Sunday, May 4, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,

I hope that everyone has had a great week and weekend so far. It is currently 48 degrees and it feels like 45 degrees. The winds are out of the North at 6mph. It was a nice day here yesterday and the temperatures only made it into the low 60's. It is suppose to be up near 70 degrees today. We had some bad storms and tornadoes around here on Friday. Not a pretty picture at all. Yall may have seen some of the footage about it on t.v. They had issued a tornado warning for my hometown of Lepanto which is only 11 miles from where I live on Friday afternoon. They sounded the tornado sirens and I think my Dad said there was only some minor damage done there. The worst of it went on East of Lepanto to a small town called Etowah, AR. It did quite a bit of damage there. In fact, I have an Aunt who lives in the area that was hit. She and her husband are okay as well as their home. No one was hurt in that tornado. "PRAISE GOD"!!!! It did hit another town called Earle, AR. I used to have some now ex-relatives that lived in Earle. They said it was the hardest hit town here in Northeast Arkansas. They said the tornado was an EF-3 tornado. Please keep all of these people in your prayers as some have lost everything they had and then as they try to pick up the pieces and rebuild their homes or whatever they may decide. They never sounded the tornado sirens here in my town, but the kids at the School had to go to the Tornado Safe room twice Friday. They last time they went, they kept them a little while after School was out. The girls were about 15 minutes late getting home from the bus. I am glad they did keep them because it is better to hold the kids than not too. We live in tornado alley here, and so far we have been so lucky. I just know one of these days tho, we are going to get one here.

I know I haven't posted any since last Sunday. I woke up Monday morning with a slight tooth ache. Our oldest daughter had a softball game in Keiser on Monday evening and after we got home, it got worse. I started taking some Ibuprofen pills that night and that eased the pain. I went and got some anitbiotics for it on Tuesday and started taking them. It is slowly getting better, but I am still having to take Ibuprofen every so often. I'm hoping it will get better soon because I sure don't like pain. I was in the bed most of last week with it. It was also hard to eat anything I liked as well. I ate only soft stuff. I'm not sure when our Dental insurance will kick in, but when it does, I'm going to see about having my teeth worked on. I just hate needles. LOL. On Thursday of last week I had to go pick our oldest daughter up from School around 2:45p.m. because the School had called and said she had fever. I brought her home and gave her one Ibuprofen tablet. She went to bed for a while and slept some. She was supposed to have played in a softball game on Thursday night, but I didn't let her. Our youngest daughter had a softball game in the same town as our oldest daughter's team and my parents and sister took her to the game. Our youngest daughter's team lost their softball game 15 to 5. Our oldest daughter was able to go to School on Friday and she heard that their team had lost their softball game as well. They were both suppose to have a game here in town on Friday night, but as usual, it had rained and rained them both out. Seems like every Friday their games get rained out. We have some games this week as well.

My DH finally made it home Friday afternoon around 1:30p.m. They had to put their regular truck in the Volvo Shop last weekend and the company gave them another truck to use. Well the truck they gave them doesn't run as fast as their regular truck and that put them behind a few hours getting home. This past Friday was my DH's turn to go to Memphis and he had to go and pick up their regular truck because it was ready. He had to switch everything back into their regular truck and pick up their Salt Lake City load and by the time he got done, it was 7:45p.m. Friday evening when he got home. I had fried some Cheeseburgers, Tater Tots, and Shrimp for our supper on Friday evening. Me and the girls went ahead and ate and my DH ate when he got home. Since our oldest daughter had gotten some money for her birthday last weekend, my DH told them we would take them shopping this past Saturday. So, Saturday afternoon we went to Jonesboro and went to Ryan's and ate first. We then went to the Mall and I had to have my nails filled in and our oldest daughter got her a Pedicure and paid for it with her birthday money. Me and our youngest daughter had went into The Children's Place in the mall and my DH and our oldest daughter went to Hollister's. Our youngest daughter bought her an outfit and a pink cowgirl hat with a tiarra on it and a purse at The Children's Place with the money we gave her on our oldest daughter's birthday. Our oldest daughter bought her a pair of lounge shorts to wear around the house here from Hollister's. We then went to Kay's Jewler's in the Mall and my DH and our girls bought me a gold bracelet that has hearts on it and has MOM inside each heart. It is really pretty. My DH also bought me a Journey necklace. This was all early Mother's Day gifts from them. Our oldest daughter wanted to stop by Aeropostle's and look. We went in there and she bought her a pair of jeans that was on sale and a couple of shirts. After we left the Mall, I had to go to Wal-Mart and get a few things for the house. I also had to take my new cell phone back because it tore up on me last Monday. My DH got the money back and turned around and got another one with the money. Our youngest daughter had seen a Silver Charm Bracelet that she wanted to get me for Mother's Day, so she got her Dad to give her some money to buy it. They gave it to me last night after we got home. My DH also bought me a new watch. It is pink and it is pretty as well. So, I think I did good for this Mother's Day by getting 2 new bracelets, a necklace, and a watch. When we finished shopping at Wal-Mart, I stopped by Kentucky Fried Chicken and bought me some Chicken gizzards and livers. Now don't laugh, LOL, but I love those things. On the way home, I stopped in Lake City to buy some gas because it's cheaper there than it is here in our town. They have opened up a new gas station and it has a Subway in it. I bought me and our youngest daughter a footlong sandwich and I brought mine home to eat sometime today. Our youngest daughter only ate half of hers and she said she would eat the other half today. My DH and our oldest daughter didn't want anything. When we got home, we had to unload the truck and I had to put things away. We went to bed around 10:45p.m. last night. I had to get up at 3:45a.m. this morning so I could get my DH up so he could leave out around 5:00a.m. I had woke up around 1:30a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. I finally got back up around 2:30a.m. and started some coffee. I am on my last cup now.

Well, guess I'll go for now. My tooth is starting to hurt a little bit and I'm going to take me a couple of Ibuprofen pills and lay back down for a while. I'll do my best to get around to visit sometime today. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless each and everyone of you.


P.S. I am still not able to add any pictures from Glitter Graphics to my post's. Is anyone else having the same problem? Am I doing something wrong maybe? If you have any clue, please feel free to let me know in the comment section. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Nonna said...

Sorry to hear about your toothache! There is nothing worse!! Take care and I hope the coming week is good!

Hootin' Anni said...

Good Happy Sunday to you Karen dear! I'm so glad you dropped by this morning, I was thinking about you ALL week what with the tornadoes and such sweeping your area. Boy am I glad to hear you're okay. Yes....I agree, prayers for all affected by's terribly sad. To have your home and some their livelihood swept away in minutes.

I tellya, you can have MY dental insurance card! I HATE...let me reiterate, I HATE DENTISTS! If there was some way I could turn dental work into a four letter word I would. rofl.

Sounds like you had one super Mother's Day celebration. This year Mother's Day falls on our anniversary. So, it'll be twice as nice for me...I'll get pampered is all, since I don't believe in big gift giving.

Which reminds me...I should look for a pair of jeans for me too.

Hope you all feel better soon. I rub salt on my gums around my aching tooth. LOL

Again, I'm happy to know you're okay.

Mimi said...

speaking of dentist...I have an appointment on dentist saw a few fillings that he wants to re seems that every time you change dentists they want to re-do all the work the last dentist did on your teeth...I have already canceled once...and I may do it again...
but it is time to have them cleaned so I guess I'll bite the bullet an go...
I hope your tooth pain eases up soon...nothing hurts as bad as a tooth ache...

Anonymous said...

Karen, so good to see you posting today. I am so sorry about that toothache those are worse then anything you can get.

I had been thinking of you with all that bad weather down your way on Friday. We got hit with it also and had a tornado in our town but it did not touch down and cause damage. Loads of sightings out my way. Thankfully we are all fine.

supposed to be beautiful here today so we will grill out for sure.

I am glad to be back posting and touch base with you. Have a great day and week my friend. God bless all of you.

bj said...

So glad you are posting again and that the bad weather is over...for awhile, at least. Arkansas does have their share of tornadoes. My brother lives in Little Rock and, over the years, has seen several tornadoes. Many yrs ago when he was living in Bentenville (I think) a pretty bad one hit there but he was ok.
Hope your toothache is gone...and NEVER comes back.
hugs, bj said...

So glad to see you posting again!! But I know how bad a toothache can be!! ugh! I hope it gets better real soon!!
You all had terrible weather down there!! We had some too!! I posted about it!! So glad you are ok!! I sure did wonder about you when I heard about your area on the news. Love and Hugs Grams

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Karen,

I just got home and popped over to say Hi. Glad your posting again. Thank the Lord the tornadoes didn't hit your area. It seems that Arkansas has been getting more than it's share of tornadoes, lately. Prayers for all the folks that were affected by them!

We only had torrental rains Friday, and I mean torrental! With all the rain we've had around here, flash flooding develops quickly. But by noon Friday, the rain stopped, and Greg took me to lunch to Don's Steakhouse, in Pocahontas. The he dropped me off at the Super Walmart, so while I shopped, he took my car and had an oil change done on it and put new tires on it.

Yesterday was sunny but cooler, and we worked at getting the cabin ready for warm weather.

My, you have been shown some real nice appreciation from your family for Mother's Day! That's very nice. Hope your tooth feels better, and that you and yours are having a nice Sunday.

Take care, dear Karen, and Have a great week!

Love and Hugs,


Mike Golch said...

Bummer about the is currently 57 degrees here in the great burg called cleve....,such is life.
Hope you and yours are haveing a good day.

Anonymous said...

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Mary said...


I am glad that everyone in your area is safe and also your relatives. We saw the tornado clips on the news. Devastating.

I'm sorry that your tooth is aching. There's nothing worse than a toothache. I hope the antibiotics work. Sounds like you have a full-blown infection.

Take care and thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post. You are missed when you don't post.


BritGal' Sarah said...

Hey Karen, sorry to hear about your tooth, I have been there a few times myself and there's nothing worse!

So glad you were and yours were all ok through the tornado's. Sorry us Okies sent them your way!

Hope this week is a better one for you, blessings

Lisa said...

I am glad you and your family did not get the storm. I thought of you all. Have you tried orajel for your tooth? It numbs it. I don't like to go to a dentist. I'll be pray for you. Love ya. Lisa

BittersweetPunkin said...

Karen! It sounds like you did great as far as Mother's Day goes! Good for you...they sure do love and appreciate are so Blessed!
My DH asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted to go out to we will...but maybe a day early because the restaurants are always so crowded on Mother's Day!!

Have a great day!

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
I've tried a couple times to comment, but blogger was being a beast, so hope this works!
So glad those tornadoes didn't cause your family any harm. My prayers are with those who were right in the storm's path.
Hope your toothache feels better soon.
Mother's Day came really early for you, didn't it? Sounds like you were very blessed.

PEA said...

Hello dear Karen:-)

I was ready to send out a tall handsome Mountie to come looking for you...oh you still want me to send him out to you??? hehe So good to see you posting, I've really been missing you but I can also understand how busy life can get:-) I was so busy all weekend I didn't have a chance to visit anyone but I'm making up for it today!!

I had heard on the news about the tornadoes that touched down in your glad to hear that you stayed safe but oh my, those that touched down sure were close to home! Yikes! We've been having quite high winds the last couple of days but at least it's starting to warm up again. Right now it's 60F which is far nicer than the 30's we were having!!

Oh dear, toothaches are NO fun at all!! Steve suffers from them and I always hate to know he's in so much pain when his teeth act up. Hopefully your Dental insurance will kick in soon and you can go have your teeth taken care of. I'm like you, though, I hate needles, especially in the mouth! lol I always tell my dentist....nothing personal but I really don't like coming to see you! lol

You sure have been having some fun shopping trips lately:-) How lovely that you received some Mother's Day gifts already...getting jewelery is always a joy!! I'm not too sure what is going on here for Mother's Day...I do know my boys aren't coming so I may phone my mom and invite her and Ross to come here for dinner that day. I don't like going to the restaurants that day, it's insane in all of them!!

Take care of that tooth and hope you feel better real soon my friend. xoxo

Joyce said...

Hello Friend, So good to hear from you. I have not posted much for the same reason with a tooth problem. I am waiting to go to the Denist until I have a job with insurance.

I am so glad you are safe so far from the tornadoes. I was really worried about you. The state of Indiana is going to be added to the area of tornado ally.

How good are your girls and Hubby for the lovely gifts for Mother's Day. You must be very proud of them.

I can remember going shopping with my girls. You must have had a great day with them. I miss those days.

Love and Hugs,

Sandra said...

Sorry about your toothache, hope you start feeling better.

Glad you and your family were safe from the tornadoes, that is just scary.


Mississippi Songbird said...

I hope your toothache is getting better. The blogger word varification on your site keeps kicking me off. I hope this gets posted..
I hope you are doing better now.. Bunches of hugs...

Mary Isabella said...

I hope your tooth ache gets better...Mary

Chrissie said...

Hi, Karen! So glad you're getting sunshine over there! We've been having mild weather lately, which is great - it gives those tender plants a chance to prepare for the heat we all know is coming! lol
I do hope your toothache doesn't turn out to be something serious - I'll be praying for you. God bless your week, dear friend!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your toothache. I hope you are doing better!

Your Mother's Day gifts sound really nice.


Love Bears All Things said...

Afternoon, Karen,
It was good to read your post and to get your comment. I'm glad the bad weather missed you all. We had some about three times Friday night, the last after midnight but it wasn't too bad.
Your tooth may be absessed, you need to find out before it gets worse.
Did you read the email I sent you?
I've been cleaning, I don't usually do the heavy stuff because of my back. I cleaned for 3 hours and have taken a pain pill. I'll be asleep here in a minute.
Take care, my friend.
Mama Bear

dabrah said...

Hi Karen,
It was nice to read your post and get your comment. How's your tooth today? Have you tried biting (gently) on a clove (the spice). Sometimes it can numb a toothache.
The weather here is absolutely gorgeous today. Wall to wall sunshine - joy!

Linda said...

Hi Karen, toothaches are the worst! I hope you are doing better now.

What lovely Mother's Day gifts from your sweet are much loved and appreciated.

Glad to see you back again...hugs, Linda

Hootin' Anni said...

Know I drop by nearly every day to see if you've posted anything new.

Hope your Wednesday is treating you well.

Nonna said...

Just chekcing in! We miss you here in blogland!! Have a great day!

Kathleen Marie said...

I pray you heal quickly. Tooth pain is the worse... You sound busy but good overall... Hugs to you!

Jackie said...

I am glad that you are all safe and sound. I saw some of the damage on the television and wondered if any of it occurred close to you.

Hope your toothache gets better soon. Take care sweetie.

God bless.

Rachel said...

Hi Karen!! Oh, the toothache sounds awful. Insurance or not if I have a toothache I'd be knocking on some dentists' door!! A toothache is horrible and I can't handle that. Hope it gets better fast!! Take care!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!!
Gina @ Gina's Public Diary

Linda said...

Hi Karen..Happy Mother's Day! Have a wonderful weekend with your family. Hugs, Linda

Cottage Contessa said...

Happy Mother's Day Karen, I hope you have a wonderful day sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Mike Golch said...

Karen,sorry that you tooth is buggin you.Hope you feel better,also my best wishes for a great Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...