Sunday, March 2, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,

I do hope that everyone has had a great weekend and ready to start a new day. It is currently 54 degrees with a windchill of 52 degrees. The winds are out of the South at 6mph. We have had a very nice weekend here. Friday it got up to 65 degrees and was real nice during the day. Friday night it got pretty chilly and on Saturday morning it was 32 degrees at one time. It did warm up to 66 degrees yesterday. Today is suppose to be up around 72 degrees. Rain is in the forecast for late tonight and tomorrow. We may have some heavy rains tomorrow. Friday morning after I had put up my post, it was a bit warm in the house and I turned my A/C on. LOL. Yeap, I sure did. I did turn the heat back on later in the morning as I got a bit chilly. LOL. I guess I must be having power surges. I did turn the A/C back on later in the day on Friday but had to turn the heat back on Friday night. Instead of turning the A/C back on and off, I just finally turned the heat down on a lower setting Saturday afternoon. It is suppose to turn off colder again on Tuesday.

My DH made it home Friday morning around 7:15a.m. I sure was glad to see him. He got to spend a few minutes with the girls before they had to go to School. After I had taken the girls to School, I came back and finished my cup of coffee and took my meds and had my bowl of Corn Flakes. I was still sleepy and me and my DH went back to bed. I didn't get up till around 1:30p.m. Our youngest daughter had kept me awake pretty much on Thursday night. You may remember me telling that me and the girls had gone up to Backwoods BBQ on Thursday night to eat supper. Well, our youngest daughter decided she wanted a Dr. Dew to drink. It is half Dr. Pepper and half Mt. Dew. Of course, I let her have that to drink and not thinking about the consequences. LOL. It was about 1:30a.m. before she went to sleep on Friday morning. I had dozed off to sleep as well and then woke up around 3:30a.m. and was awake until I went back to bed on Friday morning. I told her she would never again have anything with caffeine in it on a School night. And I also told her that even on the weekends, her caffeine would be limited as well. After I had gotten up around 1:30p.m., me and my DH had to run up town and take care of some errands and we came back home. When the girls got home from School Friday afternoon, our oldest daughter went up to the park with a couple of her friends and our youngest daughter stayed home with me and her Daddy. She wasn't too happy about that, but she sat in her Daddy's lap and he was rocking her and she went to sleep for about 15 minutes. Our oldest daughter had Softball practice Friday night at 6:30p.m. and I took her to that. After practice, both the girls went home to stay all night with my Parents. My Parents and Sister had come up to watch our oldest daughter practice. After being out in the cold at her Softball practice, I was chilled to the bone when I got home. I turned the heat back on and I went to bed. This was around 8:30p.m. My DH didn't go to practice because he went back to bed before we left. He keeps road lag alot and doesn't sleep that well out on the road. I had woke up around 4:00a.m. Saturday morning and had some coffee but went and layed back down around 7:15a.m. I woke my DH up around 7:30a.m. and he got up and had some coffee and I stayed in bed. LOL. We didn't do much at all on Saturday as it was a lazy day around here. The girls had called me around 10:00a.m. on Saturday morning and was wanting to stay all night with my Sister and we told them it would be okay. Well, me and my DH was sitting around watching t.v. Saturday afternoon and we get a call around 3:00p.m. from our oldest daughter telling us to come get them at my Parent's house. They said my Sister was being mean and grouchy to them. LOL. Come to find out my Sister had a bad headache and the girls were being mischevious some and she told them they had to go home. So me and my DH went and got them. We stopped at Sonic there in my hometown and I bought us some supper and we came home and ate it. The girls played outside after they had eaten their supper and came in before it got dark. I made them get their baths because I had to wash up some jeans so my DH would have some clean jeans when he left out this morning. We all went to bed around 9:30p.m. and then I had my alarm set for 3:45a.m. but I woke up around 2:30a.m. and have been up ever since. I am having my coffee and will get my DH up around 4:00a.m. for him to get ready and leave out.

This afternoon, me and the girls have a Birthday Party to go to. One of my nephew's Birthday it tomorrow and he will be 10 years old. His Mother, my SIL, had called me on Thursday afternoon to tell me about the party and said they would probably be grilling some Hamburgers and Hot Dogs and we will be having Cake and Ice Cream as well. It is a Family gathering, so only Family will be there for the Birthday Party. His Parents were taking him and one of his Friends to Jonesboro Friday night to do something for his Birthday as well. He is in the same grade as our youngest daughter and there is only 5 months difference in their ages. They are in different homerooms tho, but in the same grade as each other. My DH won't get to go as he will be leaving out around 5:00a.m. going to Salt Lake City.

Well, yall, we are going to be moving again. Friday before last, me and my DH notices our neighbors behind us were moving and we stopped by to look at the house. It is owned by our Landlord now also. This house has done been remodeled and is alot better than the one we are living in now. It still has 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths. The carpet is newer and the tile on the floors in the Kitchen and Bathrooms are newer as well. It rents for $50.00 a month more than what we are paying now, but it is in better shape. Our Landlord will be remodeling this house we live in now after we move out. My DH had called our Landlord yesterday and inquired about the house, but he said he had someone wanting to look at it around 2:00p.m. and he would call us if they didn't rent the other house. While the girls were out playing yesterday evening before dark, I had our oldest daughter to go see if the sign was still in the yard about it being rented. She came back and said it was. So, my DH called our Landlord back last night around 6:30p.m. to see if it had been rented and he said the people didn't show up. Since it is a first come first serve basis, he told my DH we could rent it. Our Landlord will come Monday afternoon and give me the key to the house. The people who moved out had put on some really nice screen doors on the front and baack doors. I really like that part about it. The house we are in now doesn't have screen doors on them. Also, the front of the other house will be facing the South. As it is right now, the front door where we are living at right now, faces the North. I have to keep an old sheet over the front door to keep the North cold winds out. Also, my computer desk it right here by our front door as well and when I'm on the computer, and when it is cold outside, it makes me cold. Hopefully I won't have to keep our heat up on 80 degrees at the other house. I am really excited about moving into the other house. I am going to start moving some small stuff this week after I get the key and have the Utilities transferred. I am going to try and find someone to help move the big stuff this week as well and then when my DH gets home this coming weekend, maybe he won't have so much to do. So, if you don't see a post on here, don't go thinking something has happened to me. It's just that we will be moving and I will have to wait until the Cable people come out and hook the Cable & Internet back up at the other house. As soon as we are all settled and have Cable & Internet hooked back up, I will start back posting again. I will try to post as much as possible tho before this all takes place. At least we won't have very far to move tho. Just another street over and right behind where we are living now.

I wanted to let yall know that I have won something. Our local weather man has a blog that I read everyday. He was telling about one of the weather watcher's having a Giveaway for a NOAA Weather Radio a couple of weeks ago. I went to this person's blog and entered once a day. You could enter once a day and the last day to enter was on Friday at noon. I had entered again on Friday morning. I thought they were going to draw on Saturday, but Friday afternoon, I was laying on the couch and my Cell Phone rung. Our youngest daughter answered it and I heard her say that I was available. She gave me the phone and it was the guy who was having the NOAA Weather Radio Giveaway telling me that I had won the NOAA Weather Radio. They had drawn the name just shortly after 12:00p.m. on Friday. I was so excited and so glad to have won this NOAA Weather Radio. It will come in very handy if we are having some Severe Storms and the power goes out. I can still be able to hear what's going on with the weather in case the power does go out. I had to email him my Snail Mail so he could send it to me. I will probably get it one day this week. It wasn't no cheap NOAA Weather Radio either. I forgot to save a picture of it, but it is a real nice one. Also, I checked the status of my new Digital Camera over the weekend and it has been shipped. I should be getting it one day this week as well. Remember the Easter Giveaway that I had won from Mary@, well, I received the Easter Cards in the mail on Friday. I didn't take a picture of them with my Cell Phone because they are going to be a surprise for both our daughter's and my DH. Since our girls are sometimes watching me while I'm reading my blog, I didn't want to post pictures of it and take a chance at them seeing them. What I am planning on doing is taking a picture of them when they open up the Cards on Easter Morning and posting them later in that week. I will also have my new Digital Camera by then, so you will be able to see some better pictures. I will tell you tho that all 3 Easter Cards are very beautiful. "THANK YOU" Mary for having the Easter Giveaway and I do appreciate the Easter Cards very much. Also, if yall don't mind, please keep Mary in your prayers. I was visiting her last night and she has that flue bug that's been going around. She hasn't been feeling too good this past week, but she did say she was feeling a tad bit better. So please keep Mary in your prayers.

Well, guess I will go for now and visit with my DH before he leaves out here shortly. We are having some coffee together and that is always nice to have coffee with him. Take care my friends and have a Blessed Sunday. May God Bless You and Yours. I will try to come by and visit sometime today.



Tammy said...

How nice to find the new rental! Our landlord has 15 houses and ours is the biggest one. You may be gaining $50 in rent but you may be saving that in your utilities if it is warmer there! No wonder you drank so much of which my son drank one of those with extra caffiene once when he was younger and it sent him into heart papeltations...I told him never again!!!

Uh oh, Karen has a weather radio now...*wink*
What a neat thing to win, those things are expensive!

Have a great Sunday!

Hootin' Anni said...

Congrats on the radio win! How super is that? And to be able to have a newer remodeled home is awesome too. Ya, I bet it IS cold where you now have your computer, so if you can get a warmer spot for that,....your $50 extra rent money will be used for the the heating bill you're NOW paying, right? LOLOLOL

I love the fact that your family is so close. It gives me a warm feeling all over when I come here to read your blog. You all do so much together, even with that hubby of yours being a's just so fantastic that when he is home you're doing so much together.

Have a terrific Sunday Karen, and I'm looking forward to the photos of your gift from Mary too.

Hootin' Anni said...

....but, Karen? You are "World Wise" on the quiz from my blog. I think that's dam n good if you ask me!!!!

I was so dumbfounded I missed the one I did...'cause the one I DID miss is just up the road a piece from us. #14. I couldn't believe it when they 'told' me the real answer, I had to look and look and look again at the photo until I finally found it! Lordy, color me flabbergasted!!! roflmao

Ya, we ladies DO need some male flesh on the sidelines. But I think this will be more comical than where I wanna put dollars in their britches. *wink*

Nonna said...

Congratulations on winning the weather radio! Thats really neat!! How wonderful that you are going to move into a better house for only $50 more a month! I bet you are excited about that! Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you!
Have a great Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your award and yey for your new home! How lovely that is has been remodelled.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

Love and hugs

Sarah x

SweetAnnee said...

Karen..what a great glad you're getting a better place to live also.
So many blessings!!

and congrats on the cards from our dear Mary.

Love ya girl..Deena

Hope said...

Good Morning, Karen!
I see you came by before daylight this morning! LOL I could tell because the coffee was all gone but the pot was still warm!! LOL
I've had company again this weekend so I'm playing catch-up today!

Boy, you are just full of surprises! Moving to a new house, winning giveaways! Congrats on everything!! I know you're excited about the new house but not about the move! It seems you're getting that new camera just in time! Now you can share pics of the new place and your family's smiling faces with us!

We are getting the same kind of weather you're having. It's beautiful today but tomorrow it is suppose to start raining. March weather is so unpredictable.

Did you read the note from Miz Lib's hubby? Bless her heart, she has been through it this winter.

I'm off to catch up now.

Love and Hugs,

Denise said...

Glad to hear about the new house.... It is always nice to move up........ good luck with that.. Our weather is much like your...... we have strong storms moving in today and then snow tomorrow........ bummer........ I hate bad weather ........ I have been in a few tornadoes and it is no fun......... sooooooo I pray that you miss the bad weather there..... The temp here is 61 and going down........ low tonight in the 30's and high tomorrow 35......... burrrrrrrrrrr... sounds like you had a great weekend with the DH and kids............. You are blessed my friend........

Happy Sunday.............

bj said...

OOOO, how lucky to win that nice radio...oh, boy, you can really give us some good weather news now! haha...Congratulations, lucky lady!
I am excited for you to be getting a better house. You deserve it and I know all of you will enjoy it, too. That's great. It is always fun to move to a new place and get it all fixed up. Well, at least, I THINK it is fun. We have lived in our house over 30 years now! lol
hugs and I hope your Sunday is blessed....

Mississippi Songbird said...

It's always fun to move to new surroundings.. Have a wonderful weekend!

Angela said...

Hey Karen,
Congrats on your win!!. Now you'll really be able to stay alert to all the weather activity in your area:-). Another congrats on the move. Made me think of the show that use to come on "We're movin on up" Oh it was George & Weezer and he owned a Dry Cleaners and his sons name was Lionel...Oh goodness I hate when I have brain farts*LOL*. I remember now... The Jeffersons *giggles*

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Mimi said...

Congratulations on your radio weather award... you do give a good weather report...and I am so happy for you on your new place to rent... won't have to move far... in order to get a better deserve it...
I pray for your DH as he travels... and for you as you keep the girls up to snuf on all their comings and goings with their activities..
you are a good wife and mother...
{{Hugs to you girl}}

Anonymous said...

Karen congrats on winning the radio wow!
Happy Sunday!
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Joyce said...

Hi Karen, So happy about your win of the weather radio and the Easter cards from Mary. I will put her in my prayers. Also, I am glad about your move. You will find it harder since it is so close. Good luck with it. I will miss you. Have a great day.

Love and hugs,

Sarah said...

We were having lovely weather too and then our 'weather radio' started blaring and hey presto we have a Tornado Watch! Congrats on the win!

Denise said...

Congrats on the radio win, and on moving to a new house. I am glad your husband made it home safely. Enjoy the beautiful weather, I love you.

Leeann said...

Hi, Karen! I'm still here. I am so happy that you won that weather radio. I wouldn't mind having one myself. My parents always had one and it helped them to know what to expect every day. I warn you that it is LOUD when the tornado warning goes MIL has one and I about had a panic attack when that thing started screaming right next to my ear during a bad night of storms Arkansas, of course!! LOL!

I finally posted on my blog. I've been in the dumps about what to do with it. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I've update on our house so come on over and visit me!


p.s. I'm so happy about your new house. I'm sure you'll love it!

Betty said...

Congratulations, Karen, on winning the weather radio. Those things are nice and something I've been meaning to buy for our household. It could save lives. When you get your new digital camera you can take a picture of the radio for us to see.

I'm glad you found a nicer house to rent, Karen. That should make you feel better once you are settled in.

Have a good week.


Diane J. said...

Congrats on winning the weather radio! I signed up a few times but then forgot all about it. I have a feeling you're going to be using it quite a bit this Spring and Summer.

I know you're moving to a better house but lawsy, I hate to move! Just the thought of moving makes me sick. I hate transferring utilities and all that junk, too.

Have a good week, Karen. Keep your eyes open tomorrow as it's supposed to storm....

Love and hugs,


Leeann said...

Thank you for your encouragement. I will definitely consider what you said and get back to you later this week. You are a true friend!


Mountain Mama said...

BUSY-BUSY-BUSY!! My goodness girl, when do you find time to breathe?

Cottage Contessa said...

Congratulations on your fabulous win sweetie, and good luck with the exciting move! I hope everything goes quickly and smoothly for you all. Have a great week Karen!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)