Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,

I do hope that everyone had a great Monday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 33 degrees with a windchill of 20 degrees. The winds are out of the North Northeast at 16mph with gust's up to 25mph. I looked out my Kitchen window a few minutes ago and it's not doing anything outside. Yesterday we had rain. We had some heavy rains. It rained all day and it was still raining when I went to bed last night around 9:00p.m. Have I mentioned that we got some rain yesterday? LOL. Yall, the bottom fell out and I bet we got about 4 or 5 inches of rain here yesterday and last night. We were under a Flash Flood Warning until 3:30p.m. yesterday and it was extended until 9:30p.m. last night. We are still under one but it's due to the River's rising some around here tho. I also noticed that we are under a Winter Weather Advisory until noon today. Hmmmm, are they telling me something I don't know? LOL. Our local weather guy did say on the 6:00pm. forecast that we could see a dusting of Snow around here. Places to our North could get 3 to 5 inches of Snow. But since this is Arkansas, we will have to wait and see what happens. I'm not going to hold my breath for any Snow. LOL. I won't believe it till I actually see it.

I would like to "THANK" each and everyone that took the time yesterday to go and visit my friend, LeeAnn@ yesterday. I noticed last night before I went to bed that she was so excited about all the visitors that dropped by. I knew I could count on all of my friends here in blogland to go and visit her and leave her some words of encouragement. "THANK YOU" all again so much. I know LeeAnn appreciated it very much and I did as well.

Our Landlord came out yesterday afternoon and I signed the new Rental Lease on our other house. I got the key to it as well. He had told my DH on the phone Saturday night that we wouldn't have to put up another deposit on the house. "PRAISE GOD" for that. He did have me to write him a check for a deposit, but said he would give it back to me this weekend. It's a security in case I don't clean up the house we are living in now and have it like it was when we moved in here. Of course after we get everything out, I will clean it up. After he left, I called the Water Department and Gas Company and they are going to transfer those utilities sometime today. It will be Wednesday before the Electric Company comes out to transfer the electricity. It will be next week before I can have the Cable & Internet transferred. So, it looks like I will be able to post for most of the week. So, I am going to be moving some small stuff this week and on Saturday, my DH will get someone to help him move all of the big things. Hopefully we will have everything moved out by late Saturday afternoon. I can then come over here on Sunday and clean this house up. The utilities will still be on here till we are all done. I will just have to call the utility companies and let them know when to turn things off here. I am excited about the move, but it's the moving part I always dread.

I fixed me and the girls some Ramen Noodles for our supper last night. Me and our youngest daughter had a can of Vienna Sausages to go with ours also. Since it was raining so hard, I didn't want to get out in the rain and have to go to the store. I did get out yesterday afternoon after our Landlord left and went to the Dollar General Store. I had to get some cereal, milk, and some more coffee and a few other things. I got soaking wet getting in and out of the vehicle. Also, instead of the girls riding the bus home, I called out to the School and told the Secretary to tell them I would be out in the car line to pick them up. They have a big awning by the West door you can pull up under so they don't get wet. After I picked them up, we came home and stayed in for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I'm not sure what I will fix for our supper tonight just yet. I know it needs to be something warm and comforting tho. Also, since my DH will be home sometime late tonight, he will get to have another home cooked meal as well.

The last time I talked to my DH last night was around 9:00p.m. last night and they had already left North Las Vegas and he was headed down to Kingman, AZ, to get on to Interstate 40. He is kind of low on minutes and he said he would call me this morning before he goes to bed. I will have to get him some more minutes before he leaves out going up North tomorrow. I just hope that Interstate 40 isn't Snow covered in the Northwest part of the state.

I would like for everyone to keep some of our blogging friends in their Prayers. There have been so many that has had that flu bug that's been going around. Mary@ has had it and she is feeling some better. My friend, Anne@ had it last week and she is feeling better as well. Also, Hope@ found out last Friday that she is a Diabetic. She has been put on medicine, but I don't think her body is adjusting to it just yet. I know there are many others out here in blogland that are sick or have been sick, so when you are praying, please pray for everyone and the one's I have mentioned above. This is one thing I really love about my friends here in blogland, you can always count on them for Prayers. We all know that Prayer is Powerful and Prayers do work.

Well, guess I'll go for now. I woke up around 1:30a.m. and I am on my second cup of coffee. I am going to go start my visiting as some had not posted early like me yesterday. I am going to be making my rounds early this morning. LOL. I'll do my best not to disturb you when I stop by. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

NOTE: For some reason blogger isn't letting me upload my signature, so I just typed in my name. We all know how blogger can be sometimes.


Denise said...

Good morning my sweet friend, it is pouring down rain here in tennessee. We are suppose to have storms all day. Thanks for leading me to Leeann, she is a sweet lady. Take care, have a nice day. I love you.

Nonna said...

I hope you have a good day! Good luck with the move and everything!

Love Bears All Things said...

This is the first time I've read about you moving. Bless you, I know it is a lot of work. I sincerely hope that when I move the next time, it will be our last. I hope you have lots of help.
Have a good one,
Mama Bear

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Good Morning Karen! I didnt realize you were moving! I hope all goes well with that! It rained here yesterday and today the sun is out. Tonight, we are supposed to ge a bunch of sno!! UGGHH I am so sick of it!!!!! SPRING where are you?

Thank you for your sweet compliments on the new look of my blog! :)


Brandy said...

Hey Karen I wanted to come by and congradulate you on your new place. I also wanted to thank you for the emails I have really enjoyed them. Also I wanted to tell that I have not forgot my awards I have not been on much at all, but I will get them and take them home with me! It may be later on today, but I will be back!

bj said...

Hi, sweet Karen that LOVES coffee!
I wish we could all band together and come over and help you move into your new place. Well, maybe if you do as you say and move small boxes and things over, it will sure help your DH when he gets home and ready to move the big stuff. I am really anxious to see your new place. Maybe that new camera will come in and you can share pictures with us!!?!!
I hope your day is just plumb full of blessings....hugs, bj

Grandy said...

Maybe for dinner you should make some chili & cornbread? I like to make that for the boys when it's cold. It's warm, hearty & fills you up. ;)

Chrissie said...

Morning! Glad you stopped by today! Yeah, I'm going on a cruise to from San Francisco to Canada and back. Not too adventurous, but enough to say we've been somewhere, and relaxed! :)
I'm so glad the move is going smoothly for you! I know how it can be, after 15 moves, I'm tired just thinking about it! LOL!
God bless your day! You can count on my prayers! :)

Angela said...

We got some rain this morning and now the sun is out and bright:-). I'm ready for the weatehr men not to mention snow *giggles*. Glad things are going along for the upcoming move:-).
Take care and have a wonderful day!!

Jackie said...

Hope that you have a wonderful day Karen. Get a bit of sleep sometime today if possible.

The weather here got colder and snowy, sure hope that winter leaves soon.

Congratulations on your upcoming move. I hope you enjoy the new place.

God bless.

dabrah said...

Karen, you must be so excited about moving. I hope it all goes as smoothly as can be.

PEA said...

Hasn't the weather been just unbelievable this winter! We had rain yesterday as well but today it's cold...15F at the moment. I heard on the radio that Baghdad had snow for the first time in history!

I just went to visit she'll have more visitors than she can handle! hehe I love meeting new people:-)

Karen!!! How wonderful that you're going to be moving into your house again! I didn't realize that was going to happen but I'm sure glad it is. I can well imagine how excited you are about moving back in but as you say, the moving itself can be such a pain!! Wish I was there to help you!

You're right...prayer is indeed a very powerful thing. So many of our dear blogging friends are going through tough times right now, my heart truly goes out to all of them.

Well, I must get back to the kitchen...hope I haven't burned dinner! lol Love ya! xoxo

Betty said...

Karen, I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you will get some snow. Everybody deserves to see a little snow at least during the winter months. I've already seen a little and felt bad that you didn't get it as usually my weather and your's is about the same.

I hope you don't get sick from getting soaking wet.


Mike Golch said...

Karen,my dear bloging you have highlglited some blogging friends I went to vist and say Hi,which is my way of providing moral support.I still have go visit Hope,and will shortly.
I aslways enjoy stopping by and haveing coffe with you.I truely hope that you and yours have a great day.

Loretta said...

Guess what? I got some snow!!! It was the good kind, didn't stick on our roads and Westside had school!! It wasen't much, but it was pretty. I wondered today if you had any. My friend in Walnut Ridge got a couple inches and had no school. Funny what difference 20 miles can make. Stay warm,


Renie Burghardt said...

Good Evening, Karen,

Guess what? We got 3 inches of snow today! Real pretty, wet snow that clung to the trees and all. Sorry it missed you again. The sun came out late afternoon though, and a lot of it melted. The road looks good as does my long driveway, so it looks like I won't have a problem getting out of here tomorrow. As pretty as the snow made everything look, I am tired of winter!

Moving is a big job, for sure. I hope it all goes well. Enjoy your family this evening, and hope you cooked up a good meal for your DH! LOL. I'm sure you did.

Have a wonderful evening, my friend.

Love and Hugs,


Joyce said...

Hi Karen, Just a short note. Hubby and I just got back from a meeting and it took us 5 hours to travel through the sleet, ice, and blowing snow. Hubby had to stop every 20 miles to clean off the front window and whipers. Stop by tomorrow and you can read all about it. I am to tired to post any thing tonight. Congratulations on a better home and right next door.

Love and hugs,

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi got up at 1:30? Holy are an early bird!!

I didn't know you were moving...did you already tell us and I just missed it?

Sharon said...

Wow...stay dry, it sounds like you have had lots of rain! Just wanted to stop and say hello.

Have a great evening. ~ Sharon

Leeann said...

Hi, Karen!
I guess you and I will be moving together, huh? It's not fun by any means but the end result will be great. I can't wait to be on our little farm and start fixing my house up the way I want. God has blessed me so.

I hope you have a great evening and maybe soon, you'll get some snow!


BritGal' Sarah said...

Karen I am learning to have the same response to forecasts of snow around these parts...yeh right, believe it when I see it Y'ALL!

Mary said...


Thank you for asking your readers to pray for me. I am feeling a little better but am very fatigued still.

I am excited that you are moving. I too dread the actual moving part of it but it's always nice to settle into a place more suited to our lifestyles. We have been in this house for 16 years and I would hate to have to move, yet would like something more suitable. We live on a hill and there is stairs going down to the sidewalk at both entrances. I'm not sure how long I'm going to be able to do them.

I am keeping DH and his uncle in my prayers, as always. Drop over for a visit when you get a chance. I've sure missed you and all of my blogging buddies.


Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Karen...

I'm late getting around to visiting others since I've been home this afternoon, but wanted to stop by and wish you a good evening.

How exciting to have a new home! I bet you can't wait to get settled. And if he's going to renovate your home that you're living in now, why the big concern on him wanting you to have it cleaned up? That makes no sense...but I'm not a landlord either!!! rofl

Have a terrific evening. Gotta go back to CNN. :o)

Mississippi Songbird said...

Prayers to those in need, Sweety
God Bless you.. Bunches of hugs.Have a wonderful Wednesday..