Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Good Wednesday Mornin' Yall,

I do hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday and ready to start a new day. It is 40 degrees here and the winds are calm, so that means no windchill for right now. Yesterday was a raw day. It started out with Sunshine, but shortly after I had taken the girls to school, it clouded up and was cloudy all day. I looked out a time or two and the way the clouds looked, they looked like it could snow. But it was 46 degrees and we all know that is way too warm for anay snow. The wind was blowing some and it made it feel chilly out there. We are suppose to have clouds today as well with rain moving in tomorrow.

I would like yall to know about another Giveaway. Amanda at Jacaranda Cottage is Celebrating her 100th Post and she is having a Giveaway. She doesn't have a picture up just yet but she said she would put together some goodies to be given away. All you have to do is go visit Amanda and leave a comment on her blog, then tell other people abut the Giveaway and you will be entered in the Giveaway twice. I have only known Amanda for a short time. I love to visit her. She lives in Australia. If you have never been over to visit Amanda, please go visit her. You will definetly enjoy your visit. So, if you have time, stop by and "CONGRATULATE" Amanda on her 100th Post. "THANK YOU" for helping me in Celebrating with Amanda.

I was tagged by Mary of Mary's Writing Nook and Hope of Second Time around for this Christmas Hoopla. Here is what they say about it:

1. List 12 random things about yourself that has to do with Christmas.2. Please refer to it as hoopla and not the dreaded m-word.3 According the the creator, Andrea, you must specifically tag your people. There's none of this saying, "if you reading this consider yourself tagged.4. Hurry, Christmas is coming and Andrea would like as many people to get involved in this as possible so it can make the rounds and we can read 12 things about everyone and Christmas.

So, here goes mine.

1. I Love to decorate for Christmas. I don't have alot of fancy schmancy Christmas decorations, but I do Love what I have and am very proud of them.

2. I Love going out riding and looking at other people's Christmas decorations. They are so beautiful. I see a specific neighborhood in our area, and each one tries to outdo the others.

3. I LOVE that Jesus Christ is our Savior and he died on the Cross to save us from our terrible sins. I Love that Jesus forgives us each and everyone.

4. I Love being with my family at Christmas. We are having Christmas at our home this year with my Parents and Sister. I am really looking forward to it.

5. I would Love to have some Snow for Christmas. No ice, but just enough snow to cover the ground and not make the roads slick.

6. I Love that my dear husband has a new job waiting for him come the 2nd of January.

7. I Love the fact that we live in a Free Country and have the Freedom to Worship our Lord Jesus Christ.

8. I Love that I have made new blogging friends and appreciate all the prayers that each and everyone has said for our family.

9. I Love to cook for Christmas. I'm planning on making some Homemade Sausage Balls from Homemade Sausage. Thanks to BJ for giving me a very easy recipe for them.

10. I Love sitting around family and reminiscing from Christmas' Past and Old Stories of Days Gone By.

11. I Love sitting in my front room looking at our beautiful Christmas Tree that my dear Husband and 2 beautiful Daughters decorated.

12. I Love the fact that I can sit here this Christmas Season and share my Hoopla with everyone. I know this Hoopla doesn't seem alot like a Christmas Hoopla, but friends, isn't Christmas about Love & Family? You all know me, I may not follow the rules just right.

I hope you enjoyed my Hoopla. Now, I'm to pass this on to someone. I can't pass it on to everyone, so I am going to pass this on to the following friends.

1. Renie of Renie Burghardt's World

2. Shelley of Shelley's Vintage Variety

3. Chrissie of All Things Possible

4. Amanda of Jacaranda Cottage

5. Nan of On My Porch

I hope you enjoy this Hoopla. After you have done it, please let me know. I want to come and read your Hoopla.

Now I bet you are wondering why I posted my Title as Wonderful. Well you see my friends, everyday is actually a Wonderful Day. I am still Wonderfully Happy that my Dear Hubby has a new job waiting on him come first of the year. I am also Wonderfully glad that I have great blogging friends who have done alot of praying for my hubby. I'm sorry, I know I said this yesterday, but I am just still excited about it. You have no idea what a burden has been lifted off of my shoulders and well as hubby's.

We all need to remember all of our Service Men & Women who are serving our Military defending our Country. I would also like for everone to remember the Canadian Service Men & Women as well. My dear friend Mary, of Mary's Writing Nook lives in Canada. And Bless her dear Heart, she is always praying for alot of people and she always remembers the US Military as well. Let us all remember each and everyone during this Christmas Season as they are away from home and loved ones. I am having 2 banners posted on my blog and even tho one of then is Christmasy, I am going to keep it up until each and everyone of our Military Personnel from the US and Canada are home to stay. I hope you will join in with me in doing this also.

The girls got out of school at 1:30p.m. yesterday. Today they get out at 11:45a.m. They are having a big Brunch today. They have this Brunch every year on the last day of School of the Christmas Break. They used to have their School Christmas Parties on the last day, but they did it different this year. I guess a change is good sometimes.

Hubby called me last night about 7:30a.m. He made it to Oklahoma City, OK okay. I asked him did he see any ice, and he said he didn't. I'm glad he didn't have any problems. I don't know yet where he will go from there. He will let me know when he finds out. It will be after 8:00a.m. before he knows where is going anyway.

Me and the girls had leftover Taco's last night for supper. They were good. I do think they tasted a bit better than on Monday night. LOL. There is enough left for us to finish them off tonight. I have invited my Mother-In-Law over for supper because she is a big Taco lover herself. She said she would let me know if she comes over or not later on today. I'm going to try not to fix anything big the rest of the week. We have some frozen foods that me and the girls can eat on. I have to get my refrigerator all cleaned out so I can start my Christmas Cooking on Sunday. I do know that I am making some Potato Salad. I'm not sure about dressing yet. I will have to get with my Mom on that. I am also going to have a tray fixed up with pickles, olives, cheese squares, coctail sausages, shrimp, and I'm planning on making some Sausage Balls. My Mom is doing the Ham and some other things. She does have my Cheeseball ready for me tho and will bring it up on Christmas Eve. What are you plans for Christmas Eve? If you want to, please feel free to let me know in the comment section. I would love to hear what you and your Family has planned for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

I over slept this morning. My alarm went off at 4:30a.m. I shut it off and didn't get up till almost 5:30a.m. I had a hard time going to sleep last night. It was after 2:00a.m. before I finally went to sleep. I always do this when hubby has been home and the first night he is gone from home, I have trouble sleeping. I may get me a nap later on.

Well, I guess I'll go and see who I can have coffee with this morning. I am just now having my first cup of coffee. I do hope that everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday. Take care my friends and may God Bless Each and Everyone of You. I would also like yall to remember my friend Diane, of Diane's Place. She has been sick with a stomach bug all week and hasn't been able to sit up very long. Her Grandaughter, Miss Emmy, had this stuff last weekend, and it sounds like Miss Emmy may have passed it on to Grandma. So, I ask that you remember Diane in your prayers also.

Love & Hugs,


Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my....not sleeping until 2 a.m. then getting up at 5:30? That is NOT enough sleep!! That's more a 'nap' than a good night's rest.

I'm sure it's all the stress and tension from the last few weeks and I hope it subsides.

Tacos sound so yummy. Ya, I know it's only early in the morning....but I can eat pizza at 4 a.m. sometimes, so why not a taco or two?


Oh and about the "hitting the bottle" for me? No!!! No way, I don't drink. But, now if you'd asked what I was smoking in my pipe.................


bj said...

Good morning, friend...I woke up this morning thinking about how blessed we all are and how God answers all our prayers ....the way HE answered by sending a good job to your hubby. We are all thankful for that!
Yum...your C. Eve dinner sounds good...and a lot like mine. I am doing a ham and mashed potatoes, the girls will bring salad and something else...we'll have cheese ball and sausage balls, too. Not sure just what all else but it all sounds good, doesn't it? I need to finish up some candy making and a few cookies and my birthday cake for Jesus.
Hope your day is blessed...hugs to you, bj

Lib said...

Good Mornin' Miz.Karen,
I just Love to stop by and visit with you. I know each visit is going to be Positive and uplifting.:o) Thanks!You add sunshine to my days.
I am rejoicing with you over your Dh job. Oh, believe me I know the worry of job loss.My Dh use to work in the Mortg. line of work .When it went sour for a yr. he'd be hired the co. would close within 3 mons. So Thankful he is out of that line of work!
All that good food talk , makes me want to come visit you and help you eat all that good food.:o)UMMMM UMMM GOOD!lol
Christmas eve we will go to my sisters for our Family gathering. Everyone bring a dish we;; 2or 3 .Good Ole Southern cookin'.
Christmas morning we have here I cook a big ole country breakfast. We don't pig out we HOG out on it.I reckon once a yr. want hurt.LOl
Well,Miz.Karen I better get on with my day ,get some thing accomplished.
You have a great day.
A big ole bunch of Southern Love and hugs to ye,
Love, Lib

Hope said...

Good Morning Karen,
Thank you for playing the Hoopla game. I've enjoyed reading your 12things. All I can say to them is "AMEN!"
I just want to tell you this morning how much your little blog means to me. I come here every morning knowing you will put a smile on my face. What a great way to start the day! I love your daily weather report, even though I kid you about it. :) I love that you tell us all the little tidbits going on in your life. It's like getting a letter from home. I love that you are so genuine..real...just yourself.
Thank you for sharing all that with me a making me smile!

Mary said...


I loved your Christmas hoopla and you made fine choices of those to tag. I will drop by and read their Christmas hoopla when they have it posted.

The banners look terrific on your page and thanks for remembering the Canadian military. That is very gracious of you.

I continue to pray for you and your family. Christmas will soon be here and I hope it will be a very special day for all of you.

Love and blessings,
PS I will add Diane to my prayer list. I didn't know she was ill.

Joyce said...

I love your 12 thoughts for your Christmas Hoopla. Thank you for stoping by and offering to help me put your award on my side bar. I have saved it to my documents and I need to know how to get it from there to the side bar. I will need step by step instructions. If you can leave that on my site I will give you my heart filled thanks. I will pray for the men and women who are in the milatary until this war is over.

Love and Hugs,

Chrissie said...

I'm honored to be tagged for a hoopla! Thanks so much! I don't know if I'll have anything different than yours, but it'll be fun! I love everything you've listed, and Praise God for answered prayer for your hubby's job - isn't God just wonderful? :) His mercy endureth forever!! I'm with you on leftover tacos and burritos - and they do taste better the second day, don't they? :) yum.....
I hope to have my give away ready in a little bit, so pop on over and see what I have! God bless your day, dear friend!

Back Through Time said...

Your hoopla was fun to read! I just got tagged today so I will have to be getting mine done soon. I am so glad that your Christmas looks to be Merry and Bright!
Merry Christmas
Michelle said...

Hi Karen, Thank you so much for going over and wishing Kelly a Happy Birthday! It was so thoughtful of you!! She couldn't beleive she had that many happy birthday comments!!
I love to come over here too!! You are so cheerful and fun!! Kelly will soon be ready to bake so I had better get on with my visits!
Love and Hugs, Grams

Lib said...

Hi Miz.Karen,
I just stopped by to ask you over for a cup a and pick up your award.
Love&Blessins', Lib

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your yummy hoopla - especially those sausage balls!
hoganfe handbags

Diane J. said...

My, you have been busy while I was away, haven't you?! Thank you so much for your prayers and for asking our blogging buddies to pray for me and Emmy. She is much better and today I am beginning to feel like I might actually survive, LOL! ;o)

Food is actually beginning to sound good again. I'm going to fix myself a bite of supper in a bit and see how it sets on my tummy. If all goes well I'll probably go to church tonight. I've got 2 loads of laundry going in the washer and dryer and have to get that squared away and take a shower as well. I'll see how I feel after all that. So far my coffee tastes good and my tummy feels okay with it.

What a blessing your hubby got for Christmas! Praise God for answered prayers for his job situation.

Have a joyous and blessed Christmas, Karen. I love you and appreciate you, my friend. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Betty said...

Hi Karen,

I sent the recipe for nuts and bolts to you via email. Let me know if you don't receive it and I'll resend.

Sounds like you are hoping for a white Christmas just like me. We just don't get much snow in the south, and that's too bad as I love it.

I enjoyed your hoopla.

I'm glad your hubby didn't run into any ice in Oklahoma City. Seems like only yesterday that I saw pictures on the news with thick layers of ice on the trees.

I started cooking today. My stepdaughter is coming in tomorrow from Ohio and will be here until Sunday or Monday, so I decided to have an early Christmas dinner while she and her son are here. I fixed a couple of pies and a coconut cake already and made a frozen cranberry salad. Still have some more cooking to do. I'll get there.

Have a good evening.

Nan said...

Over sleeping and getting up at 5:30AM????? Boy, you really slept in, girlfriend. I have been getting up at 5:30 the last three mornings and it is so hard. I usually get up around 7:00. Guess that's over now that I'm back to work. Whawwwwwwwwww.
Christmas eve we'll be at my brother's house in Ohio with Mom, my niece and nephew. We're having a nice dinner that day with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies. The kid's won't eat anything too fancy so just basic food. We will head back home on Christmas day and spend it with my husband's parents.
Thanks for the hoopla tag!

Anonymous said...

Karen, tacos are among one of my most favorite dishes. So glad to hear hubby has a job waiting for him when the first of the year comes along.

So glad to be back reading your posts Karen. Will be checking in on you. Enjoy your time with family during the holidays my friend. stay warm and safe.

PEA said...

Good evening my dear friend:-)

I've just had another busy day and just now starting to visit a few blogs...I'm so behind now, I'll never get caught up! lol

I so enjoyed reading your 12 Christmas facts about you...I also love to drive around to look at all the houses decorated for Christmas:-) We got more snow today...I wish I could send you some! lol The snowplow has just passed so our snowbanks are getting higher and higher!!

My heart always goes out to our troops as well as their families for being separated during the holidays. My prayers are with them all!

Not too sure what I'll cook for Christmas Eve since no one will be here except me and E. Usually we have a fondue when the boys are home but Corey isn't arriving until Christmas Day and Shawn & Wendy aren't coming this year. On that day, though, I'll cook a turkey complete with all the trimmings:-)It sure will be a strange Christmas Eve compared to all the other years.

I'll post the recipe and pictures of the Pizza Cups tomorrow:-) Hope your evening is going great!! xoxo

Rachel said...

I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading and commenting. I must say that your site is looking very pretty!!!

So glad about your husband's new job!!

Joyce said...

Thank you, thank you so much for the award and the information to get it moved. I did it. I have some other pictures I will add after the Christmas season. Do I have your permission to add your e-mail address to my address book. I will delete your comment so no one else will see it. Thank you once again.

In Christ's Joy

Jackie said...

Karen thank you so much for visiting my blog. I would love it if you added me to your blogroll. I am going to add you to mine if that is alright with you.

I think I know you a bit better now that I have read your answers to the Christmas Hoopla.

Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

Love your hoopla...I am sending bunches of my snow to you for the holidays!
hoganfe handbags

Susie said...

Hi Karen,
I enjoyed reading your Christmas hoopla. I also enjoy looking at the beautiful Christmas lights. I hope to do that in the next couple of nights. It's been raining here so it's harder to see them in that weather.
Hope you get your Christmas snow!

ancient one said...

Enjoyed my visit today, as I always do!! Merry Christmas!!

Mommy said...

Hi! I enjoyed reading your hoopla! :) And don't worry about not coming by for a visit sooner. I understand that people have real lives other than the internet. ;-)

I haven't had time to reply to most of those who commented me in my last entrys. I am hoping to do that when I get back from Christmas vacation.

But I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't offended in the lest bit. And I enjoyed your reading your comments about my Christmas decorations.

I love the way your blog is decorated also. :)

Well, I have to finish packing for our trip tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi again Karen....I'm like a wart that just doesn't want to disappear, huh?

Oh well...use some preparation H on me and------------oh dear, that's not it that's for hemroids. Oh ya, it's compound w for warts!!! [ on second thought, preparation h is for butt pain!]


Anyway, to answer your question....YES, you certainly may have the Holiday award. Come over, grab it and run!!!!

Cottage Contessa said...

Hi Karen sweetie! Thank you for sharing your awards and tag with me. I will have to get cracking and add them to my blog asap! Thank you too for entering my give away and for posting about it on your blog, I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to do that for me! You are such a sweetheart. I would be honoured to join you in praying for the men and women who serve all of our countries. Have a lovely day friend!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)