Sunday, April 6, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,

Come on in my friends, I have the cups ready for some coffee or tea. I do hope that everyone has had a great weekend so far and ready to start a new day. It is currently 41 degrees and the winds are calm. We are to have a nice day today with a high of 72 degrees. The Sun finally came out here yesterday afternoon and it turned out to be a pretty nice day. Friday was a rainy day here and we got some more heavy rains. But more rain is in the forecast for Tuesday and going all the way thru Friday.

My DH finally made it home Thursday afternoon around 3:45p.m. I sure was glad to see him and he was so glad to be home. Thursday night we went up to Backwoods and ate supper. We went to bed fairly early because my DH was still tired and he always sleeps better when he is in our bed. Friday morning he had to get up and go to Memphis and pick up their load that goes to Salt Lake City. He was back home on Friday afternoon. Since it was raining, the girls Softball games was cancelled for Friday night. So, we all went up to the Cowboy Grill and ate supper and then we took the girls to my Parents house for them to spend the night with them. It had been a while since me and my DH had some alone time for just the 2 of us. We came back home and watched t.v., and then he practiced some new songs on his guitar and I added some new music on my playlist here on my blog. We went to bed around 2:00a.m. on Saturday morning. It was still too wet on Saturday, so the girls Pre-Season Softball Tournaments were cancelled again. I don't know if they will finish them up another weekend or not. Our youngest daughter does have a game on Monday night out of town. I don't know if both of the girls teams will try to do any practicing today or not. I'm sure if they do, their coaches will give me a call later on. The girls got home yesterday afternoon from my Parents house around 2:45p.m. I had told them Friday night while we were eating, that they had to work on their rooms when they got home. That is what they did when they got home yesterday afternoon. On Friday I had done my laundry because I didn't know if they would be playing softball on Saturday or not. For our supper last night, I fried some bacon and fixed us some eggs. We also had some biscuits and I made some gravy to go with everything. It sure was good. After supper, I washed up the dishes and me and my DH watched a movie on t.v. called "Next" with Nicholas Cage. It was a really good movie. We all finally went to bed around 9:45p.m. I had my alarm to go off this morning at 3:45a.m., but I woke up around 3:15a.m. and got up and started some coffee. I had to get my DH up at 4:00a.m. for him to get ready to leave out around 5:00a.m. I sure hope they have a better week this week and don't run into any bad weather out in Wyoming. I have some more laundry to do today as well. The girls have to work on their rooms again today and our oldest daughter has some homework and study for a test for tomorrow. That has been our weekend here.

I have received some Awards over the last couple of weeks and I would like to acknowledge them.
This Award is from Mama Bear@ "THANK YOU" so much Mama Bear for this Award. I do appreciate it very much and for you thinking of me. If you are on my Blogroll, please take this Award home with you because all of you have Excellent Blogs that I enjoy reading.
This Award is from Brandy@ "THANK YOU" so much Brandy for this Award. I do appreciate it as well and for you thinking of me. Since I have a friend in each and everyone of you, I would like to pass this Award on to each of you on my blogroll as well.
This Award is from Lib@ "THANK YOU" so much Lib for this Award. I do appreciate it very much and for you thinking of me as well. "WELCOME BACK" to Lib. She was out for a while and had to have some surgery on her eyes. She was dearly missed and we are so glad to have you back with us.
This Award is from Cielo@ "THANK YOU" so much Cielo for this beautiful Award and for you thinking of me. I do appreciate it very much. Since I am feeling very generous today, please feel free to take this Award home with you as well. You are all so nice and I do appreciate each and everyone of you.

This Award is from Robin@ "THANK YOU" so much Robin for this beautiful Award and for thinking of me. I do appreciate it very much. So go ahead everyone, and grab this Award as well and take it home with you. I sure hope I haven't forgotten any Awards from anyone. If I have, please let me know and I will be so glad to acknowledge them. "THANK YOU" all again ladies for these beautiful Awards and for thinking of me. I do appreciate each and everyone of them.

Well, guess I'll go for now. I am going to try and visit each and everyone of you today. I've been a bad blogger lately and haven't been posting or visiting like I used to, so I do hope you will forgive me for being a bad blogger. I think it's just because of all the rains we have been having and being cloudy so much. So, if I'm not here, grab yourself a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and I will be back shortly to visit with you. Take care my friends and have a Blessed Sunday. May God Bless You and Yours.



Nonna said...

Goodmorning Karen!! Thanks so much for the cup of coffee!! Its nice to hear from you again. I've missed your posts, but completely understand!! I hope you will have a nice relaxing Sunday! Take care and God bless!!

Joyce said...

Good Day my friend. Thanks so much for the awards. We here had a good Saturday and today will be as warm. Yesterday we had 67 and right now it is 45 and going up with the sun shining. Have a great Sunday.

Love and Hugs,

Denise said...

Good Morning and congrats on those awards....... I think your weather is much like mine.... It is going to be 70 here today and I hope to take advantage of it..... I have so much yard work to do....... Have a nice quiet Sunday and I am glad that you are back out and about.... Life gets a bit toooo busy sometimes........


Loretta said...

Good Morning..I think I will have some hot tea this morning. This sun is wonderfull! I don't know where we will put more rain, but I always say we need it or the good Lord wouldn't send it. Have a great day.


Hootin' Anni said...

Hello-o-o-o-o?!!! Anybody here? No sign of Karen....guess she's out visiting and catching up on the blogland 'gossip'!! Okay, very well...I'll just grab a cup of tea and talk with me alone...or perhaps I'll just leave you a note. Ya, that'll do....I'll write something down as I sip on the tea and hope you find it here.

I am so relieved to hear that your hubby and uncle made it back home safely. Boy, they don't give 'em much 'rest time' do they? He's out on the road again? Already? I do hope it's a safe journey for them both.

Laundry? Oh ya...I should be doing that too. I'm gonna wait tho, this is gonna be my day off. Just to do nothing at all. [except for the dishes that are waiting for me in the kitchen...nah, no dishwasher today, not that many.]

Then, Bud and I went really early to walk the beach and watch the sun rise. I got some pictures today [even a short video] on the camera of the sunrise and the waves washing in on the jetty. Will get them uploaded to the computer and see if any turned out good enough to share tomorrow or sometime this week. Then.......maybe start painting a picture.

I do need to drop by others' blogs too today. I best get some time in for them....sorry you were out gabbing with the others. LOLOLOL

Thanks for the award. I'll add that asap!!! You're a sweetie.

Have a peaceful day. Enjoy the sunshine while you can.

bj said...

Sweet Karen, thank you so much for all these beautiful awards you've kindly offered to us...I took them home with me and will post them on my sidebar tomorrow....
Hugs, bj

Mary said...


I am so glad you had time to spend with your DH. I know how much the two of you appreciate some time alone and it's so generous of your parents to take the girls.

Have faith, my friend. Your DH and his uncle will have a better week this week. I will be keeping them in my prayers, as always.

Thank you so much for the awards. I have some of them so chose to leave those for others. I did take two though and I want to thank you so much.

Take care and enjoy your Sunday with the girls.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your awards!

Yey for sunshine and yey for time with your DH!!

Hugs and love.

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
So glad you got some alone time with you hubby. Every marriage needs that!
All the awards you have rec'd are so well-deserved. You're so gracious to share them with your readers.
I would never ever think of you as a bad blogger. I think each blogger needs to find the balance that works right for them!
hugs! said...

Congrats on all your lovely awards!! Thanks for sharing them with us too!!
So glad your hubby made it home ok!! It sounds like you all have had a little to much Rain!!! Love and Hugs Grams

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for the awards don't have any special plans for the week...thats how I like it...prolly just some shopping and doing things with the kiddos...they'll prolly have some friends sleepover....who knows!

I hope you have a great week!

Betty said...

Hi Karen,

You are not a bad blogger, but I will have to say I have missed your posting and visiting. I do understand though that we all have a need at times to just get away from the computer for a while.

Congratulations on all your awards, Karen, you are most deserving. And thank you for passing them on to me.

I tagged you for a fun meme, Karen. I hope you will hop on over to my blog to check it out.

Lib said...

Hi Miz. Karen,
Running late again .lol Thanks for the cof. and all the awards anf kind words.
We had rain all wk. now the sun is out:o) Thanks for sending it my way:o)
So glad you and Dh got to spend time alone.:o) I hope and pray they have a better work week.
Hope you have a great day.
L,H.B Lib

Denise said...

You are such a sweet person, bless you. I love you my friend.

Love Bears All Things said...

good afternoon, Karen. I have arrived safely. Thanks for your prayers. I hope your DH is having good driving and weather so far. I saw lots of evidence of flooding but none on the road. I know we needed the rain. I heard them say that some areas in north Georgia had caught up on their need for water, I'm thankful for that.
The Bradford Pears have finished blooming. I'm hoping my breathing continues to improve. I am still coughing a lot and breathing shallow. I'm so tired of it.
Mama Bear

smileymamaT said...

Thanks! I have no idea how to take that over to my own blog, but it's the thought that I appreciate!! Sounds really warm there... ah, we'll get that soon enough. Biscuits and gravy, yummmm...

dabrah said...

Hi Karen, it's 11.30 pm and I'm just catching up on who's said what today. I can appreciate what your husband must have been feeling last week (but only a little) because I drove to Sheffield this afternoon and it was snowing on the way back, and I have to admit I felt nervous. I hope the weather behaves a bit better for him and his uncle this week.

Renie Burghardt said...

Good Evening, Karen,

Hope you're not in bed yet! We did have a beautiful day today, didn't we? I was out enjoying it, and now my younger son is on the way, and he'll be here a couple of days.

Hope your DH doesn't run into any more bad weather in Wyoming, or anywhere else. I'm glad you had some alone time together, and he even got to serenade you with his guitar! How romantic is that?

Congratulations on all the beautiful awards and thank you for passing them on. You are a generous spirit.

Have a great Sunday evening, and an equally great Monday. But have your umbrella handy by Tuesday. LOL.

Until next time....

Love and Hugs,


Cottage Contessa said...

How fun is this! It must be the day for awards sweetie because I have something for you over at my place too! Congratulations on the ones you recieved here today!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Jackie said...

Thank you so much for the awards Karen.

So glad that you got to spend some time with your husband.

Slowly spring is arriving here and today I went out to check for flowers and buds. Low and behold I have a few green shoots coming up.

God bless.

PEA said...

Hello dear Karen:-)

It's 11:10 p.m. so it's still Sunday...whew! lol It was such a beautiful sunny weekend, I spent a lot of it outside and also went into town to do some shopping. Glad to hear the sun came out for you over there too:-)

How wonderful that you got to spend some alone time with your hubby...sounds like you had a nice relaxing time with him. I'm sure he always needs to unwind after being out on the road like that. I watched "Next" a few months ago and I agree with you, it was a very good movie:-)

Congratulations on all the well deserved awards dear friend!! And leave it to you to be so kind as to pass them all on to us as well...thank you so much for that and thank you for being YOU!!!

You could never be a bad blogger...a good blogger is when you know you don't have to post or visit everyone every day:-) I use to try to be like that but I was spending way too much time at the Susie says, we need to find a balance that suits us:-) xoxo

Dawn said...

WE had a nice Sunday, mostly sunny. It was good to worship the Lord and enjoy the beauty He created.

I didn't get very many pictures of the dedication, but will post what I did get. Someone else took videos with our camera, so that's good.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Karen! How are you? It was a beautiful day here today! The sun was shining and it was so warm out! The boys played outside all day! I am glad you have a nice day with your family!

Love ya,

Nonna said...

Happy Monday morning to you Karen!! I hope your feeling better today! Its going to be a lovely spring day here in East Texas it looks like! Hope you have the same! Take care and have a blessed week!

CIELO said...

A cup of coffe with you will be nice. Thank you.

Congrats on your awards!

Have a lovely day, Karen


Julie said...

You are so sweet Karen! I am glad your hubby and his Uncle are back safe and sound. Must be nerve racking to be a truck drivers wife sometimes!

I am going to be away in Oklahoma covering a horse show from Wednesday through the I will be playing blog catch up next week (that is - AFTER my article is written and submitted!) so have a great week..and weekend!

Angela said...

Glad you & hubs had a wonderful night together:-). I love having breakfast for supper. Yum Yum!!!.
Hope you have a wonderful day today:-).

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
I've been a bad blogging buddy lately so I thought I'd better check up on you today. I've had some bad days lately with this blood sugar but I know you can understand that.

I hope all is well with you and I hope you're enjoying your new home. Take care, my friend.

Love and Hugs,
Hope said...

Hi Karen I found my Meme and I tagged you for it!! When ever you get time!! Thanks again for the awards!! Love Grams

Mike Golch said...

Karen,just to pay homage to some of my roots.Gutten Tag,Frau.I'll take my coffee with some cream or milk no sugar,thank you. Congrats on the awards.

Judy said...

Karen, you naughty girl! I've missed you visiting me and I hope that I'll see your sweet little comments on my blog soon.