Thursday, April 10, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,

I do hope that everyone had a great Wednesday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 68 degrees. The winds are out of the South Southeast at 20mph. We are also under a Tornado Watch untill 11:00a.m. this morning and that could be extended later on. There are already some Tornado Warnings out for some counties to the West of us. It is suppose to be up near 80 degrees here today and that's not going to be good at all, especially for this time of the year. Yesterday was a little cooler around here and partly cloudy. It had rained a bit before I took the girls to School yesterday morning. Today and tonight is suppose to be pretty bad around here. That is what the local weather guy is saying as well as The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel is saying this could be the biggest severe weather outbreak so far this year. There is the possibility of Tornadoes around here as well. I don't mind the rain and even a little thunder and lightening, but when they go talking about severe weather and tornadoes, I get uneasy. There is also some heavy rains that we will be getting as well. I would like to ask for prayers for me and our girls that the weather doesn't get very bad. We don't have a storm cellar anymore, so we would have to leave the house and go find a storm cellar. I don't think I want to do that. After all the severe weather moves out, the weekend and first part of next week is suppose to be alot cooler than it has been. They are saying the highs will only be in the 50's, and the lows in the 40's.
My DH made it home Tuesday night around 11:00p.m. I sat up with him till around 2:00a.m. and I finally went to bed. He stayed up a while longer and practiced some on his Guitar. I heard him playing when I first layed down, but I went off to sleep and didn't know when he came to bed. He told me when I got him up yesterday morning that he came to bed around 3:30a.m. I had my alarm to go off at 4:45a.m. to get up and start some coffee for myself, but since I hadn't had much sleep, I reset the alarm for 5:45a.m. I sure didn't want to get up then either. LOL. But I did and fixed a pot of coffee and visited a while. I got the girls up and they got ready for School. After I took them to School, I came home and took my medicine and ate me a bowl of cereal. I finished my cup of coffee that I had as well. I went to lay back down until about 10:50a.m., but my cell phone rang and it was my Sister and we talked for about 20 minutes and then she had to go. I couldn't go to sleep, so I got on up and fixed another pot of coffee so my DH would have some to drink. He left out around noon yesterday. I never did go back to sleep yesterday afternoon tho. Me and the girls went up to Backwoods and ate supper yesterday evening. I had ordered some things from the owner for the house and they had come in. When we got done eating, we came home and I put the things that I had ordered into the freezer. I ordered some Hamburger Patties, Shrimp, Brocolli and Cheese Pops, Tater Tots, and Onion Rings. I still have some Chicken Strips and French Fries in the freezer from where I ordered those last week. I had her to order me some Chocolate Chip Cookies for next week. The owner is really a nice lady and she doesn't let just anyone order things from her like that. The girls went to Church and after they got home, they got their baths and our youngest daughter finished up her homework. Me and the girls went to bed around 9:30p.m. last night and I was going to watch the news in the bed, but I fell asleep and missed it. My DH called me around 10:25p.m. last night and the Sports segment was fixing to come on.

I was going to use some Weather Graphics on my post today, but for some reason, blogger isn't co-operating with me and not letting me put the graphics on here, so today will just be a post without any grahics.

I have been tagged for some Meme's recently and I will try and do them next week. I am going to have to write down who tagged me and think on some of the things I was tagged for. My mind isn't what it used to be. LOL. So, if you have tagged me recently, just know that I haven't forgotten about the Meme's, and I will do my best to do them next week. I have also received some more nice Awards and I will post them next week as well.

The girls are suppose to have a softball game in Harrisburg tonight, but I doubt they will be having the games since it's suppose to be raining and very stormy. I'm not sure about Friday evening either, it just depends on how much rain we get and if we get any damage around here. I don't think they have any games scheduled for next week. That's a good thing because on Monday they start the Benchmark Exams. I have to make sure they get in bed earlier than normal and get plenty of rest. They have been eating Breakfast in the lunchroom at School lately, but our youngest daughter told me last night that she wanted me to buy some orange juice and fix them some Oatmeal for their breakfast's next week. I already have plenty of Oatmeal, so all I have to do is buy some orange juice.

Well, guess I'll go for now and start visiting some. I will try to visit each one of you today if I am able to. Even tho my computer is plugged into a power surge protector, when it's lightening, I still like to turn my computer off. I just don't want to take any chances. I am now having my first cup of coffee and it taste's mighty good this morning. I may have to make a second pot to keep me awake for today. I just hope the electricity doesn't go out. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.



Cottage Contessa said...

Good morning Karen! I will most certainly keep you and your girls (& hubby too!) in my prayers sweetie. I hope the weather settles down and nothing comes of it. Stay safe, and have a good day my friend.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Good Morning Karen! I sure hope you dont get any terrible weather today! I hope you all are safe! Have a beautiful day!

Love ya,

Mary said...


I will be praying for you. A tornado is something that I'd rather not experience also. I do wish you had a storm cellar, but God is watching over you and the girls. I will pray that you are all safe and your DH as well.

Enjoyed my visit, as always. How are you enjoying your new home. I hope you are pretty much settled by now.


Renie Burghardt said...

Good Morning, Karen,

I came by for a quick visit between storms! We've already had one doozie of a thunderstorm. Right now it's sort of quiet, if you don't count the wind, which is blowing pretty fiercely. The air is warm and very unstable, and we're going to have a lot of scary weather today. So you and the girls stay safe, and I'll try to do the same. I'll pray for you and you pray for me, okay?

The hummingbirds are back this morning, too. What a day they picked to come back. They've been hovering outside my window, asking me where their feeder was. So I hurried up and made some nectar and hung it out. I was glad to see them! Hope they are a sign of good luck for today!

Again, take care and stay safe!

Love and Prayers,


Love Bears All Things said...

Hi, Karen
I was just thinking,"I'm glad I'm not home." I don't like the storms like that either. I looked at the NWS for our area. It looks like the worst will miss Memphis.
That weather will get here tomorrow. I'm hoping it isn't too bad. My older sister took a vacation day and I am driving 70 miles further south to spend the day with her. North Alabama is known for its tornadic activity and I sure don't won't to be driving in it. Honey Bear will be ocming over here tomorrow after work also. I was just thinking yesterday when I filled up with gasoline, that this trip is costing us because we'll have both cars here. Saturday we are going to a company picnic in Clarksville, TN. That will be even more gasoline. Of course, he'll drive back home on Sunday. His car gets great gas mileage, not my van.
We'll do this again the first weekend in May. We have several family events to attend and I want to stay longer than just the weekend. So we'll drive both cars agin.
Daughter is off today and we're going out to spend the day together. We already had a long walk. It went by so fast since we were talking the whole time.
Take care and be safe.
Mama Bear said...

Hi Karen, We are to have bad weather today too!! I hate this!! I will be remembering you in prayer today!!

I have tagged you for another meme!!
Love and Hugs Grams

Pam said...

Hi Karen,
I just found your blog, and when I popped in, discovered that you are in Arkansas....we've been keeping a close eye on the weather today, too. It will be heading our way soon- we are in Tennessee, and bracing for storms tonight.
We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and hoping for the best.
Take care,
by the way...really glad I found your blog, and look forward to visiting again soon!

Joyce said...

I have not had the weather on. I pray that you did not get bad weather. Here we are getting rain and the temp is 45. It is windy out of the east. Good luck getting soft ball games in. Take care.

Love and Hugs,

Linda said...

Hi Karen, I'm keeping you all in my prayers. I hope the weather predictions pass you by....take care and be prepared. See you tomorrow. Hugs, Linda

PEA said...

Hello dear Karen:-)

Oh dear, I do hope you've had no tornadoes touch down at all!!! Praying that you and your family stay safe. It's sunny but cool here at the moment...tomorrow we're supposed to get a snowstorm. Yup, SNOW! Ugh! Now that it's almost all gone from the ground I don't want anymore!!! lol

It's got to be hard staying up at all times when your hubby gets home late but I know you enjoy sitting with him and catching up on each other's news:-)

I have been tagged for quite a few memes as well but I've forgotten who tagged me for what! lol Like you, I'll need to start making myself notes so I won't forget. lol

I'm sorry I didn't come visiting yesterday, I ended up with such a headache after listing over 80 items on my ebay and had to stay away from the computer screen. My eyes and headaches tell me when I've had enough sitting in front of the computer! lol

How wonderful that you got to meet Diane, Lamar and Miss Emmy!!! Oh my goodness, I would have so loved to have been there as well:-) I knew you two lived pretty near each other so I was wondering when you'd finally meet! lol

Take care my friend. Love ya! xoxo

Hootin' Anni said...

Karen....Karen, I am sooooooooooo late getting around to visiting. It's been a busy day again for us. The other day we were out and about and a rock from the truck ahead of us was kicked up by him and hit our windshield! Cracked it good. So, the last couple of days it's been either out working in the yard 'til it gets too hot, and then out trying to find the best place to get the windshield fixed. What a pain vehicles are...and a very expensive toy. LOL

Now do got my puzzler in an uproar again. What the heck is broccoli and cheese pops?!!! I hope they're not like POPcicles -----oh gag city just the thought!! rofl [I'm hoping that they're like hot pockets!, right?]


Hope you're all safe from the weather. Sorry I'm late...didn't forget you today...just time got away.

dabrah said...

Hi Karen
I hope the tornado doesn't come near you. It must be really scary. Take care...

Mimi said...

Good afternoon Karen,
I just got home from work...and I saw the weather was really bay over your way...I sure hope all the severe weather passed you by again....
it has to be hard when the weather gets bay and your DH is not you have to make all the decisions on what to do...
I pray for you when I see that the weather is bad over your way...

bj said...

The weather has been crazy around here, too...we had a hugh rain yesterday...then today, the sand and dirt blew in a 55 mile an hour wind and I thought it was going to tear our house down. just horrible!
I hope ya'll don't have any more tornados around!!
hugs, bj

Denise said...

Praying for your familys safety sweetie, love you.

Sandra said...

Hi Karen,

I'm finally making my bloggy rounds, it's been forever since I've been by to visit. I have missed your posts :)

Hope you guys are staying safe, will be praying that no tornadoes or weird weather hits you.


Mike Golch said...

Good evening Karen,I hope the storms are not too bad in your neck of the woods.
Take care my friend.

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
I've been reading about the terrible weather in Arkansas. My prayers are with you and your neighbors. Stay safe!

Lisa said...

I pray that you and the girl's are ok from the storms. I enjoyed my coffee with you this pm. I just had mine a little later since I know you always leave the pot on :)
I hope ya'll have agreat weekend. Love -n- Hugs. Lisa

Chrissie said...

Hi, Karen! Glad to see you're doing well. I sure hope you don't have any tornados - yikes! Weather wise - your area has had it's share of amazing weather! Well, dear friend - I'm off on the cruise I was telling about. Yep - my anniversary's today, and we leave tomorrow - yeah! So I'll be talking to you in a week -
God bless you!

smileymamaT said...

I did send up a prayer, hope it all came out OK. Broccoli and Cheese Pops, that sounds so good... I have to say, I'll take my snowbanks over tornadoes... hang in there!

Diane J. said...

We were blessed this time, weren't we? Most of the really bad weather went around us, but I'm sure we'll get a lot more storms before the weather settles down for Summer.

Hope all is well with you and yours today. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Mississippi Songbird said...

I am having trouble getting my comments to show on your blog. I will try at home if this doesn't go thru. have a great weekend. Praying for you..

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, the storms and tornadic activity made it to Alabama today, Friday. It has been a wierd day. I had planned to spend today with my older sister and she took a vacation day. Praise the Lord, the sun shone until about 3:00 where she lives and we had a great time together. I got to her house before 9:00 so we had several hours. Then I drove back to daughters, had to stop once and wait out some wind and rain but most of the trip was not bad.

I hope you got through the storms yesterday alright.
Enjoy your weekend,
Mama Bear

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
Just wanted to stop by to check on you and let you know I'm still among the living!! I sure hope you made it through the storms all right.

I've noticed that you aren't posting like you did. Do you keep a close check on your blood sugar? It may be acting up since the doctor put you on more meds.

Take care of yourself and let me know how you're doing.

Love and Hugs,

Shari said...

We have been having rain the last few days. I am soooo tired of it. And there's supposed to be snow north of us. Hope it stays there.

That was nice of the owner to let you order things. A good way to keep things in stock. I bet you are all moved in your new home now.

God bless.

Betty said...

Hi Karen,

I hope you didn't any bad weather yesterday. I heard on the news that Ark. was having bad weather. It's been pretty here for the last couple of days, near 80 degrees.

I have an award for you when you time to stop by my blog to pick it up.

Have a good weekend.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Karen! I am trying to catch up with everyone...well not everyone but as many as I can for today!! How are you Sweetie!!

Here in WA we have been having rain daily although today was an was very sunny...loved it! It got to be in the low 70's! Could Spring be here???

bj said...

Good morning,sweet Karen...Hope all is well in your world.
Did you get my card? I sent it a couple of weeks ago...
It is cold again here this morning at 39. brrrr, We get used to warm weather and then when a cold front moves thru, we all freeze to death!
Take good care....
Hugs, bj

Rachel said...

Hi Karen!! I hope you were not affected by any tornados. We had the storm sirens go off yesterday and the county next to us did have a tornado. Thankfully nothing here but rain, hail, and some wind. No damage thankfully!! Now today is cooler and windy, but sunny and not bad at all.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

tam said...

I just found your blog from Diane's Place and I love it. I will come back and visit soon. Thanks!

Mary Isabella said...

Hi Karen,
Glad to hear from you. We have been so busy with my husband's surgery. He is in quite alot of pain. We go back to the doctor on Tuesday. They had to do more than they first expected and had to take some muscle also. ...Have a beautiful weekend....Mary