Friday, November 9, 2007


Well, wouldn't you know it, I found another give-away. LOL. I am really getting into these give-aways. I was visiting Pea at Pea's Corner and she was telling about this particular give-away. So, I went over to Lori @ Pink Faded Roses. She is having a Lavendar, Lilac, and Old Lace Give-away. She has some beautiful pieces over there. If you like the antique thing and the looks of old lace, then you better go over and enter to win. The give-away will be held on Thanksgiving. That is gonna be awesome, since these pieces are of the vintage collection and Thanksgiving was founded way back when. (ok, don't laugh, it's just been a while since I have been in school. LOL). Anyway, I hope you go over and visit Lori @ Pink Faded Roses. I know she will be glad to have you. Well, take care my friends and have a good Friday.


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