Monday, November 26, 2007


Good Monday Mornin' Yall,

Well, I do hope that everyone has recovered from the Thanksgiving Holidays. I have no more leftovers. LOL. We finished them up Saturday evening. We had a great Thanksgiving here at my house.

It is a rainy Monday Mornin' here. It started raining yesterday and it rained all day and last night. It rained pretty hard at times. It is a chilly morning also. It is 43 degrees. It is a tad bit warmer than it has been, but with the rain, it makes if feel about the same.

I didn't post yesterday. It was a busy day for me. Hubby had to leave out about 4:00p.m. yesterday afteroon going to Missouri. So, I had to do laundry and get his clothes ready and then I wanted to cook a good meal for him. Now he does eat out on the road, but ain't nothing like a good home cooked meal. So, I fried some boneless pork chops, made some homemade creamed potatoes, made some gravy (and I didn't make it with Gravy Flour - LOL), and I opened up a can of those jumbo biscuits. It was a pretty good meal. He loved it. Then, last night, I fried some bacon for me and the girls and heated up the rest of the creamed potatoes and gravy. That bacon sure smelled good while I was cooking it. It had a syruppy smell to it. The girls came in the kitchen wanting to know what I was cooking, and I told them I was frying some bacon. It sure made the kitchen smell soooo good. I did do some visiting late last night. So, hopefully, things will get back to normal today.

Some of you may have noticed my new look. "THANKS" to Diane of Diane's Place, for fixing my blog for me. The only thing I did was put the Christmas Countdown on here. I done it with the truck because my hubby drives a truck and it will remind me of him being out on the road. He also picked out the picture for my Christmas Header. That Diane is such a great friend. If you have never been over to visit her, please go by and visit her. I know most of my blogfriends know her, but I've noticed a few new ones this past week. Again, "THANK YOU" Diane.

I want to "THANK" Mary of Mary's Writing Nook for giving all her friends the Christmas Spirit Button. Mary is one of my new friends. She is from Canada and has a big heart. If you have never been to visit her, please do stop by her blog sometime. She is a writer also. She has had things published in Guideposts. Again, "THANK YOU" Mary for this Christmas Button. Now, You may take the button also. Be sure you give it to someone. If you want more information on it, be sure to visit Mary @ Mary's Writing Nook. I really enjoy reading Mary's blog.

I have alot of traveling to do this week. My oldest daughter has 2 maybe 3 or more basketball games this week. For the life of me, I have no idea why they scheduled so many games during the week this year. In the past, there had only been like a couple of games during the week. We have to travel to Gosnell, AR tonight. Tuesday night we travel to Luxora, AR. Then, Wednesday night we may have to go back to Luxora for a tournament. Then, she has a game Saturday morning here in Caraway, AR. Looks like we are going to have a busy week here. The girls go back to school today and I know they will have homework piled up on them. That's going to make it even harder. Both of these towns are about an hour away. She will play at 7:00p.m. each night and she has to be there 30 minutes before the game. The actual games usually lasts about an hour. Then there is the hour drive back home. I may have some grouchy girls this week. LOL.

I have noticed several of my blogfriends have gotten in the Christmas Spirit. We put our tree up Thanksgiving night. I did some more decorating Friday afternoon. I finally got my villages here at this house Saturday afternoon. I was going to put it up Saturday, but I didn't have any snow. So, I made like 2 trips to the Dollar General Store to get one of those old fashioned Christmas skirts. You know the white ones that have glitter on them. That is what I use for my snow. I didn't get it put up as I had planned. My brother-in-law and his girlfriend came over late Saturday afternoon and visited for a while. Then hubby got home about 4:30p.m. from Mississippi. Then, about 5:30p.m. my Mother-In-Law comes over. In the meantime, I was heating up the leftovers for our supper. Finally, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend leaves. My Mother-In-Law stays and helps us eat the rest of the leftovers. It just felt like I was running around in circles Saturday. I did manage to get my Christmas Dishes put on my table. Hubby hung a couple of wreaths that I had decorated a few years ago for me. Hopefully, I will get my village up one day this week. Below is a picture that hubby took with his cell phone the other night of our tree. This is our girls standing in front of it. He had to use a spotlight to take the picture because it was dark. Anyway, after I get all my decorating done, I will post more pictures then. Hubby didn't get the top of the tree. He wanted to make sure he got the train set around the tree. That is his toy. LOL. He is worse than a kid when it comes to his Christmas Train. I'm gonna tell yall, my Christmas decorations ain't no fancy schmany decorations. Alot of them are old. Some are homemade. I don't have anything fancy. But when I do post them, I hope you will enjoy them. Our tree I had bought last year brand new. It was one of those prelit trees and had white lights on it. I had bought a couple of strands of blue lights to go on it as well. Before Christmas came last year, half of the white lights went out. This year instead of trying to mess with the white lights and fixing them, hubby put the blue lights on there and I went up to the Dollar General Store and got some multi colored lights. A couple of the multi colored lights are those chasing lights. It looks really pretty to me. Hubby and our girls did a great job.

Well, guess I'm gonna go for now. I want to do some visiting. I do hope that everyone has a great Monday. May God Bless Each and Everyone of You. Take care my friends.



T*mmy said...

So nice to get caught up with you today Miz Karen!

I love your Christmas header, thanks to Diane J, ain't she a sweetie?

It sounds like you are having the same weather as us. We've been socked in with rain since yesterday evening and it may turn into snow showers early tomorrow mornin'...typical Ohio!

Mary is so sweet, I did not know she had published in Guideposts...I used to read that all the time!

I like your tree. I'm not a fancy person either. My Hubby commented after I decorated our big tree that everything on it has a meaning and that is the best thing!

We just bought a prelit multi-color but I like the blue bulbs too!

You have a great Monday!

bj said...

Good morning, Karen...your new Christmas look is absolutely beautiful! I love it. I am afraid to try to change mine as I might never get the other one back! I am no great shakes on this computer business, I'll tell ya!
Your tree looks GREAT !!
Take care and have a really nice day. It's cold here in West Texas, 27 degrees right now at 7:25...
hugs, bj

Nan said...

I love your new banner. I hope to take a new picture of my porch as soon as the rain stops. I love your tree.

kansasrose said...

Morning hon! Oh your blog looks so beautiful! The blog banner looks so peaceful. I love it. I love your tree! I like the blue lights too. We bought a fake tree last year and it's so nice to be able to put it up earlier and take it down on Jan. 6th. No needles or branch drop! Homemade and old ornaments are the best..I agree. I have kept all my girls' hand-did ornaments when they were little and will pass them on someday. I have my grandma's angel tree topper but keep it put away becasue it's falling apart now. Have a great week hon and travel safely. love, Jen

Shari said...

I've seen those newer artifical trees with the lights built-in. When the one we have gets worn out, that's the one I want to get. :) No worries about tangled lights. I have a favorite Christmas song going through my head... "O Holy Night". :)

I can understand why you have the semi on your Christmas countdown. I like your lovely new holiday decor on your blog. Isn't that great when you have friends who can help you? I have the old blogger so I have all that HTML mess, but I like it, though.

Oh, I get most of my graphics and backgrounds from . You just type in a key word and get pictures to choose from .

Chrissie said...

Hi! I just love your tree! I always have problems with lights!
God bless your rainy day with His Sonshine!

Chrissie said...
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Chrissie said...
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Mary said...


I love your Christmas look on your blog. Diane did a fantastic job and I love the truck countdown, as my family had many truckers in it. My brother still drives truck and he will never leave it. It gets in their blood.

You are going to be a very busy woman taking the girls to all of their games and making sure they get their homework done. Besides meals and all the rest you have to do.

I've enjoyed visiting with you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post today.


Cottage Contessa said...

Hi Karen, your new banner is lovely! I think your tree looks terrific, very festive! And your daughters are gorgeous! Have a good week, and take care on the roads with all the running around you'll be doing.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

ancient one said...

I love your tree. Your girls are so pretty!! Yes, you will have a busy week, but isn't it fun to go watch your youngins' playing ball?

We finished up the Thanksgiving left overs last night. Your pork chops made my mouth water. LOL

No rain for us yet. We are so dry in eastern NC, but I'm told it is worse in the piedmont and the mountains.

I love Mary's blog too!! I've noticed we have many of the same people on our blogrolls.

I've drug some of my decorations down from the attic today... I'm getting slower and slower in my old age. LOL said...

I love your new look!! I don't know Diane but she must be a sweetheart for sure!! Your countdown is really neat too!! I like your Christmas tree and you all did a good job on it!! Love and Hugs Grams

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Hey there girl, love the picture of your tree and your lovely girls. Glad to hear that ya'll had a great thanksgiving. It's been raining off and on here today and temp has dropped. So ready for summer again. Yea, I know, wishing my life Been dropping by and visiting but haven't been able to leave any comments, think it's the operator. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

I like your new header. Sounds like you have a very busy week ahead of you and lots of driving you be careful in your travels with the girls.

It is misty and cold here in Indiana today and they say some snow showers also. I am so glad you visited my blog and yes I am thrilled you are adding me to yours. I will do the same this week with you on mine.

Take care and be safe my friend.

PEA said...

Hi Karen:-) I'm visiting late tonight, I spent the evening watching a Christmas movie! lol It was nice to just relax for a change:-)

I so love your Christmas decor...Diane did a fabulous job with the header!! For Christmas I've asked the boys to get me the Photoshop program and I'll be able to do the buttons and headers too! Right now I just use a program available on a web site but don't really have a choice with the writing and such.

Seeing how busy you are with your daughter's basketball games reminds me when my boys were into many weekends were taken up with tournaments and practices on weeknights.

Oh Karen, I just LOVE your tree, what a fabulous job your hubby and girls did with it:-) I also love the train under the many boys have wished for a train set at Christmas time!!! Your decorations don't have to be fancy or expensive to be beautiful...most of mine I've had since I got married over 31 years ago and the only really new things are the faeries I've bought in the last few years to put in the tree:-) The dollar store is also my favourite place to buy Christmas stuff! lol

I have a couple more blogs I want to visit then I'd better head to bed. Goodnight my sweet friend:-) xoxo

Cecil said...

Karen.. Thank you for coming by my blog to check on me and for the prayers! I am still very congested and still not well but I got up this am and went to lunch with Diane, Lamar and our sister, Sue.. and then to the mall to go Christmas shopping.... I am not planning anything big tomorrow because I have to go back to work Wednesday so I will try to rest more tomorrow...It was so cold and drizzly today but it felt like Christmas today.... I enjoyed going shopping because the stores were so empty and easy to get around in!! I was glad I felt like going today.... Have a good Tuesday... And again, thank you for praying for me! Be careful on the road this week.. you and the girls... And by the way, Christmas is more fun when you have your own decorations and things you like around you ... looks like you are ready for Christmas!!

Amanda said...

Your tree is beautiful! I love blue and silver ornaments. And a train around the tree is "Christmas" to me, as my dad and grandpa always set theirs up. Best wishes to you, Karen. You have such a positive attitude and are seem like such a kind and friendly person, as well as an amazing mom and wife and person in general. It's been heartwarming to read of your beautiful family and the love you share.