Sunday, May 11, 2008


Good Mornin' Everyone,

"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" to each and everyone of you Mother's here in blogland. It is currently 58 degrees and the winds are out of the West, Northwest at 18mph with gusts up to 27mph. It is suppose to be a windy day today and we are under a Wind Advisory until 7:00p.m. this evening. We had another round of Tornadic Weather here late yesterday afternoon and early last night. I think it all started around here around 5:00p.m. They sounded the sirens off here in town and me and my DH went to our neighbors storm cellar. It was full, but there was enough room for us in there tho. The girls were in Lepanto spending the night with my Sister and they went to the Funeral Home and got into the Steel Vault they have there. We did get some pea size hail her for just about a minute and then some very heavy rains. As far as I know, there was not any damage here where I live at. I do know there was some damage here in Craighead County, but just not here. "PRAISE GOD" for seeing us thru another round of Severe Weather. Me and my DH were watching our local t.v. station out of Jonesboro, and when they told everyone in Caraway to get to their Tornado Safe Place, that is when me and my DH went to the storm cellar. One of our weather guys said on the 10:00p.m. news last night that since February 5, of this year, we have had some kind of watch or warnings every week. It has been a wild and bumpy ride so far weather wise this year. It is suppose to be up around 66 degrees here today and windy and then down to 48 degrees tonight. I may have to turn the heat back on. LOL. I know we do have another chance for some rain and storms later this week. I just hope and pray it doens't become severe like it has every week.

It has been a busy and stressful week here this past week. Both of the girls had softball games in Trumann on Tuesday evening. Our youngest daughter's team won their ball game 19 to 17. It started out that each team would get 5 runs and then it was like that over and over. They have a 5-run limit for the softball games. Well finally, we ended up winning the ball game. It did rain a bit on us at the ballgame, but nothing too bad. They didn't have to call the game or anything. I didn't melt either. LOL. After our youngest daughter played, our oldest daughter's team played and they lost 16 to 8. They didn't play as good because it had been "FUN DAY" at School that day and everyone was tired. They also got cheated a bit as well. We actually got to play games this past Friday night. LOL. It has rained every Friday night for the past few weeks, so it was good to get to play this Friday night. We played my hometown of Lepanto which is now called East Poinsett County. Our youngest daughter's team played first and it started out like it did in Trumann on Tuesday night. Each team would get 5 runs and have to start again. They ended up losing their game 20 to 18. They did play a good game tho. Our oldest daughter's team played next. Now this was a more exciting game. We started out behind, and then we came back and tied it up. It was tied 7 to 7. They had to go into overtime. We ended up winning the ballgame 8 to 7. I heard the coach say this was one of those heart-attack games. After the game was over with, me and my DH and the girls went out to the Quick Shop and they rented some movies to watch. It was nearly 10:00p.m. when our oldest daughter's game was over with. I sure am glad it wasn't a School night. I know on Tuesday night, it was after 9:00p.m. before our oldest daughter's game was over with and we had to drive home and they were both just worn out from the "FUN DAY" at School and playing ball, so I let them stay home on Wednesday and sleep late. Not a whole lot is going on right now anyway, so it didn't hurt them to miss a day. My DH made it home Tuesday evening around 11:50p.m. and me and him sat up till around 3:00a.m. watching t.v. and talking. I had to get up at 10:45a.m. so I could start some coffee and get my DH up so he could get ready to leave out at noon. The girls did go back to School on Thursday. Our oldest daughter's class went on their Field Trip to Memphis. On Friday, they had Junior High Orientation and a Luau with the 6th grade from Lake City. They will all be going into the 7th grade together next year. It was a meet and get to know each other and they had hamburgers and hotdogs and chips and dips to eat. Someone from the School had done the grilling for them. I had to send some Hamburger Buns and a bottle of Ketchup for the meal. My toothache is much better and I finished my antibiotics on Friday night. I'm not having to take Ibuprofen like I did last week. That has pretty much been my week last week.

This week is to be another busy week here again. Both of the girls have softball games here in town on Tuesday night. On Thursday night, our oldest daughter will be Graduating 6th grade and they will be having a 6th Grade Graduation Program out at the School. I am really excited about it and I will be taking my camera to take pictures. The only bad thing is that my DH won't be able to be here to see it. He wishes he could, but he can't take off and be here, so I will have plenty of pictures to show him when he gets home this coming weekend. I don't know if the girls will have any make-up games this week or not, but we will have to wait and see. Both of their Softball Season will be over with the last weekend in this month. I know they do start the Season way too early and it's either raining or too cold to be playing. They need to wait till School is out to start the Season and that way they will have something to do most of the Summer.

I had mentioned that last week had been stressful. Well, for right now, I just want to ask for a Prayer Request that I need. There was an incident that happened on Wednesday evening of this past week with our oldest daughter. The Church Bus had come by to pick them up and take them to Church. About 10 minutes after the bus picked the girls up, our oldest daughter came back home and said she didn't want to go to Church. I asked her what happened and she said this boy that has been bothering her every Wednesday night for a while now and even at School said something to her. She told me what he said and I just got so mad and so ticked off. I had previously talked to my SIL that goes to Church and teaches one of the Wednesday night classes about the boy saying things to her and she said she would talk to him. Well when my daughter comes home from Church, the Church she was Christened in and raised up in and not wanting to go, it's time to do something. I went up to the Church and had someone to tell the boy to come outside and if he didn't, I would have the Police to come and make him come outside. This boy is in the 6th grade, but should be in the 8th grade. He is already on Probation, but I don't know what for. All I know is that he is on Probation. He is one of those trouble making boys and both of the girls has told me the only reason he goes to Church is to see a girl up there. He came outside and I raised my voice at him telling him to apologize to my daughter and he wouldn't do it. I told him he needed to go inside that Church and get down on his hands and knees and pray to God. I was so mad yall, I just couldn't help it. I did tell him I was going to have him arrested. I never touched the boy or even cursed at him. I just raised my voice with tears almost in my eyes because I was so mad and upset. This boy has been saying some sexual things to our oldest daughter and he even grabbed her butt one day last week at School. Our daughter finally went to Church and I came home and called the Police. The officer on call told me he would go out and talk to him when Church was over with and talk to his Step Dad. He told me I would have to go to Lake City to file charges on him since he is a Juvenile. Thursday morning before School started, the boy went up to our daughter and told her he was still here, meaning he didn't go to jail. That ticked me off again. I called the Police that afternoon and as soon as our oldest daughter got home from the Field Trip, we went to Lake City and I got an affadavit to fill out. I also called the School on Friday morning to talk to the Principal about the situation. She wasn't there on Thursday, so that is why I had to wait till Friday and talk to her. She did suspend the boy for 5 days from School. I am taking the affadavit back to Lake City tomorrow and I am also going to get a lawyer to have a Restraining Order put against him. Not only am I afraid for our daughter, but I'm afraid now since he has been suspended from School, that he may try to come to the house and so something. Our daughter DOES NOT have to take this sexual harrassment at all and I will go to any lengths to protect both of our daughters. My DH is fully supportive about this as well. He knows what has happened and he told me I did the right thing. Our daughter is scared of going to Juvenile Jail or being suspended from School herself. I told her she hasn't done anything wrong and she isn't going to jail or getting suspended. I ask that you all keep us and this situation in your prayers. I will keep everyone up to date on what is going on with the situation as it comes to me. I have to take those papers to Lake City tomorrow before any processing can get done.

The girls will be home around 8:00a.m. this morning and we are going to Church. After Church, we are going to my Sister's house. She is cooking some Steaks, hamburgers and hotdogs, and other things for me and my Mom today. After I finish there, I will come to my MIL's for a while and visit with her. We celebrated Mother's Day last weekend when we went to Jonesboro with the 4 of us.

Well, guess I'll go for now. I'm about to finish my last cup of coffee. I need to eat me a bowl of cereal and start getting ready for Church after while. Our Church starts at 9:00a.m. and then they have Sunday School afterwards. There is always fellowship with coffee and breakfast foods between the Service and Sunday School. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless Each and Everyone of You. I'll get around sometime today to visit with you. "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" again to everyone.



Mississippi Songbird said...

Thanks, Karen
We are doing okay this morning, but I still can hear thunder in the distance.. I am having trouble with my blogger this morning...My comments aren't showing sometimes..
I hope you have a wonderful and safe day. I need to get dressed for church too. Ours doesn't start until 11 am, so I have a little while to get ready..Stay safe in your travels ,Sweetie and have a wonderful Mothers Day! God bless you and bunches of hugs!

bj said...

Hope your Mother's Day is fantastic.
hugs, bj

Loretta said...

Happy Mothers Day. So glad to hear the storms passed you by.

Mary said...


It looks like you've been very busy by your update. Taking kids to games is a full time job.

I'm glad you are taking action against the boy who is harassing your daughter. You are right. She doesn't have to put up with that at Church of school. Stick to your guns and insist that it stop.

I will be keeping your family in my prayers. Be sure to keep in touch. I miss your daily posts.

Happy Mother's Day.

Chrissie said...

Happy Mother's day to you, dear friend! It's so good to see you today. I'll be praying about that situation your family is going through. I do pray for the boy, too, that God will touch his life, and save him.
God bless your day!

Anonymous said...

Karen, first I want to wish you a very happy Mother's Day. I hope it was very special for you with the girls and your family.

Second, I am sending up loads of prayers for your sweet daughter. I am also praying the authorities do the right thing when it comes to this young man. It is awful your daughter has to go through this. No young women deserves this at all. I pray the young man will see the wrong of his ways and come to the dear Lord for forgiveness.

Please keep us posted on the situation and I will keep you all in prayer.

Have a great day and again Happy Mother's Day to you my dear sweet friend. said...

Hi Karen. Hope your Mother' Day is a good one!! I was so happy to hear from you! Thanks for your visit!
Sounds like you all had very bad weather too. It was very bad down in the Joplin area last night and in OK also. These storm are so bad.
I am so glad you all are safe.

So sorry about what you are going through! Praying you can get it all worked out!
Love and Hugs Grams

dabrah said...

Hi Karen
Happy Mothers Day to you! It seems as if you have your hands full at the moment trying to deal with this boy who's bothering your daughter. I hope he steers clear of your family. Sometimes the fact that you're onto him may make him think twice before approaching your daughter again. She shouldn't have to put up with that sort of harassment, and I hope it stops.
Take care and have a great day.

Leeann said...

Dear Karen,

Remember me?? We FINALLY got DSL so I will be posting on my blog again in a few days.

I am so happy to be able to catch up on my favorite blogs, including yours! I am praying for you with regard to the situation with this young man and his actions. You did a very good thing by reporting him, Karen, and God will protect you from this young man and his foolishness. May God deal with him swiftly and effectively. I also hope your tooth is healed. I have had toothaches before and they are absolutely awful. My face was so swollen that it looked like I had a ball lodged in my jaw!
We are settling in to our new house and loving the peace and quiet here in the country. It is so beautiful with all of the trees filled out and flowers blooming. Our youngest will be here next weekend to attend his big brother's graduation from seminary and it's a surprise to the big brother so we're really excited about it. It will be so nice to have him home with us for a few days.
I hope you have a restful night and I'll catch up with you later!


Mike Golch said...

Karen,i hope that you are haveing a great Mother's Day.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Karen,

You've been busy since your last post! I'm glad you're all okay from this last episode of tornadic actvity. We didn't get anything too bad in my area yesterday, just some thunderstorms and rain, but nothing severe. Today was sunny but extremely windy. Everytime I stepped outside, I felt like the wind might carry me off to Oz!

I'm sorry your daughter is having these terrible problems with this boy. Stick to your guns, until there will not be any threat from him for her to worry about.

I had a nice Mother's Day, but am now tired and almost ready for bed. But my daughter will be calling me shortly, so I'll have to get off here to talk to her and my granddaughters. My older son called already, and Greg, of course, took us out to a fancy restaurant in Poplar Bluff. I got lots of Mother's Day gifts, too, from my kids and granddaughters. I am one spoiled mama and grandmama! A very blessed one as well!

Karen, I will keep you and your family in my prayers, and hope the situation will soon be over. That must be so hard on your daughter and you.

Take care, my friend. Happy Mother's Day! God bless!

Love and Hugs,


PEA said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, dear Karen:-) I do hope you've been thoroughly spoiled all day!! So wonderful to see you posting again...miss your daily posts:-)

Sounds like you had a very busy week with all the girls' games and such. Oh dear, I don't blame you at all for reporting that boy...your daughter certainly doesn't need that kind of attention from a low life like him!! I do hope something can be done and that he doesn't cause any more problems for her. That's the problem with a lot of today's kids, they think they can do whatever they want.

I can't believe all the tornadoes that have been touching down in parts of the States must be nerve racking to hear those sirens go off!! Please stay safe and hopefully your weather will soon settle down!

Take good care and hope you have a great week! xoxo

Denise said...

Hey girl..... first I pray that you had a good Mothers day ... Sounds like you have been so busy...... those little gals keep you young ........hahhahahahah

... I am so sorry that your sweet daughter has had to go through that... I pray that it is handled properly........ I pray that your weather calms down and this bad weather goes away....... We have been pretty lucky so far and missed the really bad weather....... I hate the spring time because of those terrible storms....... I pray that the bad weather is over and we can enjoy the rest of the spring..........................

Good to see you again,,,,,,,,,,,,,, life is so busy............ but you are missed

Diane J. said...

Hope you had a good Mother's Day, Karen. :o)

What a mess with that boy harassing your oldest girl. You're doing the right thing. It needs to stop as soon as possible before something really bad happens.

A tornado touched down close to us but lifted up just before it came over us, praise the Lord! And I heard that we're supposed to get more bad storms this week. What a streak of severe weather we've had already this Spring!

Have a good week, my friend. :o)

Love and hugs,


Shelley said...

Hi Karen,hope you had a special Mother's are a special Mom.....take care and God bless...

Mary Isabella said...

Happy Mothers Day

Lisa said...

I am glad you are ok from all these storms. We have some strong winds here in the south tonight.
I think you did the right thing concerning this situation with your daughter.I will keep you all in my prayers.Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes. God Bless you and your family. ((((hugs))) Lisa

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
You've once again had lots of bad weather. That has to be scary for all of you.
That situation with the boy and your daughter needs to be stopped asap.
Hope the coming week is less stressful and more pleasant.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Karen! Sorry, I just wasn't online after Bud woke up yesterday. But I wanted to stop by and thank you for the anniversary wishes, and I do hope that you had a good mother's day!

That's indeed so so scary. I do hope that once everyone gets back out and about your town you find no damage to anyone's homes. You'll continue to be in my thoughts!

Wow...this kid spells T R O U B L E! Hope your daughter will be safe.

Have a great week. And as you know, it's always good to see you come by for a visit my friend!

Joyce said...

Hello Karen,
I hope you had a grand Mothers Day. I see you had a busy week. So glad you did not get bad storms. We got rain and wind on Sunday and cooler weather.

I will pray about your situation. I am working with that age group and it seems problems arise all over the U.S. You handled the issue with well and I pray all will be good for all. Take care and have a great week. I miss you.

Love and Hugs,

BittersweetPunkin said...

Karen...I am happy to see you posting but I am sorry to hear of the stress you have endured this past week. I will hold you and your family in my prayers and I do hope the Lord delivers you from your troubles and gets you through this difficult Season.
Happy Mother's Day to YOU.

Jackie said...

Karen I hope that your Mother's Day was as beautiful as you deserve. I will lift you and your wonderful family up in my prayers. Rest easy my friend, God always answers prayers.

God bless.

Nonna said...

Hi Karen! I hope you had a nice Mother's Day! Im so sorry to hear about the harrassment your daughter has been receiving. I'm glad your doing something about it. I pray God will keep her safe.

Take care!!

Michelle said...

Hi Karen,

I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful! I'm sorry for the troubles your daughter has had to go through ~ I'll keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers..


Betty said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day, Karen.

We have been gone on a trip. Got back Saturday but been so busy haven't been online much.

Have a good evening.

dabrah said...

Hi Karen
I hope you're all okay. It's been a week since you posted on your blog, and I just came by to see if you'd updated, but not yet.

Hootin' Anni said...


Nonna said...

It's not like you to not post at least once weekly! Hope all is ok. We miss you here in blogland!!

Jackie said...

Hope everything is ok with you Karen. Just letting you know I am thinking about you.

God bless.

Lisa said...

Karen'Just dropped by to touch base with you and see how you were. I hope you are doing ok.
Love & Prayers. Lisa

Linda said...

Hi Karen, have been missing you, hope you are well and the problem with that boy is resolved. Looking forward to a morning coffee and a chat. Blessings to you and yours. Hugs, Lidna

Denise said...

wonder where you are??????

Mountain Mama said...

My goodness. I read your entire post but when I read about your daughter being harassed I forgot everything else.
I hope this is being taken care of. The boy obviously needs help right now. It is frightening to think what he could become if he isn't corrected, I do pray all is well with you and yours Karen.
God Bless,

Mary Isabella said...

Dear Karen,
Where in the world are you? Wondering if everything is all right? Please let us know as we all care....Mary

Nonna said...

Wow its not like you to go this long without posting! I hope all is ok. Just wanted to let you know that I miss you and am thinking about you. Hope to hear from you soon!

Cecil said...

Karen.. Hope all is well with you. I've been really busy.. not much time to visit. Hugs to you.. Cecil

Mississippi Songbird said...

We are missing you sweet friend.. PLease let us know you are okay..

Amanda said...

Karen, where are you? Hope you're okay.

smileymamaT said...

Karen, you alright? I'm just wondering as you haven't been blogging in a while - was thinking about your daughter, wondering how it's all going... hope you're all alright, take care, let us know OK?

Greeneyes said...

Hi KAren , you havent been online much , hope all is ok and you had that problem all worked out ,you did the right thing , nip it in the bud before it goes to far , God Bless , Take care

Denise said...

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Karen? She has been gone tooooooooooooo long!!!!!!!!!!

Mimi said...

I just hope and pray that she hasn't been effected by the tornadoes or floods...If anyone hears please let me know...

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
Well, I've been away for a while and was stopping by to say hello and get some coffee. Seems nobody's home!! Are you okay?? Let us hear from you. I miss you.

Love and Hugs,

Cheryl said...

I know I haven't been commenting very much on your blog but I do love coming here and seeing what's up. I hope you are doing OK. Please, let us know that you are OK.

Take care.

PEA said...

Karennnnnnnnnnn where are youuuuuuuuuu???? We all miss you and are worried that something is wrong. Would you please be able to let us know one way or another if you're ok?? xoxo

regina barnett said...

I love your song you picked for blog..

ancient one said...

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