Sunday, November 21, 2010


Good Sunday morning again everyone. Hope everyone has had a good week. It is currently 50 degrees here this morning and some Fog. The last 2 mornings have been very foggy and we have been under Dense Fog Advisories of the mornings. It is windy outside and it makes that 50 degrees feel a little more chilly. This week we are supposed to be getting some more much needed rain and a strong cold front is to come thru on Wednesday with the possibility of some flurries. Yes, I said flurries. The high on Thanksgiving Day is only supposed to be like 40 degrees and the lows going down into the 20's. We never know what to expect with the weather here in Arkansas. LOL.

Well, we only had 2 Basketball games to go to this past week. They were on Thursday and Friday nights. We have 2 this week that I know of and they are on Monday and Tuesday nights. In my opinion, which doesn't count for nothing, they shouldn't even schedule any games during a Holiday Break. But that is just me tho. Both of the girls only have to go to School on Monday. They both get a "FREE" day on Tuesday because they done good on their Benchmark Tests back in the Spring. Then the whole School lets out for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday. They are both happy that they only have to go one day this week and I am to in a way. Neither one likes to get up early and now I won't have to listen to them whine or anything. LOL. I will still have to get up early on Monday and Tuesday to get hubby up so he can go to work those days.

Our Thanksgiving plans have changed. We have decided to go ahead and go to my Parents house for Thanksgiving. My Mom kept on and was wanting us to come down there, so we decided to go ahead and go eat Thanksgiving Dinner with them. I will be making my Dressing and Potato Salad to take down there and my Mom is going to do the rest. My Sister won't be there to eat with us, but I think she will be there to have Supper with my Mom and Dad. After we get done there, we will come home and start on rearranging the living room and cleaning it up real good and then put up our Christmas Tree. That has been a tradition with us ever since me and hubby has been married and I guess we will continue to keep that tradition.

I am really dreading this year for Christmas. As Patricia Neal once said in the Walton's originial show, "THE HOMECOMING", there won't be any Santa Claus around here this year. If it wasn't for the girls, I wouldn't even bother about putting up a Christmas Tree at all. When there is no money, Christmas just really stresses me out. Hubby said earlier this week that for Christmas this year we are just going to stay home and not got to anyone's house. If relatives have gifts for the girls, they can just bring them to our house and give them to us. We will just sit at home and I will do some cooking for us and I guess we can watch Christmas shows. Hubby has recently found out that he isn't a full-time hand after all. The guy that hired him has told him he was and he even got his Uniforms, but the Computer says he is only Seasonal. So, I guess he could get laid off at any time. That just put much more stress on me with the other stress that I have going on that I still don't want to talk about right now. All I can do is just ask that everyone keep praying for me and my Family. Also, to top it all off, I just found out that the girls, ARKIDS isn't paying for anything. I have no clue as to what is going on with that. I am going to have to call tomorrow and find out what is going on. When I got their cards, I called and they told me it had been in effect since May of this year. The thing is I hadn't even applied for it until August. I just feel like my whole world is falling apart sometimes. Now, no insurance for the girls, no presents under the tree for the girls this year, hubby isn't full-time, how much more worse can it get? It just makes me really mad at the System because we are beeing honest about things when applying for help and there are others who lie and get alot more help than we can get. To be honest, it just makes me want to turn those people in. I know, I am a bad person and have a bad temper, but I have always been taught that HONESTY is the best Policy. Evidently, my honesty ain't worth a crap. Well, let me quit rammbling on with all my problems.

I forgot to tell about our little Family time we had last Saturdy night when I made my post last Sunday. We got the Fire Pit all fixed up and just the 4 of us had a Weiner Roast and me and hubby even roasted some Polish Sausage and then we even roasted Marshmellows and had some S'mores. It was a chilly night and we sat under the carport with our little fire and just had some good quality Family time.

Guess I will go for now and start visiting. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and a "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" on Thursday. If you are traveling, I pray safe travels for you and yours. Take care everyone and may GOD continue to Bless each and everyone of you.

Love and hugs,

Karen H.


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Hello sweet Karen!!! Boy, I sure do hope things will turn for the better for you and your family. I do know what it's like to be stressed with everything going 'wrong' all at once. It seems that times in our life...when it rains it pours!!! Just hope and pray it'll work out. And, I'm sure the girls know what the situation is like, and they do sound like they're strong willed and WILL understand!!! Times like this makes us stronger....

That fire pit family time just sounds like a load of fun. Why not do the very same on Christmas Day?!!! You'll make some fond be sure.

Happy to hear that y'all will be with your parents for Thanksgiving.

Take care my friend, and know you're being prayed for in times like now.

Lib said...

HI Dear Friend,Cof is ready :o)
Sorry things seemed to have turned upside down for ya'll! Praying things will get better SOON!
Glad your going to your Parents house for TG.
Keep your faith , things will somehow someway work out!
God Bless You and Yours My Friend!
When I count my Blessins' Your on top of my list. I am so Blessed God put us in each others path:o)
Love,Hugs, Blessins',Lib

Dawn said...

I'm so sorry that you're having such a time with "The System." I've learned firsthand about the brokenness of "The System" with Kristen's dealings. She was in a program that was supposed to help support her for up to 5 years while she went to school and/or learned a job skill. She had to put in 20 hours a week, which she did every single week while I babysat. They haven't paid her the last 5 months at least. They poromised she'd get a check this month and they'd start catching up with what they owed her, but it didn't happen. I am so mad. It is like pulling teeth to get to talk to a real person. When you go in there to talk, they tell youto go home and call. How stupid could that be! They have the computer right there. Enough of my frustration. Just know that I totally understand!

If your husband drove truck through a snowy place called Loveland, it was most likely Loveland Pass in the mountains isntead of our town. They get confused often. The pass was named after the same man as our town.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and I hope you can find some blessings to celebrate!

Katie said...

Hi Karen,thank you so much for visiting me. My PC was down for a while but,I am back on line now :)
Hope you and your family had a blessed Thanksgiving day. Now,Christmas is just around the corner. God Bless,Katie

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh Karen, my dear, sorry I'm so late responding. I rarely check my blog anymore, but did tonight, and there you were wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. You are such a sweet person. I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving/birthday. My daughter and granddaughters, one son and my best friend spent it with me. My daughter and family were here for 5 days. It was wonderful to spend that time with them.

I am glad you spent your Thanksgiving with your parents, but I am sorry you are having some problems/issues with the System. It is so sad, what this economy is doing to so many people. I pray things improve for you and your husband, and that you have a great Christmas. I will pray that it does. I so wish I could do something for you, my dear.

Take care, and God bless you and yours. You deserve all the blessings, for you are one of the sweetest people I know.

Love and Hugs,


Joyce said...

Karen,so sorry for all the difficutlty this year. Know that God is with you and 2011 will be a better year. We had many years with no money and looking back they were some of the best times with family and friends. Take heart and know others are thinking of you.

Love and Hugs,

Heather said...

Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)