Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Good Tuesday Mornin' Yall,
I do hope everyone had a great Monday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 29 degrees with a windchill of 24 degrees. The winds are currently out of the North at 5 mph. Today is suppose to be a Sunny day with a high of only 42 degrees. Rain is suppose to be moving in sometime tomorrow and then possibly a Wintry Mix tomorrow night into Thursday. I doubt we will get any Wintry Mix or Snow, so I thought I would bring some Snow to me. LOL. That is why I chose the picture above to put on my today's post.
I would like to "THANK" each and everyone of you for leaving such comforting comments on my post yesterday in regards to my Aunt. I so appreciate each and everyone of you so much. My Aun't Funeral is going to be Wednesday Morning at 10:00a.m. My Parents are leaving early this morning going down there and they will be back home sometime Wednesday evening. I won't be able to go. I can't take the girls out of School right now and also our oldest daughter has her first game in their Tournament tomorrow night as well. Both of our girls are starting after School Tutoring today. It all has to do with those Benchmark Test's they take every Spring. If they don't score Proficient or better, then they are required to take the after School Tutoring. I let them take it because if I don't let them, it could cause them to fail the grade they are in. I sure don't want that to happen to them. I would like for yall to continue to remember our Family and especially my Parents as they drive down to Mississippi this morning. My Dear Dad is 78 years old and he doesn't get around as good as he used to. He has Arthritis really bad in his knees. My Mom told me yesterday that they would just take their time going down there and stop a few times so my Dad can get out and stretch his legs. My Sister wasn't able to take them down there because she just started a new job yesterday. Again, "THANK YOU" all for all of your prayers.
Our oldest daughter had her Basketball practice last night. They had a pretty good practice. They will be playing BIC at 6:00p.m. tomorrow evening at Armorel, AR. If they beat BIC, then they will play Friday night at 7:00p.m. Her coach said that if they win tomorrow night, they would play the winner of the Luxora, AR and Lake City, AR game. Then, if they win Friday night, they will have to play again on Saturday morning. I don't know who they will play yet, but we have to get thru these games first. The coach said it would more than likely be Wilson, AR, that they would play against.
I didn't fix my Chicken Noodle Soup for our supper last night. When the girls got home from School, I was so sleepy. I had to lay down and take me a nap. We did fix some Frozen Burrito's in the Microwave tho. I will probably fix it tonight. We will see. I do have a taste for some Chicken Strips, so who knows what I will end up fixing for our supper tonight.
I would also like to "THANK" everyone who went and visited my friend BJ yesterday. She was suppose to have surgery yesterday morning. I was visiting her last night and come to find out they had to postpone her surgery to this morning. There were 3 other people that needed surgery more than BJ did, so they sent her home yesterday and she has to go back this morning. This is the 2nd or 3rd time they have postponed her surgery, so let's all pray that they are able to do her surgery today and get it over with. She did do a post yesterday evening, so if you didn't get to go visit BJ@SweetNothings yesterday, I ask that if you have time today, please go and visit her and let her know you will be praying for her. I so appreciate it very much.
My DH made it to Salt Lake City, UT, yesterday morning on time. They actually got there about an hour before the place opened up. From there, they went on down to Las Vegas, NV, and DH called me while we were at the Basketball practice last night around 8:00p.m. to let me know he was leaving Las Vegas. He called me back last night around 10:25p.m. to let me know he was about 20 miles from Kingman, AZ, where he was going to pick up Interstate 40 to come back to Memphis, TN. They will pick up a load in Memphis and take it to a suburb of Minneapolis, MN and from there over to some place in Wisconsin. I can't remember where in Wisconsin he said, but it wasn't Green Bay as I thought it would be. He is suppose to call me back this morning before he goes to bed. Hopefully, they will be home in plenty of time Friday for him to get some sleep and be able to go to our daughter's game on Friday night. Since he doesn't get to see alot of her games, I know he will want to see this game.
The Cable Company gave me a Courtesy Call yesterday. If I don't pay the "Past Due" bill by this afternoon, they will start the shut-off process tomorrow sometime. I'm not sure that I'm going to have the money to pay it this afternoon, because the Bank still has us messed up. I called them yesterday about seeing if a Deposit went in and they said it did, but our Balance wasn't what DH thought it should be. DH is seriously thinking of finding us another Bank to use. He told me not to write any more checks until he gets home. So, I don't know what time they will start the shut-off process tomorrow, but hopefully I will get in one last post in the morning before they do. If not, then this will be my last post until I can pay the bill.
I am on my second cup of coffee already. I am going to go and see who is up and who I can have coffee with. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. Take care my friend and may God Bless Each and Everyone Of Your.



Country Girl in the City said...

Hi Karen, Its Mary, Hopies friend I saw your comment on my blog and wanted to say howdy. As I said Im new at this but I have really enjoyed getting to meet new people and hear about their lives. Hope you have a great day

Nonna said...

Well its almost 6am here and Im up having my first cup of coffee before I head to work.

I'll continue to keep your family in my prayers. I hope your parents have a safe trip tomorrow.

Have a blessed day!

Denise said...

Praying for your parents to have a safe trip. I also pray that God will bless you financially sweetie. Please take care, and stay warm.

Hootin' Anni said...

I always enjoy your weather report. Here, it's 54° which is warmer than it was forecasted to complaints from me. The warmer the better. In winter anyway.

Glad to hear that your DH is doing me it seems like such a long haul, but we can't survive without truckers like him, so more power to him!!

I do hope your parents make it safely to and back.

No coffee for me of course, can't have the caffeine, but I'm drinking o j with you.

[Mmmmmmmmm, chicken soup sounds awesome. I made broccoli soup last night and it really hit the spot.]

Happy day to you dear Karen.

Lib said...

Hi Miz. Karen,
let's have a cup a... I have to wait my turn every a.m. to use the computer, Dh has to do a report for work, since the co. pays for internet ,I guess I better be nice and quitely wait my
I'm still keeping you and your Family in my Prayers.
Please don't send any snow my way!lol Last p.m. news said maybe up to an inch Thurs.-Fri.a.m. I don't mind that .Later suppose to get more.You can have all my
It wouldn't be so bad ,but when we get snow theres no getting out of her. So we have to keep plenty of bread and milk on
I hope you have a great day.

Karen said...

Hey there, Karen,
I just read your comment at my place (which I'm having a hard time getting to these days. ;o) It seems like all I have time for is a quick post.) and wanted to visit you. I've backed waaayyy off of blogging/commenting, but I still read. I just don't have the words I want to say, it seems. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, and just know that you all are in my prayers. It's a very hard thing to go through, and I will also remember your parent's traveling.
I hope you have a wonderfully, blessed (and warm) day today. They're calling for the rain/sleet/ice/whatever to possibly make it here by Thursday morning.
Blessings and hugs,

PEA said...

Woohoo! I'm actually here in time for coffee! lol I slept in this morning and my muscles are sore...that's just from packing up all my stuff and moving it to the spare bedroom, as well as moving some pieces of furniture! What am I going to feel like once I start painting?? lol

Very cold here this's only 10 degrees. We had snow again yesterday and I think they said we're supposed to get more today. Winter is definitely back!!

Prayers that your parents have a safe trip to the funeral. Taking their time is the best thing they can do. It's understandable why you can't make it to the funeral...sometimes these things can't be helped.

Good luck to the Rebels!! Hope they can keep winning their games and advance to the finals:-)

I felt so bad for BJ when I read on her blog yesterday that her surgery had been canceled yet again until this morning. Hopefully it will happen today!!

I love the way your hubby calls you often to let you know where he must relieve some of your worrying when you know exactly where he is:-) Continued prayers for him as well!

I'm hoping you can soon clear up the bank issues and then can pay your cable bill...I want to call them and tell them I'll miss you too much if they cut you off! lol Take care my friend and have a fabulous day! I'm off to go to Home Depot to look at wallpaper borders and paint!! xoxo

BittersweetPunkin said...

Good morning Karen!! It is very frosty here in WA...still no snow though. I think I am going to take a chicken out of the freezer for dinner...thanks for reminding me!

I hope everything gets straightened out with your finances...I would for sure switch banks if they are giving you a headache! Hugs to you...hope to see you tomorrow!

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
Just stopping in for a quick hello and to catch up on your news. My sincere sympathy on the loss of your beloved Aunt. Of course I'll keep your parents in my prayers as they travel to the funeral.
Hope you get a chance to make your soup, we always enjoy that in the wintertime. We had chicken tortilla soup last night and it was yummy.
Hope your cable problems are quickly resoloved.

Chrissie said...

Mornin', Karen! So good to see you're here still. I hope things get settled for you soon. I despise it when the banks mess up! It seems when we mess up, they are not at all lenient, and demand the money right now, but when they mess up, well, we're just going to have to wait.....baaaahhhh! But our God is awsome, and will take care of you! God bless you and the your family. Been praying for your hubby and his travels - Wow! That's quite a bit of mileage in one day!
Take care, dear friend, and thanks for the coffee!

Mary said...


What a wonderful post and it's nice to see that you are still online. I sent you an email yesterday but haven't heard back. If you haven't received it, please look in the junk folder. Sometimes messages make their way there. ;-)

I will pray for a safe trip for both your parents and hubby. We met a trucker in Delaware who was a wonderful guy. We got a bit off track around DC and he helped us get on our way home. We were eating in a Friendlys and I saw him come in and sit across from us. We had a wonderful conversation and he was so nice to the boys as well. A southern man and so friendly. I will always remember him.

Praying also for your financial situation.


Tammy said...

Traveling mercy Prayers for your parents! I know about those pit Hubby has a bad right knee and we take a break at least every 2 hours or more if needed.

I hope it all works out with your bank and the Cable company. We'll be right here when you are able to get back. Try not to fret.

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
So glad to see you're still with us!! :) Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for the "baby love". She is just precious and I'm a proud Granny!!

I LOVE that picture you posted!! That's me and Lib in the sled trying to get to your house for a cup of coffee!! LOL

Saying prayers for your parents' safe trip and I'm still praying for you and family.

I'm gonna take a nap so I'll check back later.

Love and Hugs,

NAME: CIELO said...

Dear Karen, I am so sorry about your loss. Please know that I will be praying for you and yours...

May the Lord continue to bless you.



Jackie said...

Good afternoon Karen, I hope that you are doing well. The draft dodgers are really keeping the floor nice and warm. It's exactly what we needed in this drafty old house.

Have a great evening and hopefully I will be able to see a new post tomorrow.

dabrah said...

Hi Karen, so sorry about your Aunt. I hope your parents have a safe journey there and back. It's nice to hear from you again. I hope they forget to cut you off tomorrow, and that you'll be able to keep on blogging. Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice stuff you said about my daughter's art. I think she's talented, but I am a bit biased. said...

Hi Karen, I will pray for your folks, too, I have to get out often because of my knees.

I hope your bank gets this all worked out for you! I hate it when things get mixed up!! Love and Hugs Grams

Angela said...

Hi Karen... I'm up for a few minutes eating and taking more meds. I wanted to see if you were here. YEAH...I am so glad. You add a special touch to my days. We will pray that things get worked out and you can stay online. If not, I will be here when you get back here.

I am so sorry for your loss...I will be praying for your family and for traveling grace for your prarents.

Our weather is turning cold with a forcast of 1-3 inches of snow/sleet mix during Wednesday night. It is all about the time that the moisture gets to our area. I would love the snow but the ice/sleet scares me...too many wrecks and injuries.

Stay warm my sweet and dear friend!

NeereAnDear said...

Hi there Karen... I am so sorry to hear about your aunt and sorry to hear that you may lose your cable... I am sure it will be hard to be without ... but things have a way of working out so keep the faith.... See you soon hopefully



Diane J. said...

It's probably long after the fact now, but I hope your parent's had a safe trip to Mississippi.

I've been gone to Jonesboro all day with my sisters. We ate at Chili's (my sister Ducky's treat; she had a couple of gift cards for there), then went to Hastings and then the mall, then back to Trumann to Walmart. So I've already had a full day. I need to do some laundry but don't know if I'm going to get it done or not. I still have to cook some supper in a bit. Bacon and eggs, I think.

If I don't get back around before your internet is turned off, I'll be watching for your new post.

Love and hugs,


Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Karen,

I hope your parents made it safely to Mississippi. And I sure hope your financial problems with the bank will be resolved soon. I would hate not hearing from you, or being able to read your great entries. But if you're off for a short time, know that I'll be thinking of you, and saying prayers on your behalf.

We'll see about this wintry mix they keep talking about. LOL. If it does snow a little, I know you and the girls will enjoy it.

Have a wonderful evening. Take care, dear Karen, and God bless!

Blessings and Hugs,


Nan said...

Oh man, I hope they don't shut your cable down. We need you to have coffee or dessert with us every day. I look forward to your visit.
Prayers for your family as they travel.

Cecil said...

Karen... Hope the girls do well with their tutoring and with the tests when they come up.. I also hope your parents made it ok to MS... glad your hubby is making it around pretty good.. maybe he'll make it home in time for your daughters game... I hate that your internet is going to be cut off.. I hope everything gets straightened out and you can be back on soon... will be praying for you... hugs... Cecil

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Kare, you are so sweet. I hope thingd get easier for you and your family! Your parents are in my thoughts as they travel. Again, I am so sorry for your loss!


Anonymous said...

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