Sunday, September 12, 2010


Good Sunday Morning Everyone. Here I am again. Thought I would drop in and make a post. I am still alive and kicking. I know it's been over a year since I have posted, but I think I am going to maybe start making a post once a week on here. Since I've been doing Facebook, I have alot of my Blog friends on there and do keep in touch with them and play games with them. But here lately, I have been taking a break from playing the games on Sunday's. So, I figured since I won't play games on Sunday's, the least I could do is make a post on here. I think I may have forgotten how to even blog. LOL.

Well, it's a nice 70 degrees here this morning and it actually feels good outside. We finally got some much needed rain the lat couple of days and I noticed this morning that our grass is turning green once again and hubby may have to mow it later on this week. We have had a very hot and humid Summer. It was also a very dry Summer as well. I think this Summer may have had the Summer of 1980 beat. I have really been enjoying the much cooler and lower humidity we have been having. I am ready for Fall. Fall is my favorite Season.

I don't have any pictures to post on here like I always did because I'm not sure if I even remember how to. LOL. The last time I made a post, they were re-doing things I think and changing things up. Maybe some of yall can give me some tips or something to remind me.

As far as my health, I am doing okay. I went back to see my Cardiologist back in July and he said I was doing okay for now and I go back in January to see him again. I'm figuring he is going to want to do another Heart Cath at some point. I sure hope not because I don't like having that done. But, since I have started back smoking and he knows that, I'm sure he will do it at some point.

Yes, I said started back smoking. I only liked 2 months and it would have been 2 years that I had quit. Hubby hasn't started back yet. But the reason I started back was because we started having some problems and that seemed to calm my nerves. I don't smoke inside the house anymore. I do go outside and smoke. I will say this, a carton of cigarettes will last me about 2 weeks now where before it would last a week.

The girls are growing up on me. Both are in Jr. High School now. My oldest is 14 and my youngest is 12. Both are Jr. High Cheerleaders as well. So starting in October when Basketball Season starts up, we are going to be busy watching them Cheer at the games. They recently started taking Gym glasses once a week. They will learn jumps and stunts in these classes. But beeing a Cheerleader is very expensive especially if you have more than one. But, I'm thankful for my Parents, they are helping them out with buying their things they need.

Hubby doesn't drive a big truck anymore. He stopped back in February of this year. He said it was just too stressful on him as him and his Uncle had quit team driving in January. He does have a local job and he does drive a truck hauling fertilizer and chemicals to farmers for them and he is home every night now. But the money isn't all that good and he only gets paid every 2 weeks at this job. So things have really been hard on us financially this year. We have no medical insurance either. This is one of the reason's we have had some marriage problems and I started back smoking. I have no idea what the future will bring on us financially, but I guess we will stick it out and see what happens. I still haven't gotten my Disability approved. Hubby got a lawyer for me back in February and I did get a letter about a hearing and it said that hearing could take up to a year. So who knows.

Well, guess I will go for now. Just wanted to do a post so everyone would know that I'm still alive and kicking for now. LOL. Yall take care and have a great Sunday and hopefully I will make another post here next Sunday.


Karen H.


Loretta said...

Good morning! Glad you're back to bloging! It is a beautiful morning here too. I'm so glad to see rain, and cooler days. Have a great Sunday.


HOOTIN' ANNI said...


Oh my goodness...what a wonderful surprise in my comments this morning. I was just getting in to shut the computer down and unplug it all 'cause we have a big storm brewing to the south of us, and I lost two computers before in electrical storms even WITH surge protectors...I rush to unplug it all now!!!

I am so happy to see you back to blogging once a week. It'll probably be helpful for you to vent or just to write your thoughts during a troubling time! I'll be happy to see when you do make your Sunday blogs!! Ya, even with my heart problems I too still smoke.

Anyway...I gotta get things shut down. Glad to see you back.

Lib said...

Hey Miz. KAren,
I know I catch up with you on facebook ,but I enjoy your Post so much!
Hope things gets better for ya'll soon! I think its hard for everyone right now!
Your Babaies are growing up on you!
THe cof. pot is on ,so join me!Nwo if we can get HOPE blogging again:o)
Have a Great wk.!

Love YA,Lib

Dawn said...

Welcome back to blogging. Facebook is fun, but not the same as blogging.

I'm glad your health is better than it was and that you and your hubby are still together. I hope you can stop smoking again and he doesn't start. It is such a hard thing to break, I know from watching, not from my own experience.

I love fall too, and it is glorious right now in Colorado. Except for the wild fires that are raging to the west of us.

Dawn said...

The new fire you heard about is 8 miles west of us - I posted pictures on my Facebook. Pretty bad stuff. I need to check with the news this morning to see how it's going. I wondered as I went to bed if it would keep burning everything overnight. A family from church was right in danger yesterday.

Mary said...

Karen, Please put the cigarettes down and don't touch them. They will only bring you more grief. Turn your troubles over to God instead. He will see you through.

I'm sorry you are having problems. This hasn't been a good year for us. If you look back through my posts you will see the family has really been affected by illness...including my nephew's accident, which caused brain damage, my heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery and Mom's stroke. Not only that, my best friend of 36 years died of cancer in July. I do understand where you're coming from.

I'm adding you and your family to my prayer list.