Friday, November 16, 2007


Good Friday Mornin' Yall,

I am posting very early this morning. I couldn't sleep, so I decided to come and do my Friday post. I have seen where alot of my blogging friends do the Friday Show & Tell, so yesterday morning something happened and it inspired me to do a Friday Show & Tell. It's going to be a little different than what most of my friends post about. So here is my Friday Show & Tell: Kelli@Thereisnoplacelikehome is hosting this. If you would like to do a Friday Show & Tell, just stop by her blog and she has all the instructions there for you.

This is my wonderful hubby. This is when he was with the company he was with before his job now. I do believe this picture was taken at a truck stop in Texas. Anyway, yesterday morning around 9:30a.m. he calls me and wanted me to do something for him. I said okay. He gave me a license plate number to write down. I wrote it down. He then began to tell me that he was on a farmer's farm waiting to get loaded and some guy, I don't know if it was the farmer or a farmhand, just threatened his life. He told my hubby he would shoot him and kill him. I thought, OH MY GOD, what is wrong with that guy? Hubby said it was due to a little incident where they guy had to do the work and the guy didn't like doing the particular job. Hubby told me that if he didn't call me later on to call the Sheriff or State Police. I said okay. We talked a few more minutes and then hung up. Okay now, it usually doesn't take hubby long to get loaded. So, about 10:15a.m. I started calling hubby back. I was a nervous wreck after he told me this. I just couldn't stand it. I was so worried about him. He didn't answer his phone. Well, I thought he might have been out of his truck, so I gave him a few minutes and he didn't call me back. Well, I tried calling him again. Still, no answer. I tried one more time a few minutes later and still, no answer. Okay, by this time I am just shaking and my heart was literally hurting. I just knew that guy had shot him. So, what did I do? I called the place in Lepanto where he had got his load information from and talked to the guy that always gives him the information. I told him I hadn't talked to hubby since about 9:40a.m. and that hubby told me what that guy said to him. The guy at the brokerage place put me on hold for about 10 minutes (seemed more like 30 minutes) and then came back on and told me that hubby had already gotten loaded and had done left from there. He said that he might be in a "dead zone" and not be able to use his phone. I said okay and hung up. Well, I knew better because hubby had called me from back in the boonies and talked to me when he had called, so I knew it wasn't the area. So, finally about 11:10a.m., hubby calls me to let me know he was alright. He said that he had had his phone on charge back in the sleeper. I was about to cry because I was just worried sick about him. THANK GOD HUBBY WAS ALRIGHT. So, that my friend is why I am showing this picture of my hubby. This is something to show and tell about. I know you are probably saying this isn't something most people would tell about. I'm not most people. I am very THANKFUL for my HUBBY and I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART. He puts his life in danger everyday out on the road just to provide for me and our girls. This also coincides with yesterday's Thankful Thursday. I am so THANKFUL that my hubby was okay. I just don't know what I would do if something happened to him. He is such a wonderful husband and father. So, I guess I done 2 days in one. So, there is my Friday's Show & Tell and Thankful Thursday all in one day. We are just a poor southern family living week to week barely making ends meet. We have been through some rough times in the past and going through rough times at the present. But, as long as we have the LOVE of each other and support of each other, we have it all. We have more than alot of people will ever know. Okay, I will quit now because I am about to make myself cry here . LOL. But, I just wanted to share this with you all. Please remember my wonderful hubby in your daily prayers and pray for his saftey while he is out on the road. I would so much appreciate it. All of my blogging friends that I have met on here are really nice and wonderful women. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Okay, now on to something else. LOL. Well, as many of you know it has done turned much colder here. It is 36 degrees as I am writing this at 12:48a.m. I do believe it might make it below freezing before sunrise. I love cool weather, not cold. LOL. I do love snow also. But, no ice. I can drive in the snow, but I cannot drive on ice. They say we are going to have a mild winter this year. Who knows what we will have. Only God knows.

I want to "THANK" Diane of Diane's Place for helping me last night with my blogsite. We emailed each other and then we messenged each other and I think she did a great job. So, to "THANK" Diane for this I am going to pass the Community Blogger Award on to her that I received From Tammy of My Gentle Retreat. I would also like to pass this on to RocRebelGranny for Welcoming me over at her blog the other day. Also, I am giving it back to Tammy for Welcoming me on her blog as well. And last but not least, Pea, this is for you also. You are such a wonderful person and to the whole community of blogland. I hope each and everyone of you enjoy this and pass it on as you see fit also.

My youngest daughter is out of school today. She gets a personal day because she scored Proficient or Better on her Iowa Basic Skill Tests from last year. It's the test's they give to elementary students in the Spring. She is going to sleep late. My oldest daughter has to go to school. She will catch the bus and ride it to school. It stops right by the highway to the side of our house. Both girls are going to my parents tomorrow night to spend the night with them again. They are getting up early Saturday morning and going to Mississippi for the day. My dad has a brother down there and his wife has cancer and not doing so well, so my sister is going to drive them down there for the day and visit.

I did fix me and the girls some tuna fish and soup for supper last night. We had tuna fish sandwiches and Clam Chowder Soup. (Nope, it wasn't the homemade kind - it was out of the can) It was still good clam chowder soup. I'm not sure what is on the menu for tonight. Since the kids are going to be gone and I'm not sure what time hubby will be home, I'll probably just fix me somthing quick or go get me a catfish dinner from the local restaurant here in town.

Well, guess I'll go for now and try to get me a nap before my alarm goes off at 4:45a.m. I have to call hubby at 6:30a.m. and wake him up so he can start his day and get unloaded and get back home. Yall take care and have a great Friday and may God Bless Each and Everyone of You. If you are starting your holiday traveling this weeken, then God Be With You and may you have a safe journey to where you are going and back home safely again.

Hugs to all,


Diane J. said...

Aww, Thanks for the award, Karen! As I told you, I was glad to be able to help. Many people have helped me along the way in my almost 2 years of blogging and I'm just paying it forward.

I don't blame you, I'd have been scared snotless too! I hope your hubby doesn't have to go back to that same farm again! I'd be making sure there were several people around and I think I'd still report him. You just never know these days if it's an empty threat or if they're really going to start shooting.

Hope you have a great Friday and weekend, Karen. :-)

Love and hugs,


Nunnie's Attic said...

Oh gosh Karen what a terrible thing to have to go through. Not just your husband but as a wife as well. I can't imagine the worry that would have raced through my head. Praise God that he's safe. Thanks for stopping by this morning and have a great weekend, Karen!


Nan said...

Glad your husband's OK and congratulate your daughter on her award.

bj said...

Karen, thanks so much for stopping by my blog this morning. I love having you do that.
The last 4 blogs I've read was about how thankful we are for our Thankful posting this morning is about my hubby, as well.
Your's sounds like he loves you very much...and we know this love is sent from above for us.
hugs to you this morning,

Diane said...


So glad everything turned out to be o.k. I can imagine your worry...especially with the wait! It is so hard to wait and hear nothing...when you are worried.

I'm glad you have connected with such a great blogging friend--Diane J. is always so gracious!

Thanks for visiting--and leaving your bring a smile to my face each time!

Have a great weekend! And I hope you sleep better tonight!

Diane (the "other" Diane) said...

Wow! I think you did really good!! I would have been scared too!!I hope you sleep better tonight! This was neat your youngest daughter got an award!! I hope you have a great weekend... and I did get you added to my blogroll!! Blessings, Grams

PEA said...

Good afternoon dear Karen:-) I do that often too, blog, when I can't sleep! lol Oh dear, it's no wonder you were so worried about your you said, being on the road like that, you never know who or what he will run into. So many crazy people out there these days. Thank God that he was safe after all but he sure had you worried there for a while!! Figures, you do the Show & Tell and I didn't do it this time! lol

Thank you so much for the award, dear friend...I love my blogging friends so much and love helping them whenever I can:-)

Your youngest daughter will have enjoyed sleeping in this morning:-) I'm sure the other one wishes she had the day off too! lol How wonderful that they'll be going to Mississippi with your parents to visit his brother and wife...hope they have a great time.

Only 24F here right now...brrrrrr! There's also a wind which is making it feel even's supposed to be the same for the Santa Claus parade tomorrow but at least no rain or snow in the forecast!!

Have a truly terrific day, dear Karen. Oh, by the way, love your new header:-) xoxo

Chrissie said...

My - that story's quite a heart shaker! I'm so glad that he was alright! My hubs travels an hour to and from work through a narrow canyon with big rigs and wild drivers, and there's been many accidents on that stretch. I've had a lot of anxious moments when I couldn't get a hold of him on his cell phone. :) Praise God for Hubbies!
God bless your day!

NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Karen... thank for stopping by my site... it's so nice meeting you...

The believer is to pray with an attitude of "thanksgiving" (Phil. 4:6). The Dutch minister Frans Bakker wrote, "True thankfulness begins by recognizing our weakness. It ends in praising God, glorifying His Name, and praising His attributes in love. A mark of true thankfulness is that we love the giver more than the gifts.... thank you for reminding just that.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Karen,

The photo of your husband is nice! And what a scare you had when you couldn't get a hold of him for a while. Thank goodness he was okay.

Congratulations to your younger daughter for her great score and day off.

Have a great Friday night, and a wonderful weekend.

God bless!


Lynne said...

Karen - So glad that your husband is OK. I would have been scared out of my mind if I couldn't reach him. Driving a truck is not an easy job - or one without its dangers.

Have a great evening.


T*mmy said...

First of all...I love what you've done to the've got a new banner since I was here last...great job!

Second...I think showing of your Hubby is a wonderful S&T! I'm sorry you had to go through stress and worry, but I'm glad it all worked out in the end!

Third...I'm now hungry for a tuna sandwich!!

Have a great evening!!!

Shari said...

How scary. The worry, the suspense...I am glad it turned out well.

I love tunafish sandwiches. :)

God bless you.

Rachel said...

Hi Karen!! Oh, what a scary thing to happen with your husband. I'm so glad he is okay. There are so many nuts out there you never know what they will do. He obviously was being cautious by giving you the guys license number! My husband was a trucker and loved it!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! It's cooler here too. What a change!!

Brenda said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for dropping by. I'm sure glad your Hubby was safe after his scare!

I live below you, out in the country near a little town called Lexa. The closest town of any size to us is Helena.

Angela said...

Thank you so much for each of your visits. You are such a sweet and special friend.

I am so glad that you did the Show &Tell of your husband. It is so wonderful that God intervened and protected him with this man. My heart is filled with much compassion as I read your post. I am so glad that you finally got that call from your hubby.

I pray that he has God's protection around him and that he brings him home safely to you.

Congratulations to your dauther for her achievement on her test scores. That is AWESOME !!!

Karen.... may you have a restful night that you can relax in your hubby's arms. You and your husband have all the riches that you need if you have each other's love and support. Treasure it is something that is more precious than anything.

Have a wonderful weekend and a very Blessed Thanksgiving with your family.

((HUGS)) from me to you !

Dawn said...

Well, that was a heart-stopping story. I'm sure glad it had such a happy ending. But it would have been nice if he'd remembered to call you back, huh?? Those guys! But what a scary thing to have happen. It is really an evil world we life in.

MightyMom said...

glad everything's ok.

Mary said...

Oh my! What a terrible experience with your hubby. What is wrong with people today?

Like you, I didn't sleep well last night and was on the computer until 2 am. I hope tonight is better for you.

Congratulations on winning the award and also to the women you presented it to. They are most deserving.

I will keep you hubby in my prayers and also the rest of your family. This is a wonderful blogging community and I'm glad you're part of it.

Blessings for a great weekend.

Rosa said...

Thank you for visiting and wishing me a happy birthday! Burrr, that's cold! Sounds like you have the perfect hubby. Awwwww.

NAME: CIELO said...

Dear Karen... so thankful to hear that your hubby is doing well... I have you and your family in my prayers.... I just want to tell you I'm so glad I've met you. May the Lord bless you and yours.



Shelley said...

Hello, I am glad your husband is fine ! I have a soft spot for truckers. My Dad was a truck driver for most all my life and then my Mom went to work as his driving partner after us kids were all grown. I also have a brother that drives a truck to support his family. I know what it's like living from pay day to pay day. God bless you and your family !


Renie Burghardt said...

Good Morning, Karen,

I have a gift for you this morning on my blog that I would love for you to have. Please stop by to pick it up.

Otherwise, it feels like spring out there, doesn't it?