Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Good Wednesday Mornin' Yall,
I do hope everyone had a great Tuesday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 31 degrees with a windchill of 25 degrees. The winds are currently out of the Northeast at 6 mph. It is a cloudy morning here and according to the radar, there is a Wintry Mix just to our North and some rain to our South. Who knows what we will get today. They said last night that it was suppose to start out raining and then maybe after midnight tonight, some Snow mixed in with the rain. Remember, this is Arkansas, so we never know what to expect.
I would like to "THANK" each and everyone of you again for the prayers for my Parents traveling yesterday. Unfortunetly, they didn't get to go to Mississippi as planned. My Mother called me yesterday morning around 7:00a.m. to let me know that they had just gotten home from the Hospital. They had to rush my Dad to the Emergency Room on Monday night by Ambulance around 11:30p.m. My Mom said that my Dad was just cold and kept getting colder and couldn't get warm. Since he is a Diabetic, my Mom checked his Blood Sugar but it was alright. So, they called the Ambulance to come take him to the Hospital. My Mom went in the Ambulance with my Dad and my Sister drove her truck to the Hospital. Come to find out, my Dad has an Urinary Tract Infection. They gave him some medication's and he has to go and see his regular Doctor Thursday. The Doctor at the Hospital said for my Dad to drink plenty of liquids. I called my Mom yesterday afternoon to check to see how Dad was doing and she said he was feeling some better. He had been in bed most of the day. My Mom went to their local Drug Store shortly after 9:00a.m. and got his prescriptions filled and then went to the grocery store and bought him some Gatorade and other things to drink. So, I ask that you all remember my Dad during this time. I know the medicines will clear it up, but still, my Dad is 78 years old and I want my Dad to be around longer. I love my Dad very much. He is a wonderful Man and he is well respected by everyone in their town. I know it's hard on him as well not being able to go to Mississippi to be with his brother during this time of loss of his brother's wife. I know I can count on you my friends for continued prayers. "THANK YOU" all so very much.
Well, I will still be online my friends. "PRAISE GOD", I was able to pay the Cable & Internet Bill late yesterday afternoon. The company my DH works for has a website that we can go to and check for Deposits that are going into the Bank. So, yesterday afternoon, I went and checked it out. "PRAISE GOD" there was enough there to pay the Cable & Internet Bill and still have a little left over. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD!!!! "THANK YOU" all for all the prayers for us during this difficult time in our lives. I know the "POWER OF PRAYER" works. I never have doubted it, but sometimes when things looks bad, it's hard not to think like that. I am so "THANKFUL" that DH and his Uncle have this job and are able to make some pretty good money. Hopefully, by the end of next month, everything will be caught up and things will be better for us. It will be a big relief not having to worry about if this bill or that bill will get paid.
I fixed me and the girls my Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup for supper last night. We had Crackers to go with it. It sure was good. This is the only kind of Chicken Noodle Soup that our girls will eat. They don't like the canned kind too well. I guess because it's a bit too salty. I will eat canned Chicken Noodle Soup if I have to, but I prefer my Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup better. We had quite a bit leftover, so we will be eating on it again Thursday night. I still have a couple of Chicken Breast left that I didn't cook, so maybe I will fix Chicken Strips with that. The package of Chicken Breast's that I had, had 4 big breast's in it, but I only needed 2 of those breast's. Chicken Strips and Homemade French Fries would be good together. Hmmmm, I'm making myself hungry already. LOL.
My DH called me last night and told me they would be home last night late. Their load going to Minnesota wasn't going to be ready till around 2:00p.m. this afternoon, so they decided to just stop at home and stay the night. He got home around 1:00a.m. this morning. They will have to leave out around Noon today going to Memphis. Hopefully, if they don't run into any bad weather, they will be home again sometime Friday. I had went to bed last night around 9:30p.m. and slept for a while. I woke back up around 11:30p.m. I called DH to see where he was at and he was about an hour and a half from home. I stayed up because he wanted to eat some of my Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup when he came in. He loves it too. So, I had it ready for him when he got home this morning. I finally went back to bed around 2:00a.m. I had my alarm to go off at 4:30a.m., but I was still sleepy, so I reset the alarm for 6:15a.m. I got up and started some coffee and fixed the girls some Oatmeal for their breakfast. They had told me last night that this was what they wanted for their breakfast this morning. I have some left, so I will eat some after I take the girls to school this morning. We are running a little later than usual, but it's okay. I am now about done with my first cup of coffee. It sure does taste good on this cold morning.
Our oldest daughter has her first game tonight in their Tournament. It is at Armorel, AR. Their game starts at 6:00p.m., but she always has to be there 30 minutes before each game so they can warm up and stuff like that. I told the girls this morning that we would leave a little early this afternoon and stop by Sonic and get something to eat. Since we have a little money, I didn't figure it would hurt to grab something on the road to eat. I just hope the weather co-operates with us this afternoon and tonight. They are calling for a Wintry Mix, so I do pray and hope that if it does, it will wait till we get home.
Well, guess I'll go for now. I'm fixing to have to take the girls to school. When I get back, I will go visit all my friends and have some coffee with them. So, have the pot ready for me. LOL. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.



Nonna said...

Happy Wednesday Karen!
Sorry to hear about your Dad being sick. I'm sure the medicine and your mom's tender,loving care will have him back to normal before long.
Homemade chicken noodle soup sure sounds good. I love homemade soups.
I left some coffee here for you, so enjoy! lol
Have a blessed day!

Joyce said...

Good Morning Friend,
God is so Good. He will provide the money when it is needed. Sounds like you will be busy tonight. Good luck to your daughter and her team on a good game and a win. What a treat to have Hubby home for a few hours. I will pray for their safe travels. I will pray for your Dad. Sorry to hear that they were unable to travel. I know what you mean when you want your parents to be around longer.

Sorry to read your comments about having problems finding a church. I will pray that the right one will be there so you all can make it back into church.

Love and Hugs,

Hootin' Anni said...

I was just out in the frigid garage and came in to get online and here you are!!! In my comments. How wonderful ---in fact, I was hopin' and prayin' that you were still online. Wonders never cease, I tellya....things look bright now seeing you here, still with us.

Now wait....I thought you said you don't like to cook? Come on......homemade chicken noodle soup? That sounds oh so terrific from my chair. Hot, delicious, noodle soup. Yummy. You're my kinda gal. And Chicken strips and homemade fries tonight? I'm there!! With feathers on. Oh, and could you possibly make some cream/white gravy with that? ::drooling::

Hot damn we got some moisture last night! It rained and it was really, really cold...still cold but stopped raining. Funny, last summer we were always flooding and the ground was so saturated with record rainfall...then a drought. But now with last night's rainfall, I hope it helped some. I know our plants outdoors are drinkin' it all in!!!!

Have a terrific day glad you're still online.

[and prayers for your father AND mom]

Lib said...

Hi Miz.Karen,Lets sip a cup a....
So THANKFUL you're able to stay online:o) PTL:o)
I am praying your Dad will soon be well. You are so Blessed to still have your parents with you:o)
Happy to hear DH got to come home for the night,:o)
I'm with you on canned soups. I like homemade much better.
Girl Don't be sending me snow ,keep it all for
Hope you have a wonderful day

Mississippi Songbird said...

I'll be praying for your Dad and your family too.. Thank you for adding me to your blog roll. I've added you too..God Bless you..

Betty said...

Good Morning, Karen,

You know I'm right with you, girl, in wishing for snow. Same with Tennessee in that we never know what to expect where the weather is concerned, especially here in Middle Tennessee.

I am so glad your Dad's trip to the hospital proved to be nothing really major. Sending up prayers right now that God will watch over him and keep him healthy. I will continue to keep him in my prayers.

dabrah said...

Hi Karen, I'm happy to see you're still up and blogging. Sorry to hear about your Dad not being well, though, but hopefully he should soon be on the mend.

Chrissie said...

Yeah! Praise the Lord for answered prayer! I'm glad your parents are alright. My Dad is diabetic, too, and any changes can be a concern. I'll be praying for you all today! God bless you, dear friend!

Julie said...

Oh Karen, I am so glad to hear that your Father was not seriously ill. My Daddy is up there in age as I know your concern.

Tammy said...

So glad to have you back Miz Karen! You are right "God is Good~All the time"!! I used to attend a church where the minister would say "God is Good" before he dismissed and we would answer "All the time!"

Prayers for your Papa...I know it has to be hard on him to be so sick and in mourning too!

Hey gal, have some Sonic tater tots for me will ya? I love them things and there is nary a Sonic up this way!!

Denise said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE STILL ON LINE AND bill is paid.......... Ain't God good..... got to have our daily fix.........ahahha No time now to visit headed out to Jeans house.........

blessings to you................

Mary said...

Praise God for his goodness and for prayers answered. I have been praying for your finances and here I see the cable and internet are paid. I will continue to pray that finances improve and that your bills will be able to be paid in full.

I saw where you left a note wondering where I was. It's been a very busy day. Unknown to us, Dwight's mother was in town when we returned from Florida. She called this morning and wondered if we could take her to the airport, as her granddaughter is not feeling well and her kids are sick. So off we went to see her off to New Brunswick. Then we stopped at Wal M*rt and I picked up a couple of things. Then home for lunch.

I'm waiting for hubby to finish watching a movie so we can head out to Home Depot and pick up a couple of things that we need for the house.

Thanks for inquiring if all is well. It is and I'm so glad everything is well at your house too.

Love and blessings,

Mike Golch said...

God is indead great,by his Grace you are still online,By his Grace I have been blessed with many thing,surviving a health crisis in 1974(fluid on the heart,and almost died)multiple susicide attempts,being sober for 17 years,turning 56 on 1/22/08,and best of all haveing my Better Half in my life for 28 years on3/01/08
Now for the the thing I wish to say I hope the you Dad gets well quickly.I'm glad to hear the you have both your parents around,Treasur them.I lost my Dad in 1984 to a massive heart attack.I lost my Mom to lung cancer in 2003,I really miss them,especially on the holidays,their birthdays and of course on Mothers and Father Days.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your Dad is ill but yey that you have got your internet for sure! God is indeed good! Hugs. said...

I know you must be at the ball game right now! I hope your girls win!

I have posted and I have told everyone about my arm! I don't know what I did but it hurts like crazy to type! I feel like a copy kitten! But I am not!! Glo had this too!
I sure hope your Daddy feels better soon!! Love and hugs Grams

Nan said...

I'm so glad you got your internet bill paid. I was worried about that.
Hope your dad will feel better soon.I'm sure he will.
Your soup sounds yummy. I made some hamburgers for dinner tonight, since that's what I had in the fridge. We had a broccoli salad with it. I didn't make it......just picked it up on the way home. I really wanted mac and cheese but I know I shouldn't eat that stuff all the time.

Granny said...

I'd heard through the grapevine that your family was going through some rough times.

Hope your dad is improving and I'll keep you in thoughts and prayer as always.

Jackie said...

I will keep your Dad in my prayers for a swift recovery. Just from reading your posts I know that you come from a close knit family and it will bother your Dad not to be there for the rest of his family.

So glad that you were able to stay online. God does work in mysterious ways.

Hope your daughters game goes well and you have a safe trip there and back.


Judy said...

Hi Karen: So sorry to hear about your dad. He's in God's tender care. We'll all keep praying that he continues to improve. Isn't it wonderful how God sends us folks we would never otherwise get to know that will "stand in the gap" with us during our time of need. God ALWAYS comes through!
Please e-mail me your address. A lot of times I sell some of my magazines through my little shop but I'd love to see you get some enjoyment from them. I can't say you'll get a lot of them or some very recent ones but you never know what might show up in your mailbox! You can e-mail me at
Take care - Judy

Sally said...

I was happy to see you this morning, Ms. Karen, and sorry I'm so late in getting around to check on everyone.

Your dad will be in my prayers for a full recovery. I know urinary tract infections can make a person very, very ill. But, as you say, God is GOOD!!

So glad you were able to stay online! That's a blessing also. Take care and I'll check in with again soon.

Linda said...

Hi Karen...I know it's kinda of late Wednesday but wanted to say hi. I't's been very cold and windy here today, don't you just hate to go out in the cold. Mmmm, your chicken noodle soup is making me want to cook some tomorrow. I love soups and stews when it is so cold.
Sorry your dad is sick. I hope he is feeling better and his medicine is working. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs Linda

Shari said...

I'm glad that it worked out and you were able to pay some of your bills. I hope the girls win their basketball game.

Sorry to hear about your dad's UTI. Hope he gets better real quick.

God bless you and your family.

Denise said...

Hello sweet one, praising God that you are still online. I am praying for your dads infection to clear up very soon. I bet the soup was delicious.

Diane J. said...

Well, it's almost midnight and unless it's started in the last few minutes it's not snowing yet. It's still 37 degrees so it's not likely to do any kind of freezing precipitation for a while if at all.

I've been gone all day long and didn't get home until 10 pm so I didn't make any coffee today, which is very unusual for me. I did have a cup at Starbuck's in Barnes and Noble today, though.

Glad your hubby got to come home for a few hours. It's always nice to sleep in your own bed even if it's only for a few hours.

Praise the Lord for answered prayers for your internet bill! God is good, all the time!

Sorry your Daddy is sick. I will surely pray for him, bless his heart.

It's late and I sure is TARD tonight. I'll be back to visit tomorrow. Have that coffee ready 'cause I'll sure want a big cup of it! ;o)

Love and hugs,


Greeneyes said...

Hi Karen ,
so sorry to read your dad is feeling ill , I bet once the antibiotics and fliuds start doing their jobs he will feel much better . Dont worry to much I am sure he is in good hands and I will say a prayer for him as many others have already .
You take care now and catch ya soon


Greeneyes said...

Hi Karen ,
so sorry to read your dad is feeling ill , I bet once the antibiotics and fliuds start doing their jobs he will feel much better . Dont worry to much I am sure he is in good hands and I will say a prayer for him as many others have already .
You take care now and catch ya soon


Renie Burghardt said...

Good morning, Karen,

Sorry I never made it here last night. Got some unexpected company. So sorry to hear about your Dad, but thank the Lord he is getting better. And thank the Lord for all the good news there. God is good!

Guess what? We actually got some pretty snow last night. But this morning when I got up and looked out, it was all gone! And it's raining out now.

I'm glad your DH got home for a bit, and got to enjoy your chicken noodle soup. Have a wonderful day.

Love and Blessings,