Friday, February 29, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,
I do hope that everyone had a great Thursday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 53
degrees with a windchill of 48 degrees. The winds are out of the Southwest at 17mph. Yesterday was a pretty nice day and it made it up to around 53 degrees. Today is suppose to be around 59 degrees and partly cloudy. The weekend appears to be pretty nice with the high on Sunday getting up to around 64 degrees. Thunderstorms are back in the forecast for Monday tho. With it being that warm, I just hope we don't have anything on the Severe side. March can be just as bad for Tornadoes around here as well.

Today is Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun. It is hosted by Anni@ If you would like to join in the Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun, please go and visit Anni and let her know you are going to participate and then post a Phun Photo on your blog. Today I am going to share with you a picture of our girls.

This was taken about 2 or 3 years ago at our other house. Either I was asleep or was working nights at the Police Department. My DH took this picture with an old Digital Camera we had. They are in our Front Room and have their Doo-Rags on. Their Daddy had bought them all one at the Terrapin Derby in Lepanto and they always wore theirs when their Daddy was at home. They would even wear them to bed and sleep in them. They wanted and still do want to be so much like their Daddy. They are their Daddy's girls and they love their Daddy very much. Of course, their Daddy loves them with all his heart. I'm hoping to get my new camera sometime next week. When I do, I will be able to take more pictures and updated pictures. LOL. All the ones I have saved on my computer now are antique. LOL.

Since today is the last day of February, I am going to share one more story on Black History. The information I am going to share today is on The Abolition Movement. Here is the info.


The growth of public opposition to slavery represents one of the most momentous moral transformations in history. As late as 1750, no church condemned slave ownership or slave trading. Britain, Denmark, France, Holland, Portugal, and Spain all openly participated in the slave trade. Beginning with the Quakers in the late 1750s, however, organized opposition to slavery quickly grew. In 1787, the Northwest Ordinance barred slavery from the territories north of the Ohio River; by 1804, the nine states north of Delaware had freed slaves or adopted gradual emancipation plans.In Haiti in 1791, nearly a half million slaves emancipated themselves by insurrection and revolutionary struggle. In 1807, Britain and the United States outlawed the African slave trade.
Within the span of a century and a half, slavery, long regarded as an inevitable part of the social order, came to be seen as a violation of Christian morality and the natural, inalienable rights of man. The main impetus behind antislavery came from religion. New religious and humanitarian values contributed to a view of slavery as "the sum of all villainies," a satanic institution which gave rise to every imaginable sin: violence, despotism, racial prejudice, and sexual corruption. Initially, many opponents of slavery supported "colonization" -- the deportation of black Americans to Africa, the Caribbean, or Central America. But by the late 1820s, it was obvious that colonization was a wholly impractical solution to the problem of slavery. Each year the nation's slave population rose by 50,000, but in 1830, the American Colonization Society persuaded just 259 free blacks to migrate to Liberia, bringing the total number of blacks colonized in Africa to just 1,400.
In 1829, a 25-year-old white Bostonian named William Lloyd Garrison denounced colonization as a cruel hoax designed to promote the racial purity of the North while doing nothing to end slavery in the South. He demanded "immediate emancipation" of slaves without compensation to their owners. Within six years, 200 antislavery societies had sprouted up in the North, and had mounted a massive propaganda campaign against slavery. The growth of militant abolitionism provoked a harsh public reaction. Mobs led by "gentlemen of property and standing" attacked the homes and businesses of abolitionist merchants, destroyed abolitionist printing presses, attacked black neighborhoods, and murdered the Reverend Elijah P. Lovejoy, the editor of an abolitionist newspaper.
In the face of vicious attacks, the antislavery movement divided over questions of strategy and tactics. Radicals, led by Garrison, began to attack all forms of inequality and violence in American society, withdrew from churches that condoned slavery, demanded equal rights for women, and called for voluntary dissolution of the Union. Other abolitionists turned to politics as the most promising way to end slavery, helping to form the Liberty Party in 1840, the Free Soil party in 1848, and the Republican party in 1854. By the late 1850s, a growing number of northerners were convinced that slavery posed an intolerable threat to free labor and civil liberties. Many believed that an aggressive Slave Power had seized control of the federal government, incited revolution in Texas and war with Mexico, and was engaged in a systematic plan to extend slavery into the western territories.
At the same time, an increasing number of southerners believed that antislavery radicals dominated northern politics and sought to bar slavery from the western territories and to undermine the institution in the states where it already existed. John Brown's raid on the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry in October 1859 produced shock waves throughout the South, producing fears of slave revolt and race war. When Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860, many white southerners were convinced that this represented the triumph of abolitionism in the North and thought they had no choice but to secede from the Union. The new president, however, was passionately committed to the preservation of the union, and peaceful secession proved to be impossible.

I hope you have enjoyed my series on Black History. I wish I had started it sooner and shared some more stories. All of the information I have been giving you has been coming from our local T.V. Station. Their website is If you want to know about about the Black History, please feel free to visit the above website and it has all kinds of things you can click on and read.

I would like to "THANK" Tammy@ for letting me use the picture at the top of my post. "THANK YOU" so much Tammy for this beautiful picture. I do love it. It is very appropriate since today is Friday. If you have never visited Tammy, when you have time, please drop by and visit with her. She is a wonderful friend and I do enjoy visiting her. She has alot of nice pictures and other interesting facts on her blog. She also sent me a website yesterday with alot of Coffee graphics. You may notice that I am using some as my dividers. "THANK YOU" again Tammy for sending me the website. I do appreciate it so very much. I do love my COFFEE.

The girls had a pretty good day out of School yesterday. Our youngest daughter slept till 11:15a.m. I had gone back to bed around 8:30a.m. and went back to sleep as well. I woke up at that time and got her up so she would sleep last night. I found out that the boys High School Basketball Team had played on Wednesday night and the High School Girls Basketball Team played yesterday in a Tournament. Both teams lost, so that put them out of the State Play-Offs. Me and the girls went up to Backwoods BBQ for supper last night. While we were there, my MIL came in and sat down with us and had her supper there as well. We all had a nice little visit with her. I would like for yall to keep her in your prayers. She is going today for a Mammogram. She had gone to her regular doctor last week and she had noticed a lump in one of her breast. The doctor felt of it too and he ordered her the Mammogram for today. I don't know how long it will take to get the results back, but her regular doctor did tell her she should be looking for a Surgeon. I ask that you pray that she will receive good lab tests. I can tell she is worried, but she isn't acting like it. I can tell tho. You all know that the prayers I ask of you is so much appreciated.



Nonna said...

Happy Friday Karen!! I hope you have a nice weekend with your DH and girls. Tennis sounds like fun!! I havent tried to play in years! LOL
That is a cute picture of your girls there.Drop by my blog if you get time and have a little dance to celebrate the weekend! LOL

Denise said...

Thanks for always making me smile, I love your blog. Have a wonderful weekend, love you my friend.

Nonna said...

I also just posted about the nice awards you shared with me!! Thanks again!!

Glad you enjoyed the video! lol

Hootin' Anni said...

I still haven't had time in the day to put up my awards you shared, but I WILL...real soon. Since the days around here have been so nice outside, we're doing a lot of cleaning up and trimming and weeding. Time flies by so quickly.

I WILL keep your Mother In Law in my thoughts and scary. I'd be worried too if if were me, I know!!! Let's all just pray everything is benign!!

Have loads of fun with the tennis and the weekend with hubby! That in itself is a treasure a lot don't get to have in a lifetime...and it's all so important!!!

Love the Phriday Photo!!! That is precious. so, so cute.

Giant Hugs.

Diane J. said...

Love the pictures of your girls. I'll be glad when you get your camera. I'm looking forward to some more recent pictures.

Ryan Vaughan is actually talking about snow on his blog for Monday night/Tuesday morning. I'm not getting my hopes up at all. I've been disappointed too many times already this Winter.

I'll be praying for your MIL. I've had that scare myself and still have problems, so I know exactly how she feels.

Hope you, hubby and your girls have a great Friday and weekend, Karen.

Love and hugs,


Shari said...

I will keep your MIL in my prayers.

Have a good wkd. We got more of the white flakes. Sigh. Nature is up to it's tricks again.

Take care.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Good Morning Karen,

I'm up with coffee and ready to start the day. I'm with you, I just love my coffee :) Your girls are such beauties! I'll be praying for your MIL.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Good morning Karen...I hope you have a wonderful weekend in your family's company...

Anonymous said...

I will pray for your MIL. Your girls are so cute!

Hope you have a blessed weekend with your hubby!

Love and hugs

Sarah x

Joyce said...

I am here with my coffee enjoying your blog. What neat graphics. I love what you have done. Your picture is really great of your girls. I can't wait to see updates of them. Have a very enjoyable weekend with your Hubby and have a great time with the weather. Here we will get rain when it warms up.

Love and Hugs,

Hope said...

Good Morning Karen,
I'm here for that coffee and I see it's all over your post today! :o)
Love the new graphics!

Your girls are so cute in their little doo rags! Can't wait to see the updated pics of them! I'm so excited that you're getting your new camera.

Tennis?? Girl, you guys have more energy than I do!! That is such good exercise though and I so need exercise. I know a guy that lost over 100 pounds just playing tennis every day!!

I will be praying for your MIL that her tests will be good. I know that must be scary for her.

Enjoy being with your family this weekend.

Love and Hugs,

Betty said...

Hi Karen,

That's a sweet picture of your girls. They may be Daddy's girls, but I'll just bet they love their Momma very, very much as well.

Nice picture at the top. Very pretty.

Why were your girls out of school yesterday? You didn't get snow did you? I hope you did as you have been wanting some so badly.

Angela said...

Hey Karen,
Your girls are just tooo cute:-). Love the starbucks graphics too..I'm addicted to Starbucks in a big way *LOL*.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Tammy said...

Your girls are adorable in their do rags!

I'm glad you liked the coffee graphics...when I saw that charm...I thought she will surely like that one for sure...and you used it! We must have been thinking alike!

Have a great day!

Julie said...

Hi Karen - I am out playing catch up on some of my favorite blogs. Your daughters are adorable! Can't wait to see more pictures with your NEW camera!

Susie Q said...

Wonderful graphics and how cute are your girls?
Hi Karen...I am Sue and I see your name on blogs I read all the time. I thought I should introduce myself instead of passing by!

I just bookmarked your blog so I can return often!

Enjoy your weekend with family!!


Mike Golch said...

Hi Karen,just stopped by to say Hi.and man do I admire your talent at writing.
I also enjoy that you have live music on your site,Im jellios.

dabrah said...

Hi Karen
What a cute picture of your girls. It's mother's day here on Sunday so my kids will all be home, and I guess I won't be doing much blogging. Have a great weekend.

Loretta said...

Hi Karen...I hope you have a great time with your family this week end. Pete will be here tonight, spend Sat. and leave for Dallas Sunday about noon. Not near long enought but with the price of fuel you gotta keep going.


dabrah said...

Check out my blog Karen, you won't be able to stop laughing.

Nonna said...

Glad you stopped by my blog early this morning for coffee. I hope you have a beautiful day there! Happy Weekend!!

Cottage Contessa said...

Karen sweetie, your girls are both so very pretty! I can't wait until you get your new camera too, it'll be fun to be able to see some photo's of your home and family! Have a terrific weekend together playing tennis and just hanging out as a family. They are the best weekends!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Love Bears All Things said...

Good morning, Karen, I'm catching up on my visits. Enjoy your time with DH. I love that coffee bracelet. Wonder if I could make me one. I need to look for the charms.
Thank you for visiting me this morning. Sorry I wasn't up but I'm happy you made yourself a cup of coffee and spent time with Smokey.
It does look like it will be a nice weekend. I didn't feel so well when I got up but after medicating and using inhalers, I feel better. Maybe I'll go out and enjoy the swing in the sunshine.
Blessings on your weekend.
Mama Bear

Rachel said...

Hi Karen! I love that picture of your daughters!! Too cute!!

I will certainly pray for your MIL. I hope it turns out to be nothing!

It's been a lovely day today and tomorrow is slated for even better. Like spring with warm temps and sunshine!!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Jackie said...

What a cute picture of your daughters.

The day I went to visit my son in Regina was so nice after the fog lifted that I did not expect what happened to the roads.

Now the last two days have been well above freezing and all our snow is gradually melting away.

You know what they say in like a lamb and out like a lion, so I am just waiting to see what March brings.

Thanks for the coffee.

God bless.

Lisa said...

Enjoy your time with your precious daughters and you husband. I will pray for your Mother Inlaw. Have a great weekend. Love ya. Lisa