Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stormy Sunday

<Good Sunday Morning everyone. It is currently 67 degrees and feels like 66 degrees. The winds are out of the South Southwest at 17mph with gusts up to 26 mph. We are under another Wind Advisory for today. It has beenv vewy windy around here the last few days and this is the 3rd day for us being under a Wind Advisory. There is a chance for some Sever Thunderstorms for today. Ijust hope it doesn't get too severe.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend thus far. On Thursday night, I had bought 2 Beef Roast's from our local grocery store because they were on sale and I put them both in my big Roaster and added some Mrs. Dash's Seasonings nd Black Pepper and Worchestire Sauce along with some chopped up Red Onion, Chopped up Red, Yellow and Orange Bell Peppers, a couple of packages of Baby Carrrots, and some Red Potatoes cut up and added it on with the Roast's. I cooked themall night on 200 degrees andI fave my Parents one of them with some of the veggies for themtohave for their supper Friday night. I also made a pan of Homemade Buttermilk Cornbread to go with it. You talk about good. Me aand the girls will have enough left to et on for a couple of days. This past Frriday was hubby's Friday to go to Memphis to pick up thier load ans whenhe got back and ate Fridy evenning, w3e decided to go to town so it woulsn't be so crowded on us on Saturday. I just hate going to Wal-Mart anymore because they are always moving things around on you. It just chaps my hide at times. LOL. ur youngest daughter had one of her friends to stay all night with her and it was around 12:30-1:00a.m.CST when we got back home. Talk about some tied fgirls. They were ready to go while we were shopping. LOL. I told hubby too bad qwe don't have the money to go shopping every night and tire them out. LOL.

On Friday I went out to the School for our daugheter's Student of the Month Award. Here she i s with her Principal and her Award.

Here she is with my Parents and her Award.

Sorry about that but the pictueres ended up at the top and I uploaded 2 each of them. Aorry a out thst. After the Student of the Month Awards wee over with we went ove to the Cafwerteria and had lunch with her. We hd Burritos with Chees on top Spanish Rice and Jello with Fruit Cocktail and I had plain tea to drink. After Lunch, my Parents came over and Mom got the RoastI had givenher. She called me Friday night before we went to town and told me it was good and tender .

Saturday was spnt laying around much of the day. Since I have beenhome from the Hospital, I can't seem to sleep at night. I get sleepy and when it's bedtime, I got to bed and I get wide awake. I think it mayb e some of the mes I'm on making me that way. After all, I am a walking Drug Store to say the least. LOL. I've got a doctor's appointment his coming Thursday with the Neurologist and I'mg oing to say something to him about it. Tht is one reason I didn't post over the weekend because I was tire and sleepy and needed to get some sleep.

I did manage to vsit few of you las niht and hopefully I will get around some more today. I am planning on going to Church this morning and I'm suppose to help with a Bridal Shower at our Church this afternoon.

I do hope that everyone sat thier clocks ups sn hour before retiring last night. I don't like losing tht extr hour of sleep. A woman nededs her beauty sleep. LOL.


Take care my friends and have a great Sunday. May GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Karen H.


Love Bears All Things said...

Hey Karen, thanks for coming by to visit. Yes, the weather has been wonderful. I am going to Houston with Honey Bear tomorrow on his business trip. It is supposed to be 85 degrees there for the first 3 days. I am going to get out and walk some.
No, we didn't set the clock forward but whenever I looked at it during the night, I knew it was an hour later than it said. We did get up at what is now 7:45. I am planning to give Honey Bear a haircut after breakfast. Whenever I get up of a morning, I always have to have a big cup of coffee before I do anything else. We're going to have some pancakes and bacon.
Your roast sounds good. I cook mine like that in the crock pot. I add either an envelope of brown gravy mix or a can of beef broth and an enverlope of onion soup mix with the vegetables.
A tip about the pictures. Add them first before you start typing your post. They'll be at the top but then you can type above, in between or whatever. Blogger always puts them at the top. Hope that helps.
Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you have a good check up at the dr and get something to help you sleep.
Mama Bear

Judy said...

Nice to see you post. I was worried about you!!!!

Hope everything worked out with hubby's illness from last summer.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

So good to see you Karen! Your roast sounds so yummy :) I have a pork roast in the freezer and now you have me thinking how fast I can get it to thaw so that I can pop it in the crockpot!

Dena said...

I think I am coming down for dinner! Yum! BUT my Doctor won't let me have salt!! So I have learned to not have it and I sure do miss it!! YUK! Every thing taste so bland!!
Your new look is very nice!!! Hugs, Grams

Joyce said...

We got the thunder storms. Very windy here. What great pictures. Congratulations on Student of the Month. I am having the same problems with sleep. I have been told that when the meds start working sleep will get better. Good luck.
Love and Hugs,

Lib said...

Hi Miz. Karen,
Enjoyed the pics. you shared.
We had Beautiful weather htis weekend:o)
Hope ya'll have a great wk.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hope you can get some much needed rest soon!! Sleep is an important part of healing!!!

And....yes, I know just what you mean about Wal*Mart!!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Good morning, Karen!

Yes, we were under a severe weather threat all day Sunday, but except for the winds, it was a sunny and warm day, with no storms materializing, thank the Good Lord.

Your younger daughter looks adorable in the picture!

Your meal sure sounded good. Haven't made pot roast in ages. I go out to eat a lot with my friends, and then we go for a walk and walk off the meal. Seems to help, for I haven't gained weight.

Karen, I have a very difficult time posting on your blog. I am still on deail up here in the boonies, and any heavy graphics make it very difficult for me. My ISP is promising high speed for us soon. I sure hope it happens.

Have a wonderful day, dear Karen. I hope your sleep issue can be solved.

Love and hugs, and blessings,


Shelley said...

Hi Karen,congratulations to your DD for her award...she's a beauty. Very pretty! Sounds like your roast was very delish,yummy!
Have a blessed week....Shelley

Mary said...


I certainly enjoyed your post and how nice that your daughter won the Student of the Month Award. Tell her I said Congratulations. Way to Go!

How wonderful that you cooked an extra roast for your parents. I'm sure it was delicious and that they enjoyed it.

Love your St. Paddy's day look. It's fabulous.

I have the same trouble sleeping. I had never thought about it being meds, but that is a good point. Sometimes it's 4 or 5 am before I get to sleep.

Take care and be sure to rest when you can.

Keeping your family in my prayers.