Saturday, April 11, 2009


Good Saturdy Mornin' Yall, I do hope that everyone has had a great week and ready for a new day. It is the Saturday before Easter Sunday and I'm sure everyone is going to be busy today. I know I am. It is currently 46 degrees with a windchill of 43 degrees. The winds are out of the North northwest at 6mph and it is Cloudy outside. Today is suppose to be nice and Sunny with a high of 65 degrees. On Easter Sunday we are supposed to have an 80% chance of Rain. We had some Thundestorms come thru here on early Friday morning and we were under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for about 45 minutes. We did get some hail and wind and some heavy rain in that. In Mena, AR, which is in the Southwest part of Arkansas, they had and EF-3 Tornado to hit. Last I heard, there were 3 fatalities and around 30 injured and lots of devastation to the town. In Murfreesboro, TN, yesterday there was a Tornado there as well. I think there were 2 fatalitites there, but that's about all I know on that there. I'm just "THANKFUL" we didn't have anything too severe around here.

It has been another busy week around here with the girls. Monday after School, our youngest daughter had her regular softball practice and it was very windy and cold out there. That wind would just go right thru a person. It's a good thing I still had my sweats and hoodie still out because that is what I wore on Monday afternoon. Our oldest daughtere's team didn't practice on Monday night and I'm glad because it would have been too cold to sit outside.

Tuesday afternoon I had to take our oldest daughter to the doctor because she had been complaining with a sore throat and her ear hurting when she swallowed. Come to find out, she had an ear infection and the doctor gave her a Z-pack . She will take the last one this afternoon. I guess she got it from being out in the cold and windy conditions in her tournament last weekend. She never ran any fever and for that I am "THANKFUL" for also. She seems to be doing much better now. Wednesday afternoon our youngest daughter's team practiced until 5:30p.m. After they had finished practicing, we went up to our local BBQ place and got something to eat since it was Church night. Thrusday night found us traveling to Trumann, AR to play Softball. They had been calling for Severe Weather pretty much all day, but it held off until later on that night. Our youngest daughter played first and they beat Trumann 12 to 8. This is the same team that beat them in their Pre-Season tournament last Saturday in Monette, AR. The whole team played good and it was a good ballgame. Our oldest daughter's team started playing about 10 minutes on another field there at the Softball Complex about 10 minutes before our youngest daughter's game was over with. When her game was over with, all I had to do was just get on the bleacher's right behind where I was at watching our youngest daughter's game. Now our oldest daughter' team played an on edge of your seat game and exciting. They had to go into overtime and our oldest daughter's team ended up winning that game 11 to 9. I just hate games like that sometimes. LOL. Makes me want a cigarette sometimes. LOL. Just kidding. I've been quit 8 months now and I'm not going to start back, but I just hate games that are that close. LOL. It was 10:30p.m. when we got home on thursday night. The girls had to take their showers and go to bed. You talk about 2 tired girls the next morning, I had 2 of them. LOL. It's a good thing that yesterday was Friday.Hubby got home yesterday morning and went to bed. The girls went to my Parents after School to spend the night with them and me and hubby ended up going to Jonesboro and again we ate at our favorite Chinese Restaurant, The Mongolian Bar & Grill. Can I say Crablegs. LOL. Hubby got me and him a plate of crablegs that had just came out and was still hot. You talk about yummy. They were. After we finished eating, we went to Wal-Mart so I could buy me an Easter outfit. I found a pair of White Capri's and a Turquoise top that I'm going to wear on Easter. Hubby done a great job in making me laugh alot last night. I was laughing so much till he had me hurting. LOL. It was good to have some alone time with just him. I do love my girls but once in a while me and hubby needs time to be alone. So, that brings us to today. Both the girls have a game this morning in Lepanto, AR, which is my hometown. That is one reason they stayed all night with my Parents, so they wouldn't have to get up as early as they would if they had of stayed home. Our youngest daughter plays at 10:00a.m. and our oldest daughter plays at 11:15a.m.Hubby wont' be able to go to the games with me. He normally would have gone toMemphis yesterday afternoon to pick up their load, but when he got up to his truck to go yesterday afternoon, he had a message on the Qual-com saying they were overdue a B-Service on their truck. He called the workplace and they told him to just wait and come this morning and they would do the B-Service first thing this morning. He is on his way over there now and hoepfully he will be home by noon. This afternoon, we will be celebrating Easter here at home with my Parents and Sister. Hubby is going to grill some Hamburger and Hot Dogs on the grill and I'm going to fix some Potato Salad. We are doing this this afternoon since hubby will be leaving out in the morning and won't be home on Easter. The girls dyed some Egggs at my Mom's last night and they will be hunting Easter eggs here at home this afternoon. I have some sports plastic eggs tat I'm going to use for prize eggs. I have some change I'm going to put in each egg and maybe $5.00 for the big prize egg. My Mom is brining a Sugar-Free jello dessert and a Corn Salad and my Sistter is bringing a Key-Lime Pie and a Peach Cobbler. Thiose aren't Sugar-Free tho. I may take a small bite from both of them. That is what has been going on in my neck of the woods this past week and for today as well. What has been going on with you this week? Would love to hear from you and to know what has been going on with you this week and your Easter plans. Me and the girls are planning on going to Church in the morning. They wont be having Sunday School after church, so we will come home and just relax and eat some leftovers most likely.

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I felt sick to my stomach in the early hours of the mornings. No, I'm not pregnant, it must have been a virus going around. Someone said it was going around. Even tho I didn't fell up to par, I still had to get up and go and do my motherly duties.

I'e decided that I'm just going to post about once a week. That way it will give me time to post what has been going on all week around here instead of daily. I hope thtt is okay with each of you. I will still try to come around and visit each day. Being on the go will keep a person busy for sure. So, take care my friends and I wish each of you a "BLESSED & HAPPY EASTER"!!!! I will be around sometime to visit with you. May GOD BLesss you adn yours.
Karen H.


Hootin' Anni said...

....and a very happy, blessed, peaceful Easter weekend to you too, Karen!

Mike Golch said...

Karen,I hope that you have a blessed Easter. Congrats on being smoke free for 8 months.July 16th will be 15 years for me.

Dawn said...

Haveaa blessed resurrection celebration, Karen. And so much more blessed without nicotine!!

We're having a cold Easter, as is most usual. We have a big marketplace on our church parking lot every Easter Saturday, and of the 7 years we've done it, only one has been sunny and warm. Disappointing, but not surprising.

I have to get busy to get over there and carry around a twin so Kristen can be with the big girls.

Tomorrow I will play the organ for church, we sing 2 songs for choir. Dinner is at my house. DC's grilling pork tenderloin and everyone brings something. It might snow. YUCK!!

Oh, well, it doesn't change the reason we are celebrating. Just makes those other silly things we do, like egg hunts, a bit less enjoyable.

Lib said...

Hi Miz. Karen,
You've had a busy wk.
Glad you and Dh had a date night:o)
I find it hard to post daily these days!
We had alot of rain last evening and windy but no damage here.
Have a great Easter.I've been cooking all afternoon.
Love,Hugs,Blessins' Friend!

Chrissie said...

Hey, Karen! Thanks for dropping a line the other day! it was so cheering to have you come see my yard! :) It's wonderful to see you and your family doing so well, and congrats on quitting the cigs, dear friend!!! I'm so happy for you - good on! :) you've made it this far, you'll make it all the way, for sure! :)
God bless your Easter with Christ's blessed joy!