Sunday, February 10, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,
I hope that everyone had a great week last week and ready to start a new day and week. It is currently 35 degrees with a windchill of 31 degrees. The winds are out of the West at 5 mph. Yesterday was a beautiful day here. The Sun was shinging and it got up to 61 degrees. The wind was blowing a bit which made it just a tad bit on the chilly side, but other than that, it was a beautiful day to be outside. Today the high is only suppose to be 45 degrees.
As most of you know, I haven't posted since late Tuesday night. My DH finally made it home Wednesday morning around 4:15a.m. I had been up all night waiting on him. After he got in, he was tired, so he went on to bed. I stayed up and got the girls off to School and then I came back home and went back to bed. I have since been on my DH's schedule of being up nights and sleeping during the day. I also felt the need to be with my DH during this time. When he got home Wednesday morning he told me that they had received a message across their Qual-Com to not to drop any trailers there in Memphis that night and to call their Driver Manager sometime Wednesday before coming over there. Normally, they would be leaving out around noon on Wednesday going to Memphis to pick up their load to go up North. I had set my alarm to go off at 11:30a.m. so I could get my DH up. I was coming into the kitchen to start some coffee and there was a knock at our front door. It was my DH's Uncle. I got my DH up and his Uncle told him that their Driver Manager had called him and said that all loads had been cancelled. That meant their load which they were to pick up that day had been cancelled as well. This was all due to the Tornado that hit over in Memphis on Tuesday night. The place where my DH and his Uncle pick up wasn't damaged, but it was right there close to the DSC Logistics Warehouse that got hit hard in the Tornado. They were without power and power lines were down all over. Their Driver Manager did tell them that their regular run to Salt Lake City would still be a go. So, that meant that my DH was off till this morning. He had to leave out at 5:00a.m. going to Salt Lake City. They didn't get paid for being home, but we are still doing okay financially wise. Things will just be a little tight till he gets paid later this week, but GOD has been providing and he will continue to provide for us. Also, since they wasn't able to go to Memphis to scan their bills, my DH went down to West Memphis, AR, to scan their bills at one of the Pilot Truck Stop's down there. He did that on Wednesday afternoon. Then on Friday afternoon, my DH called their Driver Manager to see if the Salt Lake City load was ready and he told him it would be ready by the time he got over there. Well, it wasn't and he had to wait on it. He finally got home around 6:15p.m. Friday evening. My DH and his Uncle had flipped a coin the other day because when they get back home from up North, they are going to take turns going to Memphis to get this load so they won't have to leave out until 5:00a.m. on Sunday mornings. My DH lost, so this was his Friday to go pick up the load. This coming Friday will be his Uncle's turn to go pick up the load. They decided to do this so each one can have a longer weekend at home. I have really enjoyed his being home this past week and spending time with him.
Thursday afternoon I was wanting some of his Grilled Cheeseburgers and Hot Dogs. We went to the store and got all the fixings for them and he cooked out on the grill for us. Oh my gosh, they were so good. There was plenty left, so we had leftovers on Friday night as well. Thursday evening we were watching our local news. They were telling about a Pack a Pickup Event to be held in Jonesboro on Friday. This event was going to be for people to bring supplies out there to be taken to the Tornado hit areas here in Region 8. I had been watching the news all week and seeing all of the devastation, and when they told about this event, I just broke down and started crying. I told my DH and girls that I wanted to help out as well. I said we may not be able to buy much, but every little bit will help out. So, we all went up to our local Dollar General Store and bought some supplies to be taken out to Jonesboro on Friday. Our girls brought home a note Friday afternoon from School saying they would be taking up donations and supplies this coming Monday and Tuesday for the Tornado vicitims. Since my DH didn't get home before 6:00p.m., I decided to just wait and take the supplies to the School on Monday. Yall, it felt so good to be able to buy a few things to those who need it. I also told the girls one of the reasons I was doing this was because we never know when we are going to be in a situation like that. I am just "THANKFUL" that GOD has blessed my DH with a good job this year and we were able to help out in some way. Like I said, it may not be much, and I do wish I could do more, but I know the things we did buy will come in very handy and be greatly appreciated. The event was going on from 6:00a.m. Friday morning to 6:00p.m. Friday evening. We watched the news on Friday evening and they said that around 10:45a.m. that there had been 20 trucks, which was loaned from several Car Dealerships in Jonesboro, had pulled out taking supplies to the affected areas. Then came a Semi and they loaded that with supplies and then there came another Semi. They loaded it also. When they were going off the air around 6:30p.m. Friday evening, they were working on a 3rd Semi to be filled. Also, one of the Schools around Jonesboro, had raised over $1,000 on Friday to be given as well. Also, where they were taking the donations and supplies at there in Jonesboro, they had received over $20,000 in Monetary donations to be taken to the affected areas as well. I tell yall, when I saw that, it just touched my heart so good and I got a big lump in my throat. You could even tell in the Reporters and other people working with this event, that it had touched them as well. Region 8 is a great place to live and I'm so glad I am a part of Region 8. Saturday we didn't do alot. We slept late and our youngest daughter had a friend to stay all night with her on Friday night. Since we had eaten all of the Cheeseburgers and Hot Dogs on Friday night, I was wanting some more. So, our oldest daughter went over to the store and got the fixings to make them again. So, my DH cooked out on the grill for us again yesterday. His Cheeseburgers and Hot Dogs are so very good. He said he loves to cook out on the grill and I said I'm glad you did because that meant I didn't have to cook. LOL. There is still some left and me and the girls will be eating on that today. It's going to be hard on me since my DH has been home so much, but if everything goes alright, he will be home again early Wednesday morning. When he gets to come home thru the week like that, it makes the week go by shorter. He said it does for him as well.
Our local weather man was doing the weather on Friday evening and said the NWS had said that the Tornadoes that came thru Arkansas on Tuesday night was rated an EF4. That was a pretty bad Tornado. Also, yesterday on their website,, they said that the Tornado was a 123-Mile Path and it was the longest since 1950. If you want to click on the above website to view some more information about it, please feel free to do so. I'm sorry I keep telling about these Tornadoes, but that is some very big news for here in Arkansas and also, it's close to home if you know what I mean. So, I ask that yall still remember those who were affected by the Tornadoes and remember them as the clean-up continues and the re-building starts as well. They have alot of hard work ahead of them in the coming weeks.
Well, I guess that about gets me caught up with what has been going on around here. I did visit some while my DH was home, but just didn't post any. I would just visit in our between times together. Hopefully I will be able to get back to my normal routine since he has left. It may take me a day or 2, but I will get back in the swing of things. I do appreciate all the comments and emails that was left for me while I was on my hiatus. Sometimes I think it does a person good to be away for a while. Yall take care my friends and have a Blessed Sunday. May God Bless Each and Everyone of You. I think I will go do some more visiting now. I have coffee made, so if you stop by, grab yourself a cup and I'll be back shortly.



SweetAnnee said...

Got my first cup of coffee too..
Glad you're back. Tis VERY cold here
I'm toasty inside though.
fondly, Deen

Joyce said...

Hi Karen,
So glad you're back. I am glad you got to spend special time with DH and He cooked for you. I can smell those hot dogs crear up here. So glad to read that people are being taken care of by so many others.

Your HD will be driving into lots of snow and very cold temps. Here we have -1 with a wind chill of -25
I am so glad there is no snow. I will post this afternoon after Church. Have a great day.

Love and Hugs,

Lynne said...

Glad you're back! That was such a nice thing - filling trucks to take to the tornado victims. I'm sure they will appreciate anything they are given. It feels good to help others.

Anonymous said...

Karen, so glad to see you post again. I was thinking of you during the time you didn't and did see you stop in by me.

I can smell those hotdogs and burgers, wish we could grill but it is just to darn cold with windchills of -30 so that has to wait.

I have been so saddened by those tornados. we have family in TN not far from the impact site and they are tellling us it is terrible down there. I am so greatful our loved ones are safe and sound.

I will say a prayer for safe travels for your hubby and his Uncle. Again glad to see you back and posting I have missed you.

Anonymous said...

Aww you are such a blessing. So glad you are back.

Sorry to read about all the tornados and the devastation it is so sweet that you were able to help, you have a good heart.

Hugs n love.

Sarah x

Hootin' Anni said...

Good fine happy Sunday to you dear Karen...I will drop by again to read the whole entry you just did in a bit...we're out the door for breakfast [I saw that you had grilled burgers one night.....mouth watering already!!!]

But I wanted to let you know that I just finished typing about my day yesterday while you were visiting. so, if you'd like to drop by again sometime and read all about it. LOL

Luvya bunches!!!
See you when I return.

Nan said...

So glad you're back but it was nice that you got to spend time with your H. I'm making my coffee right now. Want a cup? I slept in today since I have been working so much. I feel much better.
Have a blessed Sunday!

Granny said...

Sitting here with my first cup of the day and very glad to see your post.

Ray likes to cook too and does a good job of it.

Good for you on being able to help. We do what we can, don't we. I was so relieved to see that you and my other AR friends are okay. I have one online acquaintance who lives around Russelville I was concerned about but she's posted since.


Denise said...

Good to see you are back and blogging again........ I love to cook out..... there is nothing better than burgers and hot dogs cooked over open flame.YUM... I know that those tornado victims were so appreciative of all the help they got........ It is wonderful how this country just jumps right in there and helps out their fellow man.........

Have a great Sunday and just be a child.......

Judy said...

Good Sunday morning Karen: First, let me say I'm glad ya'll were safe from all the tornados. They can be devastating. I thought of all my blog friends in Arkansas when I heard about them. Thanks be to God for keeping you safe.
Now, about your hamburgers and hot dogs....there's nothing better than things cooked on the grill, is there? My husband and I are cooking pork chops on the grill for lunch today. Having baked sweet potatoes, green beans and a salad with those - YUMMY!
Sooo glad your hubby got to be home for a little while. I know it must be hard to see him leave out again.
Take care and I'll talk to you soon - Judy

Maggie R said...

Goodmorning Karen,
I was wondering how you were doing. You have a giving spirit to those in need. Sure does make one feel good to give whatever they can. You will be rewarded.
Your grilling makes my mouth water.... Our grill is covered in a foot of snow. Too cold to do any grilling here darn!!! I love grilled food....(drooling going on here!!)
Hope you have a peaceful, happy day, and good thoughts and prayers go to your DH while he is travelling, and to you and your girls while you await his return,

Anonymous said...

Karen... I have seen that purplr signature at so many blogs I decided I better come meet you. Sorry to hear about all the tornados.
My husband was and his family still is from Arkansas. Not sure what area you are. They live all over,but most in the Malvern area. He was born in Hot Springs county.
One aunt lives in Conway.
He loves Arkansas and still wants to retire there.We come up alot on vacation. Im just not sure what I wanna do. I love the mountains,but have always been drawn to the Virginia area. I just know I wanna wake up to a beautiful area to look out and enjoy with my coffee =). Nice to meet you,Brenda

bj said...

So good to read your sweet posting. You have such a big heart and I am so glad we have "met" thru blogland. You are very special.
Glad your hubby got to spend time at home with his girls! I know you all enjoyed it, even if it means things might be a little tight for awhile.
hugs, bj

Leeann said...

Hi, Karen,

I'm so glad you're back. I know you enjoyed being with your sweet husband this past week. I'm so very glad that y'all were spared the devastation of the tornadoes. I've had a couple of close calls with those things and it is horrifying.

Those hot dogs and hamburgers do sound so good. It's been so cold here that it's not been a good time to grill, but we sure will fire it up the first warm spell we have.

I'm still suffering with a bad back. Please keep me in your prayers as I can't really afford to miss work. I'm resting today as much as I can in hopes that it will heal quickly. I know God will help me more than anything.

Talk to you soon!


Hootin' Anni said...

I'm back! Just like a wart that refuses to go away! rofl

Anyway, if it's any consolation, I teared up reading all about the devastation and then all the help received!! Isn't it just grand to have such a wonderful, loving community? I would feel so privileged to be part of it as you just can't been the good 'home-town' kindredships!! [if there IS such a word]

I do hope and pray that all will be well with the world in no time around your area. Sure they're will always be a feeling of loss because of the things that cannot be replaced, but having a good life and a well established community such as yours....there's always a place to call home!!

Now, again, about those cheeseburgers!!! You know me by now that that is MY all time favorite!! And to have them grilled outdoors even makes them that much better! Lucky, lucky, you!!!

And........I just sent you an email dear Karen [your email that you have at your, if you don't see it in your email's inbox, then check the spam folder. ]

Have a peaceful afternoon!

Hootin' Anni said...

I typed: "you just can't been the good 'home-town' kindredships!! [if there IS such a word]" ----meaning: "you just can't BEAT the good......." Been? Don't ask where that came from? I guess it's the keyboard. It certainly wasn't me and my senior moments now -----or was it?

Sandra said...

Glad you're back Karen :) I know it's tough when your DH is back out on the road so I'm glad you got to spend so much time with him and enjoy his cheeseburgers and hotdogs.

Now I'm hungry and want some too LOL

Hope you're keeping warm and again I'm so glad you weren't affected by the tornadoes, it's just been horrible watching all the devastation, it breaks my heart.

Hugs and love,

Chrissie said...

Hey! Praise God you're safe! I checked out the news videos, and saw all that's been going on - it's amazing that very few were hurt - it's God's mercy! Having Hubby home is always a treat for me - he stayed home one day during the week, and I was so blessed! I'm so thankful you and yours are doing well! Take care, and God bless you!

Claire said...

Hey Karen! Thank you for commenting me.Granny is fun but she doesn't spoil me.LOL! I hope you and Granny are very good friends.


Hope said...

Hi Karen,
I'm glad your back in Blogland but you're right, sometimes it's okay to take a little break.

Thank you for visiting Claire's blog. It made her happy to get your comment.

It was so sweet of you to do your part in helping the tornado victims. That's a good feeling, ain't it? You have such a tender heart and that's good too!

Love and big (((((Hugs)))),

Shari said...

Karen, today I decided to take a break on homework and catch up on blogging. :)

I bet it was nice spending time with your DH and getting his famous cheesburgers and hot dogs. :)

The weather here took a nose dive temperature-wise. It's in the single digits. Brrr. It's been a rough winter, that's for sure.

Take care and God bless you and your family.

dabrah said...

Hi Karen, I'm so glad you had a good week and had your husband home for so much of it. We've had some very good weather here, and today was extremely warm, not what you expect in England. The sun shone all day and the sky was a beautiful blue with just the odd puff of cloud. I'm so enjoying it while it lasts.

Mimi said...

so happy for you that your DH could have some sweet time together...
welcome back to blog land...

Kathleen Marie said...

So nice to have you back and so happy you are safe. Those tornadoes were amazing and also so sad when lives are lost.

I know what you mean about like having your hubby at home. I always enjoy it but he just can't sit long enough in a house, no matter how cold it is.

I was wondering, do you live near Eureka Springs? I have a cousin there who is a psychiatrist, Jeff Rains. Just wondering.

It is 25 here today and oh, I had to laugh when you said you wouldn't like the mountains because you were afraid of heights! You can't get me past the 2nd rung on a ladder but I live way up here - a bit over a mile high.

Have a great day!

Renie Burghardt said...

Good afternoon, Karen,

Good to see you posting again! But I'm sure you enjoyed the extra treat of having your DH home for a change.

Our church took up a collection for the tornado victims, money as well as supplies. It is nice to see how people come together to help those in distress!

I habe been out today, and am now worried about tomorrow afternoon and evening's weather. After a beautiful, sunny Saturday of 60 degrees, arctic cold is on it's way here, and tomorrow afternoon there is a chance of freezing rain! I sure hope it doesn't get here!

It's been a pleasure to read your blog again. Stay happy and warm and safe!

Love and Hugs,


Angela (Gran) said...

Hi Sweet and Dear Karen.... I am so glad that you are were missed while you were away. I am so glad that you took the time away to spend with DH....Cheerish each moment that you have together.

It is wonderful that your DH grilled burgers and hot dogs for you and the girls. They are great cooked on the grill!

It is wonderful to share what we can with others in need. That feeling of sharing a little piece of our love with those that are hurting. It's not what we give ... its how we give it. You know Karen... you give with a very BIG HEART... you will be blessed abundantly for your willingness to share with others. : )

I will pray for DH this week and for all of those in the devastated areas.

Have a wonderful new week filled with many blessings, lots of love and laughter.

Again...It is GREAT to have you back blogging!!!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Welcome back- what a wonderful and generous spirit helping the tornado victims! Have a fabulous week!

kari & kijsa

Mary said...


I'm so glad that the people who were hit by the tornadoes are being helped with the things they need and thank you for letting us know.

Glad you got some time to spend with DH last week. Having truckers in the family, I know how hard it is when they are on the road.

Take care and thank you for generously donating items to those families.

Please drop over to my blog and enter my Easter giveaway. I would love to hear about your Easters with the girls and DH.


dabrah said...

Karen, sorry to be so alarming, but I just want to draw your attention to this. On the same comments page as you left a comment for me, someone called FEJAR left a comment, saying for more detailed information to link to a 'here' label. Being suspicious, I ran my cursor over 'here' and it read a website called (don't, whatever you do, go there). I didn't click on it because I was suspicious but when I clicked on Fejar's name it gave the identity of a blogger blog, so thought I'd go and look. The minute I opened up his blog my Norton Antivirus went into overdrive and said that a Trojan.Dropper was being blocked. I got out as quickly as I could but in the space of about 19 seconds it blocked this trojan 12 times. Please BEWARE of this guy, and report and delete him if he comments on your blog. I've reported him to Blogger, and hopefully they'll shut him down.

Denise said...

Welcome back dear one, I missed you. You are such a dear blessing, take care. I love you.

Grandy said...

Several blessings indeed. I have been checking in on you since the tornado post and am glad all is ok. Like your choice of music, lady. I'm rocking out and reading your blog...I LIKE!! I don't know how to do that. ;)

Michelle said...

Hi Karen, I think that's wonderful you got to spend time with your hubby..his hot dogs and cheeseburgers must be yummy! I love it when Rob, my husband, grills too~less cookin' for us!

That's wonderful that you guys were able to donate for the tornado victims~you are teaching your girls wonderful values.

Have a great start to this week and stay warm :)

Michelle said...

Hi Karen I am out at my Karen's Blogging this evening! Kelly computer is not working very good so I came out here to pass out awards for meme Monday! I have one for you and then please pick up the ones I gave to every one too! So happy to see you back again!! Love and Hugs Grams

Nonna said...

So glad your back! I really missed your posts eac morning. I completely understand wanting to spend time with your DH though!
You and your daughters have done a wonderful thing donating to the tornado victims. I know if felt good to do that. I'll be looking forward to your posts this week now that your back! Have a blessed week!

Diane J. said...

I is TARD tonight. Had Emmy most of today as well as last night and church both times today. I'm going to make me a salad for supper and try to get to bed early tonight.

Hope you have a good week, Karen.

Love and hugs,


Lisa said...

I think that was so nice of you to give.God will Bless you and like you said we just never know when we may be the ones in need! I hope your week goes really good.God Bless you

Betty said...

Hi Karen,

Boy, have I been slack in posting and visiting lately. I vow to do better.

I love your "Sunday" sign at the top of your post. That is so pretty.

I am so glad you are back to posting on a regular basis. I hope it keeps up, as I miss you when you are not posting.

Have a good week, sweet Karen.