Sunday, March 9, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,
I do hope that everyone had a great Saturday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 30 degrees and we have no windchill this morning. The winds are calm. Yesterday was a Sunny, but cold day. I think it made it up to around 38 degrees. The Snowplows were out yesterday morning clearing the roads, but the side streets and grass still had the Snow on them for a while yesterday morning. Most of it had all melted by late yesterday afternoon. Today is supposed to be a nice and warmer day with a high around 50 degrees. It's suppose to be up in the 60's by mid-week.

We didn't get to move yesterday. My DH said he didn't want to take a chance in moving things and with the side streets being still snow covered. He called our Landlord and told him we would start moving next Friday. I will be moving some more smaller things over there this week and then my DH and his cousin will move the big things next weekend. And besides, I didn't want the carpet over there getting all muddy and wet. I will call the Cable & Internet Company early Monday morning and let them know so they won't come out and unhook me here. It will have to be re-scheduled for everything to get hooked up at the other house. I will be posting and visiting as usual this coming week.

Since we didn't move yesterday, me and my DH took some pictures of the Snow we got here. He played with it more than me. He told me he is wanting one just like it and since we have some of those coupons left, I now have to order him one. LOL. Since I had gotten up very early yesterday morning, I layed back down and went to sleep for a while yesterday afternoon. I tell ya, he came in the bedroom I don't know how many times taking pictures of me sleeping. LOL. He was worse than a kid on Christmas morning with MY Camera yesterday. LOL. He also took some pictures of the girls here in the house as well. So, as promised, I am going to share some pictures that we took yesterday of our Snow.

This picture is of the girls out in front of the house we live in now. They are standing in front of our very small front yard. That's our oldest daughter, Ashely, on the right hand side eating some Snow. Our youngest daughter, Alyssa, is on the left side. She loves having her picture made and she has to be so-so when having her picture made. LOL. She is our little Princess.

My DH took this picture. It is to the side of the house we live in now as well. You can see the yellow house in the background. That is the house we will be moving in. It's the same color on the outside as the one we are living in now. The Blue House to the left there is one of my neighbor's house. These houses are all kind of close together here in the area where we live at. But at least I know my neighbors and we all look out for each other.

This picture is of our girls in the back of the house we live in now. That is a big long storage shed they are standing in front of. It is sectioned off and our storage shed it the one on the far right. My DH took this picture and the one above. The only one I took is the very first one. LOL. He wouldn't let me play with it. LOL. I told yall he was a big kid. I still love him very much tho. The girls had attempted to make a Snowman, but I think this Snow we got wasn't the right kind for making Snowmen.

This is a picture of our girls out front of the house again and our youngest daughter is eating some Snow this time. LOL. They sure did enjoy playing in the Snow. Since we don't get Snow around here that often, when we do get Snow, it is always a Welcomed Sight.

This one is of the girls in the back and our youngest daughter is working on the Snowman. Our oldest daughter has some Snow in her hand and she looks to be in deep thought about eating the Snow. LOL. I do hope that you have enjoyed my pictures that was taken with my new Camera, or should I say my DH's. LOL. The one's he took inside are still on the camera and hasn't been downloaded yet. I hope that you are able to click on these pictures and they will be enlarged.

Since I slept yesterday afternoon, I didn't cook supper last night. I had layed down around 2:00p.m. and went to sleep and my DH woke me up a little after 5:00p.m. taking pictures of me. LOL. I decided since it was a little late to be cooking for me, I ordered a Family BBQ pack from Backwoods BBQ here in town. My MIL had called my DH and was wanting a BBQ sandwich and some fries, so I ordered that for here as well. With our Family pack we got some meat, a big bowl of baked beans, a big bowl of slaw, a medium size cup of mild hot sauce, and a package of buns. With what I ordered and what I ordered for my MIL, it was all only $18.99. Now that's not bad for 5 people. There is enough BBQ left for me and the girls to have a sandwich today.

Since I went to the doctor last Wednesday and she increased my pill intake of the mornings, I haven't been feeling up to par. I think it's my body adjusting to the pill increase and I stay sleepy alot. I wake up very early of the mornings and by 7:00 or 8:00p.m. I am ready to go to bed. I haven't even had to take some of my sleep-aid pills at night. Maybe my body will get adjusted to the pill increase before too long.

Well, guess I will go for now. My DH just got out of the shower and we are having coffee together. He will be leaving shortly going to Salt Lake City. Take care my friends and have a Blessed Sunday. May God Bless You and Yours.



Hootin' Anni said...

Mornin' Karen!! And a happy Sunday to you as well. Love the photos. That snow, tho I still don't like snow any more is cool --looking through the lenses of my eyes only. LOL

I like how you refer to your youngest as a 'princess'...that's sweet. And make sure you tell your oldest not to eat YELLOW snow! rofl.

It's cool that you now have a camera. And once your DH is on his way to Salt Lake [hope the trip is uneventful and a safe trip] ---then, YOU can play with your new 'toy'!!!

Hootin' Anni said...'s me again. I just sent you an email with an attachment of a screen shot on how to upload photos to Blogger to make them view small, but with the ability to enlarge them!

Hope it helps.

Nonna said...

Wow!! I love the pictures you have taken with your new camera!! You are going to enjoy that so much!! You better order your DH one or you might never get to use that one!!!

Have a great Sunda!!!!

Joyce said...

Hi Karen, I always thought the Southern stated did not have ways to remove snow since those states get very little. So sorry you could not get moved, but being safe is better. I am with you on the mud and wet floors.

Love the pictures. My girls were like yours when snow comes. Sorry a snow man could not be made. Your pictures of coffee make me want to get up and get another cup. Have a great day.

Love and Hugs,

bj said...

I enjoyed seeing the pics of your girls, house and the snow. I couldn't enlarge the pics. There's a place where you upload that will let you click on small, medium or large pictures. I use the medium size and it also allows enlargement when clicked.
Have fun playing with that camera....and stay warm, friend.
hugs, bj

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, well my friend you got your snow. I bet the girls were besides themselves with excitement but to bad you couldn't move. Oh well there is next weekend like you said. I will be excited to see pics of your new place.

I am finally feeling better and should be back on track come tomorrow. Boy this virus sure knocks you. I took the time today to catch up with your blog.

The blood test you had done to check your level was a HA1c and they can see how your sugar levels have been over 3 mos with that test. My hubby has that done every 3 mos to see if his meds need to be adjusted. Just follow what they say and you may get to come down again on your meds. If you want to talk or have questions about it feel free to email me ok. Take care today and enjoy the rest of the day with your girls.

Keeping you all in prayer my friend. Hugs to all.

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
I'm so glad you finally got your snow! We still haven't had any even though it's been all around us in this area. I hate that you didn't get to move though and get it over with. I'll bet it's hard to be patient for another week.

I enjoyed your pictures and it's so nice to finally see your area! Looks like ya'll live in spittin' distance just like I do!! My front yard is about the size of yours too!! When you live close like that it's nice to have good neighbors! LOL Looks like a nice house you're moving to. Sure is close by, huh!! :o)

Well, take more pics to share since you have another week now! I hope hubby dosn't want to take your camera with him!! LOL

I hope you've enjoyed your weekend. See you on Monday!!

Love and Hugs,

Mary said...


You got quite a little bit of snow for your area. It looks like the girls are having a lot of fun playing in it. We have a LOT of snow even for here - over a foot. I took some photos this morning and will post them tomorrow.

I do hope you get to move next weekend. Moving is no fun but you will be glad when it's all done.

Glad that DH had fun with your camera.

Just keep your eyes on your meds. If the sleepiness continues, be sure to let your doctor know. Maybe you are on too heavy of a dose.


Love Bears All Things said...

Well, it doesn't look like you'll be moving very far so it shouldn't be a lot of trouble.
I can see why your DH wants his own camera. He'll be able to make photos of the places he travels in the truck and then you can share them. I love my digital camera. It is a Nikon. This morning I got a picture of the Downy Woodpecker on my suet feeder from inside. It isn't very good but I knew if I opened the door, he'd fly away. There were two there at the same time.
Hope you feel better soon.
Mama Bear

Cottage Contessa said...

Karen, I am so excited for you that you have a camera now! I have really enjoyed seeing these photo's and can't wait to see more regulary too! Sorry your move has been delayed, but everything usually works our for the best doesn't it. Have a terrific week sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Nan said...

Hi sweetie. I haven't been on much lately. Thanks for sharing your snow and family pics with us. We had just a small amount of snow and it may get into the 50's this week.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, enjoyed them. I pray that you had a nice day. I love you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, glad you are enjoying the snow and the new camera.

Hope that all goes well with your move.

Hugs and love

Sarah x said...

You are just going to love your new camera!! How fun is this!! I loved your pictures! Your girls looked like they were having so much fun in the snow!! I will be praying that your move goes real good this weekend!! Love and Hugs Grams

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Karen,

I enjoyed seeing your girls in the snow! You'll be taking lots of pictures now. digital camera's are as addictive as computers. LOL.

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday. It sure turned into a really nice day, with lots of sunshine. Now that you've had some snow, Spring can come and you can take pictures of spring things. LOL.

Sleep well, and see you for coffee in the morning.

Love and Hugs,


Brandy said...

WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! You got snow! The pics are great! I do not want anymore snow i am sick of it LOL. Sausage bisquits is what I meant to type. I cant spell or type either one and the two combined makes me dangerous! Oh well. What do you do? Take care!

Jackie said...

Good evening Karen.

Hope everything is going well for you. Love the pictures of your girls and the house you are moving in to.

The play is over now and I actually will be able to visit again, I really missed everyone the last couple of days.

Take care. God bless.

Chrissie said...

Oh! It's beautiful! What a treat! We have never gotten snow where we are. I wonder if they ever had snow here? Hmmm....gotta go to the museum and check it out...vbs!
The girls look like they are having such a great time! The pictures turned out real nice. Hubbies tend to take over techy stuff until the thrill of it wears off, then we have control. When our car was new, my Hubby washed it, and vacuumed it, it's my job - LOL!!
Sorry you've not been well - hope you feel better soon! Thanks for checking in on me the other day!
God bless you!

Betty said...

Karen, you and I finally got that snow we've been wishing for all winter. I loved seeing the pictures that were taken of your girls playing in the snow. They looked like they were having a good time.

Have a good week, Karen.

Lisa said...

The snow looks good but I am ready for Spring. The Girl's look like they were enjoying the snow. I hope you get regulated on your new medicine soon. Thanks for the coffee. Have a Blessed week. Lisa

dabrah said...

Great pictures Karen. That snow looks so crisp and cool. We're being battered by gale force winds here at the moment, and I've go to go out in it now.

Anonymous said...