Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hello again everyone.  Whew, Whew, and Whew!!!!  What a busy, busy day it has been around here.  Hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday. 

Woke up this afternoon to a very nice day out.  The cool front came thru sometime through the night and dropped temperatures again.  I didn't get up till noon time thirty(which is 12:30p.m.) LOL.  Had a late night last night as we had taken the girls to the Northeast Arkansas District Fair.  It was the last night and was armband night.  They moved it to a new location this year and it is in a bigger area, but the parking wasn't that good at all.  Cars were everywhere.  With me being disabled and having handicapped parking tags, we were able to get a good parking spot up by the building you had to go into.  We went in and after we paid regular admission to get in the fair, which was $5, we went on outside.  The girls had to buy an armband out on the midway and we gave them some spending money.  I have never seen that many people at this fair before.  They must have come out of the wood work somewhere.  LOL.  The girls took off and me and hubby walked around for a spell and then got us something to eat and seen some of his family there.  We went to the bandstand and got to see Gene Watson in concert.  He is a country music legend and I think he started in 1975.  I remember hearing is name growing up, but don't ever remember listening to him.  Some of you may have heard of him.  He had a couple of number one songs.  One of them was Paper Rosie and another one 14 Karat something or another.  LOL.  But, it was a pretty good concert tho.  After it was over, we walked around for a spell and decided we had better gather up all the girls and head home.  We knew trying to get out of there would be a booger, but luckily, we got out within 15 minutes probably.  We got on the main highway to head home and oh my, cars were parked on both sides of the main highway.  Just unreal.  I think before next year, they need to do something about the parking.  I'm surprised no one got hurt or killed with parking the way it was.  Anywho, we made it home safe and sound.  Youngest daughter and her friend had stayed and her friend's parents were going to bring them to our home.  They said when they got home that it took them over an hour or longer to just get out.  There was even a fight and a wreck with no injuries. 

Today as I stated above, I slept in again till 12:30p.m. and then got up and had a cup of Coffee.  Since we moved here to Lake City, which we are living in a government house, we are having an annual inspection this Wednesday at 1:00p.m.  I knew since hubby would be home today that we had to get our bedroom cleaned out.  Yes, we still had some boxes piled up.  We went thru some boxes and thru some more stuff out to the dumpter.  Here where we live, we don't have individual trash cans.  We have a big dumpster out back for everyone living in the Housing Authority to put their trash in.  But, it took all afternoon to do that and we finally got it looking lots better.  One sure never knows how much stuff they have until they go to moving.  We still have alot of boxes, most Christmas stuff, out in our storage building in the back.  Hubby said it is pretty much full.  LOL.  Then, I had to fix some supper.  Had hubby to go up to our local grocery store and get a couple of pizza's and he came back with 2 HUGE pizza's.  LOL.  I ended up cooking both of them and there is nearly a whole pizza left for me and the girls to eat for supper tomorrow night.    I also done dishes and am doing some laundry as well.  My legs and feet hurt so bad it ain't even funny.  Oh well, I hope the worst is done and over with now.  I still have to sweep and mop before Wednesday.  I will sweep and hubby will mop when he comes in from work on Tuesday night.  The girls worked on their rooms this afternoon also and helped take out trash and boxes to the shed.  I don't think I will be needing to be rocked to sleep tonight.  LOL.  I may be too tired to even go to sleep.  We will see. 

I did take some pictures of the concert last night, but hubby has to find some cord that goes to our cell phone so I can download them on to my computer.  Hopefully he will find it soon.  I just took a very small bag with me last night and my other camera wouldn't fit in there.  I had to take my meds with me so I could take them when I ate me something. 

Guess I will go now and do a bit of visiting.  Hope you have a great evening and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Love & Hugs,

Karen H.

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