Monday, November 26, 2007


Good Afternoon Yall,
I am posting this afternoon to ask for a Prayer Request. My good friend Barb, from A Chelsea Morning, learned her daughter, Mandy, was in an accident this morning. She wasn't hurt badly, but still is shaken up. Barb is also shaken up as well. I ask that you lift them up and ask GOD to surround them with his peace. "DEAR GOD, I ASK RIGHT NOW THAT YOU BE WITH MANDY AND BARB. PUT YOUR LOVING ARMS AROUND THEM AND LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE THERE. THANK YOU LORD FOR NOT LETTING MANDY GETTING HURT TOO BAD. I KNOW SHE WILL PROBABLY BE SORE, BUT PLEASE TAKE THE SORENESS AWAY FROM HER. PLEASE BE WITH BARB ALSO. GIVE HER A PEACE THAT SHE CAN FEEL AND KNOW THAT HER DAUGHTER IS DOING OK. BARB IS LIKE ME AND ALL OTHER MOTHERS, ALWAYS WORRING ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN NO MATTER THEIR AGE. JUST WATCH OVER AND PROTECT THEM DEAR GOD. WE ASK ALL THESE THINGS IN YOUR NAME AND WE LOVE YOU DEAR GOD. AMEN. If you have never been to visit Barb, please stop by and let her know you are praying and thinking about her and her daughter Mandy. I would appreciate you doing this and I know Barb would. "THANK YOU" all in advance for doing this. May God Richly Bless Each and Everyone of You.

Karen H.


Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Thank you so much, Karen. Thankfully, Mandy is OK except for being so shaken up. I'm OK as long as I don't think of what could have happened. I keep getting an image of her jeep slamming into that tree.

Thank you so much for this.

Chrissie said...

I'm praying for you, Barb and Mandy! Such sweet Grace for God to prevent worse from happening! God bless you!

Mountain Mama said...

Your new CHristmas theme is just beautiful. I love the banner!!!
Pictures like that make me feel all Christmassy.
Thank God that Barb's daughter was not badly hurt. I will go visit her.
I hope you have a lovely week. I saw your Christmas tree and I think it's really pretty. You are right your hubby & girls did a terriffic job.
God bless you and yours.

Diane J. said...

Hi, Karen. I just got back from Jonesboro with my sisters, Cecil and Sue and my hubby. We ate at Fat City Grill and then went to the mall for a few hours. Cecil shopped and I sat at Barnes and Noble, reading and drinking coffee.

Your tree is really pretty. Lucky you that your hubby and girls like to decorate it. Wish mine did. Jessica and Jason might do mine for me.

I've already visited Barb and saw her post about Mandy. Praise God for watching over her and keeping her safe! It could have been much worse for Mandy and that young man.

Hope y'all have a safe trip to and from the game.

Love and hugs,


carole said...

Hi Karen:
My name is carole and I am from california. I saw you on Shelley's comments and came to your blog and I am going to make your cabbage casserole this weekend. It sounds delicious!!!
Have a great evening!!!
Peace & Love
carole said...

This is so sweet of you to pray for others! I am so glad she was not hurt any worse!! Whew! This could have been bad! Blessings, Grams

Mary said...


Thanks so much for posting this prayer request for Barb and Mandy. I will keep them in my prayers.


NAME: CIELO said...

My dear friend Karen, you are such a special woman.... I bet you have many friends who truly love you.... you are a caring christian and yes, we will pray for your friend's daughter....

Thank you for giving so much to the world...


kansasrose said...

Prayers going up for Barb and her a mother to girls I know how this must have affected Barb and Mandy. Thank the Lord she is alright. mother and I thank you too Karen for your prayers. You are truly a Godly and caring woman. xo Jen