Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TUESDAY-MAY 13, 2014

Hello again everyone.   My post from yesterday seemed to work and so I am so glad of that.  I did notice a lot of my former blogs that I have visited won't let me in to visit anymore.  There must have been a lot of changes since the last time I have blogged.  If anyone knows of some good blogs that I could visit, please send them my way. 

The weather has been mostly rainy here today.  In fact, we have been under a Flash Flood Watch till tomorrow night.  We had some heavy rain to come thru yesterday and last night as well as this morning.  More is moving in tonight and for tomorrow too.   Looks like we are going to be having a Blackberry Winter the next couple of days here too.  The highs are only going to be in the low 60's and then down into the 40's at night.  May have to turn the heat back on.  LOL. 

Our oldest daughter finally graduated High School this past Friday night, May, 9.  Don't seem like she should of been graduating.  I'm gonna try to see if it will let me post a few pictures from the graduation. 

These are just a few that we took with my camera.  I took some more with my phone, but don't know how to get them on here yet. 

Anywho, this may be a short post, but I am also cooking supper.  So, I will try to visit here shortly.  Hope everyone has a great evening. 

Karen H.

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Jackie said...

My oh my is she ever grown up.

God bless.