Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday night thoughts

Hey there yall,

Just thought I would put a post on here about tomorrow being my friend Diane, of Diane's Place, 22nd Wedding Anniversary. Hope you all will stop by her blog and wish her a Happy Anniversary. I know she just celebrated her birthday on the 23rd, but it would still be nice to wish her a Happy Anniversary as well. My birthday and anniversary is similar to hers. My anniversary is on the 24th of March and then my birthday is the 25th of March. I did it that way so my husband could get me 2 different presents. (hehe).
Well, it is cloudy and raining again here. It is supposed to get down to 44 here tonight with rain and then tomorrow the high is going to be only 49 with rain and wind. The rain is supposed to be out of here by Friday morning they said. I sure hope so.
I would like to "Thank" Barb of A Chelsea Morning for stopping by and posting on my blogsite. Also, a "Thank You" to Diane of Diane's Place. She left comments when I first started blogging last month. I visited some of the blogs I visit regular and posted on their blogs. I'm hoping I can figure this bloggy thing out and have a blog roll to my site someday. If anyone stops by here, please feel free to tell your blogging friends about me. I would really appreciate it.
Well, it's getting late and I have to get up at 4:45a.m. I get up that early and start my pot of coffee and play on the computer until it's time to get the girls up and ready for school. Yall take care and have a great evening.

Karen H.


PEA said...

Hello dear Karen:-) I'm so glad you decided to leave me a comment so that now I know about you and could come visit your blog!! Welcome to the blogging world:-) You're in for quite a treat and you'll make some wonderful friends. It pleases me so much to hear that you enjoy reading my blog...I just have so much fun with it!! I'm so sorry to hear that you've been going through such hard times breaks my heart when I hear of people losing their homes but you seem to have a great attitude and I have a feeling you and your family will be just fine:-) Take care and have fun blogging!! xox

Diane J. said...

Aww, thanks for your anniversary wishes for me and Lamar, Karen! I appreciate it so much. ;o)

Just keep leaving comments on other blogs that you like to read and they'll follow you back here to comment on your blog, just like Barb and Pea and I have done.



Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Karen,

Saw your post over at dear Susie's blog and came over to say Hi. Actually, you don't live very far from me. Maybe 80 or so miles. I love to go to Jonesboro. I am sort of new to blogging. Just started in August. So many nice people in blog world!

God bless!


Diane said...

Well hello Karen! And welcome to the Bloggity-ville!

How sweet of you to post about Diane's birthday and anniversary! This is such a great community of are going to fit in so well with your well-wishes!


Diane (the "other" Diane!)