Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hello again Blogging world. 

Burr!!!!  It has been a rainy week so far and today it has been down right cold. I had to turn my heat on last night and I heard it come on early this morning sometime.  It has been in the low 50's, which is very unusual for this time of year.  They are calling it "BLACKBERRY WINTER".   Supposed to get down into the 40's tonight.  One thing about Arkansas weather is if you don't like what we have one day, stick around cause it will change the next day.  LOL.

I cooked a good supper tonight.  I tried another one of Ree Drummon the Pioneer Woman's Recipe called "BOWTIE CHICKEN ALFREDO".  Oh my, was it ever so good.  I wish I was able to post a picture on here.  I took it from my phone.  Oh well, it was good.  I love watching her on Food Network.  She has really inspired me to cook and try new recipes from her blog.  I have tried several of them and they are all so good.  I would love to meet her in person one day. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day this past Sunday.  We went with my parents to eat at Western Sizzlin' in Jonesboro, AR, and ate from their buffet.  It was so good.  I took some pictures while we were there.   Those are on my phone too and I can't post them on here either.  Darn it.

Well, guess I will go for now.  I'm finishing up a cup of coffee and I need to fold some clothes that are on the couch.  Then it will be time for me to lay down and rest.  

Take care and GOD Bless you all. 

Karen H.   

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Good morning...yes, I'm awake very early this morning and was thrilled to see you had paid me a visit on my blog.

It's so nice to have you back, blogging.

I look forward to more of your posts. ---you can't email your photos from your camera to yourself, save them, then upload the ones you saved to your blog? That's what I do.

Okay, I'll let you go for now---have a great day, and again, it's good to see you!