Saturday, December 8, 2007


Good Saturday Mornin' Yall,

Hope everyone is doing well and have a great Thursday and Friday. Sorry I haven't posted in the last couple of days. I have been down in the dumps and have had the "Blues" really bad. I'm still feeling down, but not as bad as I was Thursday and Friday. I won't go into details, but I feel as I've lost a few good "Blogging Friends" this week. A few times, it made me want to quit blogging as well. But, one of my new blogging friends I met either last week or earlier this week told me that life goes on. So, I figured I would go ahead and blog for a while. I may not post as much as I have, but I will keep blogging for the time being.

The weather here the last couple of days has been cold, gloomy, and raining. Thursday was a very cold day here. The weather guy said it was suppose to get up to 45 degrees. Well, he was way off. The high ony made it to 34 degrees and that was in the late afternoon. It was a cloudy day as well. In the afternoon, I was looking at the local radar, and it was showing "SNOW" over us. Well, it might have been snowing in the upper atmosphere, but it wasn't snowing down here where I was. LOL. But, I did look out my front door late Thursday afternoon and something had fallen because my truck was wet with some spots on it. I couldn't actually see anything falling, but something had fell. I don't know if it was sleet or what. Then Friday, it was cold, but not as cold because the temperatures had risen during the night, but it was still cold. It was raining as well. It rained most of the day here and was foggy. They have rain in the forecast for all this weekend and then for the next few days after the weekend as well. I think the temperature is 43 degrees right now. The temperature thing at the bottom of my computer is missing, so I'm gonna have to check into that and see where it went. It may have frozen up from the other day. LOL.

Well Thursday, I did cook my White Beans with ham. Before hubby had left for work I asked him what he wanted to go with it and he said that the White Beans and ham and a pan of cornbread would be good enough. My Mom had called earlier in the day and the Funeral Home that my Dad works at was taking their employees out for their Christmas Dinner and she wanted to know if we wanted to go. I told her I didn't because I didn't know what time hubby would be home from work and she wanted to know if our girls wanted to go. I told her I would ask them when they got in from school. When they got in and I asked them, of course they wanted to go. So, our girls went with my parents to Jonesboro, AR on Thursday evening to eat at Colton's Steak House. So me and hubby had our White Beans and ham with a pan of homemade cornbread. I didn't have any buttermilk, so I had to make do with using regular milk. Oh, it's still good, it just doesn't have that buttermilk flavor. The girls finally got home around 8:15p.m. from Jonesboro.

Yesterday morning I got hubby up around 6:00a.m. so he could get ready for work and have some coffee with me and he left for work around 6:45a.m. He calls me about 15 minutes later and said he was on his way back home because it was raining really good outside. When he walked up to his truck it was only misting a little. He called me as he was coming into town and wanted me to come pick him up, so I did. He said that his boss would call him when it quit raining and they would start working then. I carried the girls to school my usualy time around 7:30a.m. and came back home. I took my medicine and had me a bowl of my regular plain corn flakes. I finished my coffee and I was still sleepy. I told my hubby I was going to go lay back down for a while and if they called him, to wake me up and I would take him up to his truck. I went into our bedroom and watched a little t.v. and fell asleep. I woke back up around 11:00a.m. He was still here. It was still raining outside and that his boss would have his check ready in a little while. So, around 1:00p.m. he goes and gets his check and brings it back and puts it in the bank and then goes up to Red Onion, MO. It's just across the State Line from Arkanas. It is about 20 miles from where we live. We go up there and get gas for our truck. It's alot cheaper there. I think he said it was $2.74 a gallon for regular unleaded. Here in our town at the only gas station there is, it is $2.79 a gallon for regular unleaded. He usually gets him an 18-pack of beer. No, he doesn't get drunk. When he is home during the week, he drinks him a couple of beers before he goes to bed. I have no problem with that because he is the one who makes the money for our home. If he wants to have a couple of beers before bedtime, then he has every right to. He even bought me a 4-pack of Pina Coloda Wine Coolers. I drink them every once in a great while. Anyway, while hubby was gone, my Mom called to ask me if we wanted to meet them at the Cowboy Grill for dinner? I said sure. She said they were taking the immediate family out to eat as their Christmas Gift to us all. The Cowboy Grill is a Restaurant here in our town. In fact, it's the only one really. They do have great food there and it is nice on the inside. So, at 5:00p.m. we met my Parents and Sister there and we had a very nice dinner. My Parents told us to get whatever we wanted. Me and hubby had the catfish/rib combo. It was good. I love their ribs. Then, for dessert I had a piece of Turtle Cheesecake with a cup of coffee. Now you talk about something good, that was good. LOL. After we had finished our dinner, the girls went home to stay all night with my parents. Me and hubby finally had some well deserved alone time. We went and rented 6 movies. We stayed up and watched 4 of the movies till 2:30a.m. this morning. He had him a few beers and I drank a couple of the wine coolers. We were at home and not out on the road. Neither one of us got drunk or anything like that because we don't do that. Me and hubby had a nice evening of relaxation and watching movies. It was a great time together. I woke up around 6:30a.m. and am now having my coffee. Hubby is still sleeping and I will let him sleep as long as he wants to.

Well, that brings us up to today, Saturday. We are suppose to have our Christmas Parade this evening at 6:00p.m. I don't know if they will still have it or not. I haven't been outside or even looked outside yet. I do know they are calling for rain today. The girls will be home around 3:00p.m. and will have to get ready for the Parade. Even if we don't get to have the Parade, they will still have the Christmas Play at Church and the meal afterwards. That is our plans for this Saturday.

Tomorrow, me, hubby, our girls, my Parents, and Sister are going to Osceola, AR. I have a Great-Aunt that is in the Nursing Home there and the 11th is her Birthday. She will be 98 years young. Yes, I did say young. She still has a good head on her my Mom told me. But, she is starting to forget things and afraid she may be getting Altheirmer's. My Mom is afraid this might be her last Christmas. She has a daughter that lives in Memphis, Tn. We are all suppose to meet at the Nursing Home and have Birthday Cake and other things. I haven't seen my Great-Aunt in several years and my cousins that live in Memphis, Tn. I am excited about going and getting to see them. That will be our day plans for Sunday. I don't really have to do any serious cooking. LOL. We still have some beans left over for our lunch today. We will be having dinner at our Church tonight. Tomorrow we will be eating out, I just don't know where yet. We will probably have leftover beans for our supper Sunday night as well. We should be done with them by that time. LOL. Do you have any special plans for this weekend? We didn't have the Basketball Game on Thursday night as we thought we might have had. The other team, and I had no clue who it was going to be, said they couldn't make it. That was fine with me. After all the games last week, it was good to have a break from it all.

Well, I guess I am pretty much caught up for now. I do hope that each and everyone will have a great Saturday. Take care and may God Bless each and everyone of you.

Love & Hugs,


bj said...

Good morning, friend,
I am go glad all is ok with you but sorry to hear you had a few hard days. I do hope you are feeling much better.
I hope, too, that you won't let someone upset you so much that you stop blogging. There's just some folks out there that were never taught the GOLDEN RULE and we just pretty much have to ignore them. There's waaaay too many nice folks that we can enjoy knowing to let the rotten apples spoil it for us.
Hope your parade isn't rained out...
Have fun,

Nan said...

So glad to hear that you are OK. Sounds like you've been pretty busy. If your grandma at 98 is just starting to forget things, that's pretty darn good.
We still have snow here. Did you see my header with the snow in it? It still looks like that.
I'm off to my friend's house to do a cookie marathon! It's an all day thing.
Take care and don't be sad,

Lib said...

Hi Miz. Karne,
I agree with BJ's comment.
Sounds like you had abusy week.
I still want some white beans and cornbread.LOL :o) I do Love my cornbread.Buttermilk cornbread. YUMO
Glad you and Dh got some Home Alone Time. :o) I know the girls had a good time with The GRandParents.:o)
We watched the Christmas Parade on t.v. last night sipped a cup a Peppermint cocoa .Warmed the heart and soul.:o)
You have a great weekend.
Hope you have a good time at the Birthday Party.
Keep On Blogging !!!!!!!!!
Blessins', Lib

PEA said...

Good morning dear Karen:-)

BJ said it right, don't let anyone ruin your joy of blogging. Some have tried with me but it won't work:-) I've sent you an email!!

Your weather sure has been strange lately, ours is still just staying COLD!! I went out after dinner last night to cut some branches off the pine tree and cedar hedges and my fingers were frozen when I came in! Brrrr!

I'm glad the girls got to go to the Christmas dinner with your parents, I love it how they have such a close relationship with them. My boys have never known their grandfather because he died when Shawn was only 9 months old and I feel they've missed out on so much.

I'm not a big drinker either but Pina Coladas are my absolute favourite and that's what I order if we have a drink at the restaurant. When they came out with the Pina Colada wine coolers, well I was in heaven! lol Which reminds me, I should go buy a few bottles for Christmas time:-)

Sounds like you all had a wonderful meal with your parents and sister...gosh, I haven't had catfish since I was a little girl!!

Enjoy the parade this evening and will look forward to hearing all about it:-) Take care my friend and chin up, you'll be ok! xoxo

Shari said...

Hi Karen,

Hope you aren't as blue today. You have a lot to be thankful for. Family is always keeping in touch with you.

I am not much of a drinker myself, but I do like Seagram's black cherry fizz wine coolers. They're on the sweet side, but that's what I like best. Most restuarants have the wild berries kind. Oh well.

Take care and God bless. :) Here's a (((hugs))).

Diane J. said...

Sorry you've had a bad experience with other bloggers, Karen. Among people there are always disagreements and personality clashes, so you have to learn to let it roll off your back and go on.

As you know from my blog, I've been sick and really busy, not a good combination. Today I'm going to just sit in my recliner and pick out pecans, I think. I have to cook supper later and find something to cook for Sunday dinner, and Emmy will be here around 6 pm for several hours. Now you know what I'll be doing for those several hours, LOL! ;o)

Enjoy your weekend, and be careful on the roads.

Love and hugs,


Mommy Cracked said...

I'm so sorry about what is going on with your blogging friends. I've been through something similar on a message board earlier this year, and while it hurts like heck, time does heal AND you even get to "meet" some great new friends, like you! Keep your chin up and enjoy your day.

Leeann said...

Dear Karen,
I hope you know you can count me as one of your friends. As you can see, I haven't been around blogland very long and don't get many comments, but that's ok. I'm doing it more for me than anyone but I do welcome comments and I would dearly love to make some new friends as a result. I count you as one and I would rather have a few true friends than many acquaintances.
Your posts are always cheerful and uplifting and I appreciate them very much. I look forward to many, many more. We all want to hear what you've been cooking, too! It makes us all hungry!

Your friend,

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
I just found you through Lib's blog and thought I'd visit. Right off the bat you made me hungry with the white beans and cornbread!! lol I grew up on beans and cornbread and still today it's right up there at the top of my list of favorite meals!
I've only just started blogging myself and so far I have met many nice people and had no trouble at all. I hope you'll be able to resolve your problems. Just don't get down enough to stop blogging. When I started out I decided I was doing this for ME first and foremost. It is becoming addictive!! lol
Enjoy your weekend and please come vist me soon!

Angela said...

Hi Karen,
I want you to know that I treasure you as a true blogging friend. It is always so uplifting to visit you and to read your comments. You are a PRECIOUS LADY... don't pay those rude bloggers any attention. We are the ones that really care about you and proud to call you friend!

(((HUGS)))from me to you!!!

Angela said...

Hi Karen,
I want you to know that I treasure you as a true blogging friend. It is always so uplifting to visit you and to read your comments. You are a PRECIOUS LADY... don't pay those rude bloggers any attention. We are the ones that really care about you and proud to call you friend!

(((HUGS)))from me to you!!!

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi, old friends leave and new ones come along. Sorry about the sadness during this time of the year, seems to make it worse. said...

My goodness Karen don't stop blogging!! I love comming over here and reading your posts!! You always leave me such uplifting comments that make me smile!! I just started blogging in June and I am still trying to find my way around blogland!! You are a very nice blogger!! We love you!!

Corn Bread and Beans Well Yum!! Love it!
Nancy and me are shut in today! We have a glaze of ice and the girls thought it was just too slippery for us to be out and about!! Love and a giant HUG!!!! Grams

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh don't stop're a treasure for us. I enjoy reading what you have to say....sure, life goes on, but once you START blogging and making friends [I consider you a friend] ---you don't want to quit on us...we'll miss a bright star in blogland if you do.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ham and beans. I love that. I really do. My mom used to make it quite often, and maybe you've not heard of this before, but I always poured gobs [still do] of vinegar on it. It's so good. :::mouth watering:::

Now, y'hear me good....keep up the blogging. We luvya!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

PS---don't let ONE rotten apple spoil the whole bushel!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Karen,

Hope you're out enjoying the parade, since the rain seems to have stopped. Then the church Christmas doings tonight. Lots to enjoy with the family.

I enjoy reading about your family and your great home cooking. You always make me hungry! Lol.

I'd miss you if you stopped blogging. And I wouldn't know if you beat me getting up in the morning, or not. Lol.

Have a wonderful, enjoyable weekend. It may be somewhat wet, but at least it's not frozen stuff.

Love and Hugs,


Mary said...


Please don't let one rotten pickle spoil the whole barrel. I enjoy reading your blog and consider you a dear friend. Please keep on blogging.

I'm not sure who said or did hurtful things to you, but God knows and I will be praying for that person(s).

I do hope you enjoyed the birthday party. 98 years young is indeed a milestone and all of your food sounds delicious. I haven't had white beans and ham since Grandma passed way back in '74.

Take care. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


Granny said...

I don't know what all happened but I'm sorry it disturbed you.

Shelley said...

Hi Karen, sorry you are down in the dumps ! Hope this will find you in better spirits. Thanks for coming by to see me and my Mom as well! Seems like you have a whole lot of good blogging friends here in blog land. You have so many wonderful encouraging comments.

God bless you, Shelley

Cecil said...

Karen... I hope you feel better today... like everyone said, just do your blog and enjoy it and hang in there... I love blogging and meeting new people.. keep up the good work... Hope your weekend went well...yes, the weather is nasty out... Hope the girls got to be in the parade and everything went good.. Have a good Sunday.. Cecil

Mountain Mama said...

Hi Hon, Sorry about the problem. Just remember you have a lot of friends out here in Blogland and just ignore the rest. I think most of us who have a blog have had a bit of discouragement at one time or another.
Most of us pray for and encourage each other. That's as it should be.

We've had some pretty cold temp's here too. It is around 22 degrees right now and my nose and feet are cold!

My mom used to make white beand with ham hock too and I just loved her cornbread.

I had red beans a few days ago with homemade wheat rolls. Oh was it ever yummy. Mom usually made fried potatoes when she had red beans. I still love them too.
I pray you are feeling a lot better.
love & Hugs

NAME: CIELO said...

Hi my dear friend... just passing by to see how you were doing, and I just found out you are not feeling too happy. So sorry to hear that. Better days are ahead of you my friends. Lift up your eyes to see the wonderful things our Lord has in store for you.

I pray you will have a beautiful day tomorrow.


Chrissie said...

Glad you're sticking with us, Karen! I know that when we don't get a lot of sunshine, I can't seem to get my soul off the ground.
I'm praying for you!
God bless you!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Karen...I just want you to know that even though we haven't "known" each other very long I really do enjoy visiting you and you are one of my favorite neighbors. I hope things get better for you Darlin'....take a deep breath and have a cup of coffee....and a cookie.

BTW...the cheapest gas here is $3.24 and thats the lowest its been lately so yours sounds like a bargain!

Cottage Contessa said...

Karen, sweetie I'm so sorry you been feeling down lately. You've got some great encouragement and advice from the other ladies here, and I agree with them that you would be very sadly missed of you stopped blogging. I look forward to coming by here to visit you, and I so enjoy reading the comments you leave on my blog too. Hang in there sweetie, and keep on bloggin'!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

bj said...

I know you are out of town this weekend but I just was thinking of you and wanted to say HI.
I hope the week starts out beautifully for you and that it is a good one all the way thru. We have so many good pictures to look forward to with all the people here posting their baking and cooking and decorating. It is going to be an exciting week and I sure am looking forward to it. I hope you are, too!
Blessings, love and hugs,

Nunnie's Attic said...

I'm so sorry to hear that things haven't been all that joyful for you as of late. But darlin' remember what it IS joyful. Focus on that, on your family and your friends who love you. This is the Season of Love. Don't let one person steal your joy. God has great plans for you!!


Brenda said...

Hi Miz Karen. I agree with Pea, don't let anyone get you down, you just have to stop and think for a minute about the reason you started blogging and stick to it. I use my blog as a journal so I blog for me but if folks stop in that's fine too.

I tried to go to Miz Tammy's Blog (Gentle Retreat), has she changed the password or something? I can't get there.

I hope you have a great week!

Greeneyes said...

Hi there Karen,
Gosh , sorry to read you have been blue , that is too bad , and having problems with bloggers , well I think everyone has had one or two of them , I know I have in the past . I am soft hearted and when I started on here , if someone didnt come back I took it really personal, but since then I have learned people come in and out of our lives for different reasons , and there is a wonderful family of friends online here which you are part of and as I can tell from the number f comments you received you fit right in , so dont be blue , if someone bruised your heart let it be their hardship !
i enjoy your post alot , sometimes life keeps me away for a bit but I always come back , and hopefully will get to know you better.
You take care and have a cooler for me too LOL, This time of the year is so hectic for me I need one (*wink)



Grandy said...


I am so sorry to hear that you had the blues...but glad it seems to have picked back up. What a wonderful evening to have with your hubby!! Sometimes the rainy weather can be a blessing.

Oh...and don't feel back about the $2.79 for unleaded...ours is $3.29

Have a good day, and thanks so much for your prayers and wishes for me and my sis. ;)