Sunday, April 27, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,
I hope that everyone has had a great weekend and ready to start a new day. It is currently 53 degrees with a windchill of 50 degrees. The winds are out of the North Northeast at 8mph. We are suppose to get some more rain again today. We got some showers on Friday morning and Friday afternoon, and then on Friday night, the bottom fell out. I heard there was even some hail here in town too. Yesterday was a really nice and Sunny day, but a bit on the cool side. I think it made it up in the 60's yesterday. I've been giving my Air-conditioner and heater a workout here lately. During the day I have to turn the A/C on and at night turn the heat back on. LOL. Hopefully since May is right around the corner, the weather and the temperatures will get on their normal track. I sure hope so anyway.

My DH and his Uncle finally made it home on Thursday morning around 4:40a.m. "PRAISE GOD" they were able to make it home safely. I know my DH was really glad to get home and back into the States. He did take my camera with him and took some pictures of Canada and other parts of the Northwestern States. I will try to put them into a slide show and show them one day this week. We have had a busy time since he was at home. Thursday was our oldest daughter's 12th Birthday. I was suppose to take a cake out there at the School around 10:00a.m. on Thursday morning, but since my DH had just got in that morning and needed some sleep, I called the School and told them I would bring it out there in the afternoon. I had just went to the grocery store and bought a cake that was already made and then bought some decorations and put on it myself.
The cake I bought already had the large yellow roses on it that is in the top right hand corner. I bought the candied flowers and the Happy Birthday on the cake. I also bought some black icing in the tube and put the black on there. Black is our oldest daughter's favorite color. I also bought the 12 candles and added them as well.
This is our oldest daughter standing by the cake. It's hard to believe she is 12 years old now. Seems just like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. My oh my, how time does fly. They also grow up way too fast as well.
This is her blowing out the candles on the cake. There was only a small piece of the cake left and I brought it home for our youngest daughter to have some. Both of the girls had softball games Thursday night in Monette. Our youngest daughter played first and they won their first game, 15 to 9. They played really good again and everyone was really proud of them. Our oldest daughter's game started while our youngest daughter was still playing, but luckily they were playing in the same town and the fields were right beside each other, so me and my DH could actually stand up between the bleachers and watch both games. Our oldest daughter's team won their game, 21 to 3. My Sister had bought a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake to the ballgame and after the game, all the girls sang "Happy Birthday" to her and they had a slice of the cake. After the games were over with, we all came home. On Friday morning, me and my DH had went to our old house, the one that we had lost, and got some more things out of there that we wanted to keep. Around 10:30a.m., it started clouding up and we decided to quit for the day. It's a good thing because when we brought the boxes over here to store them in the shed out back, it started raining. Our next door neighbors saw us and helped us put the boxes in the shed. We still have a few more things to get out from there, and me and the girls and my Parents and my MIL are going over there this afternoon and get those things. They are suppose to auction the house off sometime tomorrow. Before the girls got in from School, it started raining again. Our youngest daughter was suppose to have a game on Friday night here in town, but the field was still in good shape, but the coach called and said there was still some lightening around and since they use metal bats to bat with, she didn't want to take any chances in playing while it was lightening. So, both of the girls went and stayed all night with one of their friends. Around 7:30p.m., me and my DH decided to go to Jonesboro and take our oldest daughter's bike back that we had bought for her a couple of weeks ago. You may remember me telling about it and when we got home and she rode it, it tore up. So, we took it back and exchanged it. We also did some shopping. I bought me a new coffee maker because my old one has just about had it. I also bought a new telephone set for the house. I bought me a couple of outfits and bought my DH a new outfit so we could wear them on Saturday. When we were getting ready to leave Wal-Marts, it was raining outside. We waited a few minutes inside to let it slack up. It did slack up a bit and we got everything loaded into the truck. On the way home, the bottom fell out. I do mean it fell out. LOL. It was raining so hard that I could only drive 40-45mph. You couldn't hardly see the road or anything in front of you. It was also doing some serious lightening as well. It was the cloud to ground lightening and it was really bad. A few times it was so bad and so bright that it would nearly blind you. When we made it home, it was still raining some here, so we just left everything in the truck. Me and my DH sat up for a while and went to bed around 1:00a.m. I got up around 7:30a.m. Saturday morning and started some coffee. I got my DH up around 10:00a.m. We were having our oldest daughter's Birthday Party at the Skating Rink in Jonesboro. I had to run by Wal-Mart and pick up her cake that I had ordered for her on Thursday afternoon. It was a Hannah Montana Cake and it was really pretty.
This is a picture of it. We had bought the candles that say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to put on it seperatly. The little guitar on the left hand bottom corner has lip gloss in it. The guitar on the top right is just a piece of plastic that she could keep as well. We had about 1/2 of the cake left, so we brought the rest of it home. She had a really good party and there were like 28 kids there, plus some adults. I'm guessing there were probably around 40 people there all together. We let them skate for a while and then we ordered some Pizza's for them to eat. After they ate Pizza, they skated a bit more and then they came back and had some cake and Ice Cream. She then opened up her presents. Everyone had a great time.
This is both of our daughter's at the Skating Rink.
That is my DH out there on skates with the hat on. LOL. It had been a few years since he's been on skates and it was hilarious. I had to take several pictures of him on the skates. He did fall down once. I was going to get some skates and skate with him, but since I can't really skate, he didn't want me to and take a chance at me falling down and getting hurt. So, I didn't skate.
This a picture of my DH and our youngest daughter skating together. I never did see our oldest daughter skating with him. I guess she was too busy skating with her friends.
This is a picture of all the kids that were there. They were waiting to eat their Pizza. The big table doesn't have everyone on there, so I guess my DH couldn't get them all on there.
Here's the Birthday Girl blowing out the candles on her cake.

Here she is opening up her gifts. She had several gifts, plus she racked up on the money as well. LOL. I may have to take out a loan from her. LOL. No, we are going to take them shopping again this coming Saturday. That is me in the blue tank top there. We were going to book our youngest daughter's Birthday Party there for August, but she didn't want to have a Skating Party. She said she wanted to have her Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheeses. On the way home, we stopped by there and I was going to book her party, but they only book 3 months in advance, so I will have to wait and call next month to book her party. I did order a couple of Pizza's from there and brought home. Both of the girls were having a friend over to spend the night with them, so since I had some laundry to do, we had Pizza for supper. They stayed outside across the street at the neighbor's house till around 9:30p.m. They have a trampoline and they all sat out there and jumped on it with the neighbor's son. We had our front door open and I could see them and besides, the young boy is in the 7th grade and a really good kid. He had rode to the party with me and my DH yesterday. Me and my DH went to bed a little after 10:00p.m. because he had to get up and leave this morning. They are going back to their regular run to Salt Lake City. I told the girls before I went to bed to stay in their rooms and not to be loud. They did what I said. I don't know how late they stayed awake, but they were all asleep this morning when I got up around 3:45a.m. They are still sleeping now. My DH and his Uncle finally pulled out around 5:20a.m. this morning. It was so good to have him home for a few days and for him to be home for our oldest daughter's birthday and birthday party. That has been my weekend, how has your weekend been?

We have around 5 games scheduled this week for the girls to play softball. Our oldest daughter is suppose to play in Keiser on Monday night, but we will have to wait and see and see how much rain we get today. Then on Thursday night they both have a game in Lake City and on Friday night here in town. Then of course, we are taking them shopping on Saturday. So, we have another busy week and weekend in store for us. In May, we will really be busy because they both have several games during the week. Both of their ball season's end at the end of May. I just wish that the gasoline prices would go down. Friday evening before me and my DH went to Jonesboro, we put some gas in the truck and it was $3.55 a gallon for regular unleaded.

Well, guess I better go and make another pot of coffee. The first pot I fixed me and my DH both drank out of so I didn't have a full pot myself. LOL. I didn't get around to visit after I posted on Wednesday, so I am going to do my best to get around and visit this morning. I'm probably not going to be posting everyday like I used to because since it has warmed up and I can get outside some, I don't want to be on the computer all the time. If it ever quits all this raining, I'm going to buy me some flowers and plant in front of my house. My Mom has a rose bush she is going to give me as well to plant. I still don't have everything unpacked here at this house, so it will be a while before I will show pictures of it. LOL. I know, I'm slow, but we aren't going anywhere soon, so I have plenty of time to get it done. It being softball season keeps me busy as well. I am still not able to add any graphics to my page for some reason. Are any of you having trouble with it as well? Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.



Hootin' Anni said...


I'm so happy to see you. Just this morning I was thinking about you. I have been for weeks. And many have dropped by my blog and asked about you since we 'converse' through the blogs often. We were ALL worried about you. I was praying it was computer problems and not any family issues. Believe me when I say how happy I am to see you back in the land of bloggin'!!!

Truly, you were missed.

[and your daughters are BEAUtiful!!!!]

Nonna said...

Your daughters are very cute! Looks like your 12 year old had a wonderful birthday, and lots of celebrations!!

Mary said...


Missed you and was concerned about you. I'm glad you're back. Computers are great when they're working and a pain in the neck when they're not.

Happy Birthday to you daughter. The skating party looked like a lot of fun and it was nice to have cake with her classmates.

DH would have been glad to get home. Canada wasn't very welcoming to him and his uncle this time. That Pass can be real bad when a storm is blowing. I'm glad he and his uncle arrived home safely. I'm waiting to see some of the photos he took.

Take care, my friend. Have a wonderful Sunday.


Love Bears All Things said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed that cup of coffee.
It is a little cooler here and I am so glad. Something is wrong with the AC and I've got to have it checked out so I hope we don't need it for a few days.
Sounds like Ashley had a great Birthday, all those celebrations!
I got some of my plants set out and will buy some more flowers soon and finish. We have cucumber, zuchini, bell pepper and tomatoes all planted on the patio. I hope they do well. We've not had a lot of luck with tomatoes here.
My Honey Bear was plum tuckered out yesterday. He did plant those tomatoes and do a little yard work but he took lots of little naps too. He plans to be home this week, no business trip planned.
I hope the rest of your weekend is great. See you soon. It is alright that you don't post everyday as long as we know everything is okay with you.
Mama Bear

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Karen,

Happy Birthday to your daughter! What a beautiful job you did enhancing her cake with her favorite color, and what a sweet mom you are to be so attentive to those extra special details. Your girls are just adorable :)


bj said...

Oh, you are doing a fabulous job with your new camera, girlfriend.
Thanks for sharing the party with us....
hugs, bj

Mississippi Songbird said...

Karen, I'm s glad you are back..
Happy Birthday to Ashley!
My daghter will be 12 on July 2nd.. She will be at church camp that week, but we are going to have her a cake when she comes back. There is another one that will be on that trip with her that has a birthday, so the lady that is their guardian for the trip said they all will have a birthday party for them. I'm sending her some presents to open there..
I know what you mean about the summer and not being on line as much..
I have tried from work to post to your last few das of comments, but the computer at work would not let me get past the letter varification. In fact, I would tryp out my comment, and the letter to varify would never show up.... Then when I got home, I didn't have achance to get back on to comment..
Thanks for signing up for Big Crumbs.. It's got lots of stores to shop at. I like to shop online at Target, K-mart and E-bay all the time, when I have the extra money, so since it doesn't cost anything to sign up,. I thought I might try it.. So far, I've gotten a few dollars back.. I'm tickled about
Good luck in the drawing.. I've only had 4(including you if you sign up) to sign up... so your odds are good at winning the certificate..
Have a wonderful Sunday..
Bunches of hugs!

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for the nice newsy update on your week. You've been busy! Looks like it was a fun birthday celebration for Ashley! I know what you mean about being on the computer less. When it's beautiful outside, that's where I want to be!
hugs! said...

Hi Karen, You have a nice newsy post today! Thanks for all the updates on your family! Happy Birthday to your daughter! Looks like she had a great one!! All the cakes looked so good!

I know what you mean about posting and visiting everyday! With Nancy's health issues I can't always do this either!
You sound like you will be so busy in May with lots of ball games!! Love and Hugs Grams said...

I forgot to tell you your girls are so cute!!! But you already know this!! lol Grams

Sandra said...

They are so cute :) Happy Birthday to Ashley, love all the photos, looks like she had a lot of fun.

Glad to see a post from you, hope you're doing well.


Nan said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! Your girls are so cute.

Mike Golch said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Joyce said...

Good to hear from you and thank you for the e-card. Yes, time does fly. Both your girls are so cute. You will have to keep all those boys away. Tell your oldest Happy Birthday for me. Weather here is like yours. We had some after shocks and my DH felt one. I have not. Both my girls felt it in Michigan. I pray your computer problems are taken care of. Have a great week.

Love and Hugs,

Lisa said...

Looks like Ashley had agreat party!
Happy Birthday to Ashley ~
I hope you have a great week. Hugs Lisa

Betty said...

Happy Belated 12th Birthday to Ashley. She had two cakes, good for her. I am lucky if I get one, lol.

It has been raining here today also. A little on the cool side as well.

Your digital camera makes good pictures.

Take care and have a good week.

Feathering My Nest said...

Happy birthday to Ashley. Love the way you enhanced her cake and put her favorite color on. Good job Mom. Your daughters are so pretty.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Karen,

I enjoyed catching up with the latest exciting news from your house. You sure have been busy. And what cute girls you have. Happy Birthday to Ashley! Enjoy her at 12, because 13 means teenager, and that means...well, a bit more worrying. LOL. Just kidding.

We didn't have a drop of rain today. It was a beautiful Sunday, 64 degrees, and perfect for my taste. We did get rain Friday late afternoon, but nothing as bad as by you. My goodness, that must have been scary, driving it that torrential rain and lightning!

Well, I'd better scoot. Had a busy Sunday here, so got to run and catch up with a few chores. Have a lovely evening, and a wonderful week. Don't stay away so long anymore.

Love and Hugs,


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Karen!! Glad to see you posting again!! The pics of your daughters are so do have some gorgeous girls there and yes, they have been keeping you busy lately haven't they?? Those cakes look so yummy...I have been on my diet (again) for a week now and I would LOVE to have cake....LOL

Jackie said...

Hello Karen, just doing a quick drop in and visit tonight. So glad your husband and uncle made it through our terrible storms. Here it is the end of April and we are still getting snow.

Take care my friend. God bless.

Loretta said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Ashley. What a lucky girl...TWO cakes!! Have a great week.Take care,


Mary Isabella said...

Looks like such a wonderful Birthday was had by all. Your girls are so adorable. I am wishing you a super Monday...Mary

Dawn said...

Well, I would say that AShley has been well celebrated for her big 12th. Just think - soon a teen!

My little granddaughters love Hannah, but I think they're too young for that. My daughter disagrees with me, so I don't get a vote. I just hope she stays focused and decent, unlike the last pop start, Brittany. YUCK!!

ancient one said...

So glad to hear from you and see that you are just as busy as ever. Those parties looked fun and your girls looked as if they enjoyed them... Happy Birthday to the 12 year old. Next year you will have a teenager.. ha!

We are having your rain yesterday and today... good rain!!

Linda said...

Hi Karen, it's so good to see you and hear all the latest. You have been busy.

Your girls are the cutest. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Ashley. Two celebrations, what a lucky girl. The skating party looks like a blast, I use to roller skate and had more fun. Love all the pictures Karen...thanks for sharing. Take care, blessings to you and yours. Hugs, Linda

p.s. Today is my daughters birthday...I know what youe mean...times does fly. L

PEA said...

Dearest Karen,

Gosh, I sure know what you mean about not having much time to blog's the same with me, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day any more! If the weather is nice out, I'd rather be outside than sitting at the computer! lol

Your oldest daughter sure had quite a few birthday celebrations and what fun she seemed to have:-) The cakes are gorgeous and both your daughters are just beautiful! Next year she will be a you said, the years sure go by fast.

Glad to hear that your DH got home safely after having to drive in that blizzard when he came to Canada...honest, it's not like that all the time over here! lol It was a sunny day today but a bit on the cool side...they're saying cool all week but then starting to warm up again.

Hope you have a wonderful week my friend! xoxo

Jackie said...

Hi Karen, I did have problems with my last post uploading pictures. Wonder if blogger is having a few odd ball problems.

Take care sweetie. Talk to you soon.

God bless.

Denise said...

Hey girl,,, great pictures and tooooo cute daughters..... Glad to see you back up and on the blog... Thanks for coming by my yard... a hahhah summer time is going to keep me away from the blog some but I will pop in and out... Have a great summer and a great week..


Shari said...


Just had to pop in and see if you were still blogging. I thought you may have had computer glitches, but never have known you to miss more than a week. I was hoping nothing serious happened. Glad to find out that it was only the computer that was at fault.

Kids do grow up fast. What fun, skating, and birthday parties with cake....mmmmm. Did you save me a piece? :) Just kidding. Maybe I'll just have to bake some to celebrate a "Just Because" day. LOL.

Soon I will be done with classes so I will not have many excuses be on the computer. But I do have emails and blog updates to do.

Thanks for sharing all those pictures with us. It felt like being there. Take care and God bless you and your family. :) (((HUGS)))

Michelle said...

Happy birthday to Ashley. How fun to be able to celebrate twice!! I used to love to skate, but I'm too clumsy now :)

Take care,

BritGal' Sarah said...

You're girls are adorable Karen and so were those cakes!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Karen! I have missed you! Your daughter had the BEST birthday!!! WOW!!! I want to be young again and have a party like that! Good for her! Your girls are so cute and I really enjoyed all these pictures!

Have a wonderful week!
Love ya,

Cottage Contessa said...

Hiya sweetie! Happy 12th Birthday Ashley! Both of your beautiful girls looked like they had an awesome time at that great party! Good job mum!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you and you family had a good time together! Happy birthday!
What does "it tore up" mean, in reference to the bike? I honestly don't know what that means and am curious.

Linda said...

Good Morning Karen...thinking of you hope all is well. Happy May Day to you... Hugs, Linda

Chrissie said...

Hi there! Glad to see you again and all your fun activities! Happy Birthday to your daughter - I love her cake! I'm going to be very busy the next few weeks, helping my parents move, so you won't be hearing much of me, but I'll be praying for you, and popping in now and then. God bless the rest of your week, dear friend!

dabrah said...

Lovely photos Karen. Your girls look so cute and the cakes looked fabulous. Happy birthday to Ashley! It looks like they really had some fun at the rink.

bj said...

OK, now...where are you? I am missing you...AGAIN! Are you playing Hide and Seek with us? lol
hugs, bj

Mimi said...

Hi Karen,
where are you girl?
I was gone visiting with my daughter for about 10 days and I came back...but you are missing...
I hope and pray that the bad weather in Arkansas is not reaching your neck of the woods...
I will keep checking back on you...

Mommy Cracked said...

Just checking in on you. Loved the pictures! Looks like a fun day! Hope everything is ok with you!

bj said...

just stopping by to say GOOD MORNING, friend....
hugs, bj

bj said...

oh, and how do you do the blog archive with the little drop down window?