Saturday, January 5, 2008


Good Saturday Mornin' Yall,

I do hope that everyone had a great Friday and ready to start a new Day. It is currently 46 degrees with a windchill of 42 degrees. According to the local radar, there may have been some showers that passed thru earlier. They say the high to day is suppose to be in the 50's and to expect some showers. Looks like we may have already had our showers for the day.

My DH made it home yesterday afternoon. He got home around 2:30p.m. Boy, was I glad to see him. I know it has only been a couple of days since he's been gone, but I just don't being apart from him. He's my bestest friend and my everything. I had to do up his laundry last night because him and his uncle will be leaving today about 1:00p.m. heading for Canada. They have to be at the border on Sunday. They have to deliver the load in Fredrickton, Canada on Monday. MY DH will be driving the night shift like he did before and his uncle will drive days. Since DH will be up nights, I will more than likely be up nights as well. That's how it was when he drove at night before. After they leave Canada, they will come back to the States and will probably have a couple of short runs and be home next Friday. They will leave out next Sunday on their Dedicated Run they were assigned to.
It will be a US Dedicated Run, so I'm very "THANKFUL" for that.

We have a busy day ahead today. Our oldest daughter has a Basketball Game this morning in Manila, AR. My DH will be taking her to that game. Our youngest daughter has 2 or 3 games to Cheer at here in town this morning. I will be going to watch her Cheer. This afternoon, I will be taking the girls, along with my MIL, to the girls cousin's Birthday Party out at Jonesboro, AR. He is having a Skating Party. I know the girls will enjoy that. I will just sit on the sidelines and watch. No, I'm not going to get out there and skate. LOL. I haven't skated in years. I never was good at skating anyway. If I was to get out there on skates now, I would fall and break every bone in my body. After the Birthday Party is over, we will come back home and relax hopefully.

Last night for supper, I heated up the rest of the Black-Eyed Peas, and my Cabbage Casserole. I did make a new pan of Homemade Buttermilk Cornbread to go with it. It wouldn't be a meal without the Cornbread. It sure tasted good. There wasn't enough to save, so I threw the rest out for the animals around here. I don't know what we will have tonight for supper. It will just be me and the girls. I may pop something frozen in the oven and eat that. We will see tho.

As you all know, our oldest daughter plays Pee-Wee Basketball and our youngest daughter is a Pee-Wee Cheerleader. This year, they have decided to have a Pee-Wee Homecoming. It will be next Saturday here at our Gym. There are several Pee-Wee Basketball games next Saturday, boys and girls. They had a committee to fix up some ballots at school yesterday and had the kids to vote on who they wanted for Maids and Escorts. This is for only grades 4th thru 6th grades. Our youngest daughter got elected as one of the Maids from the 4th grade. She was tickled pink. We were so proud of her. Our oldest daughter wasn't picked as a Maid. There were 2 Maids chosen from each grade and 2 Escorts chosen from each grade as well. I have 2 nephews that were chosen as Escorts. One in the 4th grade and one in the 6th grade. What they are planning on doing at the Homecoming is announcing the Maids and their Escorts. The Maids will receive a Rose. Also, they will be calling out all of the Girls, 4th thru 6th grade Basketball players out on the court as well. The Pee-Wee Boys that play Basketball will be giving each girl a Flower of some kind. So, even tho our oldest daughter wasn't chosen as a Maid, she will still get to be in it. One of my Sister-In-Law's had called me last night and was talking to me about it. Since, we don't have the money right now, she will buy our youngest daughter a new dress and shoes to wear in the Homecoming. It's not a formal Homecoming, just Sunday Dress Attire. She doesn't have any girls, she has 2 boys, she said this would be her girly fix. LOL. Our girls are the only 2 girls on DH side of the Family as nieces. I really appreciate my Sister-In-Law doing this. She is a good person. So, next Saturday will be another busy day for us as well. I won't have my camera in by then, but hopefully someone will be there with a Digital Camera and will take some pictures for me and email them to me. If so, you can bet your bottom dollar I will share them with you all. I think my SIL said they will have someone out there to take pictures as well. You know, like school pictures and Pagent pictures. We are all excited about this and looking forward to next Saturday's games and Homecoming

Well, guess I will go for now. I am just now about to finish my first cup of coffee. I have to start getting everyone up about 7:00a.m. Yall take care and have a great Saturday. May God Bless Each and Everyone of You.



Lib said...

Hi Dear Karen,
Glad Your DH made it home safe.:o)
Hope your daughter makes Maid. :o)
I see your trying to torture me again about cornbread.!LOL
Looks like that Hope is gonna miss our cup a ......again!lol
I woke up with bad leg cramps so got up and started on our 1st pot of cof.
Hope you have a great day,
Love,Blessins', anf hugs

Dawn said...

Hi, Karen. The only reason I get to be in the OR is that there are 2 babies coming - someone has to go to the NICU with the first one and the other has to stay in there with her.

Have a great week-end! Your girls are sure busy at such young ages - I can only imagine how it will be when they're in high school!

Hope said...

Mornin Karen,

I made it here earlier than usual but it looks like the early bird, Lib, beat me here again!!

We went to Angie's baby shower last night. It was a surprise shower and they had it in a little tea room. It was really nice with good food and of cours, cake!! She got lots of nice things, lots of little girlie cute.

Karen, I really think the neighborly thing to do would be to send Lib a big pone of cornbread!! lol I told Peggy to send her some of those kittens too!! LOL

Glad DH made it home at least for a while. Sounds like you Sat. is gonna be busy. I remember those days!! My kids were both active in band and different sports and I felt like I was running constantly!! I for one am glad those day are behind me. I'm too old and get tired now just remembering!! lol

Have a good day and check in with me later.


Mimi said...

Hi Karen,
I am so happy for you and your husband on his new job... and I am also happy that he got some safe... I will pray for him as he travels through those snow filled states...I hope your little one makes maid...sounds like a fun filled time is planned...
I am back up and running on my blog again...
love and {{hugs}}

Joyce said...

Hi Karen, Go for it and try skating. It is like riding a bike you never forget. Take some pictures to share if you can.

Glad your hubby is home for a while. They will do well and return safely.

The Homecoming sounds wonderful for your girls and nephews. Can not wait to see the pictures.

Thank you for your concern. I just had a busy Friday.

Love and Hugs,

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Karen...Happy Saturday to you!!I hope you have fun enjoying your family this weekend!

Tammy said...

I never knew how much was involved in just being the wife of a truck driver!
I'm glad to read about your days!
Have a great evening!

Tammy said...

Oh...and on the skating thing...the last time I went was when the kids were little. I fell down and busted my turned out I actually got a hairline fracture to my me no skate any more!!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your hubby made it home safe and sound. I will say a prayer for him for safe travels as he heads to Canada with his uncle.

I am glad to be back blogging and be able to catch up a bit with you. Take care of yourself and see you real soon again.

Anonymous said...

Karen you are a busy mom - wow! Think I'll make some cornbread tonite too...I made a gallon of homemade chicken noodle soup last nite with biscuits - cornbread will be a great addition! Happy weekend!

Denise said...

Cornbread? Did someone say cornbread.!!!!!!!! yeap.. I smell it....... I can smell cornbread from miles away....... I think it was cornbread when God gave His children manna!!!!!! I am sure of it........ hahahhahha

Have a blessed day and I am sure that even the short times with the Hubby are most valuable..... I will pray for his safe keeping..


dabrah said...

Hi Karen, how nice to have your husband back for the weekend, and what a busy one it looks like! It's tough when you have to be apart so much, but how do you cope with staying up all night when you've got two kids keeping normal hours? I broke my leg skating when I was 11 years old, and although I've tried a couple of times, I've never really been able to get back into it.

Betty said...

Hi Karen,

It sounds like AR. weather is about like our weather here in TN. We've been in the 40's here today, too.

I know how proud you must be of your girls. From the pictures I've seen of them, they sure are pretty girls. You probably have to beat the boys off with a stick.

I know you were glad to see your DH yesterday. Sounds like the two of you are really close.

Hope you and the girls had a good day today.

Rachel said...

Hi Karen! Your kids are keeping busy with all the activities! That is good as they are making memories.

So glad you DH made it home safely.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Diane J. said...

Busy day for me today, too. I went to Jonesboro to Kroger and Walmart and did my grocery shopping for the month, then came home and put most of it away. There are still a few bags of nonperishables in the living room floor. Jessica and Emmy and my sister Cecil came over and spent the afternoon/evening with us. I cooked a beef roast, potatoes and gravy and homemade ice cream for supper. Now I've got a 5 quart Dutch oven full of my homemade Portuguese bean soup simmering for tomorrow's Sunday Dinner. Gotta get my post done!

Congrats to your girls, I know your youngest is tickled. :o)

Hope y'all had a good day today and have a good one tomorrow. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Maggie R said...

Hi Karen,
Glad your DH got home safely. If he is off to Fredricton, NB. Canada, I hope he has his snowsuit on!! I have a blogging friend there and she sent me pictures of how much snow they were getting the last few days!!!!UGH!
Nice you have your sweet daughters to keep you company when he is away.Girls are fun.They giggle a lot as I recall ;-} I had 2 of them so I know, Had 2 sons too and they are so different to raise.
My DH was away a lot too as he was in the airforce and was always flying off somewhere. Now that he is retired he flys a mahogony desk!! hee hee.
I always enjoy your visit when you pop in to my blog.... Keep in touch.
Meanwhile I will pray your DH has a safe trip.... and OH yes... The Cornbread..... Oh Yummy!! I like to put maple syryp on mine!!!!
in snow melting, rainy, southern ontartio canada.

MightyMom said...

Hi dear, love the bling bling you added up top!!

have a great day!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Want to trade weather? I'll send you the snow and wind we're getting tonight. LOL

We must be thinking alike - I made a huge pot of blackeyed peas on New Year's Day and just heated the last of them tonight.

Have a great rest of the weekend, Karen. Sounds like it's a busy one!