Monday, May 12, 2014


Hello everyone.  I am just testing this to see if it actually will let me post or not.  I am wanting to get back into blogging, but, with a different twist to speak.  I am really into cooking and I am wanting to post and share recipes.  My inspiration is Ree Drummon the Pioneer Woman.  I have been printing off some of her recipes and cooking them here at home.  They have all been really good.  There was a couple the girls weren't too fond of tho. 

Our oldest daughter graduated from High School this past Friday night-May 9.  It's hard to believe she is old enough to graduate.  Our youngest daughter is now in the 10th grade and will be going into the 11th grade this coming August when school starts back up.   The school is having to make up some snow days from this past winter and the last day of school is now June 6.  The Seniors who graduated didn't have to make up these days, but our youngest one does.  She ain't too happy about it either. 

So, I'm going to see if this posts now and if it does, I will make another post tomorrow. 

Who all else is still blogging these days? 


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Jackie said...

Hey Karen.

I have dropped by once in awhile to see if you were still blogging, nice to see you back at it. I hope to see more posts from you very soon.

God bless.