Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Rainy Day here in the South.

Good Saturday Morning Yall,
I hope everyone had a Fanastic Friday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 40 degrees outside with a windchill of 33 degrees. The winds are out of the Northeast at 10mph. It is also raining outside as well. I'm just glad the termperature is above freezing and we aren't getting anymore freezing rain. The Snow I can deal with, but I don't like the freezing rain. I think the rain is supposed to be out of here around Noon today,but you know how the weather in Arkansas can be. LOL. It is suppose to be up around 60 degrees tomorrow and then back in the 70's again next week. Only in Arkansas can you find strange weather like we have been having. LOL.

My DH finally madke it home around 6:45a.m.CST yesterday morning. I sure was glad to see him as I always miss him when he is gone. He came in and ate a bowl of cereal and took his meds and went to bed. I woke him up yesterday afternoon around 4:00p.m.CST so he could get ready and we could go to town. I had to go to Wal-Mart and pick my meds up befoer 6:00p.m.CST. That is the time I told them to have them ready when I called in my refills. When we first got to town, we went by Wal-Mart first and I went in and got my meds. After that, we met my Sister at Monggolian Bar & Grill to eat Supper. It is a Chinese Restaurant that we love to eat at in Jonesboro. They also have Seafood there too, which is a big favorite of mine. We all had a good time and got plenty to eat. After we finished eating we went back to Wal-Mart so I could do my weekly shopping. I have some "GOOD NEWS" to share with yall also. In the past when we had gone to Wal-Mart, I would always get one of those Electric Buggies you can ride around in. But last night, I decided to just walk and hang on to a regular basket. I did it. I went all over Wal-Mart last night. MY DH and our youngest daughter were give out by the time I was ready to leave there. They were complaining of their feet hurtin. LOL. i oudid them all. LOL. When I got home, I was tired too. AFter I had finished putting the groceries up and other things, I went to bed and went on to sleep. I woke up around 3:15a.m.CST this morning and decided to go ahead and do another post.

Today should be a pretty quiet day around here. Our youngest daughter is going to go bowling with one of her friend's Church this afternoon. hubby bought him some movies at Wal-mart last night, so he will probably watch some of them today and tonight. I have some laundry to do and I planning on fixing Steak Fajita's for our supper tonight. I found some Wheat Tortilla's at Wal-Mart last night and am planning on using them. I am doing my best to eat and cook alot healthier since I've had my stroke and congestive heart failure. Some things I try to buy will say they meet the American Heart Association's Food Criteria. It may cost a little more, but if it is better for me and my Famil, it will be worth it in the long run I do believe. I even bought some Turkey Sausage and ground Turkey last night as well. I've seen on Food Netowrk where they make Turkery Burgers from ground Turkey. Some have even used half ground chuch and half ground Turkey to make Burgers. I bought some ground chuck also and may try doing that some night. Since I love watching Food Network, I like to experiment with my own cooking sometimes. LOL. My Family may not like it, (mot of the times they have tho). so I enjoy doing thing lik that. I told y DH once I would love to have a Food Network Kitchen someday. LOL. Hey, it don't hurt to dream now does it and if your going to dream you might as well dream big huh? LOL. I even bought me a box of Couscous that I'm going to try sometime and some Polenta. I've seen both of them being cooked on Food Network before also but have never tried them. I also bought me some fresh herbs and some differnt kinds of cheeses that I've seen used on Food Network as well. If any of you have ever used any of the items I've listed, if you don't mind, you can share with me how you cook with them. I would apprediate it very much.

HMYH will have to leave out at 500a.m.CST in the morning but will be back either late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. This next Friday when he gets home, he won't have to go back out the folowing Sunday. He is taking his week's vacation. The girls will be on Spring Break from March 23rd -27th. Wew have some plans for that week. That Thursday 26th, us and my Parents and Sister are all going to Branson, MO and staying until Sunday 29th. ACtually me and my DH will have to come back home on Saturday 28th, because he will h ave to go back to work on tht Sunday. But we will still h ave 2 night of vacation with the girls. This will be the first time tht we have ever been on a vacation with the girls like thi and I am rally excited about going. It's been years since I've been up to Branso, MO. Last time was when I was a little girl and we went to Silver dollar city. We are goint to be staying in a Hotel in the main strip there in Branson. A couple of places I want to go and tke the girls are on the main strip as well. I want to go to the Hollywood Wax MUseum and also the Titanic Museum. My Sister will be taking the girls to Splash Country up there as well. ur hotel has an indooe heated swimming pool too. I may get in a few times, jut to say I got wet. LOL. I can't swim anyway, but I do like getting in the water. There is also the Tanger Outlet Mall tht is full of stores and my Sister said the prices are really resonable in there adn we are going to that as well. I'm sure we will be doing other things adn seeing other things as well, but those are jst a few of the things that I know for sure we will be doing.

Well guess I'll go for now. I may go lay back down for a bit and get back up later. I will try to be around sometime today to visit you. Take care my friends and have Super Saturday. May GOD Bless you and yours.




Mike Golch said...

Karen,I hope that you have a great weekend.glad that you are doing ok.Hugs my friend.

Shelley said...

Hi Karen,I am trying my best to eat a more healthly diet arthritis is getting so bad,it's hard for me to walk just a short distant anymore without terrible pain. I love going to flea markets and such,but can't really enjoy it for all the discomfort...if I can lose some weight I believe I may feel much better.
Sounds like your family trip is going to be a lot of fun.I am so glad you are doing well. We are having the same weather here in Texas as you all are...
Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow......Shelley

Patti said...

I love watching the food network too!Of course, Paula Deen is my favorite but not very healthy! LOL And I love The Ace of Cakes.
I hope you have a nice weekend, the weather is rainy and cold here in east texas.

Hootin' Anni said...

It's rainy and COLD down here too!!!! Here I've been 'begging' for rain because of the extreme drought we're in....and I'm happy to have some moisture, but the COLD! way.

Yes, yes...I'm happy to hear that you're eating much healthier foods! And turkey....WHITE meat [along with chicken breasts without the skin] is far in a way better for your blood and heart. I learned all this too long ago. And now, I'd much preFER turkey burgers when I eat them. Beef just doesn't settle with me anymore. And I can see why after all these years of torturing my body with red meat. I've even used the egg beaters now too. Of course, I do have my 'fried' eggs about once a month to make my psyche happy, but still you can fix/cook much healthier if you spend a lot of time reading labels these days.

Happy to hear that you were able to walk the distance, but again....DON'T overdo.

Love Bears All Things said...

Hi Karen,
I'm back home in Alabama now. We flew in about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. It was raining then and it is still raining. I woke up about 2 AM and couldn't sleep so I've been up about 5 or 6 hours now. I'm planning on going back to bed soon.
stay dry,
Mama Bear

Mary said...


What a beautiful graphic at the top of your post today. It is appropriate for the rain you're getting.

The sun is shining here in southern Ontario and it's supposed to be much warmer this weekend. I'm hoping to get out and about. Cabin Fever has been setting in.

Sounds like your time in Branson will be fantastic. I'm glad you and your DH can take time to go on a holiday with the girls. Have fun, but be careful not to overdo.

Good for you moving around Walmart with the regular buggy. It's nice to know that you are able to get around on your own.

Enjoy the weekend.

Loretta said...

I'm glad you're doing so well. I've never been to Branson but I know a lot that have. I'm sure you'll have a ball. I'm doing hubby's laundry too, he leaves for Virginia in the morning. Take care.

Lib said...

Hi Moiz. Karen,
Your rain make it here.Glad your snow didn't make it here Lol
I use ground turkey ,if you Dr. it up with herbs its good,I don't like it plain!
I buy alot of dried herbs at $ Gen. here their 2 for $1 .I use alot of spices and herbs cooking. I grow some as well.
I hope ya'll have a great vacation!:o)
Have a great wk.end!

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
I saw your comment on another blog and had to pop over and say hi! I've been reading and catching up a bit on your news. So very sorry to hear about your health issues, but you seem to be well on the mend.
Glad to see you back blogging!