Sunday, February 3, 2008


Good Sunday Mornin' Yall,
I do hope that everyone has had a great weekend so far and ready to start a new day. It is currently 38 degrees with a windchill of 34 degrees. The winds are currently out of the Northeast at 5 mph. I think there may be some Fog outside as well. It is suppose to be a cloudy day with rain moving in later tonight. We even have a chance for some Severe Thunderstorms Monday night into Tuesday. Yesterday was a beautiful day. The Sun was shining and it got up to 55 degrees here. It was a little windy, but nothing too bad. Just enough to make the temperature feel a tad bit chilly.
My DH finally made it home Friday night around 7:00p.m. I was so glad to see him. As I told on my Friday's post they had to shut down up in Illinois because they couldn't see the roads. Well, around noon, my DH called to let me know that they had just made it thru St. Louis, MO. Then, around 2:30p.m. he called to let me know that they had just gone thru Cap Girarduea, MO. He did say that the load in Memphis was ready and they were going to go ahead and go to Memphis to pick it up. He said the further South they came, the better the roads were and there wasn't much Snow. I sure hope this week is alot better on them than this past week was. Since they picked up that load Friday, they won't be leaving till 5:00a.m. this morning. I got up around 2:45a.m. and started some coffee. My DH had requested last night that he would like to have some Bacon and Cheese Sandwiches for his breakfast this morning. So, I fried some Bacon and made him 2 Sandwiches. He is drinking some coffee now and will start getting ready in a little while.
As you noticed, I didn't post yesterday. Friday afternoon when our girls came home from School, our youngest daughter wasn't feeling too good. Both girls were staying all night with my Sister on Friday night. She came and picked the girls up around 4:15p.m. on Friday afternoon and she said she had to stop by the Dollar Store. I didn't know she was going to stop here at the Dollar Store here where we live. They have a Dollar Store in my hometown where she lives so I was just assuming she would be stopping there. Anyway, I had to go to the Dollar Store as well to get my DH some minutes for his phone. When I got up there and was walking in, I saw my Sister and our oldest daughter standing at the Cash Register waiting to be checked out. I asked where our youngest daughter was at and they said she was in the bathroom. A few minutes later, she came out and said she had thrown up. My Sister asked her if she needed to stay home and she said no. So, both girls went ahead and went home with my Sister. After I had run the errands that I had to run, I came back home. I was so sleepy and I had layed down on the couch and waiting for DH to get home. About 5:30p.m. I started getting hungry. I went up to Backwood's BBQ and got me a BBQ Sandwich and some Tater Tots. While I was eating, our oldest daughter called and said our youngest daughter had been throwing up some more and that I needed to come and get her. I had called DH to see if he wanted anything for his supper and he wanted some BBQ Ribs and Slaw. I hurried and finished eating and got DH his supper to bring home and I dropped them off here at the house. I went and got our youngest daughter and I had taken a syringe with some Phynagrin to let her rub on her wrist for her nauseau. When we got home, DH had just gotten home and our youngest daughter went to lay down. I had to go and buy her some Sprite and get some more Saltine Crackers. She hadn't had anything to eat since lunch at School. While I was gone, she had thrown up some more. When I got back, I gave her some more of the Phynagrin to rub on her wrist. She finally went to sleep. She had a bad night which caused me not to sleep good. But that's okay because it's my job to take care of her when she is sick. I kept checking her temperature from time to time because she felt a little warm at times, but she never had any fever. She was just so restless. It was like she was in and out of a Coma for a good while. Finally around 3:00a.m. she went to sleep and slept good. I didn't get up till around 9:00a.m. Saturday morning. She got up a little after that and ate a few crackers and drunk some Sprite. I had also made some Sprite Cicles for her to eat on as well. She ate part of one and then went and layed back down. She layed around off and on all day. Finally in the middle of the afternoon, I asked her if she wanted me to fix her some Potato Soup and she said yes. So, I fixed a small pot of Potato Soup and gave her a little of it and she ate it and was able to keep it down. Later on she had some more of it and was able to keep it down as well. I had fixed me a bowl of some of the Soup for my supper and DH ate a can of Sirloin Beef Vegetable Soup for his supper. Our oldest daughter fixed her a microwavable beef-a-roni for her supper. I went to bed around 6:30p.m. and fell asleep, but our youngest daughter woke me up around 8:30p.m. playing with my hair. I can't stand anyone playing with my hair because I am tender headed. I got back up for a while and finally went back to sleep around 11:00p.m. I had had one of my headaches yesterday as well and I wasn't feeling that good myself. I did visit a few of you while I had a chance to yesterday. "THANK YOU" to all who I left comments to and praying for our youngest daughter. I really do appreciate it very much. Before she went to sleep last night, she did eat a couple of donuts that my Parents had sent up here yesterday and she seemed to be feeling better. She did complain with a headache yesterday as well. I gave her some Children's Ibuprofren before she went to bed last night. Hopefully today she will be all better and will be able to go to School tomorrow. I had heard Friday night while I was at the Dollar Store that this kind of stuff was going around. I sure hope our oldest daughter and none of us get it. The girls did tell me this last week tho that there were several students and teachers out with sickness. Usually in School all kinds of things go around and kids are easy to get stuff like that. But, I guess it's that time of the year for these things tho.
I would like to tell yall about some Giveaways. It's called the One World-One Heart Event.

I was over visiting Pea@ Friday and she was telling about this. Here is some information that Pea gave about this Event.

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Now, Pea is having a Giveaway in conjunction with this. Here is what Pea is giving away.

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Well, today is the big day. It's Super Bowl Sunday. Now, I'm not a big Football Fan myself and probably won't be watching the big game, but I'm sure many of you will be watching the big game.

This is a picture that I borrowed from MSN. All I know is that the New England Patriots are playing. LOL. Told yall I don't watch College Football. I do hope that everyone who will be watching the big game to have a good time and enjoy yourselves. I know there will be lot's of good food to be had during the big game. So, if your having something good, be sure to eat a bit for me. LOL.
Guess I'll go for now. My DH is about to leave here in a bit and I need to see him off. Yall take care my friends and have a Blessed Sunday. May God Bless Each and Everyone of you.



Denise said...

Hey sweetie, praying for your daughter to feel much better very soon. I love you.

bj said...

You always have the most informative blog and I really enjoy reading it and visiting with you every morning!
I do hope your baby is feeling much better. Some of our girls have been sick since the Hannah Montana concert...a really bad virus, I guess.
Thank you for your prayers and I will "see" you soon. I am really hoping to be home by Wednesday..Thurs. at the latest.
Take care and sweet blessings to you and your

Hootin' Anni said...

Just dropping by to tell you I have a little something for showing appreciation to you today. On my Sunday Blogging...[you'll have to scroll down beyond my 'dream-scape' diary entry.]

Happy day to you!!

[no!!!!!!!!! NO need to have Manning instead of Brady. LOLOLOLOL---just kidding you Karen. But, I'm rooting for Giants, not the Pats. ---oops, I let the cat out of the bag now, didn't I?]

Nonna said...

Sorry to hear your daughter has been ill! I hope she is feeling much better today. Hopefully the rest of you wont get sick! That stuff is going around here as well.

I'm not a big football fan either, unless Dallas is in the Superbowl! LOL I probably wont watch the game either, however my son is home this weekend, and he may take over my T.V.!!

Have a nice Sunday!

Joyce said...

Good morning Karen,
sorry to hear your youngest is under the weather. I pray she is over it and ready for school tomorow. Will be back later to read the rest. I realize it is time to get ready for Church.

Love and Hugs,

Nan said...

I hope your youngest is feeling better now. I hope none of you get it.
You amaze me at how much information you can gather about blogging events and other information. You are like a news reporter.I love coming here to get informed on the latest.
Thanks a bunch!

Michelle said...

Hi Karen,

I hope your daughter is feeling better.. just a thought~my sister swears by ginger ale for upset stomachs..

We are having my sister's family over for the Super Bowl..a great reason to eat junk food! Yummy..

Have a wonderful Sunday and I hope your hubby doesn't encounter bad weather.


Angela (Gran) said...

Good Morning my sweet,dear friend..Karen. I pray that your daughter is feeling much better as the day goes on and that the rest of the family doesn't get it.

Thanks for your visits and precious comments. You are such an inspiration to us all...Karen!

May your day be filled with many blessings,lots of love, family and a little laughter!

Sandra said...

Morning Karen :)

I'm so sorry your daughter was so sick, it's just awful to see them not feeling well. I'll pray that she feels better so that she can return to school!

I'm not a big football fan either, until I met Jason Bell yesterday, now I'm rooting for the Giants LOL

Have a wonderful Sunday, sweet friend,

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I am so sorry your sweet baby has been sick. I hate those kind of viruses so much as I am emetephobic. I sure hope no one else in your family gets it. Hopefully your sweetie will be better today!

Hugs to you all,

Judy said...

Hey Karen....I really do say "purdy"!


Back Through Time said...

It is always fun to stop by your blog! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

Leeann said...

Hi, Karen!

I'm back and have put up a new post which explains what has been going on. The twins are doing well but I've lost my little dog this week and could just now write about it.
I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to hearing back from you. I pray none of the rest of you get that virus!

Renie Burghardt said...

Evening, Karen,

Just dropped over to see how you all are doing this evening. I hope your daughter feels all well by now, and you and your older daughter don't catch the bug she had. And I hope your DH and Uncle are crusing along on nice, dry roads.

I am not a football fan either, and am watching the Puppy Bowl, on Animal Planet, instead of the Super Bowl. LOL.

I wish you and your girls a restful, feel good Sunday evening.

Take good care and God bless!



Angela said...

Hi Karen,
Oh your poor little girl.. That 24 hour bug is just terrible isn't it? Glad she is doing better. Thanks for all the info on the giveaways:-). It's rainy and chilly here *UGH*. Oh well at least it's not snow:-).
Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

Rachel said...

I hope your daughter is all better now and that no one else in the family gets it.

No Super Bowl watching here. I am no football fan.

Betty said...

Hi Karen,

I sure hope and pray that your daughter is going to be okay and well enough to go to school tomorrow. I also pray that none of the rest of you will get what she has. You're right. There is something like what she has going around. My stepdaughter has been so sick for a few days now, throwing up and can't stay out of the bathroom

Take care and stay well.

Mountain Mama said...

My goodness, reading about your sick daughter sure brought back some memories. I had five children and it seemed like whenever one got something, the others had a turn at it too. I remember the mumps being passed down one at a time and taking a couple months before we could go anyplace.
I am so glad those days are behind me!
So may the Lord bless you and yours with good health.

As We Sail... said...

So many nice things to win.
Hope your daughter feels better soon.

Cottage Contessa said...

I hope your baby girl is all better soon and that no one else gets it! Have a lovely week sweetie.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Shari said...

Psst. I hope I didn't wake you. After all that mothering you did to care for your sick daughter. I hate that when one of the kids get sick. I get so worn out.

I did watch the Super Bowl. I didn't intend to, but I was only watching it for the commericals. LOL. I was actually taking my potty breaks during the game. LOL. There was a deaf Pepsi ad I wanted to see.

I hope you are getting your rest.

Take care and God bless.

Mary said...


You've been a busy girl. I'm glad your little one is feeling better and hope she was able to go to school.

That bug is going around up here as well. Both of the boys were off school all last week with it. Well, one day was a snow day and another was Professional Activity Day for the teacher's, so in reality they only missed 3 days, but that is enough. It's not easy to get caught up.

I enjoyed your post, as always. The Super Bowl is over for another year and all the football fans can have a rest.

Take care, my friend. Prayers as always for your family and for DH's safety.


Susie said...

Hi Karen,
Sounds like you've been a busy lady. I do hope your daughter is feeling better very soon. Seems that flu bug has touched so many of us.
Take care.

Love Bears All Things said...

I told you my train picture was from Hermann, Arkansas and it isn't its from Missouri.

Sorry about the sickness but since she sleeps with you, you may catch it.

We had the Super Bowl on and I kind of kept up with what was going on. I am a College football fan and don't watch much pro ball.

Isn't this weather weird? They say the high today will be 72 degrees. Unreal.

Hope your Monday is going well. I miss seeing a post.
Mama Bear

Chrissie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by today, Karen! It saddening that your daughter has been ill. Ugh! the stomach flu is the worst - at least I think so! I don't like that feeling of being out of control. Poor dear! I'm praying for you all - hope that no one else gets it! Take care of yourself!

NAME: CIELO said...

HI sweetie, just came by to say hi and make sure everything is OK... I see your daughter is not well, stomach flu is not a pleasant thing to go through, but she will recuperate soon.

I'm praying for your family


Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post? Sorry to hear your daughter has been poorly, I hope she's better now and that noone else gets the bug.

Thanks for commenting on my cat post when I know you're not keen on kitties, did you see my snow post? WE got snow, I was so excited.

Anyway, hugs to you I hope you get your rest.

Sarah xx

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Karen, I was just thinking about you since you hadnt posted today and hope you are feeling okay and no one else got/gets sick!

Amy said...

I sure do hope you and your girls are, okay!! Since you didn't post today I have feeling you are not feeling so good.... If you are under the weather know I am thinking about you!! We are better, still have the cough!! Nancy is still okay! Praise God!! Love, Grams

Denise said...

Praying that you, and your family are doing ok. I love you.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Karen,

I hope that your lil' one is feeling better. It really is a nasty bug going around. My youngest had it and was so very sick. Now my "oldest" (aka DH) has it and it's been 5 days so far with no end in sight. I have to ask you, what are Sprite circles? I'm also curious about that medicine you put on the wrist as I've never heard of it.


Mississippi Songbird said...

I hope your daughter is now feeling better.God Bless You.. Bunches of hugs....

Linda said...

Hi Karen, I hope your youngest is feeling better and on the mend.

Good to hear your hubby is doing well I continue to pray for his safe travels.

Thank you for all the links on the give-away....lots of sweet generous ladies in blog land.

You take care and stay warm and cozy. Hugs, Linda

Brenda said...

I'm so glad your daughter is feeling better now. Was she able to go to school today?

Happy Monday!

PEA said...

Oh where, oh where is our Karen today???? I didn't have a chance to come by yesterday but today I'm here and you're not! lol I do hope your youngest daughter is feeling much better and that you haven't caught what she had!!! That flu is really going on around here too.

Thank you so much for announcing my giveaway for the One World One Heart's been so much fun entering all the giveaways:-) At last count there were over 150 participants. I hope you get the time to visit a lot of them and leave your name, there are some wonderful prizes being given away!!

I only watched the last few minutes of the Super Bowl...I don't watch football but I wanted to see who would win. I'm sure the Giants fans are out celebrating still:-)

Take good care of yourself dear friend and I hope all is well!! xoxo

Michelle said...

Hi Karen,
Hope your daughter is feelin' better. No post today? Hope all is well in your world - maybe you are getting some bad weather.

Take care,

Leeann said...

Thank you for your sweet prayers. I do covet them. Sam and I are doing okay. It's one day at a time here but this is one empty house without my little puppy dog. We won't know for sure about the house for a week so I'll be sure to let you know how that turns out. It's in God's hands and if it His will that we have the little farm, then that will be a glorious day. And if not, it still will be glorious because I'll know He has something better in store for us.

I pray you are feeling better. I'm sorry you are down in the dumps and if there is anything I can do or pray for, please let me know. I'm glad to be your friend.


Denise said...

Sorry that little gal has been sick.... but you are a great Mom and sounds like you will love her right back on her feet..... so busy here.. Mom had Dr appointment today in Norman Ok.. and I got half way to mine in Oklahoma City before they called me... I tried to rake some leaves yesterday and I am paying for it today.. I guess I do have a back problem.... anyway.. read on a blog somewhere that you were a little down in the spirit.... but look up my friend.. the Lord is standing right there.....

hugs x0x00x0x0

Nonna said...

I missed you posting yesterday! I'm sorry you have been down in the dumps! I hope today looks brighter for you. I also hope your daughter is feeling better now. Take care and have a blessed day!

dabrah said...

Hi Karen,
I linked to your blog absolutely hours ago, and since then I've been on a blogospheric journey. I'm back now, and reading through the comments, ang got a bit worried that you might be feeling ill or down. However, I've checked back to the comment you left on my blog, and you sound quite cheerful. Hope you're okay, and that your daughter is better. I think the One Blog One Heart event sounds absolutely wonderful. Thanks for letting us know about it. I've been wandering around some of the blogs, which became springboards to other blogs (can you just see me bouncing around like the Mario Brothers or something?) Anyway, I've put the link to the OBOH Event on my blog, and I'm going to try and visit as many as I can. By the way, this vomiting sickness is here in England too, because my brother's family got it a couple of weeks ago.

Brandy said...

Hey darlin,
I have missed you all so much. I am finally back in business. I feel so much better. I can not wait to go check out all of these giveaways!! Oh, my computer is a an Acer Aspire. I love it and it wasnt that expensive. Only about 450.00 at walmart. I am going to go now and visit some more people. I will be back later on today.

Tammy said...

Missing your cheery visits of a morning...I hope you've not come down with the flu and that your daughter is on the mend!

Love & Hugs to you today!

Lib said...

Hi,Hope ya'll are doing good. I'm trying to catch up.
Have a great day.LHB,Lib

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Karen! Where are ya? I came by for a visit and for coffee.....

Sally said...

Good Morning Ms. Karen - hope things are lookin' up in your part of the woods. Wanted to answer your question: auf Wiedersehen is German for "farewell" or "Until we see each other again". I'm not German, but like the saying. :)

smileymamaT said...

Poor little thing. They do catch everything at school! Sprite Cicles, what a good mom you are.
:) T said...

I sure hope you are not sick! I miss you!! I will pray that all is well at your house! Love, Grams

Love Bears All Things said...

I hope you feel better tomorrow.
We're right now under a tornado watch and I am looking at First Defence 3. Be safe!
Mama Bear

Mary Isabella said...

Just dropping by to check on you. Please have a great night....Mary

Love Bears All Things said...

thanks for your comments. We are fine. About 5:00 I got in J's closet for a few minutes as they said one was sited a couple of streets from me. I don't think we had any high windes nearby though.
Mama Bear

Nan said...

Good evening. I hope all is well there. It's pouring down rain here.
Hope your daughter is better and that the rest of you aren't sick.

Anonymous said...

Hope your daughter is on the mend. Yes, this time of year is so bad for all those bugs. So glad to be visiting again, I so enjoy your posts.