Thursday, April 3, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,

I do hope that everyone had a great Wednesday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 48 degrees with a windchill of 45 degrees. The winds are out of the East at 8mph. We have had some rain already early this morning and more is on the way for later on. We may even get some Severe Weather as well later this afternoon and tonight. More heavy rain is possible as well. The area's that got flooded a week or so ago, maybe in for some more flooding as well. We are already under a Flash Flood Watch thru tomorrow evening. If it keeps all this raining up, we may have to build an ark. LOL. It seems that every Spring we get alot of rain, and then come Summer time, we don't get that much. I know the farmers are needing to get in the fields to start some planting, but hopefully all this rain will stop soon and they can get in the fields and start their planting.

I would like to "THANK" each and everyone of you for the prayers you said for my DH and his Uncle. I do appreciate them so very much. My Dh and his Uncle were finally able to leave Rawlins, WY, yesterday morning around 10:15a.m. They were told tho that there may still be some icy patches along I-80. But they took their time and made it to Salt Lake City finally yesterday afternoon. They had to wait a while to get unloaded since they had missed their regular appointment time on Monday. They did make it down to North Las Vegas on Tuesday night, but the place was closed. They finally got unloaded there in North Las Vegas yesterday morning and started heading back this way. They won't be able to make their Minnesota/Wisconsin run this week as it was suppose to be picked up in Memphis yesterday. They will be home sometime today and will have to leave out again on Sunday morning. This Friday, will be my DH's turn to go to Memphis and pick up their Salt Lake City load, but he will be back Friday afternoon. I will get him up early in the morning to go over there to pick it up. I was talking to him once last night and he said that this whole ordeal has just made them both sick. He said he will be so ready to get home today. I can't wait for him to get home today either. "THANK YOU" all again for your prayers.

I know there is a Trucker's Strike going on. So far, it hasn't affected their company yet. "PRAISE GOD" for that. The Company they work for is a very good Company and doesn't stay in debt with everyone. I think the strike is really affecting Owner/Operators and small Trucking Companies. Not only Diesel is very high, but regular gasoline for our vehicles are very high also. When I put gas in my truck on Monday, it was like $3.19 a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline. I just don't know how much more people are going to be able to take. Not only is gasoline sky high, basic groceries such as bread, milk, and other things are going thru the roof. It is really hard on poor folks like us. It's getting to the point where a family of 4 can barely live anymore. I also know how hard it is on the folks who are on a fixed income. Everything is going up but their checks they get each month. Even if they do get a small raise in their monthly checks, their rent or something else goes up and they don't really get that extra money like they should. Our Country is in such a mess right now and we all need to pray that something will give and make it easier on us poor folks. Maybe I should run for President and straighten things out. LOL. Just kidding there and trying to make a little humor so I don't get so mad here. Okay, I'll stop griping and preaching now.

Our oldest daughter's softball game was cancelled on Tuesday night. I was hoping it would be because it was still very muddy on the field. For our supper Tuesday night, I fixed a big bowl of Tunafish for us to have sandwiches. Me and the girls love Tunafish sandwiches. I had to go pick up our youngest daughter from School yesterday afternoon. The School Nurse had called and said she was complaining with her stomach hurting. I asked the Secretary is the stomach flu was still going around and she said it was some. I brought her home and gave her a Pepto-Bismal tablet and she laid around for a while. When our oldest daughter came in from School, our youngest daughter was starting to feel warm, so I took her temperature and she had a low grade fever so I gave her some Advil. It had broken before Church started last night and she went ahead and went to Church.

Well, guess I will go for now and drink my coffee. I will do my best to get around and visit with each one of you sometime today. Take care my Friends and have a great day. May God Bless Each and Everyone of You.



Hootin' Anni said...

Mornin' dear Karen!!! I'm relieved to hear that they got out of Rawlings. And they're going to be back home the weekend. Yay!!! That will be some comfort for you and the girls. I can imagine how concerned you were...even with cell phones, it always 'get home as quick as you can, but be safe' kinda thoughts running through your head.

Hope your daughters are feeling better soon. And hope you don't get it from them.

And tell me about the prices of everything. Thing is you get a cost of living raise of say 3% and the actual cost of living goes up 8%!! Go figure. You really hit the nail on the head when you stated "The country is in a mess". I fear it'll get worse before it gets better.

[don't forget to come back for Friday's post where I will have the answer posted for Thursday's clues]

Happy day to you my friend. Enjoy your time with hubby!!!!

SweetAnnee said...

Hey Karen ..hope today is great ..your daughter feels good
and life treats you gently!!

I'm on my first cup of coffee too!!


Nonna said...

Goodmorning Karen!!

I hope everyone is feeling better! Glad your DH and his uncle made it safely!

I saved you a cup of coffee!

Have a blessed day!

bj said...

sure hope everyone is feeling glad your hubby made it safely....
have a fabulous day,

Shelley said...

Hello Dear Karen, hope this will find your dear daughter feeling much better.I just hate when kids are sick. It's like you can't do enough to make them feel better. How are you settling into your new home? I pray you have a great day and God bless you and the family.


Brandy said...

Howdy i am back and i have you something on my page

BittersweetPunkin said...

Good morning Karen!! I am glad to hear that your Hubby is okay..I hope your girls are feeling better too!
I adore tunafish do my cats...LOL!!! They always seem to know when I'm opening a can!

I love coming over to visit always have such a wonderful positive outlook!

Linda said...

Good morning Karen, I'm having my coffee too. I'm glad your hubby was able to get on his way and will be safely home later today.
Hope your youngest is better and no one else catches the bug.....there sure is a lot of stuff going around. I love sandwiches any old time....we had panckes for dinner last night(yummy). Take care blessings to all. Hugs, Linda

Angela said...

Hey Karen:-).
Aren't the prices just ridiculous??!!! We don't have children, but even 2 gets rough at times. Gas is just unbelieveable!!! and the news don't help.. Just the other day they were reporting gas projected to be up to $5 a gallon by summer... I need a bicycle!!! *giggles*. Glad your DH will be home today:-). Enjoy!
Have a wonderful day((hugz))..

Love Bears All Things said...

I am happy your men are on their way home, I guess the delay will affect their paycheck. I was thinking that at least they have their bed with them when they're stalled like that. And I guess they have food with them. I think I told you my Son-by-love's sister is a trucker and I know she has a small fridge on her truck.

You commented about my statement about eating seafood to lower cholestrol. Well, tuna works too and I see you like it. I try to eat seafood 3 times a week. I'll have some sardines and tuna for lunch during the week. I buy and cook Salmon on my little grill and when we go out I order fish(not fried). Walmart has some breaded fish in their freezer near the seafood that I bake but it isn't easy to find. It comes in a lttle black tray and is Talapia, Salmon and Oarnge Roughy. I'm glad that I like seafood and can get the Omega 3 that way rather than taking fish oil capsules.
It has helped so much and Oatmeal helps too so I eat Cherrios and instant oatmeal once a week for breakfast.
Hope all your family is well.
I'll be traveling Sunday so remember me in your prayers. I have a 3 1/2 - 4 hour drive to my daughers.
Mama Bear

Rachel said...

Glad your hubby and uncle are okay. With our warm weather here it's hard to think about other places that still have ice!!

It's amazing how high things are getting; groceries and gas are terrible. Makes it hard on poor folks.

Mary said...


I'm glad to hear you posting in a more cheerful voice and that your DH is on his way home. I always keep him and his uncle in my prayers.

Today is a beautiful day here. Spring might actually arrive. LOL I'm not counting on there not being another cold snap though.

Hubby just got back from gassing up the van and it cost him $73. Gas is $1.11 per liter here, which is $5.00 but don't forget our gallons are Imperial gallons and a little bigger than yours. Still, hubby puts that much gas in the van every other day because of his job. Expensive. If it doesn't let up soon, he will be working for nothing. I can't imagine what it costs to fill up an 18-wheeler.

Take care, my friend. Hope the girls are feeling better. Keeping you all in my prayers.


Lynne said...

I'm so glad to hear that your husband was able to get back on the road. Hopefully he won't fun into any more bad weather.

And I hope your daughter is feeling better soon.

You're so right about the prices. I can't believe how much things cost now. My food bills have gone up so much in the past year - and it's not all because of Shelby either. Gas is about $3.20 here. I'm glad I have my Prius - I only need to get gas about every 2 weeks.

Mike Golch said...

Hi Karen,I hope that you are haveing a great day,it is always a pleasure shareing a cup of java with you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're still getting so much rain, you might just have to start buiding that ark!

Sorry I haven't been over for a couple of days, things have been busy over here. I'll keep the truckers situation in my prayers, I hope things don't get more difficult.

Have a wonderful day.

Love and hugs.

Renie Burghardt said...

Good Evening, Karen,

I'm so glad to hear your DH and uncle made it out of Wyoming safely. Thank the Lord for that.

I agree about the prices. Each time I go to the grocery store, I get a new shock!

By the way, if you build that Ark, come and pick me up! LOL. This morning, we had thunderstorms and heavy rain, then it basically stopped all day, and is now threatening to be back overnight! One thing though, all this rain we've had is sure turning things green.

Well, I'd better go for now. Have a good night, dear Karen. And if you decide to run for president, I'll vote for you! LOL.

Love and Hugs,


PEA said...

Hello dear Karen:-)

I guess I'm too late for supper...hmmmm, do you have dessert for me??? hehe Never mind, after all the sweet stuff I ate this past weekend I certainly don't need more dessert! lol

Have you started to build your Ark yet??? We had some rain yesterday and then it turned to we had flurries but then the sun came out. Just wish it would warm up more so that we could get rid of all this snow we still have.

Great to hear that your hubby and uncle were able to get moving again! They must sometime wake up and wonder what town or city they're in! lol I think it takes special people to be truck drivers...although I love traveling, I don't think I could do that job!! No doubt both you and he will be glad when he's home!!!

Gas prices here right now is $4.72 a gallon...I swear it would be cheaper to get a horse and buggy! I agree with you, it's ridiculous how expensive everything is getting and yet the pay stays the same. Hmmmm, maybe you becoming President would be a GREAT idea!!!! hehe

I do hope the girls feel better again...that's the problem with going to school, children tend to give each other all the flus and viruses around!!

Hope your day went well dear friend:-) xoxo

BritGal' Sarah said...

Hi Karen,

Very happy to hear DH & Uncle made it safe out of Rawlings in one piece, the prayers worked.

Have a great rest of the week my friend :-)

Cecil said...

Hey Karen... It has rained here most of the day and of course, more on the way.. maybe y'all will be able to play Saturday... I'm ready for some nice weather to hang around for a bit! I'm sure everyone else in Arkansas is, too!! There is some viruses going around ... sorry to hear your daughter felt bad... I have really been praying about this weather... hopefully, it will all settle... Glad your dh and uncle made it ok... Hope you have a good Friday... glad you stopped by to visit.. Hugs to you.. Cecil

smileymamaT said...

Glad to hear he got back OK. Flash floods, ick. Hope you all stay safe and sound.

Cottage Contessa said...

Hi Karen sweetie! I just wanted to pop over to say g'day and to wish you a lovely weekend. I've been out of action for a few days and haven't been able to visit, but I've been thinking of you!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Nonna said...

Goodmorning Karen! I just wanted to drop by and wish you a nice weekend! Its storming like crazy here!! Ugh!!! I want some spring!!!! LOL

Loretta said...

Karen...hope you have a great week end. I don't know what is going to happen with the diesel prices. At $4.00 a gallon and 6 miles to the gallon we spend $1,800 a week just for fuel. It's getting scary. If rates are raised we all pay. Take care.


Mommy Cracked said...

Morning! I'm finally getting caught up on all of my blog reading. I'm ready to build an ark right along with you! LOL! It's really rainy here, too. Glad hubby is ok. So far the strike hasn't affected us either, thank goodness. And I totally agree with your rant about the price of everything. It's getting tough, for sure. Take care and have an awesome weekend!

bj said...

Just coming by to say Good Morning and that I hope your day is fabulous!
hugs, bj

Love Bears All Things said...

I'm glad your DH made it home alright. I know you'll enjoy the next few days.
Thanks for coming by to visit this morning. I think after tonight the rain will be over for a few days. That is why I've planned my trip for Sunday morning. That and the traffic is less in Memphis. Once I get out to Collierville, I'll be all set. If I go on a weekday, I usually avoid the I 40 and I 240. It takes me about 15 minutes longer but it is so much better on my nerves.
I will be online just as much while I'm gone so keep visiting.
Thanks for your prayers,
Mama Bear

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
Sorry to hear that your husband got caught in the storm on I-80. That interstate runs right through our town! That flu bug sure isn't leaving your family alone, is it?
Hopefully you'll all be feeling better soon. Spring is bound to make you feel a bit better!
FYI: Gas here is 3.59 a gallon!
hugs!! said...

Hi Karen! That sure feels good to type in your name!! So happy to be back on line !!! I have missed you!! Glad your hubby is ok! Love and hugs Grams

Betty said...

Hi Karen,

I'm glad your DH and his uncle are okay. I know that must be a big worry on your part. I'm glad the trucker's strike has not effected their company yet. That's a blessing. I am like you in that I don't know how much more people can take with these gas prices. Your prices are about like our's here. I don't know how a family with young children make it. It sure takes a big chunk out of a family's paycheck.

I hope your daughter is feeling better by now.

Have a good weekend.


Shari said...

Just checking in to see if you were okay. :)

Glad that your DH and uncle got to Utah and NV. With gas prices, I'm surprised that trucking is still profitable. My oldest's father, my ex, is still trucking away. I guess things still need to be delivered.

Can you believe it? It's been in the 50s the last few days. Hopefully I won't have to see snow till December, okay, November. LOL.

Take care and God bless.

Jackie said...

Karen I am just getting caught up in my reading and visiting. I am so glad that your DH and his uncle made out okay. Hope that things improve weather wise for them. Do they travel south at all as Georgia is under tornado watches for most of today.

God bless you my friend and hopefully I will be able to visit regularly from now on things just got a bit out of hand around here the last few days.

Mimi said...

Good morning Karen,
It is Saturday morning and I am also on my first cup of coffee..I hope that your daughter is feeling better...and that your DH and his Uncle got home safe...
I hope this flu bug that is going around goes away soon...
have a great weekend,

Michelle said...

Good morning Karen,

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and that DH made it home safely. I haven't had tuna fish sandwiches in a long time ~ that sounds yummy!

Have a great weekend,

Linda said...

Good morning Karen, just wanted to say hi. Hope all is well and hubby is home safely....Have a happy weekend. Thinking of you, hugs, Linda

dabrah said...

Hi Karen, It's been a few days since I visited, but I guess by now your husband should be home, and you'll be relaxing together. Having had such nice spring weather the last few days, we're told that we can expect snow overnight! So I'll be needing a sled, not an ark. I was walking around outside in a t-shirt yesterday, but today the wind was really chilly in the afternoon. I'd better not put those warm clothes away yet.