Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Good Mornin' Everyone,

I am back after having some computer problems. I do hope it is fixed now. "THANK" each and everyone of you for being concerned about me. I am okay, just had some computer problems and I had to wait for my brother-in-law to fix it for me. He is a truck driver as well and I had to wait till he got in and had time to fix it for me. It is currently 57 degrees here and I think it may be foggy outside right now. I haven't looked out, but that is what the weather on our local t.v. station's website is saying. We have had some really nice days here lately. The last few days it has gotten up to around 80 degrees. We got some rain yesterday around noon and was under a thunderstorm warning for a while, but nothing too bad except for just some heavy rain. It's suppose to be up around 83 degrees here today with another chance for some thunderstorms. In fact, the rest of this week there is a chance for some thunderstorms. I've had my air-conditioner on for a few days now. I did turn the heat on a bit ago when I got up because I woke up with a sore throat and was a little chilled. I just turned it back off tho. I'm sure I'll have to turn the air-conditioner back on later on tho.

My DH made it home last Friday around 5:30a.m. and he wanted some coffee. It was his Friday to go pick up their load to go to Canada. Well, they were suppose to go to Winnipeg, Canada, but it got changed on them. They left here Saturday afternoon around 3:00p.m. going to Surrey, Canada. From Surrey, they had to go to Edmonton, Canada. They made it to Surrey just fine and my DH called me Monday afternoon to let me know they were heading up to Edmonton. He said he was going to lose his signal on his cell phone because the farther away from the border he got, he wouldn't have no signal. While we were talking, our call got dropped. He called me yesterday morning from Edmonton. They were at the place they were suppose to unload and he used the company phone to call me and let me know what was going on. He said he fought a blizzard all night. He said after they left Surrey and got into the mountains, it started snowing on them. He said it was so bad at times he could barely see the highway. I had called his driver manager yesterday morning around 8:30a.m. to see if they had made it to Edmonton and he said that he knew at midnight on Monday night they were 200 miles away from Edmonton. My DH said they made it to Edmonton around 6:00a.m. yesterday morning. He had called me around 10:35a.m. our time and said they were fixing to leave Edmonton and they were probably going to run into the blizzard again. He said he didn't know if they would have to shut down or not. I haven't heard anymore from him since then. I do know they are taking Highway 16 in Canada heading to Winnipeg and come out at the border in Pembina, North Dakota. I know he will call me when he is able to get a signal tho. He is hoping they will be in sometime tomorrow. They didn't have a very long weekend this past weekend, so if they make it home tomorrow, they will have a longer weekend. I'm praying they make it home tomorrow. Tomorrow is our oldest daughter's 12 Birthday. Her party will be this coming Saturday at the Skating Rink in Jonesboro. I do know it's been a long week so far not being able to talk to my DH when I want to and then him having a short weekend last weekend. I am really looking forward to him getting home and spending some time with him.

The girls have been keeping me busy still with their Softball games. Our youngest daughter had a game out of town last Thursday and they lost 15 to 8. Both of the girls were scheduled to play here in town last Friday, but of course, it rained and rained them both out. Our youngest daughter had a game out of town on Monday night of this week and they lost by one point. The score was 15 to 14. They played such a great game and they did alot of teamwork. The team they played on Monday night had played them here a week or so ago and they lost to them 12 to 6. Both girls have a game scheduled in the same town on Thursday night and again here on Friday night. Hopefully it won't rain and rain the games out. They already have about 3 make-up games to play.

The girls had the Benchmark Exams last week and as far as I know, they did their best on them. I won't know the results until next School term. As School is drawing near to the end of the year, field trips are planned and our oldest daughter's 6th Grade Graduation will be on the 15th of next month. The parents have already had a meeting to discuss the program and things we are going to do for their Graduation. We are suppose to have another meeting in a couple of weeks to get more details on the graduation. Our youngest daughter has her field trip today. They are going to Jonesboro to the ASU Equine and see some live horses I think. From there, they are going to the bowling alley and bowl for 2 hours and have lunch there. I am suppose to meet her there at the bowling alley between 12:00 and 12:30p.m. Our oldest daughter's field trip is on May 8th, and I'm not sure yet where they are going. They both have their Sports field trip for this coming Friday. All of the Pee-Wee Basketball Players and Cheerleaders will be going to eat Pizza and go bowling as well. Then on the 6th of May, I think it is, the Elementary will be having Fun Day. That is where they have several of those jumping things and other activities and a picnic at School. The parents can go to that as well and then they can leave early that day too. So, with Softball games and School activities scheduled for the next few weeks, I am going to be really busy.

I did some laundry yesterday. I did 3 loads of laundry. I didn't do any over the weekend because I was under the weather with my monthly thing. I just layed around most of the weekend and took my PMS pills about every 5 hours. I must say, I wouldn't know how to survive without my PMS pills. LOL. Okay, I just turned my air-conditioner back on. LOL. I was starting to get hot. I guess I am having power surges. LOL. I also heard a noise and I was going back into our bedroom and before I got back there, our youngest daughter was running out of our bedroom. She said she heard a noise. I told her I heard it too and when I went in our bedroom, some things had fell off of my dresser. She said she thought it was an earthquake. I know one thing, my heart is beating 90 to nothing right now. LOL. Now, she can't go back to sleep and she is in here with me. She said she wanted to be close to her Mommy.

Well, guess I'll go for now. I'm about to finish my first cup of coffee. I will do my best to get around and visit with you sometime today. I do have to go to Jonesboro around noon tho for our youngest daughter's field trip. Take care everyone and have a great day. May God Bless Each and Everyone of You.



tam said...

Karen, Karen, Karen....You are officially grounded. We have all been so worried about you, I know I had scarey thought just going though my mind since last Wed. I am so glad everything is okay. Girlie, you are definately loved. Welcome back. Tammy

Nonna said...

Sorry to hear you had computer problems! Glad you are back amongst the bloggers!!LOL

Mary Isabella said...

We were all so very worried about you. I am so glad every one's okay was so excited to see you had posted. Have a beautiful Wednesday......

Shelley said...

Hello Karen, I am thankful all is well with you and the family. My pc has been acting up and I just pray I don't lose contact with all of you. We missed you and are very glad to hear from you again.

Welcome back.....


Denise said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is goooooooooooooooooood to see you........... I am not far from you and there were thought of me driving up there............. sorry about the puter thing but next time you call me and I will post that you are ok........... you can call collect!!!!!!!!!

sooooooooooooo have a wonderful day and know that you were missed..

Angela said...

Hey Karen,
Glad your comp is fixed!!!! :-). At least without the comp I bet you got lots done huh ? *giggles*. I know I did Monday when I didn't have my comp for the whole day..
I hope your DH makes it home to have a long weekend with you:-).
Have a wonderful day!!

Susie said...

Glad to see you post again. So sorry about the computer problems!
I wonder if you did have an earthquake. We have them quite often here.
Take care,

Sandra said...

Sorry to hear about the computer problems, glad you're back online :)

Hope you're having a wonderful day,

Lisa said...

I am sooo....glad you are back :)

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Good to catch up with you today! ♥

Michelle said...

Computer problems are no fun! You've been busy since I last visited.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Karen,

I'm glad you're back! Missed you. Hasn't our weather been nice? We have dogwood heaven in my are right now, and I'm enjoying it.

Welcome back!

Love and Hugs,


Denise said...

Hello, and welcome back. Sorry about your computer problems. I have missed you, glad you are back. Take care, I love you.

PEA said...

Well there you are!!!!! I had hoped it was only cable or computer problems that was stopping you from blogging and nothing more dire...glad to hear it was just the computer acting up. Gosh, you sure were missed girl!!! Just not the same without you:-)

Oh dear, it figures your hubby was gone to Edmonton when they got that blizzard...we had heard on the news that they were getting quite a snowstorm and sooo glad it didn't make its way here. It's been absolutely beautiful over seems to have gone from winter straight into summer! Hope it stays this way but we're only in April so cold weather can still makes its way here.

I do hope your youngest daughter had a fun day on her field trip. Hopefully it didn't rain!! I can imagine how much it messes up the schedules when games are canceled because of rain. Your oldest daughter must be pretty excited about turning 12 tomorrow:-)

Do you think it was earth tremors that you felt? We've felt some before here and it's a weird feeling...can't even imagine going through a full blow earthquake!!

I do hope you feel better soon...I'll be soooo happy when I'm done with those darn monthlies! lol I haven't had them in almost 2 months now so the menopausal signs are all there:-) Take care of YOU!!! xoxo

smileymamaT said...

Power surges, Earthquakes, and Blizzards, Oh My!!!
What an adventure you've had, glad you're OK. My middle girl just turned 12 last month... sigh!

Love Bears All Things said...

Karen, so happy to hear from you. I've been so worried as has everyone else.
sounds like you have a full load this week.
Well, I finally turned my air on this afternoon about 2:00. At that time it was 73 in the house, it got to 77 in here. I went up and changed the filter(a major job), don't know what else I can do so it is running continuously.Tomorrow we'll vacumn the intake vents. I've never had a system like this one. The filter is upstairs where the furnace and fan are in the attic. Very difficult to get to. Every room has an intake vent.
Its 9:00 p.m. and I am beginning to get sleepy. Hubby is out of town.
Take care my friend,
Mama bear

Mary said...


I am HAPPY to see you. I was beginning to get worried and had written Grams and Diane to see if they had heard from you. Then I got a message from Mama Bear saying you'd posted.

Yes, western Canada is having some storms right now. Calgary, Alberta has had snow all week and your DH was in Surrey, British Columbia and had to come through the mountain passes from west to east. The passes can be very bad during heavy snow. I'm glad he got through safely.

He is coming across the prairies. I have never driven that route but do know he saw some pretty country in the Rockies when coming from British Columbia into Alberta. I hope he had a camera. Of course if it was snowing hard, he wouldn't have been able to see far and that would have stopped any picture taking.

Keeping him in my prayers and the rest of your family as well. Tell your oldest daughter, Happy Birthday. Twelve is a wonderful age.


SweetAnnee said...

Oh my gosh..SO GLAD you're back.
I'll visit again. bed time for me now
your friend,

bj said...

GOOD's good to see you back. I just had a feeling it was the computer giving you glad it's fixed.
Will catch up coffee is ready so gotta grab a cup...
hugs and glad to see you back,

Betty said...

I am glad you are okay, Karen. I was worried about you since you had not posted in so long. said...

You are back!! Yea!!! I missed you and was getting worried you were sick or one of the family members was sick. whew!
I hate to turn on the AC because I like a lower bill between heat and the AC but I don't know how much longer I can hold out!! It is 81 degrees in here right now!!
Happy Birthday tomorrow to your daughter!!
Love and A big hug, Grams

bj said...

dear karen, i was just wondering if you ever got my card when you moved? it didn't come back to me so i hope you got it. if not, pls let me know cause i want to send you another one.
hugs, bj

Dawn said...

That's what you get for being such a faithful blogger - you can't disappear for a few days without everyone worrying! Isn't it great to have this community of women who care??

I know here was something else I was going to say, but my feeble brain didn't contain it long enough to get it typed?!

dabrah said...

Hi Karen
Welcome back! You were missed, for sure, and I'm glad that it's nothing more serious than a computer problem that kept you from posting for so long. Happy birthday for your daughter.

I've been away for a few days. I went to Barcelona with a friend, and a bit later when I've got my act together I'll post some pictures.

Brandy said...

Hello Karen, Its been really warm here to, they said it is supposed to get cold, like mid to high sixties, psst i can live with that though at least it isn't 40. We are going fishing today, me and the boys (yuck) I kinda dread it. It will be ok once we get started i guess. Well I will talk to you later on, take care

Hootin' Anni said...

I agree with the very first comment....

YOU'RE grounded!!! And your punishment is to blog each day from now on!


Anonymous said...