Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well, hello out there everyone.  Thought I would try to blog once again.  I see they have made some changes.  Gonna take me a while to figure this all out.  Hope everyone has been doing good.  I know it's been a couple of years since I made a post, but, I do have some of you on Facebook.  I had a friend of mine on Facebook to tell me I should start a blog and I told him I already had one.  He said he enjoyed reading my post's.  Not sure if I can share my blog on Facebook or not, so bare with me as I get used to all this again. 

Alot has changed and happened since I last posted.  Back in September of 2011, I became sick with a cold and could hardly breathe, so hubby ended up taking me to the Emergency Room.  After doing some blood work and some other tests, they admitted me to the Hospital.  While I was in there, I had to have a blood transfusion.  Come to find out, they sent a Gynocologist in to see me and talk to me and we discussed me needing to have a hysterectomy.  He said I was loosing too much blood during my monthly cycle and since I had had a blood transfusion in 2009, that that wasn't good for me to be having those blood transfusions.  I was in the hospital a couple of days and was released.  I went back to the Gynocologist's Office later and set up a time to have my surgery.  I had my surgery on October 27, 2011.  While in surgery, they had to do an emergency appendectomy.  I had pre-cancerous tumors growing all over my appendix.  He said that if he hadn't of taken it out, I would have ended back up in the hospital within a couple of weeks.  So, I had 2 surgeries in one.  Before I left the hospital, he done another blood test on me to make sure he had gotten all of the cancer.  I went back to him a week later and PRAISE GOD, there was no more cancer.  My blood level had gone down.  Than about a week later, on a Saturday afternoon, I had gone to the bathroom and noticed some leakage on my underwear from where my incision was and I was in some pain.  So, hubby decides to take me back to the Emergency Room and once again, they admitted me.  I was in the hospital this time for 3 days.  They called my Gynocologist in and he had to open me back up in one spot because there was a blood clot and infection. He done it in my hospital room.  It was painful and he even had them to bring me some pain medicine afterwards.  The next day, he has a Wound Specialist to come in and look at me.  With me being a diabetic and being overweight, I had to go to a wound clinic for 3 months, once a week.  I even had a home health nurse that would come to my house several times a week and change it for me.  Hubby learned how to do it also, and that help cut down on my home health nurse coming so much during a week.  About a month before I completely healed up, they had me wearing a wound vac.  Oh my gosh, I hated that thing more than anything.  I had to sleep with it.  It went everywhere I went.  It got me so down in the dumps it wasn't even funny.  About a couple of weeks before I was healed completely up, I told my home health nurse I wasn't going to wear it anymore.  It just hindered me from doing anything.  So, she came one day and packed it up and had UPS to come get it.  We used another kind of packing for one last try and finally the last of February 2011, I completely got healed up.  I was so glad.  Today, I am doing much better, but I still have good days and bad days.  I try still not to lift anything very heavy because I am still tender in that area. 

Another change we have made is that we have moved.  We used to live in Caraway, but on June 30, 2012, we moved to Lake City, AR.  It's about 12-15 miles from Caraway.  Both of the girls had tried out for Cheerleading again at the end of the School year last year and they both made it.  Now, we have one on the Jr. High Cheer Team and one on the Sr. High Cheer Team.  Their cheer camps and practices were over here in Lake City, so with gas prices the way they are, it was just much more economical to move over here.  Besides, they both are in School over here as well.  Also, hubby works 8 miles down the road.  He is saving alot on gas by living over here too.  The girls don't have to get up as early as they once did to catch the bus over here.  All, in all, it was the best thing to do.  There is so much more over here too.  We have a Sonic, Dollar General Store, Subway/Chester's, a Mexican Restaurant, and a nice Grocery Store. 

The girls are growing up way too fast.  The oldest is in the 11th grade this year, and the youngest is in the 9th grade.  Where has the time gone.  School has started off with me being busy with the girls and their activities and it's going to get even busier once Basketball Season starts up next month.  But, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

So, if anyone has any suggestions on helping me out with this new blogging, I would greatly appreciate it very much. 

Hope you have had a great weekend and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

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Mike Golch said...

welcome back. I like the new look.