Friday, March 21, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,
I do hope that everyone had a great Thursday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 49 degrees with a windchill of 46 degrees. The winds are out of the South at 7mph. I am having another sleepless night, so I thought I would go ahead and do my post for today. It was a beautiful day here yesterday. The Sun was shining, but it was still a tad bit chilly for me. It got up to 60 degrees yesterday. On Tuesday I had my A/C on and then on Tuesday night I had to turn the heat back on. LOL. It is still on now. It's suppose to be around 71 degrees again today and then back around 58 degrees for Saturday. I seen on our local t.v. station yesterday afternoon where a levee broke from the Black River in Poplar Bluff, MO. They were having to rescue around 100 people. Also on our local news last night at 10:00p.m., they said the White River at Jacksonport was steadily rising and it was up to the levee then. They had some prisoners out there sandbagging the levee at that time. They say that all of this flooding will be historical. I've seen so many pictures and it is so bad and such devastation from Texas up to Ohio. Just Please, Please keep remembering all the ones affected by these floods in your prayers. It just breaks my heart to see so much devastation like this.

Yesterday I was awarded another Award. It is the "EWE ROCK" Award. Anni@ gave it to me.

Anni made this Award herself for 13 of her favorite friends she has met on the net and here in Blogland. I am so touched that she chose me as one of the recipients. "THANK YOU" so much Anni for this Special Award. It has touched my soul and I will treasure it always. If you have never been over to visit Anni, please take some time and go visit her. She always has some nice things on her blog and interesting things to show you. Somedays she is even on the comical side. LOL. Yes, she will make you laugh so hard that you will nearly pee your pants. LOL. She is a hoot sometimes, therefore I guess that's why they call her Hootin' Anni. "THANK YOU" so much again Anni for this Award. You have no idea what it means to me.

My sweet friend, BJ@ is having a Gift Away to celebrate her 200th Post. "CONGRATULATION'S" BJ on your 200th Post and for having this Gift Away.
BJ is giving away this beautiful Rooster Plate. Here is what BJ has to say about her Gift Away.
A FITZ and FLOYD, Cog Du Village, Rooster Portrait plate in blues, golds, yellows and just a hint of red. Oh, it's mighty pretty and, if you can use these colors and you like ROOSTERS, please leave a comment on THIS posting of mine. IF YOU ARE A BLOGGER, I will email you as soon as I draw your name (make sure your email address is listed on your beautiful blog) and once I have your mailing address, it will be on it's way to your lovely home. I will leave this open for a few days and have the drawing on SATURDAY, MARCH 22nd. The ONLY thing I ask is that every time you look at this colorful, little plate, say a tiny PRAYER for me; just a "God bless bj"........ And to say a prayer for me is saying a prayer for my beloved family. One can NEVER have too many prayers going up for them! Even if they go up thru bribery!! :) :) :)SO...I say THANK YOU right now to the future winner... "THANK YOU!"

Yall be sure to go and visit BJ and CONGRATULATE her on her 200th Post and enter to win this beautiful Gift Away. BJ is such a wonderful friend of mine as well. She is so down to earth and always cooking something up in the kitchen. When you leave, your mouth will literally be watering or you will be drooling all over your keyboard. LOL.

I didn't do much around here yesterday. I slept till around 10:10a.m. That is when my DH called and woke me up. I finally had my first cup of coffee around 10:45a.m. LOL. I know it's a bit late, but tis better late than never huh? LOL. I tried my best to visit everyone yesterday. I'm sorry if I didn't get around to everyone, but hopefully I can sometime today. I did go up to Backwoods BBQ yesterday evening and got me a Chicken Strip Plate for my supper. It was just me as the kids were in Jonesboro spending the night. Even tho I do miss them both very much, I have enjoyed the quietness around here. I have caught myself looking into their rooms to just check on them. LOL. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. I will be glad to see them on Saturday tho.

I had mentioned in my post yesterday about my Birthday. I had a few comments wanting to know when my Birthday is. My Birthday is March 25th, and our Anniversary is March 24th. I get to celebrate 2 days in a row. LOL. I will be 29 and holding on my Birthday. LOL. No seriously, I will be 46 years old. Me and my DH will be married 13 years this year. I know I said yesterday I couldn't go into details about our Saturday plans. But if you will keep it a secret and don't tell anyone, I will let yall know what it is. Before we got to move into our house now, I had brought my Mom over to show it to her. I was letting her know that my DH'S side of the Family would be having their Annual Family Reunion on the Saturday before Easter. In the past they have had it on Easter, but for some reason they changed it this year. When I told my Mom that she gave me a funny look. So here is the plan. She told me that they had already had a surprise Birthday Party for me planned on the Saturday before Easter as well. She told me not to let anyone know that I knew about it. I had to tell my DH about it as his Family Reunion was scheduled for the same day and he said that we would just go to my surprise Birthday Party instead. My Sister and Parents are going to be using the Family Life Center at my Mom's Church. My Sister is fixing a big meal and I do know they will be having BBQ Ribs and some Potato Salad. I'm not sure what else they will be having. There is a young guy that works with my Dad at the Funeral Home there in their town and his Birthday was on the 15th or 17th of this month. My Sister had done called his Parents and they live in Dyersburg, TN, and they will all be coming over as well. The young guy doesn't know anything about this party either. He turned the big 21 years of age. So, I am going to have to act surprised when I go down there. Our girls have been in on the surprise party as well. They don't know that I know either. My Mom told me last Sunday when she came up to help me clean the other house up that she had called my DH and told him to tell me that he was taking me out to eat and instead we would be going to the surprise party. I was just totally shocked to know that they had something like this planned for me. I will be taking my new camera and I will get my DH to take some pictures and then I will share them with you all next week. I think I am worse than a little kid now. I can't hardly wait. LOL. I haven't taken any pictures of the house that we moved into yet. I'm waiting till we get everything unpacked and settled in a bit more to do that. I don't want yall seeing bags and boxes everywhere. LOL. I just feel more comfortable doing it that way.

Well, guess I'll go for now. I do hope that everyone has a great day and Blessed Easter Weekend. I probably won't post again until Sunday or Monday. The girls will be going back to School on Monday. Hopefully I can get back into my normal routine then. LOL. May God Bless You and Yours.



Diane J. said...

The flooding is awful, isn't it? We're blessed that most of the heavy rain went north of us but they sure caught it up there.

I've been cleaning like crazy and just sat down here at the computer to check my email and my Bloglines before I head off to bed. I'm whupped, LOL! And I'll have to start in again when I get up tomorrow.

I hope you have a blessed Easter, Karen, and a very Happy Birthday and anniversary. :o)

Love and hugs,


Hootin' Anni said...

Alllllllllllllllll righty then. We'll be waiting. The 24th/ 'em marked on my calendar. And now we all know that you know that we know 'cause you told us that you know! But we promise, we'll be just as surprised at the photo sharing as you were when you walked through the doorway, and they all yelled "Surprise". Mmmmm, ribs and potato salad! Yummy.

Stay dry...hope the creek isn't rising much and y'all don't get flooded.

Happy Friday.

Leeann said...

Good morning, Karen!
You're up bright and early - me, too. I will go to breakfast with Miss C in a short while then move some things before going to work at 2. We're going to leave our computers hooked up until the very last because we won't have Internet access out there for possibly a few weeks. We're on a waiting list so it's been slow going. We should have cable hooked up around June so we can do the phone, Internet, cable package deal and that will be very convenient plus they offer good deals. So, we're going to not have t.v. (except whatever reception we might luck upon) for a while but that's ok with us. We've got so much to do and I don't know about you but I get easily distracted if the t.v. is on.
I'm off to start my day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your surprise!

Your friend,

Nonna said...

Goodmorning Karen! I will be leaving today to go visit my daughter and her family for Easter, so I want to go ahead and wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! And Congratulations on the anniversary as well!!

Happy Easter!!! Your going to have a great weekend!!

We all want to see pics of everything that you have taken with your new camera!!!!

Angela (Gran) said...

Hi my sweet Karen!
Have a blessed Easter, Happy Birthday and Anniversary! I've missed you while I've been away.

(((HUGS))) from me to you!

Dawn said...

Well, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! It's too bad the surprise had to be revealed, and that your husband's family changed tradition on you - their loss! Ha.

Thanks for stopping by this morning already - and I trust the thoughts shared will be a blessing to you the entire week-end - and on into the rest of the year. That phrase blesses me every time I think of it.

Love Bears All Things said...

Good morning Karen,
Wow, girl you have a lot of holidays in one week. St. Patricks,First Day of Spring, Easter, Anniversary, Birthday. Well, congratulations on 13 years and Happy Birthday. I had written your Birthdate down a month ago and wanted to send a card but didn't get your addy in time.
Take your time with the unpacking, sorting and putting away and don't forget to rest. I guess you've enjoyed being by yourself just a little bit. Sometimes when your schedule gets mixed up it does effect your sleeping. Things will be back to normal soon. Have a good weekend.
Mama Bear

bj said...

Good, good morning on this GOOD FRIDAY.
Yes, the flooding is devestating...they need all the prayers we can send their way.
The surprise party is soooo neat. You deserve this special day! I know you will have so much fun. Can't wait to see the pictures.
THANK YOU so much for mentioning my gift-away and all the nice things you said. I do appreciate it are such a sweetie.
have a blessed day!
Hugs, bj

Linda said...

Hi Karen, Happy Friday and Good Firday to you too.It is so good to have you back...I missed our visits. I think that is the neastest award and congrats.
Happy Birthday and Anniversay too. You are going to have a wonderful weekend, enjoy all the celebrations.
Glad you are moved in and as far as being unpacked just take your time, that way you get things where you want them.
Have a blessed and most Happy Easter to you and yours. Hugs, Linda

Denise said...

Hello sweetie, wishing you a beautiful day. I hope you truly enjoy your birthday, and anniversary. I love you my friend.

Chrissie said...

Hi there! Welcome back! I've been away, and missed yesterday's post, but I'm so glad you're doing well, and you're moved in - that's such a wonderful feeling - now the real work of putting things away! LOL I'm in rush mode, now that spring is in full swing here - gotta move fast before it gets too hot for young plants! Take care, and God bless you, dear friend!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Karen! Happy birthday! Oh how exciting, a surprise party!!! That will be so fun! I cant wait to see your pics of it!

I hope you and your beautiful family havea very blessed Easter!

Love ya,

dabrah said...

Happy Easter, Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday! Wow, you certainly have a lot to celebrate this week. I hope you really enjoy yourself.

Sally said...

I wish for you and yours a very happy and Blessed Easter and all the other special occasions!! (HUGS)

Mary said...


Congratulations on the award from Anni. You are certainly deserving.

Glad you are getting settled in your new home and that you're having a bit of quiet time.

The birthday party sounds wonderful. I will definitely keep your secret. Be sure to save me a plate of ribs and potato salad. Mmm! My favorites.

I will pray for the families that are experiencing such floods and devastation. We saw it on the news here as well. I'm not sure what part of Missouri is affected, but am concerned for Grams and her family.

Easter blessings to you and your family.

Joyce said...

If I forget Monday and Tuesday, I will say now. Happy Aniversery of 13 years and Happy Birthday of 46 years. What a busy weekend you will have. I know you will be surprised and will enjoy the party.

Love and Hugs,

Hope said...

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a very blessed and happy Easter weekend. I'll try to catch up later!

Love and Hugs,

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
Happy Birthday, & Happy Anniversary!
Also hope you have a blessed Easter weekend.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and Happy Easter! I bet you will be celebrating all Weekend.. Bunches of hugs, Sweety! God Bless you...

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday and
Happy Anniversary! Love & Hugs Lisa

Mommy Cracked said...

You sure have a lot of celebrating to do this weekend! I hope you have a great Easter and I will wish you a happy birthday early...just in case you don't post until after the fact! Take care and have FUN at your party!

Mimi said...

what a happy week you are having...congratulations on your awards...and happy birthday..and happy anniversary...what a bunch of wonderful surprises...
I hope you are able to act surprised when they all yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"
Have a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful Easter. Hugs and love. Sarah x

Granny said...

emailing you. Never mind - blogger seems to be fixed now.

Happy Easter.

Happy Anniversary.

Happy Birthday.

I knew from Diane that you were all okay back there although others aren't so fortunate.

You've had a rough month or so. Hope April will be better.

Hootin' Anni said...

Just in case you're extremely busy the next few days, I'm stopping by here Saturday, early evening to wish you and your family a happy Easter....AND in case you don't get back online for a while...happy birthday and happy anniversary!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh, and P S....Karen, I've decided to stop doing the Phriday Photo. I just don't have the time these days what with gardening and there is no need to do it any more. I even took the stuff off my blog.

Maybe some other time I can begin the meme again. But for now, it's been put on the back burner.

Jackie said...

Karen, I hope that you had a wonderful celebration for your birthday.

I have heard about flooding down south and east. Hopefully things will improve soon.

God bless.

Anonymous said...