Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good Mornin' Yall,

I hope everyone has had a good weekend and ready to start a new day. It is currently 48 degrees with a windchill of 45 degrees. The winds are out of the East at 7mph. We have some fog here and some rain. It has rained pretty much all weekend here. We are to be getting some more rain tomorrow and possibly some severe weather at that. Seems like every Spring we get alot of rain around here and then when Summer arrives, it is hot and dry. I guess that is expected here in the South.

Sorry I haven't been posting like I normally do, but life around here has been busy. I just can't make myself get up very early in the mornings like I used to. Then this past weekend was busy with Softball Tournaments and then my DH was home. Then nothing much else has been happening around here, so there's not much to blog about. I think I am just going to try and post maybe every other day. I don't know really, I'll just have to wait and see and see what goes on around here.

My DH made it home Friday morning around 7:45a.m. He was really tired and he went to bed to get him some sleep. I went back to bed for a while too after I took the girls to School. The girls got out of School early on Thursday afternoon. It was Parent/Teacher Conference Day starting at 2:30p.m. They got out of School at 2:00p.m. that day. I went out to the School around 4:30p.m. and got their Report Cards. Both of the girls had good grades. Our youngest daughter made the A/B Honor Roll. Our oldest daughter had all A's and B's except she got a couple of C's. She has always had some trouble with the Math, so that is where she always gets a C. They try and teach kids alot of hard stuff these days. I told one of the teachers on Thursday afternoon that if they were to go back to the Basic's like it was when I was in School, that I think the Students would learn alot more and make better grades. She agreed with me on that. Some of the Math our girls brings home these days, I didn't have till I was in Junior and Senior High School. They have them doing Algebra in Elementary School now and it's so much different than when I was in School. Half of the time, I have no clue how to work the problems they need help with on their homework. I have always told our girls to just do their best in School tho.

My DH went and picked the girls up from School on Friday. They normally ride the bus home from School, but we had to leave and be in Harrisburg at 5:30p.m. Our youngest daughter played her first game in the Pre-Season Tournament. Now these games are suppose to only last one hour and 15 minutes, but this game lasted 2 1/2 hours. They finally flipped a coin to see who won. Our youngest daughter's team lost in the flip of the coin. It was a good game and the score kept being tied up, so that is why the officials decided to flip a coin to see who won or lost. Since our team had lost, we were suppose to play another game right after that, but it started raining and was lightening, so they postponed it until Saturday morning. One of the men over the Softball League there in Harrisburg told our coach Friday night that he would check the field early Saturday morning and would call and let them know something around 7:00a.m. on Saturday. On our way home Friday night, just right before we got into Lake City, the bottom fell out. I mean it was raining hard. Lake City is where our oldest daughter was having her Pre-Season Tournament on Saturday. I figured they wouldn't play on Saturday. We came on home and went to bed that Friday night. I had gotten up around 5:30a.m. on Saturday morning and started some coffee. Our oldest daughter had to be in Lake City at 8:30a.m. because her game was to start at 9:00a.m. Our youngest daughter's Coach had called me and said they had re-scheduled their game to 10:00a.m. I had called our oldest daughter's Coach to see if they were going to be able to play and he said yes. So, we all headed to Lake City. My DH dropped me and our oldest daughter and my MIL off at the Softball field there in Lake City and then my DH and our youngest daughter headed out to Harrisburg. About 20 minutes after he had left, our youngest daughter's Coach had called me back to let me know they were going to wait and play at 12:00p.m. So, I called my DH back and told him and he was just getting into Jonesboro and so he turned around and came back to Lake City so he could watch our oldest daughter play her game. While we were watching our oldest daughter's team play, our youngest daughter's Coach called me again and said their team's game had been post-poned till next Saturday and it would be played in Trumann because Harrisburg had another Tournament scheduled for next weekend. So, our youngest daughter will be playing this coming Saturday at 8:30a.m. in the morning and she will have to be there at 8:00a.m. While our oldest daughter's team was playing, it started raining and lightening. The officials had them to get off the field for a while to see if it would quit. Well, it didn't. The rain just got harder. Everyone was going and getting in their vehicles because everyone was already wet. As we were leaving, I seen our oldest daughter's Coach and asked him when they were going to finish the game and he told me they would play today. There was only 25 minutes left of the game to play and we were winning 10-6. After we left the ball field, we stopped by the Tax Office there in Lake City where we always file our taxes. I had the stuff ready and had brought it with us. Me and my DH just knew we were going to have to pay in this year, but lo and behold, we are actually getting a little back this year. That totally shocked us both. We will be getting some back on Federal as well as State. Then on and around May 9th or May 12th, we will be getting our Stimulus Check from the Government back. Now let me tell yall, when they first started telling about this refund from the Government on T.V., they said that married couples filing jointly would get back $1,200 plus $300 for each child. So, we were figuring on getting back around $1, 800 on that refund. Well that is just a bunch of bull and it's not true. It all depends on your Income Tax that you file on. So, we won't be getting no $1, 800 back. Instead, we will be getting back $1, 200 on that Stimulus refund from the Government. I am "THANKFUL" for that amount tho, but they shouldn't be giving out false information on t.v. and letting people think they will be getting that much back. After we finished at the Tax Office, we came home. Everyone was still a little wet, so we changed clothes and then layed down to take a nap. Later on, me and my DH and the girls went to Manila to eat Mexican Food. It's the place where me and my DH had went to for our Valentine's meal that I had told about. That was the first time the girls had been there and they loved it just like we did our first time. We had some food left, so we brought it home and there is enough for me and the girl's lunch today. We came back home after we had eaten, and my DH went to bed. I had to wash some jeans so my DH could have some clean jeans for when he left out this morning. I finally went to bed around 9:30p.m. last night and then had to get up at 3:45a.m. this morning to start some coffee and get my DH up at 4:00a.m. He left around 5:00a.m. heading to Salt Lake City. I think they maybe running into some Snow in Nebraska and Wyoming this time. I sure hope it doesn't shut them down on I-80 like it has before. But anyway, next week and next weekend is busy for us again as well. Our oldest daughter has a Softball game here on Tuesday night and both of the girls have a game here on Friday night. Then, on Saturday morning, we all have to get up early again for them to finish the Pre-Season Tournaments. I just hope it doesn't rain or is cold like it was this past weekend. We had to take a blanket with us on Friday night and Saturday morning because it was just cold outside. I had the girls to wear a Hoodie under their Ball Shirts so they would stay warm. I know Friday night, my throat started getting soar and was soar off and on on Saturday as well. It's still a little scratchy this morning, but I'll be surprised if no one gets sick after being out in the cold and getting wet on Saturday. To me, they start the Softball Season way too early and it will be over with at the end of May. They need to start it like in the middle of April and let it go thru at least June.

Well, guess I'll go for now. The thunder and lightening is getting a little closer and louder. I may have to turn my computer off for a while. I'll try to get around and visit today sometime. Me and the girls have a Baby Shower to go to this afternoon. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless Each and Everyone of You.



Diane said...

Karen...You can make rain festive!

Sorry for the gloomy weather you are stuck in.

Sounds like your girls are doing very well in school....tell them CONGRAT's from a Minnesota Momma!

Sports do keep families busy don't they. But they are such a worthwhile experience for the student and the family. Times shared are so important.

Travel teams can be such a commitment. I'm glad that in spite of your husbands's over the road work--he can take them to some games.

Looks like I've missed some celebrations on your blog.....please accept my belated Happy Anniversary....Birthday....and whatever else I missed while I was trying to pass a kidney stone! OUCH!

Yeah--it's a good idea to NOT be on a computer when it is lightening! Keep safe...and dry!


Greeneyes said...

Hi Karen ,
I hope ye' all don't get the flu from being in that weather , it can happen easily .

I know what you mean about tax returns , it is the same kind of thing here , the Goverment says this and that and it ends up they get ya in the end anyway LOL

Good thing to shut down when in a lightening storm , do you have a power surge bar that you plug your comp etc into ,???? so when the power comes back on in a storm like that it doesnt blow your computer?????? cant be to careful with these pricey toys of ours LOL
God Bless .


Lib said...

Hi Miz. Karen,
Great to see your new post.I drank a gal. of cof. waiting for you to answer your
It's great to be back with you.
Seems I've missed out on so much.

Your rain is headed our way. I love Spring time. Nature's rebirth!

Sounds like you've been really busy.How do you do it all?

I see you moved since our last visit, hope you're enjoying your new Home.:o)
Stay dry, hope ya'll don't get sick.

Lisa said...

I hope the sun shines at your house today. It does not look hopeful here at my house :( I enjoyed catching up with your happenings. Love & Blessings Lisa

Mimi said...

sorry the rain is getting you down...maybe the sun will shine tomorrow...
I'm glad your DH was able to pick the girls up at school...I know they must miss him a lot with his traveling all the time...
you and the girls enjoy the baby shower...I alway love those...

Love Bears All Things said...

You have been one busy lady lately. I know you're still unpacking too.
I'm still suffering with the allergies but looking forward to some relief.
Do you have your computer plugged to a power strip with a surge protector? That way you don't have to worry about lightning hitting it. Also with a laptop you can just go on battery for an hour. That's what I do if we're in a motel and I didn't bring my power strip.
Mama Bear

Renie Burghardt said...

Good Afternoon, Karen,

I'm glad you're back! You certainly were busy in the last week with the softball schedules and your DH. Of course, so was I, with visiting family for a week.

Yep, it's been raining again. This mornings heavy rains and thundershowers kept me home from church. I feel bad about that, but I have a long drive, and the weather was worrisome. Now, it seems to have cleared out, but heavy rains and severe storms possible tomorrow night. This has been the rainiest March in some time.

We were in Pocahontas Thursday, and although the flood waters had receded, the Black River was still mighty high and even out of its bank in some lower lying areas. All this new rain might complicate things some. Oh, we went to a nice Mexican restaurant there, and yum, it was good!

Hope you all stay well, and have a great week!

Love and Blessings,


Denise said...

Hello dear one, have missed you. Take care, enjoy the baby shower. I love you.

Nonna said...

Sure am glad your back and that you have posted!! I was beginning to get worried!
Congrats to your daughters on their good grades! I completely understand what your saying about math. It was my worst subject in school!

Sounds like you've had a busy few days! Its been raining here too. The sun finally peeped out for a little while this afternoon, but I hear we are in for more storms!

Have a blessed week!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you posting again.

Sorry it's so rainy, let's hope the sun comes out soon.


Joyce said...

I am glad every thing is alright. Missed you. Your rain is heading up here. We are to get rain all week. Congratulation to your girls on their grades. I am like you if they would go back to basics eveyone would do better. Take care and enjoy the softball season.

Love and Hugs,

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
Well, we've just come from the land of lots of rain, and it looks like you're getting more than your share too! Thankfully we have beautiful sunshine now that we're home again.
That must have been confusing (and disappointing) on the tax stimulus check. I have no idea if we're even getting one, so I just will be surprised if we do!

dabrah said...

Hi Karen, it's good to see your posts up and running again. It sounds like where you are is a good place for ducks at the moment. I hope the sun comes out for you soon. It came out here today, a big contrast to yesterday's heavy clouds and wind and rain. The sky was so clear you could see all the stars clearly tonight.

Jackie said...

Hey Karen, I would much rather have had rain. We got about 9 inches of wet snow. Made life miserable yesterday, but at least it is melting today.

Take care my friend. God bless.

Mike Golch said...

Karen,rain vrs snow,well guess what I'll take the rain as long as it does not cause flooding problems. i do hate the thunderstorms though,I usuall turnoff the 'puter as well and for good measure unplug it from the DSL line. Hope you and all of yours have a Blessed day.

Diane J. said...

Hi, Karen. I need a cup of coffee if you don't mind. Hubby's in the kitchen piddling around and I'm waiting on him to get out of the way so I can make me a pot of coffee. I guess I can wait though. He IS washing dishes after all, LOL! ;o)

We got some of those thunder boomers early this morning too, about 5:30 am. Thunder woke me up but I just turned over and went back to sleep.

Sounds like y'all have been about as busy as I've been. I hope this next week is a little calmer around here.

Have a good week, Karen. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Mary Isabella said...

Wow you have made me tired with all you are doing.LOL!!I am so proud of your girls .Way to go with all the good grades!!!!....I am asking our Lord to send you some sunshine.....

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Sweet Karen,

Sorry it's rainy, but I must say I miss Arkansas rain! California rain is rather whimpy in comparison. Glad the girls are doing good in school - math was never my subject either and I'm dreading my Algebra class coming soon. I may have to bribe my oldest for tutoring!

I hope you have a great week.


Betty said...

It's been really gloomy here, too, with quite a bit of rain. The next morning after we got to Ohio it snowed about 2 inches, but it melted quickly.

I've missed your postings. Glad all is well with you and that you were just busy and not sick.


Rachel said...

Hi Karen! You do keep busy!!! That homework stuff sounds like a real pain. I don't have children but it seems that parents always have to help their kids now with homework and when I went to school I didn't have any help from my parents or anyone else!

I haven't been able to figure out that tax stimulus thing or whatever it is, so whatever we get we'll just get. I'd sure be happy if it were $1200 but I'm doubting we'll get that much!

Do have a wonderful week!!

Hootin' Anni said...


Boy, you won't believe this, but last night when I went in to read, you came into my thoughts! I was wondering if all was well with you and had hoped you were just very busy.

For someone that has nothing going on to blog about you sure can keep us anxious to read about what your kids and hubby and yourself are doing....doesn't sound like you have anything to blog about? You have a LOT to blog!!!

It's always good to get a refund back from the IRS. Here in Texas we have no state income tax withheld...there IS no state income tax. Just federal. So, you're doubly lucky...state and federal refunds. We always end up having to pay. LOL

Well, I'm sure glad you dropped by to say a big o' howdy to me!!! I posted the baseball photos from yesterday earlier too. Me and my beer! roflmao

Have a terrific day. Enjoy the rain. [wish it would rain some here...kinda dry around our parts right now.]

bj said...

Out here in West Texas where it NEVER rains, well, much, anyway...
we would love to have some of YOUR rains!!
Glad you are back posting...I was wondering where you were.
I sent your card and it came back...I put the wrong zip on it. Sooo, I'm sending it in another envelope and hope that you get this one!!
Have you about got your new home fixed the way you want it? Course, I know you've been busy with sports and other things, too.
Stay dry and warm....

Chrissie said...

Hi there! It seems you did a lot in spite of the rain! lol
I love the sparkly truck and the rain drops - so cool! It's good to see you back up and runnin'. Talk to you later, dear friend, and God bless your week -

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
It's me, trying to catch up again! I hope all is well with you this Monday morning. I'm having my coffe so I thought of you! :O)

I know what you mean about kid's math these days. I agree with you whole heartedly, we need to get back to the basics of learning and not just in math. We learned reading, writing and arithmetic!! Some of the kids now graduate high school and can't even read. That's sad to me. It's all about those SAT tests and such. A friend of mine who has a child in 4th grade called me the other night to help with a math problem. It took me about 2 hrs. on the phone to figure it out but I finally did.

I also agree about them starting the kid's ball games so early. My grandson has already had several games and I didn't go to one yet because it was so cold. That's crazy!! lol

Well, I have a doctor's appt. today to try and get my blood sugar straightened out. It's staying high even on the pill so I guess he will add another pill. I just hope he doesn't want me on the injections. Please help me pray about that.

I finally put up a new post today so come by and see me when you can.

Love and Hugs,

Linda said...

Hi Karen, you sure did have a busy past few days. Sorry it is so rainy...I hope you have sunny days for the up coming games.

Dinner with the girls sounds like fun, especially at your special restaurant...Mexician food is my favorite too.

Have a happy day and fun at the baby shower. Take care and blesssing to all, Linda

Sandra said...

Wow you've been busy, sorry the rain is not letting up, hopefully it clears up soon and you have warm sunny days :)

Denise said...

hey girl,,,,,, You have plenty to blog about...hahaha your life makes me want to take a nap.... I remember all of that going and games and such....... but I look back on those days and I would not change a thing....... We are getting a lot of the rain also and I would complain but I remember the summer of 06 .... it was terrible and we lost several of the trees in my yard due to the drought...sooo then last summer we got a flood... so maybe this year we will have a happy medium!


Mary said...


I was thinking of you and hoping you were just busy unpacking and getting settled in your new place. How's it coming?

We have had milder temperatures, but we still have snow. Yesterday the sun was warm but the wind had a nip to it. Mom and I took the boys to the sugar bush and that was fun. I posted photos. If you've never been to a sugar bush, you and the girls might enjoy the photos.

It seems that some places are so dry while others get so much rain it causes problems. Wish it could be a bit more balanced.

I'm glad to hear that your girls got good grades and congratulations to your youngest for making the honor roll. That is excellent! Brandon did well with his marks and Jordan did better. Jordan seems to have a harder time getting good grades. Learning seems to be natural for Brandon. Some kids struggle with learning.

Take care, my friend. Have missed you.