Friday, March 7, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,
I do hope that everyone had a great Thursday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 36 degrees with a windchill of 25 degrees. The winds are out of the North Northeast at 19mph with gust's up to 27mph. We had a mostly cloudy day here yesterday. After I had finished my post yesterday morning, they had upgraded our Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Storm Warning beginning at 6:00p.m. last night and going thru midnight tonight. They were saying we could get anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of Snow here. The winds did pick up late yesterday evening and it was really windy outside. That wind would just cut right thru you. It made it up to 40 degrees yesterday. As I am typing this now, we have NOTHING. That's right, NOTHING outside. It did start Snowing yesterday afternoon in the Northwest counties and some were even letting Schools out around 2:30p.m. It looks like all the Snow has gone around us again. Dadburn it, I had gotten my hopes again as the weather people were being very optomistic about this Winter Storm. I guess I just live in the wrong place for it to Snow anymore. LOL. I know, we have seen some Snow, but nothing major. I was so hoping we would get a measurable Snow so the girls could play out in it. Oh well, only in my corner of the world of Arkansas would this happen. I should have known better.

Today is Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun. It is hosted by Anni@ If you would like to participate, please go and visit Anni and let her know you want to participate and then post a Phun Photo. Today I am going to share a picture of the Snow we got on Tuesday. Yes, the wait is finally over. LOL. Now don't get all excited as it's not much, but it is some Snow.

This is a picture right out by my front door. The winds had blown over our table and some of our chairs. But you can see the Snow on the umbrella and a little on the gras behind it. That was about all we got here on Tuesday. I know you are probably saying this isn't a Phun Photo, but since we don't get that much Snow around here, when we do get some, it's always fun to see it and enjoy it. This was taken with my Cell Phone and since I have gotten my new Digital Camera in, and after my DH gets it all set up and install the software on my computer this weekend, I will be able to show some better pictures and hopefully you will be able to enlarge them. Anywho, I hope you enjoyed my little picture for today's Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun.

The Gas Company Guy called me around noon yesterday to let me know he would be at the other house so he could turn the gas on. I met him over there and the gas is now on. I called my Mom and she came up and we cleaned the house some. It wasn't all that dirty, but I did vacuum the carpets and my Mom wiped out the cabinets and sinks and bathtub. Me and the girls took some of their things over there last night. We only made a couple of trips because it was just too windy and cold to be out last night.

This will be my last post until after Monday. I hope the Cable & Internet people are able to come out and hook our Cable & Internet up. Sometimes they tell you one thing and then turn around and do another. But they sure want their payment when it is due. Anyway, I will be back to posting just as soon as I'm all hooked up.

My DH called my last night around 6:30p.m. and said he was fixing to go to bed. He said they had just gotten into the State of Illinois. From where they were at, it is about a 12 hour drive to here. My DH will be dropping his Uncle off and then going to Memphis and it will be sometime this afternoon before he gets home. He has to drop the load off and then go to the Terminal and have the truck worked on. They have been having problems with the Air-Conditioner in the sleeper part. So hopefully they will get that fixed. They don't need the Air-Conditioner when they are up North, but when they are out in Las Vegas, they need it.

Well, guess I'll go for now and start me some coffee. It will taste really good on this very cold and windy morning. I hope that everyone has a great weekend. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. I will see you all when I get hooked back up next week. I will miss you all, but know that I will be thinking of everyone.



Cottage Contessa said...

Hi sweetie, I hope you get settled into your new home quickly and that everything goes smoothly to plan! Can't wait to see some photo's of your area with your brand spanking new camera! Hope you're having a wonderful day Karen!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Denise said...

Hello dear one, hope you have a wonderful weekend. I love you.

Lynne said...

Good luck on your move this weekend. Hope you get in and settled quickly.

dabrah said...

Hi Karen,
Of course I'm not mad at you! and of course I'll keep your name in the draw. Just don't worry about it, you have enough to remember. Enjoy your move. I hope it all goes as smoothly as a move can be.

Nonna said...

Goodmorning Karen!!

Just wanted to drop by and wish you well on your move this weekend! We will be looking forward to hearing from you once you get everything hooked up!!

Have a blessed weekend!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Karen you certainly did it now! You even added lines of frosty coldness in your line breaks! You know how I am shivering right now? I want it back up to the 80° areas. roflmao

Love the snowy photo you shared. And since we won't see you 'round 'til Monday...have an easy time moving...don't break anything, and enjoy the new surroundings!!!!

Will miss you......

Joyce said...

Sorry you are not getting any snow. I enjoy your weather forcast. It lets me know what is going on in another part of the U.S. Here we may miss the snow, but we will get the wind and cold. It is 24 degrees and getting colder. Good luck with your move. Hubby and I did that once moving by hand instead of truck. Will miss you until Monday, but can not wait for pictures and news about the move.

Love and Hugs,

Love Bears All Things said...

Hey Karen, I came to see you first thing. I wanted to see if you'd gotten any snow. They are still saying 1-3 inces by midnight. I know that isn't much but it is already causing schools to close just in case.
I am going to go to the grocery soon. Not because I'm crazy and have to buy milk and bread before the snow but because I've put it off too long. I keep thinking of ways to avoid it and may still put it off. Afterall even if we get the snow, it'll be gone by Monday.
My papa bear got home about 1:30 this morning. He was delayed in Houston for hours. He has gone off to his lab appointment and will come home after.
Have a good move and we'll look for you back on Tuesday.
Mama Bear

bj said...

Hi, my little coffee-lovin', sweet friend....brrrr, it sounds cold around your area. It's pretty chilly here this morning but the sun is out and looking pretty.
I see that little puny bit of snow at your house...looks like mine did yesterday!! Haaa
Would you email me your mailing address? I want to send you a Welcome to your new House card!!
Have a blessed and warm day....
hugs, bj

Sandra said...

Good Morning Karen :)

Good luck with your move, I'm so glad mine is over and done with, if I never see another box it will be fine with me LOL

HOpe the cable and internet people set it up for you quickly, mine were pretty good about it.

Have a great weekend and don't overdo it, believe me, I speak from experience I'm still in pain from sunday.


Diane J. said...

It finally started snowing here about noon. We have maybe an inch on the ground now. I'd be surprised if we get more than a couple of inches. I think the biggest snow potential for us was last night and it missed us.

Good luck with your move. I think there's going to be just enough snow to make a bit sloppy mess for y'all as you try to move. Sorry.

If we get a good snow I'll take some pics for the blog.

Take care and y'all stay warm.

Love and hugs,


Mary said...


I'm glad you got your gas turned on and a few things moved at least. I bet you're excited about the move.

A little snow is better than none. :-) I will send you some if you wish. We are to get another big storm tonight and it is snowing lightly right now. I will get out my broom and shoo it your way. LOL Wish I could send you some. We have lots.

Thanks for commenting on my post. I've sent you and email.


Mary Isabella said...

Wishing you a easy job at moving. Have a beautiful weekend and hoping the internet is not down too long as we will miss you....Mary

PEA said...

Dear Karen, the day you DON'T want snow, that's when you'll get it! lol Isn't that usually the way it works? hehe It was sunny but cold here and supposed to be even colder tomorrow. Where Steve lives, they're bracing themselves for quite a heavy snowfall. It's supposed to miss us so I'm glad for that, we have enough snow on the ground as it is!! I can imagine, though, how exciting it was to see that little bit of snow you had on your umbrella! lol

Wishing you the best of luck with your move, hope all goes well and that you are hooked back up to the internet by Monday. Take care my friend, I'll be thinking of you!! xoxo

Betty said...

Karen, I thought sure you would have a big snow by now. I heard on the news that Ark. was really getting it. It is snowing and sleeting here, just started about an hour ago, so who knows, you may get it tonight. I hope you do as I know how much you want it.

Have a good weekend, Karen

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Sweet Karen,

I wish I could share some our warmth with you! It got up to 80 degrees here today. I hope that all goes well this weekend, talk to ya when you get back :)


BritGal' Sarah said...

Karen, looking at that picture of the front, you'd think you were living here in!

Have a wonderful weekend :-)

Sharon said...

Wow! That is pretty windy! You stay warm and cozy with your coffee. I hope you get all settled soon!

:0) Sharon

Denise said...

Thanks for the sweet birthday greeting... it has been a good day.. got to rest for another two or three days for my back so will not be here much myself...good luch with that move and I am so happy for you... a new house to decorate....

love ya

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying your new home. And the little bit of snow you got!

love and hugs

Sarah x