Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,

I do hope everyone had a great Tuesday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 28 degrees and the winds are calm this morning. So, therefore, we have no windchill right now. Well, did anyone get any Snow yesterday? When I had done my post yesterday morning, we were under a Winter Weather Advisory. When I took the girls to School yesterday morning, we were only getting a little Freezing Rain. It wasn't nothing major but you could see it on the power lines and some of the Pine Trees. My Mother had called me around 8:30a.m. yesterday morning and wanted to know if it was Snowing here. I told her not that I knew of. She said she had just looked out her Kitchen window and said it was Snowing there. Well, I went and looked out my Kitchen window as well and lo and behold, it was Snowing. Yeap, it was Snowing here. Now don't get all excited, it was coming down fairly good but the flakes weren't that big. It did accumulate just a bit on some things outside and a little here and there on the grass, but it wasn't even a dusting. But, it Snowed and that's what counts right? LOL. I did take a picture of it with my Cell Phone, but I am going to wait and show it on Friday for a Photo Phun picture. It was really cold yesterday as well. At noon it was only 30 degrees. Late yesterday afternoon it did make it up to 34 degrees. This week so far has been like being on a Rollercoaster and the rest of the week appears to be the same. Today it's suppose to get up to around 53 degrees and then cold again tomorrow and then on Friday, guess what? Another chance for some Wintry Mix. It looks like March came in like a lamb, but it is now being a lion. LOL. Who knows how the rest of the month will be.

The Gas Company guy called me yesterday morning and was wanting me to meet him over at the other house so he could turn the gas on. I went over there and when I was driving up the Water Department guy was pulling up also. The water got turned on, but the Gas Company guy said it would be better to wait and turn the gas on when the Electric Company comes out today and turns the electricity on. He said that way he could light the furnace and make sure it will work. I said that would be okay. So, today sometime, the gas and electricity will be turned on at the other house. I called the Cable Company yesterday afternoon and they will transfer the Cable and Internet Services on over there on Monday. So, I will be posting thru Friday morning. Hopefully I will get back to my regular posting on Tuesday morning. It's not going to be as long as a wait as I had figured it would be.

Since I was in and out for part of the day yesterday, I didn't do no major cooking. Nope, not last night I didn't. The girls had their after School Tutoring and when they got home they wanted to go see the other house so I took them over there. When we left there, we went by the store and I bought a frozen pizza and some hot pockets and that is what I fixed for our supper last night. I was also very tired and sleepy by then since I had been up since 1:30a.m. yesterday morning. I didn't even get to take me a nap during the day, so around 7:15p.m. I was ready for the bed. I went to bed and my DH called me just shortly after I had layed down and he was about 48 miles into the state of Arkansas. I told him I was going to sleep and to call me before he got to the house so I could get up and unlock the door for him. He has a key, but I want to know it's him fixing to come in the house and not someone else. LOL. He didn't have to call me. I woke up around 11:20p.m. and I called him. He was in town and fixing to drop his Uncle off at his house. I got on up and came in the front room and waited on him. He got to the house around 11:30p.m. There was a couple of pieces of Pizza left from our supper, so he ate that and we sat up and talked for about an hour and went to bed. I woke up around 4:10a.m. and I started my coffee. I have to get my DH up around 11:00a.m. so he can get ready to head out.

I went to the Post Office yesterday afternoon around 3:15p.m. and checked the mail. I got my new NOAA Weather Radio in . It is really nice. I still have to read the instructions and figure out how to set everything, but I will probably do it sometime today. I have laundry to do today as well. I also have a doctor's appointment at 1:00p.m. today also. It's just a regular check-up I have for my Diabetes. It's time for me to have my prescription's re-filled, so I have to go and let them check me out. I don't have to drive very far to my doctor. The office is in Monette, AR, which is about 10 miles from where we live.

Well, guess I will go for now. I didn't visit very much yesterday at all. I did make my rounds yesterday morning, but some hadn't posted while I was on the computer, so I need to try and catch up with everyone again. Just know I have some coffee waiting on you here and if I'm not here, just help yourself to a cup of coffee. If you don't like coffee, there is some Chamomile Instant Tea for you to have. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.



Hootin' Anni said...

Mornin' dear Karen! Am I the first to come by? Yep, it looks that way....but maybe by the time I get a chance to click the publish comment someone else will beat me in here. LOL ---I'm not sure if I've ever been here this early.

Laundry? Yuk. That sounds like work to me. I think sometimes a maid would be good. For us all. Don't you?

You got your radio already? Way cool!! But more power to you...reading and understanding the directions as you say you're going to figure out today...on it's operation, well --for me, reading that stuff goes zipping right over my head. I guess I'm more blond than you. I need hubby to tell me in ENGLISH what I just read. rofl

Okay, I best get me some juice and then I'll do something important. What? I don't'll come to me as I saunter around in my early morning daze.....

Have a great day.

Leeann said...

Morning, Karen!
I don't go in to work for a while so I'm enjoying visiting this morning. I don't drink much coffee, though, so I'm fuzzy headed! I am glad you got your radio in - it will be a comfort to you when there are storms in the area so you can keep on top of what's going on. If you're like me, you don't want any surprises! We are cold and cloudy here this morning then will be around 50 this afternoon and by this weekend, it will be in the 30's for the high again. Crazy weather!

I hope you have a wonderful day and a good visit to the dr. I would love to see pictures of your new house when you get moved in!

Love and hugs,

Nonna said...

Good morning Karen!

How is the move going? We want to see pics once your all moved in! Did you get your new camera yet? I bet you are excited to get it, I sure would be!

Have fun with your new weather radio,that is really neat that you wont that!!

Good luck at your dr. appointment!

Take care and have a blessed day!

SweetAnnee said...

Hi Karen dear!!
no snow here, but close they got INCHES!!

So glad your move is working out so well.
it'll be great to get settled in.

Hope you have a great day..
love to you

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Good Morning Kathy! It sounds like you are getting everything straightened out for your move! I am sure that is a relief to get done!

The snow skipped out part of the state and I am so glad! The sun is shining bright today and I hope some more snow melts! Though it is supposed to be cold until the end of the week. Which is fine, as long the sun stays out and it doesnt snow!

Hope you have a beautiful day!

bj said...

'Morning, Sweet Karen,
Ah, ha! You finally got a little snow, hu? I'm glad, since you've been wanting some.
Sounds like things are going smoothly on your move. How nice to be getting into another will have fun fixing it all up to suit you.
Have a really good day....and stay warm.
hugs, bj

Linda said...

Hi Karen, Yay, you got your snow! We are having spring like weather here but showers possibly this weekend.

Your move to your new place sounds like it's coming right along, it will be fun to get settled in your new place and fix things just like you want them.

Take care and hope all goes well at the doctor's. Hugs, Linda

Mary said...


I'm glad you got your radio. I wish you good luck setting it up. Those technical things are beyond me. Michelle is good and so is hubby, so I let them do it.

I'm glad DH got home for a few hours. I feel sorry for the truckers in this area. We had freezing rain all night Monday night and then ice pellets all night last night. We have about 2 inches of ice on everything.

Take care, my friend. Glad to know that you are all safe and sound. I saw the Arkansas roads on tv but I guess that was in the north.


Chrissie said...

God Mornin', dear friend! Thanks for stopping by. That's my niece, which I have very many of, as you could tell! LOL!
How wonderful to have snow! that is sure neat - can't wait to see the pictures! Temps are climbing over here, and things are popping up already - spring is here.
Hope you have a wonderful day!
God bless you!

dabrah said...

Hi Karen, What a coincidence that we both got snow at the same time. I hope your doctor's appointment went well. Take care.

Mary Isabella said...

Good afternoon Karen I am late getting around. I hope all went well with the doctor's appointment.....Mary

Michelle said...

Hi Karen,

I hope your doctor's appointment goes well. It sounds like you will be busy with the least you don't have far to go, but sometimes that's just as much work! Pizza..I'm having that for dinner tomrrow night. Love it!

Have a great afternoon.


Lisa said...

Thie coffee was good today :)
I know the snow was pretty. It feels like spring time here. My DH and I have bronchitus so even though is pretty outside. I dont feel like going out. I hope all goes well with your doctor visit. Have a great day. Love & Hugs. Lisa

Jackie said...

We did get a little snow around noon yesterday, and then again this morning we got what hubby calls a skiff. Sure hope it warms up soon. I am looking forward to spring and green grass.

Enjoy your snow. I can hardly wait to see the picture.

God bless

Denise said...

Hey sweetie, glad you got your radio. Good luck at the doctor, praying for you. please take care, I love you.

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
Yes, I know that I'm too late for coffee today, but I'm here!

Well, I see it's time for the hard work to begin..moving! I sure hope I never have to do that again and I don't envy you. It is exciting that you're getting a new and better house. So nice of the landlord not to charge you a deposit too. Most would. Are the girls exited about the move?

Our weather here is so strange right now. Yesterday we had tornados touching down in areas around us but not here. One tore up a little town near us but as far as I know nobody got hurt, just a lot of damage to houses and businesses and trees down everywhere.

I hope your diabetes check up went okay today. My blood sugar seems to be doing a little better today and should continue to improve. I still feel lousy though and I'm hoping that will improve soon too. I keep getting the shakes and my heart palpitating. It's scary at times.

Thank you for your prayers. You're a dear friend.

Love and Hugs,

Mountain Mama said...

Well Karen it's evening time here and we don't have any snow. In fact, I plan to mow the lawn tomorrow. Today's temp was in the 50's and the sun was nice and warm. It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow. I plan to be home all day. My niece is coming to visit.
I was out shopping today. Prices have come up even more. I can't believe I paid $3.59 for ten pounds of flour. I can remember when I paid 89 cents and thought that was bad! LOL
I hope you have an wonderful rest of the week and week end.
God bless

Greeneyes said...

Hi Karen ,
I dont usually get here till after dark or later but I like your little sign below
Come on in the coffee is always on!
Us night owls roost with a cup or two in the evenings .
Hope your girls are well and all of ye are feeling well and enjoying your flurries (GIGGGGGGLING) I wish I could you send you a few truck loads right about now,HAHA . we have so mucuh of it here .Although the strangest thing it is raining hard tonight (weird weather)(hope it takes most of the white stuff!)
You take care
God Bless .

Mike Golch said...

Karen,I truely hope that you had a good day,good luck on the move to the new house.If you donot get back to blogging on tuesady we will all understand. Of course ther are always the internet coffee shops,and i sometimes go to thelibrary to use the net.

Betty said...

Not to worry, Karen, as I don't always get around to visiting every day.

I'm glad you got some snow. It was supposed to have snowed here, but it didn't. Story of my life,ha.

I love your coffee signs you have been posting lately.

I didn't know you are diabetic. My hubby is a bad diabetic. He takes 3 shots a day.

Karen, I have something for you on my Thursday Thirteen post for tomorrow, but it has already been published. So you can drop by any time.

Have a good night.


Grandy said...

Good morning Karen!! I just wanted to stop by and wish you luck with your moving and cleaning and other fun stuff. Hope you are well!!


Denise said...

I hate moving but it sounds like you are getting things done,, and Hey I like that new radio....... you will have to let me know what you think of it...... I have not been out and about much here in blog land the past few days and I do miss visiting with ya'll... hahahah blessings to you and lets pray that we miss all this snow coming.!!!!!!

Angela (Gran) said...

Hi Karen...I am so glad that you are moving. It is always so nice to fix a new place up and make it your home. You are making excellent progress with getting things set up for your move.

Congratulations on winning the Weather Radio...if anyone deserved it do.. our precious weather girl.: )

Also I am so glad that you finally got at least a dusting of snow. Maybe in the next few weeks you will get a little more. With this crazy weather this winter I guess anything is possible.

Thanks for your prayers, visits and sweet comments. I really appreciate your visits.

May your day be filled with many blessings.