Sunday, September 26, 2010

One heck of a Week and an Answered Prayer

Good Sunday morning everyone. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week. It is currently 60 degrees here and the wind is blowing. Today there is a chance of rain and it's supposed to be a cloudy and gloomy day after a strong cold front came thru. I'm loving this kind of weather. The high today is only supposed to be in the 60's and in the 70's some this coming week with lows in the 50's. May have to light a fire. LOL.

It has been a bad week for us around here. Our oldest daughter, Ashley, has been having some dizzy spells and feeling like she was going to pass out and her hands shaking. I ended up taking her to the Emergency Room Monday after School and they did all kinds of tests on her there. Everything checked out okay except they did find an irregular heart beat on her heart. The 2 Doctors that seen her wasn't comfortable about sending her home and was wanting to send her to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock to be checked out, but that would be a long drive from here, so we ended up taking her to LeBonheur in Memphis. They were wanting her to be checked out by a Pediatric Cardiologist since they didn't have any in Jonesboro. So, she was taken to LeBonheur by Ambulance and I rode in the Ambulance with her and hubby came over in our vehicle. We got there and they hooked her up to a heart monitor and never done anything else. She wasn't even checked out by a Pediatric Cardiologist like they were wanting her to. So, we ended up coming home and got home around 3:00a.m. Tuesday morning. I kept her home from School that day as well. She done okay and then she worked at her part-time job on Wednesday afternoon after School and while they were cleaning before closing time, she got dizzy there. She went ahead and went to Church that night and then about 7:30p.m., my Sister-In-Law called me and wanted me to come get her because she wasn't feeling too well. I went up there and she was complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath. She couldn't hardly walk out to the vehicle at this time. So, me and another one of my Sister-In-Laws, and Brother-In-Laws, all helped her to our vehicle. I brought her home and I tried to get her out myself, but I couldn't. She was in such pain that I came into the house and told hubby I needed help with her. She was screaming and crying at this point and wouldn't calm down, so I called our local Ambulance to come check her out. They got here ASAP and one of the guys said she was having a panic attack and they took out with here and then about 7 miles from here they had called another Ambulance to meet them so they could transfer her to an Ambulance that can administer an IV. Back to the hospital we go again. The ER Dr. on call this time, said that she had what they call Chest Wall Pain and it is sometimes caused by stress in teenagers and that she had a panic attack along with the pain. He gave her some pain/anti-inflammatory pills to help with it. He said nothing was wrong with her heart. At this point, I have 3 different doctors telling me 3 different things. They sent her home and she ended up going to School at Noon on Thursday. She has been doing okay except she went on a trip with a Church group Saturday from my home town and she said she had some shortness of breath on the bus. We were down at my Parent's house last night having Dinner with them and she got up from the table and went and layed down and called me in there. She said she was having a hard time getting a good breath, so I made here undo her Bra and unsnap her pants. I know that sounds weird, but sometimes that works on me as well. I was doing my best to keep her calm so she wouldn't go into another panic attack and after a while we came home. I gave her one of the pills that the ER Dr. had prescribed for her when we got home and she got to feeling better a little later. I ask that you all please keep her in your prayers right now.

I also got an answered prayer on Friday afternoon. As you all know, I had filled out an application on the girls to have insurance thru ARKids First and I got their cards in the mail on Friday. "THANK YOU GOD" for answering that prayer for me. Now our girls both have insurance on them that will pay for everything. We won't even have to pay for anything. They had qualified for the Part A on the ARKids First insurance. That is where you don't have to pay for anything. On Monday, I had an appointment with the Social Worker on my Medicaid and someone had marked out the part about Food Stamps. So, I filled out another application for Food Stamps and had to bring home a paper for hubby to have filled out at work and got that faxed back in. So, please keep us in your prayers that we will hear something about getting Food Stamps real soon. I'm hoping as well that I will be eligible for Medicaid also for me.

On another note, hubby told me earlier this week that his boss had called him aside and told him he was full-time now with benefits. The pay is still going to be the same(which isn't that good), but he will have insurance and will get to have uniforms to work in as well. Him having uniforms will be a good thing and will cut down on the wear and tear of his own clothes and then me not having to wash his work clothes. I don't know how much the insurance costs but if I can get Medicaid on me, then maybe, he can just take the insurance out on him and everyone will be covered again. It's just so hard not having any insurance and not enough money to pay for things. But at least he does have a job and we are able to pay our regular bills. Just not enough money leftover to really do anything extra or go anywhere.

Since the girls now have insurance, I am going to call Monday to a Children's Pediactric Doctor in Jonesboro and set them up to be looked at and to have a Primary Care Physician. They both could use a good physical and be seen by a regular children's doctor. I'm also going to get their eyes checked and start them back on their dental check-ups as well.

I guess that is about all that has been going on this week, but it's been enough and at times too much for me. Wednesday night, I really thought something bad was happening to her. It scares me because Heart Problems do run in the Family. As a Mother, I won't stop worrying until I am 100% sure if there is anything wrong with her or not.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week. Me and hubby had to re-schedule our doctors's appointment to this Tuesday since we got home so late Tuesday morning and was in need of some sleep and had to cancel. Take care everyone and GOD Bless you all. Now it's off to visit some of my favorite blogs.

Love and hugs,

Karen H.


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

What a week for you and your family!!! health-wise.

I'm happy to hear the good news of a full-time job for your husband tho...there are MANY out there in our country that don't even have thankful to hear your news.

Try and have a peaceful, relaxing day today...I'm sure your girls need to have some calm time!!!! It's more difficult on them than you know!!!

Loretta said...

Good afternoon Karen,

My goodness!! you have had a week of stress. I am so glad you got the R kids started. Wish they had it when my kids were young.

Do you believe this weather? It's cold here...I can't believe I just wrote that word after the summer we've had. I put some socks on my feet were so cold.LOL

Take care this week, I hope its a calm week for y'all.


Dawn said...

What a wild week you've had. I hope you can get a good answer to what is going on, and am thankful you now have coverage for them.

It's 46 in the mornings and 80+ in the afternoons around here. Crazy. The leaves are changing quickly.

Patti said...

What a week you have had! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope you get some answers soon and that she will be feeling better. Thanks for the kind comments you leave on my blog. I enjoy hearing from you! Take care, Karen and have a wonderful week, you sure deserve to!

Joyce said...

Please know I will be praying for your daughter. Weather here is cool and no rain. Hubby is farming and we could use some rain. I hope you will have a better week this week.

Love and Hugs,

PEA said...

Hello dear Karen:-) It's Sunday again, a week after you wrote this post! I'm wayyyy behind as usual. lol My goodness, it certainly was quite the week for you, hopefully this week has been a lot better. To me it sounds like panic attacks which can certainly imitate heart problems. I suffered with panic attacks for years and it always felt like I was having a heart attack, I couldn't breathe, felt like I was going to pass out, dizzy, like a heavy weight was on my chest, etc. No fun!! I know, though, that you want to make sure it is only that and nothing more serious!! There's wonderful medication out there for anxiety/panic attacks so hopefully if they find out her problems are that, they can prescribe something to calm her down. Please know my prayers are with her.

Great news that you now have insurance on both girls, that alone will be a wonderful relief from your shoulders.

Thinking of you!! xoxox

Mary said...

Karen, I'm sorry that Ashley is having panic attacks. I've lived through them and they are debilitating. The drs need to put her on anti-depressants to help her overcome them. That is the only thing that seems to work.

I have your family on my prayer list. Wishing you the best.