Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Good Mornin' Yall,
I do hope that everyone had a great Tuesday and ready to start a new day. It is 26 degrees with a windchill 22 of degrees. The winds are out of the West at 3mph. Yesterday was a mostly cloudy day and very windy. "PRAISE GOD" we never lost our power. I don't think the wind gusts got up to as high as they were predicting. But it was windy tho. Today it's suppose to be up around 45 degrees and it's suppose to be a Sunny day.

I would like to acknowledge some more Awards that I have received. I'm not going to do the Red Carpet this time. I figure everyone has seen enough of the Red Carpet from the Oscar's on Sunday night. My first Award is the BEST BLOGGING BUDDIES AWARD. I received
this Award from Mary@ and Hope@ "THANK YOU" so much Mary and Hope for this wonderful Award. I will treasure it always. Now instead of just giving this out to certain people, if you are on my blogroll, please feel free to take this Award home with you. My next Award is the FRIENDSHIP AWARD. It is from Amanda@
Isn't that just the cutest Award? "THANK YOU" so much Amanda for this lovely Award as well. I will treasure this Award always also. Again, if you are on my blogroll, please take this Award home with you. I do consider everyone of you as my Friends. My next Award is the FRIENDS ARE A TREASURE AWARD. Robin@
gave me this beautiful Award. "THANK YOU" so much Robin for thinking of me and I will treasure this Award always. Now go ahead, and take this Award if you are on my blogroll as well. I do consider each and everyone of you a Treasured Friend. Last, but not least, my last Award is the NICE MATTERS AWARD. It is from Cielo@
"THANK YOU" so very much Cielo for thinking of me when passing out this beautiful Award. I will treasure it always. Go ahead again, if you are on my blogroll, please take a copy of this Award home with you as well. Everyone is just so nice here in this wonderful world we call Bloggytiville or Blogland. Again, "THANK YOU" all so much ladies for these beautiful and wonderful Awards. I do appreciate each and everyone of them very much. If you have never been to visit any of these ladies, please do drop by and visit them when you have a chance. These are some wonderful ladies that I am so proud to call my Friends and believe me, you will enjoy visiting them.
Today I am going to share some more information on Black History.
This is about the African Slave Trade and the Middle Passage. Here is some info on it.

Who are we looking for, who are we looking for? It's Equiano we're looking for. Has he gone to the stream? Let him come back. Has he gone to the farm? Let him return. It's Equiano we're looking for.
- Kwa chant about the disappearance of an African boy, Equiano

This African chant mourns the loss of Olaudah Equiano, an 11-year-old boy and son of an African tribal leader who was kidnapped in 1755 from his home in what is now Nigeria. He was one of the 10 to 12 million Africans who were sold into slavery from the 15th through the 19th Centuries.. "I believe there are few events in my life that have not happened to many," wrote Equiano in his autobiography.
The "many" he refers to are the Africans taken as free people and then forced into slavery in South America, the Caribbean and North America. Along the west coast of Africa, from the Cameroons in the south to Senegal in the north, Europeans built some sixty forts that served as trading posts. European sailors seeking riches brought rum, cloth, guns, and other goods to these posts and traded them for human beings. This human cargo was transported across the Atlantic Ocean and sold to New World slave owners, who bought slaves to work their crops. African merchants, the poor, royalty -- anyone -- could be abducted in the raids and wars that were undertaken by Africans to secure slaves that they could trade.
The slave trade devastated African life. Culture and traditions were torn asunder, as families, especially young men, were abducted. Guns were introduced and slave raids and even wars increased. After kidnapping potential slaves, merchants forced them to walk in slave caravans to the European coastal forts, sometimes as far as 1,000 miles. Shackled and underfed, only half the people survived these death marches. Those too sick or weary to keep up were often killed or left to die. Those who reached the coastal forts were put into underground dungeons where they would stay -- sometimes for as long as a year -- until they were boarded on ships.
Just as horrifying as these death marches was the Middle Passage, as it was called -- the transport of slaves across the Atlantic. On the first leg of their trip, slave traders delivered goods from European ports to West African ones. On the "middle" leg, ship captains loaded their then-empty holds with slaves and transported them to the Americas and the Caribbean. A typical Atlantic crossing took 60-90 days but some lasted up to four months. Upon arrival, captains sold the slaves and purchased raw materials to be brought back to Europe on the last leg of the trip. Roughly 54,000 voyages were made by Europeans to buy and sell slaves.
Slaves packed like cargo between decks often had to lie in each other's feces, urine, and blood. Africans were often treated like cattle during the crossing. On the slave ships, people were stuffed between decks in spaces too low for standing. The heat was often unbearable, and the air nearly unbreathable. Slaves were often chained in pairs, shackled wrist to wrist or ankle to ankle. People were crowded together, usually forced to lie on their backs with their heads between the legs of others. In such cramped quarters, diseases such as smallpox and yellow fever spread like wildfire. The diseased were sometimes thrown overboard to prevent wholesale epidemics. Because a small crew had to control so many, cruel measures such as iron muzzles and whippings were used to control slaves.
Over the centuries, between one and two million persons died in the crossing...

All of the information I am sharing with you about Black History is coming from our local T.V. Station's Website. Here is the website, You can go and read some more from this website and I will also be sharing some more the rest of the week. I hope you are enjoying this information about Black History.
I felt much better yesterday and our girls are doing better as well. Their coughs are still lingering around, but I guess that's to be expected. For supper last night, I ended up fixing the Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper. Our girls really love that kind, so I decided to fix it. I bought the Generic Brand from the local Dollar General Store. Hey, if I can save a few cents, I am going to. Groceries are just way too high to be spending on the named brands. I was also watching Food Network yesterday and Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee was on. I usually don't watch her, but she was cooking something that caught my eye. Her theme yesterday was an Indian Theme. She was making a Naan Bread with her seasonings. Well, since I didn't have alot of her seasonings on hand, I decided to try it my way. I bought a pre-made Pizza Crust dough that comes in a can like Biscuits. I rolled it out onto a cookie sheet. I melted a stick of butter and used almost the whole stick to butter it. LOL. Sounds like a Paula Deen thing huh? LOL. Anyway, I added some Garlic Powder, a little Black Pepper, and some Parsley Flakes to it and put it on the oven and cooked it on 325 degrees for about 25 minutes. After it was almost done, I took it out and spreaded some Shredded Cheese I had on top of it. I turned the oven off and sit the pan back in there to let the cheese melt. Oh my goodness, you talk about good? That was some good tasting bread. When I fixed the Hamburger Helper, I made a big batch. LOL. I used 3 boxes of the mix. LOL. I know, you are probably thinking I'm crazy for doing that, but hey, we will have leftovers for tonight. Also, my DH made it in around 11:45p.m. last night, and he had some as well. After it was done cooking, I turned the burner off and sprinkled some Shredded Cheese on the top of the Hamburger Helper as well. I put the lid on it and let it melt. You talk about being in Hamburger Helper Heaven, LOL, we were. LOL.
I would like to let yall know about an Easter Giveaway. My friend, Stephanie@, is having this Giveaway.

Just look at that basket full of nice goodies. Here is what Stephanie is saying about her Giveaway. I have decided to have a Watkins Easter Gift Basket Giveaway!Above is a photo of the gift basket. This is a $43.63 VALUE!
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You can visit Stephanie's Watkin's Blog@ The deadline to enter is March 8, 2008 at Noon , Central Standard Time. Yall be sure to go and visit Stephanie and enter her Easter Giveaway. She is such a sweet person and she is from Mississippi. Also, please keep her and her Family in your prayers. Her husband is going to be without a job in July and they need our prayers for him to be able to find a job before then. He is a Truck Driver also.
Well, I guess I will go for now. I know I posted a long post today and I hope I didn't run you off by it being so long. But, it beeze that way sometimes. LOL. I have to get my DH up around 11:00a.m. so he can get ready to leave out around noon. They will be heading up to Minnesota and then over to Wisconsin. Please pray for them to have good weather and they can make it home pretty early Friday morning. I do appreciate the prayers everyone says for my DH and his Uncle. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. I tried to visit most everyone yesterday. If I didn't make it by yesterday, I will be by sometime today. Don't give up on me. LOL. It's kind of hard when you skip a day and don't visit and try to catch up. Now, I'm off to see who has coffee ready this morning.



Denise said...

Good morning my sweet friend, so glad your power did not go out, and I am very glad that you are feeling better. Congrats on your awards, they are all lovely. I will be praying for traveling graces for your husband and his uncle. I enjoyed the history lesson, thank you. Have a nice day, I love you.

PEA said...

Good morning dear Karen, I come bearing some raspberry turnovers to go with our coffee as you requested! hehe I see the freezer door has been left open over there's no wonder so many people are sick, the weather is up and down like a yo-yo!!

Congratulations on all the well deserving awards and thank you so much for passing them on to all of us:-) I agree with you, it's too hard to just pick and choose among our friends...I'd rather pass them along to everyone too! lol

Slavery is something that should never have happened and one can't even imagine what it was like for them. The sad part is that to this day there are still people who are prejudiced against blacks:-(

I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling so much better. I haven't had Hamburger Helper in a long while and now you've made me hungry for it! lol That bread you made to go with it sure sounds good too!!!

I'd love to enter that giveaway but phooey, it's only for US residents. Oh well! lol You'll just have to win it instead:-) hehe

Prayers are with your hubby and his uncle on their continued safe driving. Hope you have a wonderful day my friend! Wish we lived close by and could hang out together:-) xoxo

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh dear.....I just read the first few words from Pea...she has RASPBERRY turnovers? Oh my, oh dear...heaven help me with my weakening will power right now!!!

The awards are so befitting for you dear Karen, and thanks for calling me your friend. That is awesome and you certainly made my day.

Now, regarding your computer. If you have windows any edition of windows you should have a program to add text to a graphic like the 'message in a bottle' meme you saw over at Hootin' Anni's.

Go to start...then find programs...then find accessories....then "Paint". Open it, and you can then add your own text to any image.

Have a terrific day.

Joyce said...

Hello Friend. Thank you for the awards. I will post them on Monday. Slavery, thanks for the History lesson. I am glad you and your girls are feelling better. Take care and have a great day.

Love and Hugs,

bj said...

Hi, Sweet Karen...My goodness, girl...You are getting so many wonderful awards, you may have to start a blog just for them!! Haha
Thanks so much for giving us all your awards, too....I will take mine home with me right now.
Prayers always for your hubby and his uncle out on that ole road.
Glad you are feeling better and I am going to make your pizza bread as soon as I can go get the crust. It sounds so good!
hugs, bj

dabrah said...

Hi Karen
What a nice lot of awards you have. I'll come back later on today and collect them from you. You certainly deserve every last one.
I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Mary said...


I'm glad that DH got home and was able to enjoy the bread you made. It sounds delicious.

The cough your girls have may linger for days. I know several people up here who have it and they just can't get rid of it. It seems that it's part of that nasty bug.

Congratulations on all of the awards and thanks so much for passing them along.

It snowed here all day yesterday and the roads were slippery. It has also turned colder. Like Pea said, the weather is so changeable- up and down. That is why people are getting sick. Too much extreme change.

Pea had raspberry turnovers? I missed the party. LOL I'm glad she shared them with you.

I would love to join the giveaway. We use Watkins products, but it is only for those in the US. However, I am going to stop by and visit. I haven't been to Mississippi Songbird's for a while.

Take care, my friend. Thanks so much for commenting on my post today. I will keep your family in my prayers.


Sandra said...

Hi Karen,

Glad your power didn't go out.

Congratulations on all the awards :) I love awards but get overwhelmed at times, there's just too many going around LOL

The bread sounds really good, sounds like Foccaccia bread that I make :)


Mimi said...

Good morning Karen,
the Hamburger Helper dish you made last night sounds there enough left over for me to have a dish?
take good care of your girls...their cough will probably linger for awhile...I am glad you are feeling better...
I enjoyed the lesson on black history...I am enjoying it each day...
thanks for the effort you put into it...
I pray for your DH and his uncle as they travel through all of this bad weather...and I pray for you as you keep the home fires burnin...
love all your deserve every one of them!!!

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
I started to say Good Morning then realized it was afternoon!! I enjoyed your "what have yous" today! We were suppose to get quite a bit of snow but we only got a dusting! It went right on by us.

Congrats on all your sweet awards and thank you for passing them on. I'll be back to pick them up later when I get time.

Boy, your supper sure sounded good! I'll have to try that bread. Sounds pretty easy and I'm all about easy! With all that butter and cheese, it's got to be good!! :o)

Love ya,

Angela said...

Hey Karen,
Glad y'all are feeling lots better:-). With yummy food like that, I'd be feeling better too:-). The bread sounds soooo good. Hey you made "semi homemade" helper too *giggles*.
Have a great day sweet friend!!

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
Just stopping by to catch up on your news. Sounds like it's still very cold there. We have absolutely gorgeous sunshine today..
Glad to hear you and the girls are all on the mend.
There's just so much sickness going around right now.
I haven't had hamburger helper since my children were small. (We can't have all that sodium anymore) I remember it was very tasty though!!

Diane J. said...

The little girl in that first card looks a lot like the one in your header...I wonder if the same artist made both of them???

Thanks for the awards, Karen. I'll get to them soon, and I'll post them for my sister, Cecil at the same time.

I just got out of the shower and as soon as I visit a few blogs I'm going to make a big pot of coffee and crochet a while before supper. Supper...I have no idea at all what's on the menu for supper tonight. I'll have to go see what I can dig up. Your hamburger helper sounds good but I don't have any in the pantry.

Have a good day, Karen. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Jackie said...

Good afternoon Karen. I have been very careful when driving, but today is great. The sun is shining and the roads are clear. Tomorrow I am going up to see our youngest son and take him some home cooked goodies.

Tonight Hubby has asked me to go out for wings with him and all the other gents and ladies from his work. I am not a big wings eater, but it is an evening out.

Hopefully I will have a new post up tomorrow morning.

God bless.

Sarah said...

Hi Karen, I followed a link from another blog to you and thoroughly enjoyed my tea (I'm a Brit'!) whilst I read.

Betty said...

Good afternoon, sweet Karen,

Would you believe I have been home all day. I really had not planned on going out today anyway so it worked out perfectly since it snowed. Ed measured, and we got two and one half inches of the white stuff. Your weather and mine is usually the same, so I feel sad for you that you didn't get any snow. I've known it to snow in March, so don't give up yet.

Congratulations on your awards, Karen. You are so very deserving. And thank you for passing these on to me. I will list them in my post for tomorrow and pass them on to other bloggers. For now I'm adding them to my sidebar, and then I'll put them on my awards page.

I am so thankful you and the girls are feeling much better.

Hugs and Prayers,

Linda said...

Hi Karen, Congratulation on all the sweet awards and thank you for them too.
Your good morning welcome is so adorable...I'm really enjoying the new look of your blog.
I 'm so glad everyone is feeling better, that is good news. Have a nice evening, Linda

Love Bears All Things said...

Karen, thanks for stopping by. I'm going to save the Friendship award, the one with the spools of thread. That one really appealed to me.
I have been busy sewing today and finishing up with laundry. I made that run to WW and came back, ate lunch and sewed some more. Tomorrow is my class. I'm going to take a picture of the quilt we're doing. It is on the wall of the classroom.
That bread sounded good. Last night I had some shrimp. One of the girls ordered this flatbread that sounds similar to yours. It had tomatoes on it too. It was good and so thin you could hardly tell you were eating bread. I use the pizza dough in the roll when I make Stromboli.
That wind chill factor yesterday with the 40mph winds was rough. I about froze everytime I got outside. Bought me some new Karen N. pjs on sale for $15.00. I just love her stuff. They were regularly priced at $64.00. I always try to shop at the end of season sale. Can't afford those regular prices. Have a good evening, you and the girls.
Mama Bear

Chrissie said...

Thanks for the history lesson - it's good to keep perspective on what happened so it doesn't get repeated. I've been under the weather, so I'm kindal laying low for a little while. God bless you, dear friend!

Renie Burghardt said...

Good evening, Karen,

Well, your weather forecast this morning was pretty accurate even for my area. We did get to 45 degrees and the sun was shining brightly.

Congratulations on the latest beautiful awards!

Equiano's story is so sad and touching. Thank you for sharing his story for Black History month.

I am glad you and your girls are feeling better. The Naan Bread you shared sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I hope you enjoyed our sunny day today, and have a blessed evening with your family.

Love and Prayers,

Renie said...

Hi Karen. I am out at Karen's house tonght and I am using her computer!! I love this!!!!! I will be so happy to get Kelly's home!! Thanks for all your vists while I have not been able to get out and about so much!! Congrants on all your awards!! I hope every one is feeling a lot better soon!! Love and hugs Grams

Michelle said...

Hi Karen,
I'm getting ready to fix dinner but stopped by first! really got some great awards :) I am so glad everyone is feeling better :)


Lisa said...

Congratulations on your awards and thanks for sharing them. I would love a piece of your bread. It sounds so good.I am glad ya'll are feeling better. Weve had that head cold thing here to. I think it is the weather change for us anyway. Warm one day cold the next.
Take care. Lisa

Mississippi Songbird said...

Congratulations on your awards, Sweety.. The bread sounds good too..I will keep you in my prayers.. and hope your men have safe travels out there..My husband just got home from Vermont tonight.. Have a nice evening.. Bunches of hugs!

Mike Golch said...

Karen,just come to say Hi,I see that you changed things,I like the look.I hope that you and all of you family have a blessed day today,and coninues on and on.Bye for now.

Shari said...

Thanks for the history lesson. :)
Congrats on your awards. Thanks for sharing them. I hope your DH and uncle travel safely. The snow is melting into slush and icy slush.

Take care and God bless you and your family.

Brenda said...

I had my 3 morning cups earlier and I sure did need them!

Hope your Thursday is a great one!

SweetAnnee said...

Hi sweet Karen
what a great bunch of awards, so

Hope you have a GREAT day in
the Lord.
blessings, Deena

Grandy said...

You very much deserved these awards, Sweets!! Sorry I've been MIA.