Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Good Tuesday Mornin' Yall,

I do hope that everyone had a great weekend and Monday as well and ready to start a new day. It is currently 42 degrees with a windchill 32 of degrees. The winds are out of the Northwest at 18mph with gusts up to 28mph. Yesterday was a mostly cloudy day and on the mild side. I think it made it up to 56 degrees. A cold front came thru last night and today is to be much colder and on the windy side. We are under a Wind Advisory for today. They say the winds could gust up to 45mph. I sure hope we don't lose our power again like we did here while back when it was real windy like that.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was still under the weather. Our youngest daughter had a cough when she got home from my Parents on Saturday afternoon, and yesterday and last night, her nose started getting stopped up and she was coughing quite a bit. She had went to sleep for a while and woke up and had a bad time. I was up and down all night because I was having a constant pain in the lower part of my groin. I could only lay a certain way and still it would hurt. No Tylenol or anything would help it. I was beginning to think I may have had a Kidney Stone. The pain is still there, but not as bad. Hopefully it will go away soon. I had my alarm to go off at 4:30a.m., but I was still sleepy and I reset it for 6:30a.m. I didn't even drink any coffee. Can you believe that. There was a half-pot left from Sunday, and I turned it on and drank the rest of it later on. I just didn't feel like posting or even visiting. I do hope you will forgive me. Our youngest daughter was able to go to School yesterday. I sent some cough drops to School with her and when she came home from School, I gave her some cough medicine. Our oldest daughter still has a little cough as well. I had posted that I would try to post some information about Black History here in the United States. This first one that I am going to do is on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Considered by many to be the pre-eminent civil rights leader in American History, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, GA.
Both King's father and grandfather were preachers and he would follow in their footsteps but in his own style. He attended Morehouse College were he further developed his beliefs that a minister could serve society and improve the lives of African-Americans.
He married the former Coretta Scott of Marion, Alabama in 1953. King went on to study theology at Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania, and at Boston University, where he received a doctorate in systematic theology in 1955. He would carry something with him from Boston that would stay with him forever. It was a book entitled, "Jesus and the Disinherited" by Howard Thurman. Prophetically the book contains the following statement, "Many and varied are the interpretations dealing with the teachings and the life of Jesus of Nazareth. But few of these interpretations deal with what the teachings and the life of Jesus have to say to those who stand, at a moment in human history, with their backs against the wall." Following the completion of his studies he accepted the pastorship of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL.
He quickly found himself in the forefront of what would later be known as the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. Seamstress Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus to a white man in December and shortly thereafter a heretofore divided black community came together to form the Montgomery Improvement Association.
Looking for strong leadership the group elected King president of the group and on December 5, 1955 the association launched the Montgomery Bus Boycott. King's house was bombed and he was convicted along with around 88 other leaders of conspiring to interfere with the bus company's operations. But King and his followers held their ground and a year later after the United States Supreme Court declared Alabama's segregation laws unconstitutional the boycott was ended and the Montgomery bus system was desegregated.
In 1957 King and other ministers started the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with King as president. One of the first goals of the group was to register all black voters. In 1958 King published a Book "Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story." Soon thereafter King was stabbed in the chest in a Harlem bookstore and found himself in the hospital in near-critical condition.
At the end of 1959 King left Dexter Avenue Baptist Church and returned to Atlanta to run the SCLC and to help his father at his church.
These were often trying times for King who was increasingly running into opposition from student protestors who thought he was moving to slowly to do any good. In 1961 the Freedom Riders demonstrated that King did not have complete control of the movement many thought he had.
In 1963 King led demonstrations in Birmingham, Alabama. The pictures of demonstrators being attacked by dogs and fire hoses were flashed around the world and would further ignite the movement. The events incensed President Kennedy so much he submitted Civil Rights legislation to Congress which would be passed by Congress as the 1964 Civil Rights Act. On August 28, 1963 King and more than 250,000 protestors took to the streets of Washington, D.C. and at the Lincoln Memorial King delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" Speech.
Despite the rising tide of accolades for King from a 1964 Nobel Peace Prize to being named Time Magazines "Man of the Year" he was not without criticism within his own black community. Malcom X and his call for black nationalism often spoke more to urban blacks than Kings ideas of non-violence and restraint.
The Civil Rights Movement was further energized by the 1965 attempts to march from Selma to Montgomery and the final successful march. News stories of marchers being beaten by Alabama State Troopers were again flashed around the world bringing more and more people into the movement.
King stood by his stand for non-violence as he spoke all over the United States in the following years. He also earmarked another problem in American society that of economic inequality and in 1968 he initiated a Poor Peoples campaign and called for another march on Washington.
But King was never to see that march as tensions built throughout the country. In 1968 he was gunned down outside a Memphis hotel. A leader who had rejected violence was silenced by the very violence he rejected.

This is a clipping from that I had found. I do hope you enjoyed it and I will do another tomorrow.

My DH left out Sunday morning around 5:00a.m. They made it there safely and he called me around 11:00a.m. yesterday to let me know they were leaving Salt Lake City and heading to North Las Vegas. He called me last night around 7:00p.m. to let me know they were leaving North Las Vegas and heading this way. Our oldest daughter had Softball practice last night at the ball park here in town. The temperature wasn't too bad. It was around 56 degrees. They practice an hour and a half because that is how long their Softball games are. I'm sure they will start practicing outside as much as they can. They had practice Sunday afternoon as well, but I didn't let her go because it was too cold outside and damp as well. Well, I guess I'll go for now and try to catch up once again on my visiting. I am waiting on my coffee to get done. My DH should be home sometime later tonight to spend the night. I am planning on fixing Chili or Hamburger Helper. I haven't decided which one yet. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. I'll try to be around sometime today to visit with you.



Nonna said...

Sorry to hear you and your girls have been under the weather. I hope your pain goes away real soon! Take good care of yourself. I enjoyed reading your post about MLK. I hope you have a great day. Stop by for a cup of hot coffee!!

dabrah said...

Didn't manage to get into first place with my comment! I hope both you and your daughter are feeling a bit better now, and you all have a good day.

Sally said...

Hope everyone is feeling better, and that you have a wonderful day. Chili sounds good to me! :)

Hootin' Anni said...

I'd opt for chili!!! rofl [that's always a favorite around here]

Hope y'all feel better and tip top form real soon!

Take things easy today, enjoy the hot coffee and relax if you can.

Brandy said...

So sorry I haven't been by in a while. I hate to hear that everyone has been sick. Its the same here. With viruses, walking pnemonia and plain old colds, its enough to get you down. there is so much going around. I hope you all feel much better soon. Take care!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi sweet Karen! I am so sorry you and the girls arent feeling well:( This season has been just awful! You must have been in pain not to want coffee!!!

Thank you for all the information here! I hope you are feeling better today!


Linda said...

Hi Karen. I hope everyone is feeling better today and your pain is gone.
I enjoyed reading your post about MLK, I learned some interesting facts about his family and his early days.
I like both dinner choices. Have you tried the Taco H.H? Yummy.
Take care of yourself and blessings to all. Linda

Sandra said...

Love chili :)

Hope you're feeling better :)

You know Jasmine got better and then this past weekend she started coughing up a storm, this cold/flu thing going around is just awful.

Hope your daughters feel better

Angela said...

Chili is a good rib sticking, warming comfort food. Hopefully that'll make you all feel better:-).
You take care and I hope everyone gets all better really soon:-)
Have a wonderful day!!!

Lisa said...

I hope you and your daughter are feeling better soon. Hugs.Lisa

bj said...

Hello, dear friend....I do hope that pain is much, MUCH better by now. It's no fun to hurt or be sick.
You did a nice job on Mr. King....
Take care of yourself, and many hugs, bj

Tammy said...

Snow here today, I'm a grump...LOL!

Gal, don't apolgize for not feeling well, to tell ya the truth, I'm a little concerned...if that pain doesn't go away soon maybe you should get to a doctor!

Hey, don't forget that little coffee icon I sent ya...I think it would be so cute in your side bar!

Have a better day!!

Mary said...


Like Tammy we are having snow here. Over the weekend we had spring-like weather but we are moving into a cold front now. I'm looking forward to maple sugar time. That is a true harbinger of spring.

I enjoyed your post on King. I well remember when he was assassinated.

Chili sounds good. We haven't had that in a long while. I think it's time. Tonight we are having slow cooked chicken. It smells delicious already.

Take care, my friend. Hope the girls and yourself are feeling better soon.


Kathleen Marie said...

I love all the historical info. So interesting.

I hope you are all feeling well soon. There is so much junk going around. God Bless!

Sharon said...

I hope you get better soon. It sounds like you have been hit hard with something. I have been under the weather myself, but think I am on the mend. I am on my lunch hour at work and all I want to do is take a nap! Only 3.5 hours left and then I get to go home!

Have a good evening and stay warm and cozy!

~ Sharon

Midlife Mom said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by and entering my give away. I will be drawing the names tomorrow (Wednesday). Hope you all are feeling better after having some kind of bug that's going around. We've had a lot of it here too but so far I haven't gotten it. I hope I don't as I have to go back to Florida in a week or so to visit my parents and I don't want to take any bugs to them!!
Take care and by again soon to the 'ole farm!

Midlife Mom said...

I meant to say take care and come by again soon to the 'ole farm! lol!

Joyce said...

Hello Friend, I would give you all 9 inches of snow if I could. I am totally sick of snow and cold. The wind is blowing now so the snow will end up on the roads again. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Your girls also. I will be praying for all of you.

Love and Hugs,

Denise said...

Praying for your pain to go away sweetie. Thanks for the history lesson, enjoyed it. I love you.

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
Sorry I'm late getting here. I woke up early this morning and didn't feel well. I wound up going back to bed and slept off and on most of the day!

I'm sorry you and the girls aren't doing well. Claire came home from school sick yesterday. They took her to the doc today and she has the flu. There's just so much of it in the schools right now.

Have you had a kidney stone before? My GF has them a lot and I know from her they're no fun. She's had them off and on most of her life. You really need to see your doc as soon as your insurance kicks in. I've been where you are with no insurance. You tend to just let it go until it passes!!
Please take care of yourself!

I enjoyed your MLK post today. Good job!

Love and Hugs,

Diane J. said...

Hi, Karen. I just wanted to let you know that everything is fine here. I've just had Emmy a LOT lately and been very busy otherwise. I'm going to try to put up a new post here in a bit.

Glad you're feeling better now. Hope your girls get over their coughs. It took me forever to start feeling better after the flu and whatever else I've had. I've still got a stuffy nose at times.

Take care,


Nan said...

I hope you all feel better soon. I haven't had much time for visiting this week. I'm very busy at work and home. Take care, my friend.

Mary Isabella said...

So glad to hear from you.I am so sorry the girls are sick. We went to my husband's cardiologist today and he has to go for some testing tomorrow......Smiles

Rachel said...

Glad you are feeling better Karen!
Being under the weather is not any fun at all.

I vote for chili!! I love chili.

Betty said...

Hi Karen,

I am so sorry you are still not feeling well. I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.

Karen, would you believe we are getting some snow? It's been peppering down pretty heavy starting around 5 o'clock this afternoon and hasn't stopped. I hope you get some snow, too.


Anonymous said...

I so hope you and the girls are feeling some better. We will pray for your health and continued recovery. We are in the 80's again, which is good, but having spent a few days in the 60's of course this also brings the colds and coughs. Friday Biper will celebrate his birthday with his class (his birthday is Saturday), so need to start preparing to make cupcakes. He had a cough this morning, but it seemed to go away by afternoon, so hoping it was just a draft in the night that caused it.
Take care of yourself and lots of hugs for the family.

With many blessings,


Loretta said...

Sure hope y'all feel better soon. Can you believe we're going up to 60 degrees soon and then have a change of Snow? Thanks for the visit.