Monday, December 10, 2007


Good Monday Mornin' Yall,

I do hope everyone had a Blessed Sunday and ready to start a new day today. It is 43 degrees here and on the rainy side. The fog we've had since Thursday night finally lifted late yesterday evening. Rain is in our forecast all the way thru Wednesday. Our local weather guy just said a few minutes ago that the Sun will return on Thursday. Looks like a gloomy week ahead for us. I'm thankful we don't have the ICE that some of my blogging friends have received.

It didn't "Rain on our Parade" Saturday night. "PRAISE GOD" for that. It sure was foggy tho. But I think the fog made it feel more Christmasy tho. It kind of reminded me of the little show "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and how Rudolph had to lead the way on that foggy Christmas Eve. As you know, I don't have a digital camera or a scanner to download some really good pictures. I did take a couple of pictures with my cell phone. The first picture is of my youngest daughter in our Church Float. She is the lead Angel. You may have to click on the picture to enlarge it. She is the one waving. I thought my oldest daughter was on there as well, but come to find out, she was on another float and I didn't know it until after the Parade. If I had of known it, I surely would have taken a picture of her.
I had another picture of Santa Claus that I wanted to show also, but I can't seem to find it. If I do find it, I will share it another day. After the Parade, we went to our Church where the Kid's for Christ put on their Christmas Program. On Wednesday nights all the kids that go to Church have been practicing on the play. I had told yall that my oldest daughter was going to sing a solo. Well, my youngest daughter called me about 4:30p.m. Saturday afternoon and told me she was going to be singing a solo as well. One of the other girls that was suppose to sing wasn't going to be there, so my youngest daughter volunteered to do it. Both of our girls did an excellent job in singing their solo's. We were so Proud of them for doing such a wonderul job. The first picture is of my oldest daughter singing her solo of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS" and the next picture is of my youngest daughter singing her solo of "C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S". The other kids did join her in singin the chorus. The name of their Christmas Play was called "AN ALPHABET CHRISTMAS". It was a lovely play.

Well, the pictures are backwards. My youngest daughter is in the first picture and my oldest daughter is in the second picture. Everyone came up to me and hubby after the program and told us how good our daughters sounded and what a wonderful job they did. Did I mention that I am so Proud of them? LOL. Sunday, we went to Osceola, Ar and seen my Great-Aunt. The 11th of this month she will be 98 years young. I did take a picture of her with our girls. I just have to wait until I can get some more minutes later on this morning. I will share that picture with you as well on another day. We really had a good time. We had a Coconut Birthday Cake that my Sister had made and Vanilla Ice Cream to go with it. We had some soda's to drink also. It sure was good to see my cousin's that I haven't seen in a good while.

Some of you may have noticed the "Decorate the Blogs" Banner on my Sidebar. I seen this on a few of my blogging friends blogs as well and decided to go ahead and enter as well. All you have to do is click on this banner and go and enter. But you have to hurry tho because time is Running out.

I would also like to "THANK" my dear friend from Canada, Mary of Mary's Writing Nook for giving all of her blogging friends this Christmas Banner. Mary is such a sweet and wonderful person. If you have never been to visit Mary, please go and visit her. She is a writer as well and she shares alot of her stories with us. "THANKS" again Mary.
A few days ago, Mary had givin out some Awards to her blogging friends also. "THANK YOU SO MUCH MARY". I am showing the Award Banners below.

I am just now getting them on here. I am slow and had a bad week last week. But hey, it's better late than never huh? "THANKS" again Mary. Visiting Mary will sure lift your spirits up and make you feel alot better.

Well, I think I will go visiting now. I hope that each and everyone of you will have a great Monday. May God Bless You All. Take care my friends and enjoy your Monday.



Nan said...

Good morning, Karen. It is 33 degrees here and your fog has moved to us. LOL
I'm so glad the rain didn't dampen your parade. I tried to enlarge your pics but it wouldn't let me do it.
You must be sooooooo proud of your girls. I bet the solos were the best. Your little one must have lots of confidence, to volunteer at the last minute.
My niece also plays softball in the summer.
I am so glad I took a blog day off. We visited the in-laws and played some cards. It was a nice relaxing day.
Hope you have a better week than last. Smiles,

Lib said...

Hi Miz. Karen,
Glad you had agood weekend.:o)
We are very foggy here. But warm temps suppose to be in the 79s this wk.
I know you have to be very Proud of your girls.Sounds like thier good girls:o)
Hope you have a good week.
Blessins', Lib

bj said...

Good morning, is cold and damp here in ice storm is heading our way and I sure do dread it. I HATE to drive on ice. Scares me!
So glad things went good for the parade. Thanks for taking the pictures for us.
Hope your week is filled with blessings and love and warmer weather!! lol
hugs, bj

Mary said...


You're such a dear and very deserving of the awards. I'm glad you enjoyed them and the card.

Thank God the fog has lifted in your area. I was talking to my friend, Bertha, who lives in Paris, Arkansas and they are having an ice storm. She said the roads are treacherous. Please pray for her MIL, who had a massive heart attack and a stroke. She is in hospital and family have been called to gather round. This is a difficult time for things like this to happen. Bertha is asking for prayer that either her MIL recovers or passes home to heaven without too much suffering. She is in her early 90s.

Take care, my friend. So glad to see your post.

Love and blessings,

bj said...

Hi, again...Just letting you know why I was late in posting this morning and will be late again in the morning. I am staying with 3 of my granddaughters while their parents are out of town. By the time I get them to school and back to my house, it is later than I normally post.
And, there ya are!!
hugs, bj

Diane J. said...

It's still dreary and misty here this morning, and 41 degrees as I type this at 10:30 am. I don't mind the cold or rain or snow, but I dread the ice. I love to see the ice coating everything except the power lines. Our apartment is all electric and when the power goes we don't have light or heat.

Cecil and Sue are coming up today and I don't know what we'll do today. Probably watch the Food Network most of the afternoon, LOL! I may do some baking/candy making, not sure yet. It's still a little early so I may just make some chocolate chip cookies or something instead.

Have a good day, Karen. ;o)

Love and hugs,

Diane said...

They are calling for freezing rain starting this afternoon about 5:00 and it is to keep it up all night!! BUT if it warms up it could go around us!! I am praying for it to go around us!! They said this one could knock out the power!! GRRRRR not good!! It gets so cold! Your girls looked real sweet in their programs!! You should be so proud!!
I promise my special needs girl Nancy I would help her wrap up some gifts today so I had better keep on going!! Love and Hugs, Grams

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
I couldn't tell much about the float picture and couldn't enlarge it but it looks like it was pretty.
I know you are just proud as a peacock of your 2 beautiful daughters...AND they are talented too!!
Congrats on your awards!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Karen,

I'm glad the parade went off so well, and your daughters were on the floats. And how nice that they got to sing solos! I bet they sounded sweet. And God bless your Great Aunt, and Happy 98th Birthday to her tomorrow!

Hopefully, our dreary, rainy weather will move on, soon. It's a bit depressing already, after several days of no sun. But on the bright side, it was only rain! Lol.

I love reading all your family doings. Have a nice evening with your family.

God bless you and take care!


Leann said...

good evening karen.
just stopped by to say thanks for coming over and reading my blog.and for your kind words.
Ill be back again to read.God bless you and for family.merry christmas.
leann from the eagles nest.

Leeann said...

Hi Karen!
I know you are so very proud of your talented daughters. Thank you for sharing the photos with us. I am very excited tonight as my little granddaughters may be born real soon! My son called early today and said my daughter-in-law's water broke and she's having some contractions. They are waiting on the dr. right now and will call and let us know when to head on down there. I'm so excited as you can imagine. Please pray for their safe delivery.

PEA said...

Good evening dear Karen:-)

I had my mom & Ross over all afternoon and they stayed for dinner so I'm late in visiting blogs! I'm glad that you're not being affected by the ice storms going on in some parts...I'm so worried about the blogging friends we have that are being affected!!

Sounds like a great time at the parade...glad it didn't rain:-) How I would have loved to hear your daughters sing solos at the Christmas's no wonder you were so proud of both of them.

How wonderful that you were able to go visit your great aunt...imagine, 98 years old! Happy Birthday to her:-) Did you save me a piece of the birthday cake???? hehe

Congratulations on the awards, I haven't put those on my blog either, you've just reminded me! lol Mary certainly is a dear friend with a heart of gold...just like you:-)

Hope your evening is going well...I'm watching Christmas cartoons as I'm visiting! lol I know, I'm such a big kid!!! Love ya! xoxo

Shari said...

Hi Karen,

You have talented daughters. I bet you were proud of them. :) Thank you for sharing the pictures of them.

We are supposed to have yet more snow tomorrow. :( I really don't want it. I am glad that the fog lifted up. I hear London, England has a lot of fog.

Congrats on the awards. You desever them.

Cottage Contessa said...

Congratulations to both of your lovely girls Karen! I'll bet they sounded like angels singing up there! No wonder you and your hubby were proud. I'm glad you are feeling better and have decided to continue blogging. Have a lovely day sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)