest daughter, Ashley, has been having some dizzy spells and feeling like she was going to pass out and her hands shaking. I ended up taking her to the Emergency Room Monday after School and they did all kinds of tests on her there. Everything checked out okay except they did find an irregular heart beat on her heart. The 2 Doctors that seen her wasn't comfortable about sending her home and was wanting to send her to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock to be checked out, but that would be a long drive from here, so we ended up taking her to LeBonheur in Memphis. They were wanting her to be checked out by a Pediatric Cardiologist since they didn't have any in Jonesboro. So, she was taken to LeBonheur by Ambulance and I rode in the Ambulance with her and hubby came over in our vehicle. We got there and they hooked her up to a heart monitor and never done anything else. She wasn't even checked out by a Pediatric Cardiologist like they were wanting her to. So, we ended up coming home and got home around 3:00a.m. Tuesday morning. I kept her home from School that day as well. She done okay and then she worked at her part-time job on Wednesday afternoon after School and while they were cleaning before closing time, she got dizzy there. She went ahead and went to Church that night and then about 7:30p.m., my Sister-In-Law called me and wanted me to come get her because she wasn't feeling too well. I went up there and she was complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath. She couldn't hardly walk out to the vehicle at this time. So, me and another one of my Sister-In-Laws, and Brother-In-Laws, all helped her to our vehicle. I brought her home and I tried to get her out myself, but I couldn't. She was in such pain that I came into the house and told hubby I needed help with her. She was screaming and crying at this point and wouldn't calm down, so I called our local Ambulance to come check her out. They got here ASAP and one of the guys said she was having a panic attack and they took out with here and then about 7 miles from here they had called another Ambulance to meet them so they could transfer her to an Ambulance that can administer an IV. Back to the hospital we go again. The ER Dr. on call this time, said that she had what they call Chest Wall Pain and it is sometimes caused by stress in teenagers and that she had a panic attack along with the pain. He gave her some pain/anti-inflammatory pills to help with it. He said nothing was wrong with her heart. At this point, I have 3 different doctors telling me 3 different things. They sent her home and she ended up going to School at Noon on Thursday. She has been doing okay except she went on a trip with a Church group Saturday from my home town and she said she had some shortness of breath on the bus. We were down at my Parent's house last night having Dinner with them and she got up from the table and went and layed down and called me in there. She said she was having a hard time getting a good breath, so I made here undo her Bra and unsnap her pants. I know that sounds weird, but sometimes that works on me as well. I was doing my best to keep her calm so she wouldn't go into another panic attack and after a while we came home. I gave her one of the pills that the ER Dr. had prescribed for her when we got home and she got to feeling better a little later. I ask that you all please keep her in your prayers right now.

I also got an answered prayer on Friday afternoon. As you all know, I had filled out an application on the girls to have insurance thru ARKids First and I got their cards in the mail on Friday. "THANK YOU GOD" for answering that prayer for me. Now our girls both have insurance on them that will pay for everything. We won't even have to pay for anything. They had qualified for the Part A on the ARKids First insurance. That is where you don't have to pay for anything. On Monday, I had an appointment with the Social Worker on my Medicaid and someone had marked out the part about Food Stamps. So, I filled out another application for Food Stamps and had to bring home a paper for hubby to have filled out at work and got that faxed back in. So, please keep us in your prayers that we will hear something about getting Food Stamps real soon. I'm hoping as well that I will be eligible for Medicaid also for me.

On another note, hubby told me earlier this week that his boss had called him aside and told him he was full-time now with benefits. The pay is still going to be the same(which isn't that good), but he will have insurance and will get to have uniforms to work in as well. Him having uniforms will be a good thing and will cut down on the wear and tear of his own clothes and then me not having to wash his work clothes. I don't know how much the insurance costs but if I can get Medicaid on me, then maybe, he can just take the insurance out on him and everyone will be covered again. It's just so hard not having any insurance and not enough money to pay for things. But at least he does have a job and we are able to pay our regular bills. Just not enough money leftover to really do anything extra or go anywhere.

Since the girls now have insurance, I am going to call Monday to a Children's Pediactric Doctor in Jonesboro and set them up to be looked at and to have a Primary Care Physician. They both could use a good physical and be seen by a regular children's doctor. I'm also going to get their eyes checked and start them back on their dental check-ups as well.

I guess that is about all that has been going on this week, but it's been enough and at times too much for me. Wednesday night, I really thought something bad was happening to her. It scares me because Heart Problems do run in the Family. As a Mother, I won't stop worrying until I am 100% sure if there is anything wrong with her or not.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week. Me and hubby had to re-schedule our doctors's appointment to this Tuesday since we got home so late Tuesday morning and was in need of some sleep and had to cancel. Take care everyone and GOD Bless you all. Now it's off to visit some of my favorite blogs.

Love and hugs,

Karen H.