Monday, January 14, 2008


Good Monday Mornin' Yall,
I do hope everyone had a Blessed Sunday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 27 degrees with a windchill of 23 degrees. The winds are currently blowing at 4 mph. It sure was a chilly day here yesterday. It started out Sunny, then it clouded up and was cloudy for most of the day, and then cleared back up late yesterday afternoon. They are predicting a high of 48 degrees here today.
Before I start rambling on about my daily things, I want to ask for prayers for my Family. I had an Aunt that lived in Mississippi that died around 3:30p.m. yesterday. She had been diagnosed with Cancer back sometime last year. She was 80 something years old. My Mom had told me on Friday that Hospice said my Aunt had anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to live. My Cousin called my Mom yesterday afternoon around 4:30p.m. and told her that my Aunt had died. This is my Dad's oldest brother's wife. I'm not sure when they are going to have the Funeral. Her Son, my Cousin, who lives out in Las Vegas, has to be contacted. I think they were going to do that yesterday afternoon. Anyway, I would just like for yall to remember us in this time of sorrow. Your prayers will be more than appreciated.
Yesterday was a fairly good day around here. I did 3 loads of laundry. It seems like I'm doing laundry every day or every other day. But, I guess with 2 girls, this is to be expected. The girls cleaned their rooms up yesterday afternoon as well. They also took out all the trash because today is Trash Pick-Up here where we live at. They also helped me by getting things out of the dryer for me to fold up. They have come along way in helping me around the house. I know I sure do appreciate it alot. I didn't do any cooking yesterday. I was still tired from Saturday's activities, so we just snacked around all afternoon and last night as well. I think I may cook some Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup for our Supper tonight. I took a package of Chicken Breast out of the freezer last night and put it in the Refrigerator to thaw. I know it will sure taste good on a cold day like today is going to be.
I received some wonderful Awards yesterday. Deena@CanIBePrettyInPink awarded me with the Awards.

"THANK YOU" so much Deena for these wonderful Awards. I feel so honored that you chose me to pass them on to. If yall have never been over to visit Deena, please go and visit her. She is such a sweet and wonderful lady and you will be Blessed by her.

Our oldest daughter's Basketball Coach called me late yesterday afternoon. Our oldest daughter's first game will be this coming Wednesday night at 6:00p.m. at Armorel, AR. They will be playing BIC or Monette as I've stated in previous post's. If you will remember, this was the team that we first played here at home and they kicked and hit on our girls. When we played them right before Christmas, they didn't do any of that stuff, but afterwards, some of the BIC parents and the Coach almost got into a fight. Riverside (which is our School) and BIC has been long time Rivals in Sports. But hopefully, we will be able to beat them again. We beat them both times we played them before. Our girls are having practice tonight at 7:00p.m. here at our Gym. I do hope they win this Tournament. So, keep you finger's crossed and say prayers for them.

I would also like to mention that BJ@SweetNothings is going into the Hospital this morning for some surgery. I'm not sure what kind of surgery it is, but I only found out about it yesterday when I was visiting her. She lives in Texas and has to be at the Hospital this morning around 6:00a.m. If you don't mind, please go by and visit BJ, and let her know you are thinking of her and saying a prayer for her. "THANK YOU" in advance for doing this.

My DH called me last night around 8:50p.m. to let me know they were almost out of Nebraska fixing to go into Wyoming. He usually calls me before he gets into Wyoming because there are alot of "Dead Zone" areas there and he can't call me. He will call me this morning before he stops driving. They have to be at the place in Salt Lake City around 7:00a.m. their time. We are on Central Standard Time here, so I think Salt Lake City may be on Mountain Time. Then, I think DH said they have to be down in Las Vegas around 4:00p.m Vegas time. I do know Las Vegas is 2 hours behind us. From Las Vegas they will come back on Interstate 40 going back to Memphis, TN. They will pick up again in Memphis and go to Green Bay, WI, and from there somewhere in Minnesota and back to Memphis again and then home. This is their Dedicated Run that they will be doing most of the time. Like their Driver Manager told them, they may have to make a run to Canada on occasion when someone else couldn't.

Well, guess I'll go for now. I think I will go knock on a few doors and see who is up and who isn't. So, if you hear a knock on your door, you know it's me coming by for coffee. LOL. Take care my friends and have a great Monday. May God Bless You and Yours.



Leeann said...

Good morning, Karen!
Looks like you and I are the only ones up so far,huh? It's cold here in the mountains and my heater sure feels good this morning. I'm about to get ready for my day at work but wanted to tell you hi and I will be in prayer for your family as your mourn the loss of your aunt.
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind words. Yes, I am super excited to hold those baby girls. I probably won't get much sleep while I'm there but that's okay with me.
I am also praying they don't cut off your Internet connection and that the Lord will provide you with means to prevent that from happening.
Have a wonderful day and I'll talk to you later.


Denise said...

Hello sweetie, praying you have a wonderful day. I will be praying for your family, sorry for the loss of your aunt. Congrats on winning the awards, well deserved. It is nice that your daughters are helping you around the house. Hope your daughter wins her game on Wednesday.

Shari said...

I hope the girls win their basketball game. That's a lot of dedicated driving around you do for them, taking them to the away games. I guess they don't get bussed until high school. I can't remember. I wasn't into sports when I was growing up, but my brother and sister were star athletes in school.

I'm off to visit BJ. Take care and God bless you and your family.

Hootin' Anni said...

It's a sad day to lose a family member. But, I always look at the point of view that they no longer are suffering and now in the hands of our maker!! And to think, 80 years is a good life. She lived well, I'm sure. My thoughts to you and your family.

Ewwwwwwwww, driving through western Nebraska and parts of Wyoming [I-80 I believe] can be a long, boring drive. I've done it a hundred times. It does get pretty tho, after about the Larimie cutoff.

Have a great day Karen...Stay warm. I'm "brrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ing" at those temps of yours. It's cold here and in the high 40s. Boy, I'm glad to be down south!! LOL

[And did guess my little blankety, blank puzzle.]

Mimi said...

Good morning Karen,
I will be praying for your family as they adjust to this loss and especially for the ones close by who must make all the arrangements (that is such a difficult time, even when you know the one you lost is a Christian and now is in a far better place. with no sorrow or suffering)
your girls are so sweet to help you around the house with the chores!
stay warm and have a wonderful day!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Karen,
I am sorry about yout aunt. I pray for your family at this tough time. I am also so sorry about your internet and cable. I hope things get better and easier for your beautiful family. You deserve it!
Love ya,

Joyce said...

Good Morning Friend, Here it is 23 and snowing. Sorry about your Aunt's death. I sure will pray for you and your family. The only good part of a furnal is visiting with family you don't see very often. Have a great day and I can smell the soup clear up here.

Love and Hugs,

smileymamaT said...

Well your family and your friends are certainly in my thoughts and prayers have already been sent. I'm a little worried bout the fighting among the parents and coach, it's pointless and sets a real negative example... hope they get some peace and quit doing that... wishing you a nice day!

Mary said...


My sincere sympathies on the passing of your aunt. Like Anni, I always look at it from the prespective that the suffering is over and that your aunt is home with God. I will keep the rest of your family in my prayers. No matter the circumstances, it's always hard to lose a loved one.

Congratulations on the awards. I also received them from Deena, but haven't had time to post them yet. I slept in this morning, which indicates to me that I'm still exhausted from all the fun we had on vacation.

Praying that your DH will be safe on the roads. Tell him to be careful driving when he comes near Toronto. The people who drive those roads are crazy drivers and our road system is not as good as yours in my opinion. I don't mind driving on your interstates, but hate driving the QEW or 401 here at home.

Thanks for letting us know about BJ. I didn't realize she was having surgery.


Lib said...

Hi Miz.Karen,
So sorry to hear about your Aunt.I will keep ya'll in my prayers.
Grab you c cup a...I'm on my 2nd pot.
Late visiting been abusy a.m. here.
Have a great day.

Hope said...

Mornin' Karen,
Yes, I'm late as usual but I'm here at least. Got any more coffee?

I don't know if I told you last night but I am so sorry to hear of your Aunt's death. I will keep the family in my prayers. It's hard when they live far away and you can't be there together for comfort.

It's getting cold here today and they are saying we might get some snow. On the weather map it's coming from up above us and also from your way. We might fool around and get a couple of inches yet!! LOL

I'm off to do my visiting door to door. Talk to ya later.

Love and Hugs,

Lisa said...

You have a lovely blog. I enjoyed my visit here. Have a Blessed day!

Chrissie said...

Hi! It's so good to see you still with us! We're cold today, but sunshiny and bright! Congrats to your daughter's winnings! I love watching basketball games - so much activity! Well, I'm off to do the puppy dog jog! God bless and big hugs!

NAME: CIELO said...

Just stopped by to say hi, and wish you a lovely day!


Cielo said...

Here I am a little earlier then sometimes!
So sorry about your Aunt,It is hard to lose any one no matter how old they are.
Sounds like you will be busy with ball games!
So happy you are still on line!! Love and Hugs Grams

Tammy said...

You know I feel like I could use a hot cuppa coffee/tea doesn't matter just anything warm. It is 27ยบ here right now with a fog of snow falling...sigh...

Condolences to you and your family on the loss of your Aunt.

Prayers are with sweet BJ.

Wishing traveling mercies for your Hubby.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt, my prayers are with you and your family at this time.

Things here in England are very damp and pretty breezy. Not too cold.

Hope you have a great week.

Sally said...

I'm sorry to hear of your family's loss, and will keep y'all in my prayers. Aunts, uncles and cousins are so very special.

Well, it's not cold here as you know. :) It's nice that your girls help you out; it's good training for them too. :)

Betty said...

Hi Karen,

I love your Lucy picture. I am so sorry for your loss. You Aunt has lived a long life, but no matter how old one is we are never ready to give them up. My prayers are with you and your family during this time of sorrow.

Thank you, Karen, for your sweet comments on my blog today and for your continued prayers on my behalf.

Nonna said...

Hi Karen,
I'm so glad you visited my blog again! Drop by anytime. In fact, I'll add you to my friends list if that is ok. I've been trying to read some of your blog when I have the chance. I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the web address for your friend that is near Gatlinburg. I'll be sure and pay a visit to her blog! I hope you have a wonderful week, and look forward to hearing from you again soon!

Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Karen,

I'm so sorry to hear the sad news of your aunt's passing. My condolences and prayers to you and your family at this sorrowful time. May you all find comfort with the Lord now.

I'm glad your girls are so much help for you. That's a big blessing for you. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they win the tournament!

Congratulations on your three new awards. You deserve them all and more!

Sounds like your DH is really doing some traveling these days. Prayers for his safety on the roads across the country.

Well, they say we may get some snow showers starting Wednesday night, and on, and we'll be back in the deepfreeze. Going to be a brrrr weekend again! Lol.

Have a good evening, and enjoy your chicken noodle soup. I bet it's delicious.

Blessings and Love,


Cecil said...

Karen... I am sorry about the loss of your aunt.. you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...

Looks like the girls are doing good! Winning big and getting to be on the Homecoming court... congrats to the girls..

I'm sorry about the financial situation... we have all been in that boat.. I hope something comes up and they don't have to cut your service off.. we'll pray for that and if not, I hope you can be back soon.

Hope you have a good week... Hugs to you... Cecil

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of a family member. My prayers are with you.

I hope you enjoyed that cup of coffee this morning. Have a great week!

bj said...

Dearest Karen, thank you so much for mentioning me in your fabulous post today. I do so appreciate it. I am sorry about your aunt's prayers for all of you are going up as we speak. We all share in the loss of a loved one.
hugs, bj

PEA said...

I'm here...I'm finally here!! lol I just took a shower and feel human again...after packing boxes and boxes of stuff and moving furniture from the computer room to the spare bedroom, I felt all dusty and sweaty. I quit for the it's time for fun and visiting:-)

I am so sorry to hear of your aunt's passing, my sympathies go out to you and the family. No matter how old they are, it's still sad to lose a loved one.

Congratulations on being given more deserve every one of them:-) I'd never seen that first one...there's just so many out there! lol

It always amazes me when I hear how much driving truckers do in one day alone...I think it takes special people to be able to do that day in and day out!! Have you ever gone with him?? Tell him to drive you here! hehe

Take care my friend and know that I have you all in my prayers. xoxo

Denise said...

So very about your loss...... I will pray for your family during this time... Life is hard somedays but He will always help us day by day.............


ancient one said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for coming by and checking on me. All's fine this way. Mama is doing well!

So sorry to hear about your Aunt. Prayers for all your family.

Enjoy your girls and their games. They'll be grown before you know it.

Thanks for all the emails you send along. Hope your day is good!!

Diane J. said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in the loss of your aunt, Karen.

I've got coffee! It's almost midnight, but I drink coffee any time, day or night, so bring a cup if you want to share. ;o)

I've got a full day planned with 3 of my sisters tomorrow, so I may not be around much. We're going to Chili's to eat and to the mall, I think, and Walmart.

Hope your day was good, and have a good Tuesday. ;o)

Love and hugs,


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Karen...sorry I'm so late....I am so sorry to hear of your Aunt's prayers are with you.

I loved the photo you used for today's post btw!! Too funny! We are huge Lucy fans here at my house!

Cottage Contessa said...

Sweetie, I'm so sorry for your loss and will be keeping your family, and our dear friend BJ in my thoughts and prayers. Congratulations on your well deserved awards too!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)