Monday, November 19, 2007


Good Monday Mornin' Yall,

I do hope everyone had a great weekend. I didn't do any posting this weekend. I did do a little visiting but that's about it. I didn't do much over the weekend. Hubby made it home safely around 5:15p.m. We went and ate catfish at a local restaurant in Lepanto. They have a buffet there. After that, we came back to town and made a few blocks and came home. The girls had stayed all night with my parents because they were leaving early Saturday morning going to Mississippi for the day. I slept late Saturday. Me and hubby just sat around drinking coffee and watching television and talking. I did fix supper for us that night. I made up a new recipe that I will share with you. It is called Karen's Stove Top Cabbage Casserole. I will put up the recipe at the end of my post. It was yummilicious. I made a pan of cornbread to go with it and that is all we had. It was a great mean. Hubby just loves my cornbread. Kids got home around 7:00p.m. Saturday evening. They were really worn out from that trip. They had a good time though. I did do a load of jeans Saturday night also, because hubby had to have some clean jeans to wear out. He had to leave Sunday around noon. He had a load going to Kansas that had to deliver this morning. He will be home sometime Wednesday. He will be off the rest of the week.

Friday night my mother called me around 10:00a.m. One of our close family friends had gotten killed. He was a truck driver. He drove a propane tanker. It was a one vehicle accident somewhere near Little Rock, AR. I don't know what happened, but he went off the road and it killed him. My sister told me that she thought he had been in the hospital earlier this year with heart problems. It could have been he had a heart attack. I haven't heard anyone really say. They are going to bury him today. I would like for you all to remember this family during their loss. It is going to be really hard and their first Thanksgiving without him.

I woke up with a sinus headache yesterday morning. I thought I was getting over this stopped up nose, but I don't guess it's ready to leave just yet. This weather around here is crazy. It was in the 60's yesterday. It is suppose to be in the 70's today and tomorrow. I turned my air-conditioner back on yesterday afternoon. There is a cold front that is suppose to come through on Wednesday bringing Thunderstorms and turning much colder. They say the highs on Thanksgiving Day is only going to be in the 40's and the low's in the 20's. That's going to be colder than it has been so far this season. My headache eased up some last night. I am still stopped up this morning. My girls went to my parents yesterday afternoon. My parent's Church was having their annual Thanksgiving Dinner last night. Since I wasn't feeling up to par, just my girls went with them. My sister brought them home last night and they had brought me some food from the dinner. I had to big carry out plates like you get from a restaurant. One was filled with the Thanksgiving Dinner foods and the other one with desserts. I had already eaten. I did eat some of the dessert later on though. I will have me a good lunch for today. They are precious girls. I wouldn't know what to do without them either. They help me quite a bit around the house.

Our oldest daughter has basketball practice tonight. They have a game tomorrow night at Gosnell, AR. That is where the old Air-Force Base used to be. I just dread the drive. The girls only have school today and tomorrow. They will be out the rest of the week for Thanksgiving. My sister is taking them to Memphis Wednesday shopping. She usually does this every year and buys them clothes for Christmas. Since they are always growing, she has to let them try them on. They usually make a day of it. My sister isn't married and can't have kids, so she spoils mine. She usually buys them high dollar stuff. I always say , "more power to her", because I sure can't afford that high dollar stuff.

Do yall have big Thanksgiving plans for this year? I am cooking dinner here at our house this year. I bought my turkey Saturday night. I just went grocery shopping at the local store which is right across the highway from us. My parents and sister are coming up for Thanksgiving Dinner. I am doing most of the main cooking. They will bring something also. I will probably post my Thanksgiving Menu tomorrow. I do hope that everyone has a "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" and be safe.

As promised here is my new recipe that I made up Saturday night:


1/2 - head of cabbage chopped up

1 - Keilbasa sausage cut up in small pieces

1 - cup of diced ham

1/2 - green bale pepper chopped up

1/4 - red onion chopped up

1 - can chicken broth

1/2 - bag of elbow macaroni noodles

Preheat pan with a little Olive Oil. Add the chopped up cabbage, keilbasa sausage, diced ham, green bale pepper, and onion and cook till tender. Add 1 can of chicken broth and let simmer, stirring occasionally. Then add the 1/2 bag of elbow noodles and turn heat down and let this simmer until noodles are tender. After noodles are tender, turn heat off and add shredded cheese and put lid on top and let melt. Serve this with some homemade cornbread and you have a delicious meal. Now, this is one of my dishes that I am making at Thanksgiving, but I am going to use a whole head of cabbage since there will be more of us to eat. I also salt and pepper to taste. I usually don't put alot of salt in my foods when I'm cooking because sometimes if someone eats with us that can't have salt, I have taken care of them. I usually just let people salt and pepper their own foods. I do hope you will give this a try sometime. If you like cabbage, then this will be very good.

Well, I do hope that yall will have a great Monday. May God Bless Each and Everyone of You. If you are going to travel, I pray for a safe journey to where you are going and a safe trip home. Take care my great friends and again "HAPPY THANSGIVING" to each and everyone of you.

Love & Hugs,


Nunnie's Attic said...

Good morning, Karen!
I'm so sorry for your loss and I hope that you can find closure as to what happened.

Your dinner sounds good. I make a lot of things like that. They never have a name. It's just basically what I throw together.

Enjoy your time this Thanksgiving with your family and especially your husband. I'm sure that you're thrilled he'll be home. Take care!


Nan said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's accident.
We are traveling about four hours to my cousins for Thanksgiving. We'll meet Mom and my brother, niece and nephew part way and continue on to her house. I don't have to cook. Mom will make the pies. My fav is the coconut cream made from scratch! Yummy.

Shari said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend's passing. Condolences to you and his family.

The girls have school till Wednesday, then they have off Thursday and Friday. My oldest will go to her dad's side of the family. (I'm nice and I told my ex MIL that she would always spend Thanksgiving with her. I won't go back on my word.) We are going to go over to Hubby's mom's. I am not sure yet if we are eating there or going out to eat. It changes every year.

The cabbage recipe sounds good. I'll have to try that some weekend. (That's when I do my major cooking-during the week it's finger food-chicken nuggets, sandwiches, pizza, tacos...)

Shelley said...

Dear Karen, thanks for your visit to my blog and for your sweet comment ! I am very sorry about the passing of your friend. I had a brother in law killed in almost that same manner. He drove a truck and went off the road and hit an overpass. His truck burned with him in it. It's been a long time ago but it was a very sad time for our family. We always believed he may have suffered a heart attack just before crashing.

Your recipe sounds great ! I may need to try it.


Brenda said...

Mmmm, the cabbage casserole sounds delicious! I love, love, love cabbage but it doesn't like me, gives me the most miserable heartburn. Sometimes I just have to eat it though, and take a load of Pepcid.

I used to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my mother and grandparents and uncles but they're all gone now. :-(

bj said...

Hi, Karen....Pls. stop by my site. I have an award for you! :)

T*mmy said...

Your cabbage recipe sounds like something my Hubby would love...he loves the keilbasa sausage in anything. Now me I would love the and buttered thankya!

So sorry to hear of your family member killed on the highway.
I used to live in Texas and when we would go through Arkansas to either go to Ky or back to Texas, I swear it always seemed like we saw a horrible accident in Little Rock! One time it was a State Trooper. All we could see was his boots sticking out from under the white sheet they had laid over him. It was so sad...

I'm cooking as my daughter and family are coming in from Ky, they'll be here tomorrow, that is why I've ceased posting. I just won't have time for much more than visits if I even get that in.

May you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!

PEA said...

A good Monday afternoon to you, dear Karen:-) I often don't post on either Saturdays or Sundays, we all need a break at times! lol I was just trying to upload the parade picture for my post for tomorrow but Blogger is NOT cooperating!!

I am so sorry to hear of the tragic accident that took the life of a family friend. That is always so sad, especially when it happens just before a holiday. My prayers are with the family!!

Oh dear, I really dislike having sinus headaches, I find those hurt the most. I do hope it will soon clear up for you!! The temps have just been frigid over here and are supposed to continue like that.

So glad to hear the girls had a great time with your parents. How precious that they brought you some food back from the church's Thanksgiving have every reason to be proud of them:-) Now they have another fun trip coming up with your you say, if she can afford to spoil them, good for her! lol And them!!! hehe

Oh yum, that cabbage casserole does indeed sound really good, will copy it down to try one day. Thank you for sharing it with us:-)

Have a lovely evening, my dear friend, and will "see" you tomorrow!!! Love ya! xoxox

Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Karen,

Very sorry to hear about your close family friend. That is really sad. May the Lord comfort his grieving family at their time of great sorrow.

Your cabbage supper recipe sounds yummy. I copied and pasted it, to try it sometime soon, since I love cabbage. And those church Thanksgiving Dinner foods are usually pretty good. I went to my church's Thanksgiving Buffet last night, and enjoyed it.

My family arrives Wednesday, to spend Thanksgiving with me. Well, they will be here until next Monday. I'm so looking forward to seeing them and having our family Thanksgiving here. I do most of the cooking, but my daughter and granddaughters will be helping, so it should be fun. The guys will be watching football or something, most likely.

Thank you for your always nice comments on my blog. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family. All that cooking should help to keep the house warm on a cold Thanksgiving Day!

Blessings and Hugs,


Susie said...

Hi Karen,
My blogging time is limited during this busy time, but just wanted to stop in and see what was new with you.
So very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. May he rest in peace.
If I don't get back here before Thanksgiving, I hope that it is a wonderful holiday filled with every blessing for you and your family.
xo said...

Hi Karen, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We will go to my son Bill's who is a Baptist preacher and his family for the day!
I am thinking of taking a little blogging break after my post for tomorrow!! I will be back on for Photo Hunt on Sat. I love blogging and I wonder how long I will last before I am back on!!!! Blessings, Grams

Angela said...

Karen, I am sorry hear about the accident and the loss of your friend. I will remember them during the holiday season.

I will have the family all coming here for Thanksgiving. My strength is finally back. I am looking forward to cooking. God is so good to me!

Your cabbage casserole sounds very delicious. I'll have to give it a try.

Have a wonderful week filled with lots of love and laughter.

Thanks for stopping by and for all of your sweet and loving comments.


Chrissie said...

God bless your friend's family this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our brother was taken to heaven 2 Christmas' ago, and we still miss him sooo much. Hope you feel better soon, and may your Thanksgiving be filled with God's blessing!

Mary said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog and inviting me to Thanksgiving dinner. If I lived closer, I'd accept. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and am glad you liked the little graphic.

I will certainly pray for the family of the man that was killed. It is always difficult losing a loved one, but worse at this time of year.

Thanks for the cabbage recipe. I'm going to give it a try one of these nights soon. I love these one dish meals.

Take care and be abundantly blessed this Thanksgiving.


Mary said...

PS Love your Silly Goose award. It's awesome!

regina barnett said...

sorry about the lost of your friend, The cabbage recipe sounds good. I think i'll try that. Thanks for your nice comment.