Saturday, January 5, 2008


Good Saturday Mornin' Yall,

I do hope everyone had a great Friday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 46 degrees here with a windchill of 41 degrees. Looks like we may be having a heat wave. LOL. The temperatures has risen thru the night I suppose. According to our local radar, some showers have moved thru here already. They say it's suppose to be up in the 50's today and windy with some showers. I think by Monday they are predicting a high of 70 degrees. If it does, then it will be time to break out the Bikini's. LOL. NOT!!!!

My DH got to come home yesterday afternoon. He got home around 2:30p.m. They will be leaving out this afternoon around 1:00p.m. heading to Canada. They have to be at the border on Sunday sometime and deliver the load in Fredrickton on Monday Morning. After they leave from Canada, they will probably have a couple of short runs before coming home next Friday. It sure was good to seen him yesterday and to have him stay all night last night.

Our oldest daughter has a Basketball Game this morning at Manila, AR. My DH will be taking her to the game there. Our youngest daughter has to cheer at 2 or 3 games here in town this morning as well. I will be going with her to watch her cheer. Me and the girls are going to Jonesboro, AR this afternoon to one of their cousin's Birthday Party. He is having a a Skating Party out there. My Mother-In-Law will be going with us as well. No, I'm not going to skate. I haven't skated in years. If I did, I would probably fall and break every bone in my body. LOL. I never was a good skater to being with anyway.

I would like to share with yall some good news. At least it's good news to me. This year at the Elementary School, they have decided to have a Homecoming for all the 4 thru 6 grades. This is something new and hopefully will be started as a tradition. The 4 thru 6 grades voted yesterday for 2 Maids from each class and 2 Escorts from each class. Our youngest daughter was chosed as one of the Maids from the 4th grade. She was so excited and we were too. Next Saturday, the 12th, is when they will be having their Homecoming. There are several different Basketball Games here that day, so it will be a good time. Our oldest daughter wasn't chosen as a Maid, but she will still get to be in the Homecoming as well. What they are planning on doing is having all the Girls that plays Pee-Wee Basketball come out on the court and receiving a Flower. The Boys that play Pee-Wee Basketball will be giving out the Flowers to all the girls. Our youngest daughter will be a 4th grade Maid, and then I have 2 nephews, one in 4th grade and another in 6th grade that were chosen as Escorts as well. It's not going to be fancy or anything, they just wear a dress that they would wear to Church on Sunday's. One of my Sister-In-Law's called me last night and she said she would buy our youngest daughter a new dress and shoes just for this occasion. "PRAISE GOD" for my wonderful Sister-In-Law. She only has 2 boys, so she told me this would be her little girl fix. LOL. We will be decorating the Gym next Friday night for the Homecoming. So, next Saturday will be another busy day for us as well. I won't have my new camera by then, but hopefully someone will be there with a Digital Camera and will take some pictures for me and email them to me. If so, you can bet your bottom dollar I will share them with you. Last night for our supper, d up the rest of the Black-Eyed Peas and my Cabbage Casserole. I also fixed a fresh pan of Homemade Buttermilk Cornbread to go with it. It sure was good. There wasn't enough left, so I threw the juices and bones out to the animals around here. I don't have any idea what will be on our Menu for tonight or tomorrow as of yet. It will just be me and the girls here tonight and tomorrow, so I may fix some Frozen foods. I don't like to fix a big meal when it's just me and the girls. I usually just fix something quick and easy.

Well, guess I'll go for now. I had my alarm to go off at 7:00p.m., but I woke up quite a bit earlier. LOL. We went to bed around 8:00p.m. last night. That's very early for us, but I was tired and DH was too. I knew we all had to get up early this morning and I wanted the girls to get enough rest for their activities today. Yall take care my friends and have a great Saturday. May God Bless Each and Everyone of you.


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