Monday, September 17, 2012


Good Evening All.  Hope everyone has had a wonderful day today.  It's been a rainy day here in Northeast Arkansas.  We have a cool down coming and supposed to in the 40's either tonight or tomorrow night.  High's are gonna be in the low 70's.  Not gonna hear me complain one bit, especially after the hot Summer we have had.  I love the cooler weather. 

The girls had cheer practice after School today.  They are going to have it again tomorrow and again on Wednesday after School as well.  They have a Maroon and Gray Game this Friday at School.  It's more or less a practice game where they play each other and the girls will be cheering at that.  I won't get to go to that one because it is only for the School.  There will be another one on October 2, for the public to attend and I will be going to that one.  Busy, busy, times are ahead. 

For Supper tonight, I baked some Chicken Strips and also baked some Sweet Potato's.  I added, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon to mine.  Oh my, they were so good. 

I guess not many people are blogging anymore?  If you know of someone that is blogging and that I may be interested in, please let me know or send them my way.  I would really appreciate it. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Love and Hugs,

Karen H.

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Oh I'm still blogging. I do NOT like Facebook at all. It's so unfriendly and nothing but a popularity contest to see who has the most 'friends' that you don't even know from beans.


Anyway, I was astounded, and after picking myself up off the floor....after reading your name and posted comment...I was elated that you're back to blogging.

It will take some time getting all your followers back, all I can say is just keep at it...tell everyone you've returned to blogging and they'll show. I'm sure of it.

Boy, I just read your post below this one and have been through so much!!!! Glad to read you're now cancer free, and that you healed......finally!!!!

Welcome back Karen.