Saturday, March 8, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,

I hope everyone had a great Friday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 30 degrees with a windchill of 24 degrees. The winds are out of the Northwest at 6mph. Guess what yall? We are SNOWED in!!!! Yeap, we sure are. It started snowing here yesterday around 11:30a.m. and I seen on our local T.V. Station where they were letting School out here at 12:15p.m It was a heavy Snow, but I never saw any BIG Snowflakes. By 3:00p.m. yesterday afternoon, we had enough Snow to play in and try to build a Snowman. My DH made it home from Memphis around 3:30p.m. He had called me a little before 3:00p.m. and said he was leaving Lepanto, which is my hometown and only 11 miles from where we live, and he said he couldn't even see the road. He said he was having to drive in the middle. Now what is normally a 15 minute drive, it took him about 35 minutes to get that far. The girls were already outside playing in it and after my DH got home they all came in and warmed up a bit and then my DH and our youngest daughter went out and tried to make a Snowman, but it was too wet. Hopefully today they can make one. It was really cold yesterday as well. The temperatures pretty much dropped all day and the winds were blowing something fierce. I made the girls bundle up real good before going outside to play in it. I'm sure they will have a good time in it today tho. It's suppose to be Sunny and up to around 35 degrees today.

It doesn't look like we will be moving today. There is just too much Snow. I FINALLY GOT MY SNOW THO!!!! It just came at the wrong time. LOL. Oh well, I plan to enjoy it while we do have it. My DH told me that I will have to pay his cousin and someone else to move us next week. I guess that will be better because by the middle of next week, it's suppose to be up around 60 degrees. Everyone is still asleep this morning, so I will have to wait until my DH gets up to see if he wants to try to move or not. If we don't, I will post tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon my DH and the girls had gone up town to get some things and while they were gone, I finally gave in and opened up my new Digital Camera. Oh yeah, I was wanting to take some pictures of the Snow. Well lo and behold, I wasn't able to. The re-chargeable batteries that came with it had to be charged up. I put them on charge and took them off a bit ago when I first got up. I put them in the camera and I will continue to read the instructions here in a little bit and when it gets daylight, I will go out and take some pictures. My DH still has to hook the USB Cable cord up to the computer, but I installed the Software on it yesterday afternoon while he was sitting in his recliner. So, if we don't move and I post tomorrow, I will share some pictures of our SNOW. It's a really neat camera. I was reading the instructions yesterday and it even has a movie mode. Here is a picture of it for some of you that didn't see a picture of it before.
It is a Fujifilm E900 Series. I am really excited about getting to use it now. Now I have no excuse to share pictures with yall. LOL. I'm just going to have to get used to taking the camera with me when I go places.

Well, guess I'll go for now and start me some coffee. I am going to go and visit some of you that I missed yesterday. Too bad everyone doesn't get up as early as I do and post. LOL. But I will be around to visit you sometime today. Like I said previously, I'm not sure if we will try and move today or not, but I doubt we will get to. It just depends on what my DH decides to do when he gets up. I don't know how much Snow we got. I'll have to wait till it gets daylight and take a ruler outside and measure it. I know there is alot out there tho. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.



Leeann said...

Good morning! I'm jealous of your snow - I know you are enjoying that! That's more than we've gotten this winter although we've probably had 3 or 4 snows of about 1 or 2 inches. It sure is pretty, isn't it?
We're getting ready to leave to see the babies soon. I need to fix us some breakfast first because it might be a while before we get lunch, so I think country ham, biscuits, and eggs are on the menu.
Have a wonderful weekend and a fun time in your snow and I'll talk to you later!


Lynne said...

I'm glad you finally got the snow that you wanted! It's just a shame that it might mess up your moving plans.

Your camera looks like a really nice one. Have fun taking and posting pictures!

Renie Burghardt said...

Morning, Karen,

WooHoo, you got your snow!!! That's so neat. We got some more as well, but only about 3 more inches. And since it's mighty cold, it may stick around for the weekend. I'm still hoping it won't, though. But since my son is here for the weekend, it won't be too bad, as he isn't afraid to drive in it, like me. LOL.

Enjoy the snow, and take lots of pictures. Your camera looks nice.

Have a blessed weekend, my friend.

Love and Hugs.


Hootin' Anni said...

I had this big o' comment and clicked 'publish comment' then got that nasty window that says "sorry...blogger error". So, now, what did I say? Dang...a morning in H E double L for leaving comments for me today. Yours is the 3rd one this morning that has done that.

Okay, where to begin again. I know I said something really smart and meaningful [LOL...I'm being smart alecky....don't believe it for one second!] ---But I did mention that you all should have fun in the snow and make lots of hot chocolate to drink while drying up and warming up from playing in the white world outside your door!!

Have a terrific day Karen. And hop this works for me this time.

Nonna said...

Enjoy the snow!! Sounds like you got a good snow. OUrs didnt last long, but sure was pretty as it was falling. The pictures I took of the snow are with my new camera. Im glad you finnaly opened yours! I dont knwo how you stood waiting!! LOL Anyway, if you dont get to move today, just play with that new camer! I have a small kodak that will take movie clips and I love that! My new camera doesnt do that, so I'm keeping my little one to carry in my new one to take pics of family, etc. Have a blessed weekend!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

Good morning,
No sleeping in this morning. That snow sure is bright. I think we have about 4 or 5 inches. Not much by Northern standards but more than we've seen in a number of years. I guess we get excited because it is so rare here in the South. I have made some pictures and will post them after breakfast.
It is supposed to melt some today and be warm tomorrow so it'll all be gone soon. Enjoy!
Mama Bear

Joyce said...

Good morning Karen. I am so glad you got snow, but sorry you may not get to move. I can not wait for the pictures. All we got was a lot of wind and temputures below 20 and wind chill near 0. Stop by if you have a chance I am posting about my Friday.

Love and Hugs,

Diane J. said...

It's melting fast but it's going to be sloppy, so maybe you can get moved today....

Regarding the recipe for snow cream -- I don't really have one. I just start with a raw egg (you can skip the egg if you're scared of salmonella). I whisk the egg with a can of evaporated milk, like Pet or Carnation, a dash of salt and a couple of teaspoons of vanilla. Add a cup of sugar and whisk until the sugar is dissolved. Then start adding snow until it's the consistency you like.

That's it. If it's not sweet enough add more sugar and mix well. I do know some people who just start with Eagle brand milk and start adding snow but I've never tried it that way.

Take care and have a good weekend. Good luck if you decide to move.

Love and hugs,


Elizabeth Ann said...

Hello there Karen! I've been enjoying reading your blog (I don't lurk, I just read over your shoulder LOL), but it's time for me to say hi. I'm from far away from you in Arizona and we didn't get any snow--ha!, but I'm glad that you've got some! I do have a connection to your part of the world, though -- my husband is from a little town in Mississippi just outside of Tupelo! We've been through Arkansas a few times on our drives from AZ to MS, and it's a beautiful state.

Glad you got your dig camera --I've had mine about six months and adore it--truly I take it almost everywhere!

Your DH goes through my state alot -- I-40 goes through the northern half.

AND, I love, love coffee, so it's great to visit you for a hot cuppa to get the day started! Thanks for your posts.

Make a snowball for me, OK? LOL

Mary said...


Finally!! Some snow for you guys. I told you I'd send it down there. Only problem is, some of it stayed up here. In fact lots of it did. Now that dreadful shoveling again.

Your snow graphics are pretty. Glad that your girls will get to enjoy it a little. I'm looking forward to seeing photos taken with your new digital camera.


Loretta said...

Hope you have fun in the snow! I just noticed your hometown is Lepanto, do you know the "Raines" family?

Denise said...

I am so glad you finally got your snow sweetie, enjoy it. I love your new camera, very nice. Take care, I love you.

dabrah said...

Karen, snow at last! Hooray! But wait, you're supposed to be moving house and this complicates things a little. In the US you call that Murphy's Law, that the snow you've waited all this time for arrives at the most inconvenient time. Never mind, that's no reason not to enjoy it while it's on the ground.

PEA said...

Didn't I tell you that you'd get your snow the day you DIDN'T want to get it? lol Well I'm sure thrilled that you finally did get some would have been so disappointed to see winter come to an end without having had any snow! lol I'm ready for ours to go away but it's here to stay for a while yet, especially with the frigid temps we're getting again...right now it's -8F with the windchill.

You will so love having a digital camera and you'll notice that you'll never leave home without it! lol You'll even be taking pictures of your food in a restaurant! hehe

The very best of luck with your move...hopefully it all goes smoothly! Hope your day was a fabulous one my friend:-) xoxo

Mississippi Songbird said...

Glad you got your snow and a cool camera. That will be fun taking pictures with it.. Hope you have a pleasant and relaxing weekend!Bunches of hugs!

Mike Golch said...

Good evening Karen,well the snow has been steadily comming down.they(the weather people)say we will probuly have about20 inches of snow by sunday morning.Yuk.
Love the snow men.I was visiting someone else's site and they have a susicidal snow man pictures.It was funny to see. said...

Hi Karen! It is me on the laptop saying Hello!! I am so glad to be back! I bet you are so happy to have snow but at the wrong time!! Your camera is beautiful!! Love and hugs Grams