Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Tuesday Mornin' Yall,
I hope that everyone had a great weekend and Monday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 57 degrees and it feel like 55 degrees. It is cloudy out here this morning and we have some showers in the area. The winds are out of the South at 10mph. It is supposed to be a rainy morning and a little on the cooler side today. yesterday was a nice day but on the windy side to me. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and warmer and then rain again on Thursday. How is the weather in your neighborhood? I hope the weather is co-operating with y ou today.

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but I am still trying to get back into the swing of things. LOL. I just don't want to get up in the mornings when my alarm goes off. I was awake all night Saturday night and didn't go to sleep until ater 5:00am.CST Sunday morning. That is when hubby left back out. It sure has been lonesome without him being around here. He will be home late tonight or early in the morning. He called me around 6:37a.m.CST and he was having breakfast in Gallup, NM and he was going to bed after he ate because his driving shift was over with. The girls made it home Sunday afternoon around 12:30-12:45p.m CST. I sure was glad to see them too. They had to unpack their things and I had to do up their laundry so they would have clean clothes for School yesteday. I ended up doing 2 loads of laundry on Sunday afternoon. They helped me tho. Asley's softball coach had called shortly after they had gotten home and said their uniforms were in and needed us to come to the new ball field to pick it up, so we went up there to get it. Some of the girls were staying up there practicing, but Ashley still had some unpacking to do and she was tired as well and I told her she didn't have to stay since they would have regular practice on Monday night. So we came back to the house and just sat around. My Dad had b ought me and hubbby a DVD of the Balknobbers. Me and my Sister had went in together and bought my Parents tickets to see the Balknobbers on Friday night. It was taped live and afterwards, they were selling DVD's of the Friday night show. My Parents are on there at the beginning . It shows people out in the audience and they were waving to us. LOL. It was really neat and also the show itself was just hilarious. The girls really loved it. They had a good time up in Branson, but was ready to get back home and sleep in their own beds. Nothing sleeps better than your own bed. I didn't make it to Church as planned sine it was after 5:00a.m.CST before I finally went to sleep. The girls had called me around 11:30a.m.CST and they were about 15 miles North of Jonesboro and thqt woke me up.

Me and hubby did go to jonesboro on Friday night and I told him I was wanting a Bloomin' Onion to eat and h e said that since it was fried, that it wasn't good for me and I didn't need it. LOL. So, we ended up going to our favorite Chinese Restaurant, The Mongolian Bar & Grill. They have Seafood in there which I just love and seafood is pretty good for you as well. I always have me some Peel em' and eat em' Shrimp and Crab Legs. I even have me a couple pieces of Sushi as well. So, I don't guess I'll ever get me a bloomin' Onion unless they find another way to cook it where it will be good for you. Saturday, I did a load of laundry so hubby would have clean clothes on sunday morning. I did fix us a late brunch and we just sat around all day and hubby rented him some movies to watch. Then for our supper Saturday night, we had t.v. dinners.

Sunday evening for mine and the girls supper I fixed some Tuna Fish and then I grilled them a Cheese Sandwich also. That was our supper on Sunday evening. After we had finished eating, me and the girls went walkin down our street here since it was nice outside. They were both ready for bed come Sunday night.

They were both ready to go back to School yesterdy mornning. Our youngest daughter had Softball practice after School and practiced until 5:00p.m. CST. After her practice was over with we came home ans had sanwiches again for supper because our oldest daughter had her Softball Practice at 6:00p.m.CST. So, on Monday's we only h avetime to come home and grab a sandwich between each practices. Our oldest daughter practices until 8:00p.m.CST. After that, it's time to come home and start their showers and get ready for bed again. Both of their Pre-Season Softball Tournaments start this week. Our youngest daughter's first game is supposed to be Thursday night qt 6:00p.m.CST, but it's suppose to rain on Thursday as well. We will have to see if it rains them out or not. Our oldest daughter's first game is on Friday night at 8:00p.m.CST. Then I'm guessing both girls will be playin pretty much qall day on Saturday. So our weekend this weekend, is going to be busy. As they say, "NO REST FOR THE WEARY". LOL.

I am just now having my morning coffee. Like I said, I am really having a hard time gettting back into the swing of things. LOL. Maybe by next week, I will have gotten used to setting the alarm again. LOL.

I was going to put up a new post yesterday morning, but I had to go get tags for my vehicle that hubby had bought me back in February. He said it was an early Birthday/Anniversary present to me from him along with my new computer. It's not brand spankin' new. I'ts a 2,000 Isuzu Rodeo and it's a 4 door which I love. It's alot easier for the girls to get in and out of also. It is white and I just love it. We had paid our Blazer off last month and hubby had seen the Isuzu Rodeo at the same place here in town where we had bought our blazer, so he decided to get it for me. When I had gone to get tags for my Rodeo, I went by the Dollar General Store in the same town and got me a 3-piece Patio set. I had seen it there on Friday night. My Parents and Sister had given me some money for my Birthday last week, so I had enough and had to put $5.00 extra dollars to go with it and bought it. It looks like it is wrought iron, but it is a heavy duty plastic. I'ts 2 chairs and a little table. Hubby is going to have to put it together sometime this weekend if he has time between ballgames. I'm going to put in on my front porch as I have a long front porch. When I get it sat up, I'll take some pictures and show you that too. I'm hoping that maybe tomorrow my Mom can come up and we can start on my flower garden. I did take some before pictures of it on Friday afternoon adn when I'm done, I'll post the before adn after pictures of it.

Well, guess I had better go for now. I have some clothes to fold up and put some more in the dryer and also I'm just now having my morning coffee. Coffee doesn't seem to even wake me up anymore. LOL. I'll be around shortly to start visiting with you all. Take care my friends and have a Terrific Tuesday. May GOD BLess you and yours.

Karen H.


Hootin' Anni said...

Good happy morning to you dear Karen. I see you're keeping quite busy, but I hope you're not tiring yourself out too, too much!!!

Yep, those blooming onions are nothing but a fatal attraction. And actually so is seafood. It's LOADED with the 'bad' cholesterol. Especially the shrimp, lobster, and crab. Your best bet is to eat FRESH water salmon and trout. Nothing fried...always grilled or baked. Shrimp is lethal if you overdo on that.

Look for all your low fat foods and FRUITS and VEGGIES!!!! I've had to go almost completely vegetarian on my diet for the same reasons you need to change [and your hubby with his heart problems also]....It's hard, I know from isn't fun when you have to watch your diet, but you DO get used to is. The thing I missed most was pizza and hamburgers...I now eat only low fat cheese pizza once in a while and if I want a burger, I use or order ONLY turkey burgers.

You take care of yourself my friend.

Loretta said...

Karen, I hope you have a good day. Sounds like you're sure going to be busy this week.I went to Fred's and bought some of those lights, good thing I was watching because they charged the regular price!

Rachel said...

Hi Karen! It's good to see you posting again. Sorry about your stroke, and I do hope you are doing better now! I wondered why you quit blogging without saying you were taking a break. I was worried about you, and I'm glad to see you back!

Sounds like your girls are busy, busy, busy!!

I read recently that those blooming onions were the very worst things you could eat since they have so much fat! A good choice not to have it!! They are good though....but that's so true of so many things that aren't good for us!!

I recently went on cholesterol medication and never thought I'd have to do that. Ah, such is life I reckon!!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Be sure to get plenty of rest. Have a Blessed week...m.

Jackie said...

Good evening Karen. It sounds as if you are going to have another busy softball season.

God bless.

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
glad to hear your girls arrived home and had safe travels.
Baseball (and track) season is in full swing here too and I know what you mean about staying busy with games and practices.
Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your garden. Flowers always make a space a bit cheerier, don't they?

PEA said...

Hello dear Karen:-)

Now you've got me wanting a Bloomin' Onion! lol I love those but haven't had any since last year when Steve & I were away. Why is it all the good food is so bad for you??? hehe I don't like seafood so you could have eaten my share too! lol

Don't apologize for not posting every day...I've learned that it's ok not to do a post every day and now sometimes I don't post for a day or two:-) I just find it too stressful trying to post every day.

Sounds like a busy softball season is starting up...good luck to the girls and their teams! I'm glad they had a fun time in Branson, MO but I know how good it feels to come back to your own bed:-)

Take good care of YOU and enjoy your days:-) xoxo

Lib said...

Hi Miz. KAren,
Girl, you are a Busy Bee!
Don't worry about posting daily, I think most of us are so busy this time of yr. its hard to find time for everything!
Hope you have a great wk.

Shelley said...

Hi Karen,it's raining here this morning...I have seen the patio sets you purchased from the Dollar General...they are so pretty...I can't wait to see yours all set up on your porch....