Thursday, March 6, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,
Well, I hope that everyone had a great Wednesday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 40 degrees with a windchill of 36 degrees. The winds are out of the North at 7mph. We had a pretty nice day yesterday. The Sun shone and it made it up to 50 degrees. It was a tad bit on the windy side, but nothing too bad. Oh, I have seen it windy before. Clouds are suppose to start moving in sometime today and start raining again. Then later tonight, it is suppose to turn to SNOW!!!! Yes Maam', that's what they are saying. We will be under a Winter Storm Watch beginning tonight and going thru tomorrow evening. They are saying we could get anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of SNOW. So maybe, just maybe, keep your fingers crossed for me here, LOL, we may get some measureable SNOW this time. But, weather is always changing, so we will have to wait and see what it does.

I went to see the doctor yesterday. They took some blood from my finger and did some kind of test for my blood sugar. She came back in and told me that one of my levels, I can't remember what it was, but it was 8.4 and they like it to be under 7. She increased my pill intake to 2 in the mornings and still 1 at night. I have to go back and see her in 3 months. Other than that, I was just fine.

Today is "THANKFUL THURSDAY". It is hosted by Iris@ If you would like to participate, please go visit Iris and sign the Mr. Linky and leave Iris a comment and then post your "THANKFUL THURSDAY". Today's "THANKFUL THURSDAY" is about TRUTH. Wow, is that ever a big word there. I don't like it when people don't tell me the TRUTH. Sometimes I can tell if a person is lying to me or telling me the TRUTH. There's just something about them when they are talking to me that makes me know the difference. JESUS said to him, "I am the way, and the TRUTH, and the life. No one comes to the FATHER except thru ME. (John 14:6). I am "THANKFUL" that GOD is the TRUTH. I am "THANKFUL" that JESUS died for my sins so that I am able to know the TRUTH. I am a sinner and I fall short of HIS Glory, but I am "THANKFUL" that GOD forgives me when I fail HIM. I am "THANKFUL" for our Freedom that we have to be able to read GOD'S TRUTH. I do my best to follow GOD'S TRUTH, but sometimes I stumble and fall down. But GOD'S TRUTH is there to pick me back up. What do you have to be "THANKFUL" for on this "THANKFUL THURSDAY"? Please feel free to let me know what you are "THANKFUL" for in my comment section if you would like.

I didn't cook again last night. LOL. I know, I've been lagging in the cooking department lately, but I just haven't felt like doing alot of cooking. My Parents had gone to Jonesboro yesterday to do their monthly grocery shopping. As I was on my way to the doctor I called my Mom and asked her to pick me up some of my Diet Caffeine Free Soda's that I drink and a case of Water for the girls. They got here to the house just as the girls were getting home from School. They had bought us more than the soda's and water I had asked for. They had bought us 5 packages of Bryan Bologna and Hot Dogs. We also got some ground chuch, 5 cans of Pringles, Ice Cream, Banana's, and some Easter Cakes for the girls. So for our supper last night, we had bologna sandwiches and some chips. I sure did appreciate it. All that bologna will come in handy this weekend if we get to move. LOL. I don't like to have alot of stuff cooked in the refridgerator while we are moving. I have a Stainless Steel, side by side, with water and ice thru the door, refridgerator. Oh, I love it. The doors has to be taken off during the move and then I have to take everything out of the freezer and fridge, so I don't like to have alot of stuff in the fridge part.

The Gas Company guy will be out sometime today to turn the gas on over at the other house. They came out yesterday morning and turned the electricity on. I will start moving some small things after the gas is turned on because it is cold in the house over there. I think my Mom is suppose to come up and help me move some things as well.

I talked to my DH last night around 9:45p.m. and he was fixing to go to bed. He is driving days until they come home. Him and his Uncle decided to do some switching up in the driving department so it would be a change for them. He told me he would call me this morning when he got up. When he called, they were up North of St. Louis, MO, and his Uncle would be taking the load up to the place in White Bear Lake, MN. I went and got him some minutes for his Cell Phone yesterday afternoon, so he will be calling me thru out the day today.

Yesterday afternoon when I was fixing to go into the doctor's office I seen the UPS Truck out front of the doctor's office. I seen a lady fixing to go into the truck and I asked her if she delivered to Caraway. She said she did. I told her I was expecting a package and she wanted to know my physical address, so I told her. She looked inside and I had a package. It was my new Digital Camera. After I got out of the doctor's office, I called my DH and told him I had gotten it. He told me not to open it until he got home. LOL. He said he would look at it Friday evening and install the software to my computer. I'm thinking he is more excited about the camera than I am. LOL. He knows more about doing all those things than I do, so I will wait until he comes on and look at it.

Well, guess I will go for now. I have just started drinking my first cup of coffee. I will start my visiting and see who is up and who isn't. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.



Nonna said...

oh goodness, how can you stand the wait?? LOL I"d be trying that new camera out!!! LOL

I'm thankful for my family and friends!!

Leeann said...

Good morning, Karen!

I'm so happy for you about your new will LOVE it! I'm also happy that you had a good report from the dr. That is one place I hate going, don't you?

We are still planning on our trip to see the granddaughters this weekend. There is snow in the forecast for Sat. and I'm praying that it will hold off until we get past the real mountainous areas. I don't want anything to keep us from going. It'll be a crazy weekend because we'll be getting up extra early both Sat. and Sun. plus with daylight savings time, we'll lose an hour of sleep, but those girls are worth it.

I'm happy to be off work today and I am going to my new house to start emptying boxes and I also have to go to the phone co. and get our phone service as we will be using a diffeent one than the one we have now. So much to do and so little time!

Have a wonderful Thursday, Karen. I'm thankful to have a day off!


Hootin' Anni said...

Mornin' Karen!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, excited, excited. Now only about your move, but you receiving your camera. Oh goodie, oh goodie!!! I can't wait to see all you're going to share with us in photos.

Here, it's the last day of freedom for a week!! Today is the last day without college students coming down on us like fleas!! [Friday is the last day before colleges/universities begin their Spring Break...] And, Corpus is always a city they flock to, and mess it up good. LOL [especially the beaches] So, we'll probably go to the beach today and walk, and then laze around town for a bit, enjoying the quiet and no 'busy' traffic with the teens/younguns' moving in on us for the next week!

It's now 68 degrees here, and there is predicted cold fronts and storms moving in for the weekend, so maybe the WHOLE city will be filled to the brim --theaters, shopping centers you name it if the weather isn't good for them to be at the beaches, partying. I'm gonna hole-up and stay home for a whole week. rofl

Happy day to you. Enjoy those bologna sammiches. I love that stuff. Fried and velveeta cheese on top! Yummy.

Joyce said...

Hello Karen,
I bet you are getting excited about your move. Finally, the camera is in your hands. I would open and then tape it back. You are one calm lady to wait for a few days to open your gift. Take care and have a good day.

Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thankful Thursday list. TC

mine is here My Life's Adventure

CIELO said...

Good morning Karen, thank you for reminding me that YES.... SPRING IS ALMOST HERE; finally!

I've been busy these days writing. I finally decided I better start writing again, so my weekly rounds vising blog friends has been very slow, but hey, here I am..... wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Linda said...

Hi Karen and good morning, I have my coffee in hand for a little chat.
You are going to have such fun with your camera....Aren't you even going take a little peek before hubby gets home:)?

I hope you get to move this weekend, it's work but so exciting to be getting a new place. Just make a bunch of sandwichs , because it's just to hard to try and cook when you are moving. Hey, do you ever put chips on you bologna sandwich? Don't laugh, it's good.
Have a good day blessings to you and yours and safe travels for your hubby and his uncle. Hugs, Linda

Denise said...

I am so glad that your doctor visit went well sweetie, take care. I enjoyed your thankful thursday list. I love you my friend.

Mary Isabella said...

I will think of you and pray for you as you are busy moving this weekend.....Blessings

Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing your gratefulness.

dabrah said...

Karen, I think I'm more excited about that camera than you are. Good grief, how are you managing to wait until your husband gets home? Finally, it's arrived. You'll be able to take pictures of your move and everything. How exciting! I'm glad your doctor's visit went well. Your parents are so sweet to get you all those treats.
I've put my 100th post giveaway up on my blog. I hope you'll put your name down for it.

Angela said...

Oh goodie a new camera!!! I expect tons of pics m-kay? *giggles*
Have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen let me know how you like your new camera - which one did you get?
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Jackie said...

Thanks for the coffee and the visit. I am happy that you have gotten your new camera. Now you can post lots of pictures. LOL.

Tonight is dress rehearsal and I already feel the butterflies starting in my stomach. Sure hope we manage to get out of the church before midnight.

God Bless.

Love Bears All Things said...

Hi Karen,
I just got home from my quilt class. The patterns we did today were a challenge. We have lots of homework. I was going to go and do my grocery shopping but was just too tired. If we don't get snowed in, I'll go in the morning when I'm fresh. J will be home late tonight from his trip so I don't have to cook dinner. I love bologna sandwiches in the summer when I have tomato to go on them. I also like fried bolonga, cheese in a biscuit. That might be something you could have while moving. Have a good evening. I am going to check out the weather now.
Mama Bear

Lynne said...

I hope the storm passes by without too much snow. You don't need that to contend with if you're moving this weekend.

How can you stand waiting to open the new camera??? I'd be ripping into that thing right away! Enjoy it.

Betty said...

Karen, we all have a lot to be thankful for, and we need to count our blessings every day.

Be careful with your diabetes. You don't want to have to go on shots.

I know you are excited to get your new camera. I can't wait to see all the good pictures you take with it to post on your blog.

I just love all the pictures you have been posting at the beginning of your blog each day, especially the coffee ones. One of these days I'm going to surprise you and knock on your door and ask if I can come in for a visit and a cup of coffee.

Mary said...


I'm so hoping that you get to move this weekend. Moving to a new place is always exciting.

I don't know how you can stand that package lying there without opening it. It would have been opened in a split second. I'm glad you got the package from the truck driver. Here they're not allowed to do that. They have to physically deliver to the address.

I am praying for your DH while he is on the road, as I always do.

Take care. I have missed your visits.


PEA said...

Hello dear Karen:-)

I'm so sorry I didn't come by last night...I had such a horrible headache that I still have today but it seems to finally be easing off. At least now I can stand being at the computer without it hurting even more. I always get those type of headaches at that time of the month! UGH!

How very exciting that you received your new camera!!! You have more willpower than I do, I'd have that thing out of the box and all set up! lol You realize that we'll now expect tons of pictures every day! hehe

Like you, I really dislike people not telling me the truth...especially when I can tell they're lying. That hurts me so much when I find out. Being truthful is one of the most important things in any kind of relationship.

Glad to hear your doctor appointment went well, even though your blood sugar was a bit high. At least they can control that:-) I'm sure the extra pill a day will help level it again.

Hope your day went well and I'll look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow:-) xoxo

Lynn said...

Burrrrrrr. Fun TT post. Thank you for having me in.

Denise said...

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!! a new camera......... I got one too the other day and I need to learn to take good pictures!!! and I will be watching to see what you do with yours......... And we dodged that snow here and I got to go and get my shot!!!!!!!!! yeah

Chrissie said...

Oh, wonderful! You finally got it! You'll love it! I'm always snapping away on mine. Sad thing is, I tend not to have them printed out, so they remain in the computer, lol! andyway, have fun with it!
God bless!

Dawn said...

So how did I miss the fact that you're moving?? I hope it's a great place! I haven't moved in 29 years and the thought of doing so just nauseates me!

What kind of camera did you get? I LOVE mine!

Lisa said...

Hello Karen ;0
I am coming to visit late as usual. I share the computer with the girl's so when the get off to bed I am almost to sleepy to type lol. Glad to hear things are coming along good with the moving. I do not like to move and I hope my moving days are over lol until I move to glory anyway! So glad all went pretty good at the doctors. Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care. Lisa

eph2810 said...

I too stumble and fall sometimes. I am glad that He reminds me to stay close to His truth. I am thankful that although I stumble - I can always find forgiveness when I confess.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Blessings to you and yours.