Sunday, September 19, 2010


Good Sunday Morning again everyone.

Well, as promised, I am posting again. Hope everyone has had a good week. It is 68 degrees here this morning and I'm drinking my Coffee. Hope you will join me. It has been a pretty nice week here with cool evenings and mornings. The last couple of days it has warmed up into the low 90's for highs but still bearable. Now if all the bugs and mosquitos would just go somewhere else, it would be alot better. I have seen tons of Moths, Crickets, and Dragonflies over the last month and a half. Don't know what all that really means unless it means we are in store for a bad Winter.

I've had a bad toothace since Thursday and have been rinsing my mouth out with Listerine and taking Tylenol for the pain at times. Don't have any insurance anymore, so I'm having to tough it out. On another note, we had a sad week here in our Family. One of my husband's brother's fiance lost her baby last weekend and in fact lost it on his Birthday last Friday. It was a precious little girl. It would have been their first child and they had even planned on getting married last Sunday. Me and hubby went to the visitation last Tuesday evening and they seemed to be doing as well as can be expected. They buried her on Wednesday, but we didn't get to go because if hubby takes off from work, it causes us to lose money, so we didn't go. Please keep hubby's brother and his fiance in your prayers as they go thru this difficult time.

I fixed a pot of Homemade Vegetable Soup for our Supper last night. It was really good. I had intentions of making some Homemade Buttermilk Cornbread to go with it, but my tooth started hurting, so we just had crackers to go with it. If I feel like it tonight, I may make some Cornbread to go with it. As always, I make enough for us to eat a few days, so there is enough for tonight and probably tomorrow night as well. I like cooking that way, so all I have to do is just heat stuff up. It may sound crazy to some, but I don't believe in wasting any food at all.

I would like for yall to keep me and my Family in your prayers also. This has been a very hard time on us financially since hubby isn't driving a truck anymore. I have an appointment tomorrow morning for Medicaid. I also signed up for Food Stamps and am hoping they will tell me something about that tomorrow. I have the girls signed up on ARKids First, but it takes 45 days to hear something on that and it hasn't been quite 45 days yet. I had to also re-sign up on my Disability this February. Hubby got me a lawyer and the last letter I got from him was about a hearing and it said it could take up to a year for just the hearing. When you are used to bringing home a little over $900 a week and then it drops to $720 every 2 weeks, that is a cut in the throat if you ask me. But we are still surviving barely from paycheck to paycheck. I'm just praying and hoping we are able to get some kind of help.

Me and hubby has to go back to our regular doctor Tuesday for a check-up. We have run out of prescription's and it's been over a year since we were last there and they won't give us anymore refills until we are seen, so we both are going Tuesday morning to get looked at. I'm still a walking Drug Store myself but hubby only has 2 prescriptions he has to have every month. Even tho we have no insurance, we still have to pay full price on the the ones Wal-Mart doesn't have in Generic. Both of our meds together each month runs about $100.

Well, guess I have vented enough for today. I did want to put up a new post like I said I was going to do. I'm not going to set a certain time on when I post on Sunday's, but it will be sometime on Sunday. So watch for my new post.

Well, hope everyone has a great week ahead. I'm going to finish drinking my Coffee and start visiting some of my favorite blogs. Take care my friends and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Love to all,

Karen H.


Loretta said...

Good morning Karen,

I hope you have a wonderful Lords day. I've sure been enjoying the cooler days we've had. There is a lot of insects here too.

I know how you feel when it comes to buying meds with out insurance. DH takes 6 and one of them is $250.00 a month,(thank goodness 2 of them are on the $4 list).

My brother in law has been trying for disability for two years, after 2 heart attacks! They don't get in any hurry. Good luck!


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Hello sweet Karen!

I hold you all close to my heart for the loss of a little baby. It's so hard to deal with when the expectant parents were so looking forward to having a family.

I know what it's like to lose a larger happened to us when we decided to retire. Our income was cut in more than 1/2 what we were used to living on before retirement...and it really puts the hipper dipper on lifestyles.

You both take care...hope the dr.s checkups will show you both improving on your health.

Joyce said...

Good day friend. I am so glad you are back. I to am slowing on the FB farms and such. So sorry about the loss of a baby.

Hubby and I have both had some health probleme in the past year or two. You will be happy when you get on Medicaide. It took us about 4 mounths each, but we pay just on premium.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free anytime. Will continue to pray for all of you.

Love and Hugs,

Lib said...

Hi Miz, Karen,
I came by with a cup a... early but you were not a
So sorry to hear about the Loss of the Baby! Sad!!!!!!
I hope things gets better soon!It hit us in 2008 when Dh lost his job, so thankful he could retire or we'd have no income .
I hope help comes thru for ya'll!
Im with you on waste! I dont like to see anyting go to waste!!!!!
Hope ya'll get good reports from the Dr.
Wonderful to have you back posting!
Love,Hugs,Prayers,and Blessins',Lib

Dawn said...

That is a terrific loss in wages. I am so sorry that you're dealing with so much financial junk.

I think veggie soup tastes better every day it sits in the fridge!

Patti said...

Its nice to hear from you again! And I'm super excited that you are blogging again!!

Judy said...

Well Karen it's good to "see" you again, I was so worried when you dropped off the blog radar. Hopefully your financial situation will improve in the near future, it seems like everyone has been hit hard in this economy. Thankfully, hubby and I live FAR below our means so we have not felt the crunch as much.

Come back and visit my blog ( when you get a chance.


Shelley said...

Hi Karen so glad you are rejoining us here in the land of blog....times are so hard for many...I will remember to pray for you and your family...I am disabled and live on a fixed income so,I know so well the challenge of surviving on a very low income.. My mama does still have a blog and she would love to hear from you...blessings on your week.

Shelley said...

I meant to say how sorry I am for the loss of that sweet babe...sending a prayer along with this comment that God would comfort the parents of those sweet precious wee one.

PEA said...

Well hello there Mz. Karen:-) So wonderful to see you blogging again!! I'm finally taking the time to visit blogs today. I went out for lunch with my friend June and we got caught in a downpour on the way out to the car. I decided it was a perfect day to stay home the rest of the afternoon and catch up with my bloggy friends:-)

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been having financial problems again, it's just happening everywhere isn't it. It can indeed be very hard on a marriage. I do hope and pray that things will get better and hopefully you will finally get that disability pension you've been fighting for!!

How very sad about your brother in law's fiancee losing the baby, especially on his birthday:-( My heart and prayers go out to them.

Oh dear, a toothache is no fun at all. Steve has trouble with his teeth and sometimes he really suffers with them. He's got no medical insurance either, in fact he lost his job a few months ago:-(

Do take care of yourself and know that I'm thinking of you!! xoxo